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Because of course, the ear is, I mean, subject to all sorts of things.这当然是因为,我是说,耳朵受制于很多因素。The room we happen to be in, the amplification, the quality of the instrument,the type of sticks ... etc., etc.我们现在所在的房间,扩音效果,乐器的音效,鼓棒,等等等等。Theyre all different.都是不一样的。Same amount of weight, but different sound colors.同样的重量,但是不同的声音色。And thats basically what we are. Were just human beings,but we all have our own little sound colors, as it were,that make up these extraordinary personalities and characters and interests and things.就如同我们一样,我们是普通的人类,但我们都有自己本身独特的,不易察觉的声音色,组成了人的独特的个性,特点以及对事物的不同兴趣。And as I grew older, I then auditioned for the Royal Academy of Music in London,当我年纪大些,我参加了伦敦皇家音乐学院的甄选,and they said, Well, no, we wont accept you, because we havent a clue,他们说:恩,不,我们不能录取你,因为我们没有先例,you know, of the future of a so-called deaf musician.你知道,培养一位将来的,所谓的失聪音乐家。And I just couldnt quite accept that.我无法接受这样的解释。And so therefore, I said to them, Well, look, if you refuse if you refuse me through those reasons,因此,我对他们说:看着吧,如果你们是因为那些原因拒绝我。as opposed to the ability to perform and to understand and love,the art of creating sound then we have to think very, very hard about the people you do actually accept.却忽略了表演的能力,对音乐的理解以及对创造音乐艺术的挚爱,我真想象不出,到底你们想要招收的学生是怎样的。And as a result-once we got over a little hurdle, and having to audition twice,they accepted me. And not only that what had happened was that it changed the whole role of the music institutions throughout the ed Kingdom.结果就是,我们跨过一个很小的障碍,获得了再次甄选的机会,他们录取了我。结果还不仅如此,在当时,它改变了英国范围内所有音乐学院的整个角色。201605/441312VOA流行美语 61: TWENTY-FOUR SEVEN / DUHMichael和李华正在尽情享受这星期才开始的假期。今天他们去参加了一个音乐会。Michael教会李华两个常用语:24-7和duh。L: Michael,这音乐会真不错,就是太长了。我啊快要饿死了!快去找个地方吃东西吧!M: Alright. There's a cafe on the corner over there, I think it's open 24-7.L: 对,前面就有家咖啡馆。你说那个cafe 24-7, 24-7是什么意思呀?M: I said it's open 24-7. You know the number 24, and seven, right? 24-7 means it is open all the time.L: 我知道了!就是说一天二十四小时,一个星期七天它都开门。对不对?M: You've got it! In the U.S. a lot of small diners, convenience stores and gas stations are open 24-7.L: 对,我看到一些小饭馆,还有一些杂货店还有加油站,他们都是二十四小时营业的。Michael, 那24-7是不是只能用在商店哪?M: Not at all! It can be used for anything. For instance, Li Hua, if you ever have an emergency, you can call me any time, 24-7.L: 噢,24-7可以用在任何场合。你说要是我遇到紧急情况,可以在任何时候打电话给你。Michael, 你真是太好了。不过,我想我可能会先打911。M: Yeah, that's probably a better idea. 911 operates 24-7. Li Hua, can you use this phrase now?L: 让我想想。有了。期终考试前,我肯定很多人为了准备考试,交报告晚上开夜车,所以可以说:Many students worked 24-7 before the finals. 对不对?M: You're right. I was also up 24-7 studying and writing before the finals.L: 那最后一个礼拜真够呛。现在总算轻松了。M: That's right! Woo Hoo! Hey, after we eat, let's go dancing somewhere.L: Michael,你还没有玩够呀!M: Now that we are on vacation, I'm y to party 24-7!******L: Michael,这饭馆开门吗?M: Well, duh, Li Hua! The lights are on and there are people inside. What do you think?L: 你说什么? Duh? 那是骂人的意思吗?M: No, I didn't say anything bad! All I said was "duh". When someone says something that you think is very obvious, or asks you a stupid question, you can say "duh".L: Duh! 也就是说我刚才问这个饭馆有没有开门是个傻问题,所以你就说:duh!就像是我们中文里说的"废话"!Michael, 他们这里有咖啡吗?M: Duh, Li Hua. Of course they have coffee here. Practically every restaurant in the States has coffee.L: Michael, 我只不过随便问一句,你就又来duh, duh, duh...真讨厌!M: Oooh! Sounds like you are getting a little grumpy, Li Hua. I guess you are pretty tired, huh?L: Duh, Michael! 现在都已经半夜一点半了,你还问我累不累?我才该对你说"duh"!M: Ok, Ok, calm down. I'll just get a coffee to go, and give you a ride home. It sounds like you need some sleep.L: Duh! 我当然想睡觉了!不过,买了咖啡在路上喝,然后你开车送我回家。这倒是个好主意。M: I see you are not the kind of person who like to party 24-7!L: Duh! 我悃成这样,你看我是个喜欢整天整夜party的人吗?李华今天学到两个常用语,一个是:24-7,意思是一天二十四小时,一周七天都工作,或者是成天成夜地干什么事。另一个是:duh, 意思是:废话,当然咯。 /200602/3136

Remember that they are about much more than performance alone.请大家牢记,奥运会不仅仅意味着比赛成绩。They are about the peaceful gathering of 204 National Olympic Committees-regardless of ethnic origin, gender, religions or political system.奥运会还是和平的聚会。204个国家和地区奥委会相聚于此,跨越了民族、性别、宗教以及政治制度的界限。Please compete in the spirit of Olympic values: excellence,friendship and respect.请大家本着奥林匹克的价值和精神,即卓越、友谊和尊重,投身于比赛。Dear athletes, remember that you are role models for the Youth of the World Reject doping and cheating.亲爱的运动员们,请记住,你们是世界青年的楷模,请拒绝兴奋剂,向作弊说不。Make us proud of your achievements and your conduct.你们的成就和表现应该让我们感到骄傲。As we bring the Olympic dream to life, our warm thanks go to the Beijing Organizing Committee for their tireless work. Our special thanks also go to the thousands of gracious volunteers, without whom none of this would be possible.当我们把奥林匹克梦想变成现实之时,我们要诚挚地感谢北京奥组委,感谢他们不辞劳苦的工作。我们还要特别感谢成千上万、无私奉献的志愿者们,没有他们,这一切都不可能实现。Beijing, you are a host to the present and a gateway to the future. Thank you!北京,你是今天的主人,也是通往明天的大门。感谢你!I now have the honour of asking the President of the Peoples Republic of China to open the Games of the XXIX Olympiad of the modern era.现在,我荣幸地邀请中华人民共和国主席先生宣布第29届现代奥林匹克运动会开幕。201611/479296

VOA流行美语 21: hit; to roll在纽约上大学的Michael明天要考试,可是他的中国同学李华一定要他去参加一个聚会。李华今天学到的两个常用语是:hit 和to roll。L:Michael,你答应跟我一起来参加聚会,我得谢谢你呀! 你知道吗,我不太习惯在这种场合和那些不认识的人交谈。 嗨, Michael,那不是你的朋友Steve吗?我听说,只要有party 他一定参加。M:Yeah, he's the hit of all these parties.L:他是什么?Hit? Hit不是打人吗?M:No, "hit" here means he is the most popular person at these parties. "Hit" is a word used to describe someone or something that makes a favorable impression.L:啊呀,英文可真难学。一个词在这里是这个意思,在那里又变了意思。你说的hit是指大家都很喜欢的人。那hit用做这个意思的时候能指东西吗?M:Yeah, things can also be called a hit. For instance, you can say "that song is a hit with teenagers".L:对了,有的歌曲非常热门,这也能称为hit。 你刚才说:“That song is a hit with teeangers”, 意思是:“青少年特别喜欢的一首歌。” 这么说,“年轻人喜欢的一首歌”就是。。。M:That song is a hit with young people.L: 一个受欢迎的电视节目也能说是hit吗?M:Yes, you can! A hit TV program.L:Michael, 我听说好多女孩儿都很喜欢你!M:No, that's not true!L:我认识的女孩都说你很帅!我想她们那么喜欢你,你恐怕还不知道自己是a hit with girls!M:Oh, stop it, Li Hua! You're embarrassing me.L:哟,你还会不好意思呐!得了,去拿点东西吃吧,我饿了。L:Michael, 我们来了有两个小时了吧! 我倒是认识了几个很有意思的人。M:Yeah, the people here are pretty cool, but I'm getting tired. I've got a test tomorrow that I haven't prepared for yet. Do you think we can go pretty soon?L:对,这儿的人都挺好。怎么啦,你累了,想走了?我知道, 你还没有准备好明天的考试。其实,我也有点累了。我们随时都可以走。M:Okay, let's roll!L:什么? Let's roll? 滚回去啊?M:Oh no, "let's roll" here means "let's leave!"L:To roll也能表示要离开?M:Yes, if you're doing one thing, you can say "to roll" when you want to start something new.L:等等,让我看看我是不是懂你的意思了。要是你在做一件事,过了一会儿,你不想继续做下去,而是想做别的事了,这时你就可以说to roll。M:That's correct.L:怪不得上次开舞会的时候,我们班上的那个高个子George 对他的女朋友说:Let's roll! 后来我听说他们去看电影了。当时我还听不懂let's roll是什么意思。M:"Let's roll" is very popular, especially among young people. Well, Li Hua, I really do think it's time to roll.L:好吧。不过,刚才跟我说话的那个人告诉我,一会儿有一位名歌手会来唱歌。Michael,等他唱完一首歌再走,好不好?M :A hit singer will be coming? I'd like to stay, but I really have to prepare for my test.L:那好吧!M+L:Let's roll!今天李华学的一个常用语是:hit, 这是指受欢迎的,人们喜欢的人或东西;另一个常用语是:to roll, 也就是开始准备做一件事。这次[流行美语]就学习到这里,下次节目再见。 /200601/309230. I can't help... 我忍不住······ 用法透视 这个句型的意思是"忍不住,情不自禁,不可避免地",要注意的是"help"后面要跟名词或动名词。 持范例 1. I can't help laughing every time I think of that. 每次一想起那件事,我就会忍不住笑起来。 2. I couldn't help noticing your ring, it's beautiful. 我没法不注意到您的戒指,太漂亮了! 3. I can't help remembering how beautiful she looked. 我无法忘记她有多漂亮。 会话记忆 A: So how long have you known Mary? 那你认识玛丽多久了? B: Only four days. 只四天。 A: Only four days! That's so short, and you seem so crazy about her. 只四天!这么短时间你就对她如此痴迷。 B: I know. I can't help thinking about her. She's always on my mind. 我知道。我无法不想她,她总在我脑海里 /200705/13115

One of the most common ways of dividing the world一个把人类分成两大部分很普遍的方法is into those who believe and those who dont--into the religious and the atheists.便是分为相信神的存在的一部分,以及不相信宗教信仰的另一部分--宗教教徒和无神论者And for the last decade or so,在最近的十年中its been quite clear what being an atheist means.对无神论者的定义已经是十分清楚的了There have been some very vocal atheists whove pointed out,有些直话直说的无神论者,他们说not just that religion is wrong, but that its ridiculous.宗教不仅仅是种欺骗,它还非常荒谬These people, many of whom have lived in North Oxford, have argued--说这些话的人很多都住在牛津北部,他们坚持 --theyve argued that believing in God is akin to believing in fairies他们觉得相信上帝就像相信童话故事and essentially that the whole thing is a childish game.所以相信宗教根本就是一件很幼稚的事情Now I think its too easy.我觉得那些定义太简单了I think its too easy to dismiss the whole of religion that way.我觉得以那样的说法去排斥宗教,实在是太肤浅了And its as easy as shooting fish in a barrel.那样的说法不具备说力And what Id like to inaugurate today is a new way of being an atheist --我想提出一种以无神论者来对待宗教的方式if you like, a new version of atheism we could call Atheism 2.0.我把那种方式叫做无神论2.0Now what is Atheism 2.0?那什么是无神论2.0呢Well it starts from a very basic premise: of course, theres no God.它有个最基本的前提,就是相信上帝是不存在的Of course, there are no deities or supernatural spirits or angels, etc.当然也没有神仙或者超自然的力量或者天使等等Now lets move on; thats not the end of the story, thats the very, very beginning.这只是最基本的一个开始,现在我们来更深层次地讨论一下201608/459222Youve all given me such incredible support, and I will tell you that we have a large group of people.感谢你们在后面一直默默的持我,我想说我有一个很大的团队。You know, they kept saying we have a small staff. Not so small.你们知道么,他们一直说我们的人很少,其实一点都不。Look at all of the people that we have. Look at all of these people.看看我的家族,看看我家里这些人们。And Kellyanne and Chris and Rudy and Steve and David.凯莉、克里斯、鲁迪、斯蒂文、大卫。We have got we have got tremendously talented people up here, and I want to tell you its been its been very, very special.我们整个家族之中有非常多的人才,这是一个非常、非常特别的家族。I want to give a very special thanks to our former mayor, Rudy Giuliani.同时,我要特别感谢我们过去的州长鲁迪·朱利安尼。Hes unbelievable. Unbelievable. He traveled with us and he went through meetings, and Rudy never changes.他非常非常难得。很难得。他一直跟我们四处竞选活动、参加各种会议,他从未改变过。Where is Rudy. Where is he? Rudy?朱迪在哪儿?朱迪在哪儿?Gov. Chris Christie, folks, was unbelievable. Thank you, Chris.克里斯·克里斯蒂州长是一个非常棒的人。感谢你,克里斯。The first man, first senator, first major, major politician — let me tell you, he is highly respected in Washington because he is as smart as you get, senator Jeff sessions.第一个人,第一个参议员,第一个主要的政治家——我跟你说,他在华盛顿饱受尊敬,他机智过人,参议员杰夫。Where is Jeff? A great man. Another great man, very tough competitor. He was not easy. He was not easy.杰夫在哪里?他是一个伟大的人。另一位伟大的人。非常强劲的对手。他很不容易。不容易。Who is that? Is that the mayor that showed up? Is that Rudy? Oh, Rudy got up here.那是谁?鲁迪市长出现了么?是鲁迪吗?哦,鲁迪上来。201611/477237

/200703/10806Ladies and gentlemen, Im honored to introduce Michelle Obama 女士们 先生们 我很荣幸地介绍米歇尔·奥巴马a first lady whose life in service as attorney, public service, educator 这位第一夫人是优秀的律师 公益务者 教育者wife and mother 妻子和母亲have earned her the admiration and appreciation of a nation 在全国赢得了钦佩和感谢a builder of community with a passion for military families and veterans 她为军人家庭和退伍军人的事业奉献着热情and a role model whom Eastern Kentucky University is honored to recognize today 她是今天东肯塔基大学引以为傲的楷模Thank you谢谢你们Thank you so much非常感谢你们Oh my goodness 我的天Good evening. Thank you. I am just overwhelmed 晚上好 谢谢你们 我有些受宠若惊了And as an honorary degree holder, it is now my pleasure to say 作为荣誉学位获得者 我要很荣幸地说go colonels 加油吧 上校们I want to start by thanking President Whitlock 我想首先感谢惠特洛克校长for that very kind introduction 感谢他的友善介绍but more importantly for his decades 更感谢他这数十年of service to this university and to this country 对这所学校以及这个国家的贡献And, it is my honor to be here on your last commitment 我非常荣幸能够参加你的最后一届毕业典礼And I also want to thank your wife and your family, because 我还想感谢你的夫人和你的家庭I know that they have served right along with you 他们和你一起做出过奉献So, congratulations. Im so glad to be here today 祝贺大家 我很高兴能来到这里I also want to recognize Governor Beshear and his wife 我还想感谢贝希尔州长及夫人and dear friend ours, Jane 我们的好朋友 简as well is Richmond mayor, Jim Barnes, whos here 还有到场的里士满市长吉姆·巴恩斯all of the elected officials we have with us tonight 以及所有今晚到场的所有当选政府官员Also the university singers for those beautiful selections 还要感谢学校歌手们演唱的美妙旋律Just gifted individuals 你们很有天赋And I dont want to leave out Candace for her very inspiring remarks 当然 我还要感谢坎迪斯和她鼓舞人心的发言And to the 14 men and women 还有那14位who just became the newest officers in the ed States Army 即将成为美军新军官的男生和女生Yes很好201603/432178Lets just look at something like, you know,我们不妨看一个具体的问题solving problems with making airlines safer.比如如何让飞行变得更加安全Yeah, Im a million-mile flyer.没错,我自己就经常要坐飞机I do lots and lots of flying,我飞过的里程超过一百万英里and if I was at the FAA, what would I be doing a lot of direct observation of?假如我是在法国航空联盟,我会特别留意去观察什么呢?It would be their airplane tails.我会看他们的飞机机尾You know, five fatal wrecks in the last 20 years,过去20年里发生了5次带来严重生命损害的坠机事故the tail either came off or steering stuff inside the tail broke in some way.要么是机尾断落,要么是机尾内部的一些控制装置失灵,具体形式各不一样Its tails, pure and simple.飞机机尾本来很简单And when the pilots walk around the plane, guess what? They cant see that stuff inside the tail.但是飞行员却没有注意到机尾里面有些什么东西啊You know, now as I think about that,看到没有,我在讲述这个的时候,我会Im pulling up all of that specific information.拿出最细致的数据Its specific. See, my thinkings bottom-up.非常的精细。大家可以看到,我的思考是自小往上的I take all the little pieces and I put the pieces together like a puzzle.我会收集所有的部件,而后像拼图一样将其拼起来Now, here is a horse that was deathly afraid of black cowboy hats.这匹马是非常害怕黑色的牛仔帽的Hed been abused by somebody with a black cowboy hat.因为它曾经被一个戴黑色牛仔帽的骑手虐待过White cowboy hats, that was absolutely fine.而对于白色的牛仔帽,它就感觉很自然Now, the thing is, the world is going to need事实上,我们这个世界需要all of the different kinds of minds to work together.各种各样的心智,需要不同的人开展合作Weve got to work on developing all these different kinds of minds.我们必须培养不同的心智And one of the things that is driving me really crazy,其中有一件事让我感到最为不安as I travel around and I do autism meetings,我经常去参加一些自闭症的会议is Im seeing a lot of smart, geeky, nerdy kids, and they just arent very social,我看到很多聪明的自闭症孩子,他们不善社交and nobodys working on developing their interest in something like science.也没有人去启发他们发展他们的兴趣,比如在科学方面的兴趣And this brings up the whole thing of my science teacher.这就让我想到我的科学老师My science teacher is shown absolutely beautifully in the movie.在电影里,我的老师的形象太美丽了I was a goofball student.我上中学的时候是很捣蛋的When I was in high school I just didnt care at all about studying, until I had Mr. Carlocks science class.根本就不思学业,直到我遇到了Carlock先生的科学课He was now Dr. Carlock in the movie.在电影里,他就是Carlock士And he got me challenged to figure out an optical illusion room.因为他把我带到一个充满视觉虚幻的房间This brings up the whole thing of youve got to show kids interesting stuff.这就是说,我们需要把那些有趣的东西带给这些自闭症的孩子You know, one of the things that I think maybe TED ought to do我想,有一件事TED也许可以做到is tell all the schools about all the great lectures that are on TED,那就是告诉所有的学校,在TED这里有那么多精的演讲and theres all kinds of great stuff on the Internet to get these kids turned on.在互联网上有那么多精的东西,这些东西都有可能激起这些孩子的兴趣啊Because Im seeing a lot of these geeky nerdy kids,因为我经常在美国中西部以及其他地方and the teachers out in the Midwest, and the other parts of the country,看到这些很机灵又很古怪的孩子when you get away from these tech areas, they dont know what to do with these kids.那些地方远离高科技区,那里的老师不知道该怎么教导孩子And theyre not going down the right path.而且他们现在所走的路正好是错误的The thing is, you can make a mind to be more of a thinking and cognitive mind,有一个不争的事实是,你可以让每一个孩子变得更加爱思考or your mind can be wired to be more social.也可以让孩子变得更加合群And what some of the research now has shown in autism is there may by extra wiring back here,现在有些关于自闭症的研究显示,那些非常出众的人脑中也许有着in the really brilliant mind, and we lose a few social circuits here.更多的连线,只是少了一点社交的线路Its kind of a trade-off between thinking and social.也许两者是此消彼长吧And then you can get into the point where its so severe youre going to have a person thats going to be non-verbal.假如到了极端的话,那个人也许就变成不会说话了In the normal human mind language covers up the visual thinking we share with animals.在正常人的大脑里,语言的区域是覆盖了视觉的区域的,后者我们跟动物一样享有This is the work of Dr. Bruce Miller.这是Bruce Miller士的论文And he studied Alzheimers patients that had frontal temporal lobe dementia.他专门研究老年痴呆症患者中的额颞叶痴呆症患者And the dementia ate out the language parts of the brain,这些患者他们的语言区域是被吞噬的and then this artwork came out of somebody who used to install stereos in cars.这是一副画的作者以前的工作是在车里安装了音响设备201604/438369

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