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贵阳天伦不孕不育的售后服务电话贵州天地天伦36.涨工资了常用应急场景范例一:Boss knows when to give a riseOne thing I love our boss for is that he always knows when to give you a pay raise without being asked for.Really? How can he be so sure about the timing?He just knows either by your excellent performance at work or by the annual review.Well. This must save lots of employees from worrying about how to write a salary increase letter. You know how tough it is. Do all the employees receive the same pay increase annually?Actually not! Our company pays for performance.I like this system. It will encourage the best employees and motivate those who want to make a change at work.范例二:Salary increaseYou have been doing a great job this year and I am very satisfied with your work.I am very happy to know my work could be recognized by you and our company.Based on your contribution, I would like to give you a pay raise. Your monthly salary will be increased by 800 Yuan. This increase includes an 80% married increase based on your achievements and increase responsibilities and then the additional 20% increase were reflecting the changes in cost of living.I really appreciate it. Thank you. /12/93219贵州火车站到贵阳天伦医院坐几路车 第一句:Why did you choose A Company?你为何选择A公司?A: Why did you choose A Company?你为何选择问题A公司?B: Becausc it is one of the Fortune 500 companies.因为贵公司是世界500强之一。第二句:A is one of the long-established corporate champions in the field.A是该领域久负盛名的龙头企业之一。A: Why do you select A as the priority?为什么A公司是你的首选?B: Thats because A is one of the long-established corporate champions in the field.那是因为A是该领域久负盛名的龙头企业之一。知识扩展:1.面试官还会这样问:Please tell me the reason for picking A Company.请告诉我你选择A公司的原因。Why did you make that choice?你为什么要作出那样的选择呢? Why would you like to work for us?为什么希望在这里工作呢?2.公司的实力是应聘者择业时考虑的重要因素之一:As far as I know, A Company has an impressive reputation in the industry.据我所知,A公司在业内享有好良好的声誉。The Company is well-known internationally for its technical strength.贵公司因技术实力雄厚而扬名国际。long-established adj.多年从事经营的corporate champion 此处指业内的领头羊impressive adj.给人印象深刻的重点单词查看全部解释fortune['f#596;:t#643;#601;n]想一想再看n. 财产,命运,运气 champion['t#643;#230;mpj#601;n]想一想再看n. 冠军,优胜者,拥护者,勇士vt. 保卫 priority[prai'#596;riti]想一想再看n. 优先权,优先顺序,优先 corporate['k#596;:p#601;rit]想一想再看adj. 社团的,法人的,共同的,全体的 联想记忆X单词corporate联想记忆:corpor躯体,al-法人的 reputation[.repju'tei#643;#601;n]想一想再看n. 声誉,好名声 联想记忆X单词reputation联想记忆:re再+putthink认为,思考+ation→名声 impressive[im'presiv]想一想再看adj. 给人深刻印象的 联想记忆X单词impressive联想记忆:impress印象+ive→给人深刻印象的 technical['teknik#601;l]想一想再看adj. 技术的,工艺的商业英语口语 9暂无文本 /200707/16082贵州市贵阳息烽县中医医院孕检

贵州省贵阳市天伦妇科医院保胎多少钱Jenny最近一直精神不好,总是忧心忡忡的样子。Catherine觉得奇怪,就问她到底怎么了。Jenny说:I've got a problem that's been bugging me. I've got a problem that's been bugging me.有个问题一直困扰着我。今天学的bug这个词是个动词,意为“(使某人)烦恼,激怒”,例如:What's bugging you? 你有什麽别扭事儿? That man really bugs me. 那个人真把我惹火了。前面我们学过bug作名词,意为"漏洞,疏忽“。 Tom: You look ill, my friend. What's up? 汤姆:你看来气色不大好啊,怎么了? Shirley: I've got a problem that's been bugging me. I really don't know what to do.雪莉:有个问题一直困扰着我。我真不知道该怎么办。背景音乐:Romeo and Juliet◎大家如果觉得不错,请不要吝惜自己的持,在栏写下你们的感受,有大家的持,相信我们会做的更好◎ /201012/121501黔东南州妇幼保健院打胎吗 第18讲介绍:,,, /200809/50961贵阳妇幼保健院预约体检

贵州医科大学附属医院做孕前检查The Court of Appeal has rejected claims of “geniusby a former private equity executive, ordering him yesterday to pay his wife 2m as it confirmed one of the biggest divorce awards made by the English courts in recent years.英国上诉法院(Court of Appeal)驳回了一家私募基金前高管所谓“天才”的说法,昨日勒令他向妻子200万英镑,使该案成为近年来英格兰法院作出的数额最高的离婚财产分割判决之一。The three judges upheld a 2015 decision according to which Randy Work, who was the bwinner in the marriage, should give his estranged wife half his assets because the couple had been equal partners in a relationship of more than 20 years.上诉法院3名法官维持了2015年的一项判决,即在婚姻存续期间负责赚钱养家的兰沃克(Randy Work),应将半数资产给予已分居的妻子,因为这对夫妇是一段维持超0年的关系中的平等伴侣。At the Court of Appeal, Mr Work, a former executive at Lone Star, argued he had made an exceptional financial contribution which the courts have defined as a quality of “geniusthrough his wealth-creating skills and that this justified an unequal division of his wealth in the divorce, thus giving him a greater share of the money.孤星(Lone Star)前高管沃克在上诉法院辩称,他通过自己创造财富的技能作出了特殊财务贡献(法院将此界定为“天才”质素),这足以明他有理由在这起离婚案中获得较大份额的财产。However, Mr Justice Holman, the judge who made the 2015 ruling, found that Mr Work did not make a special financial contribution to the marriage. The judge said the word “geniuswas “over-usedand “is properly reserved for Leonardo da Vinci, Mozart, Einstein and others like them.”然而,2015年对该案作出判决的霍尔曼(Holman)法官认为,沃克并未对这段婚姻作出特殊财务贡献。霍尔曼表示,“天才”一词被“过度使用”,其“只适用于形容莱昂纳达芬Leonardo da Vinci)、莫扎特(Mozart)、爱因斯Einstein)那类人。”He said Mr Work had to show “exceptional and individual quality which deserves special treatmentin order to prove he had made a special financial contribution but had failed to do so.霍尔曼说,沃克必须展示“值得获得特殊对待的卓越的、与众不同的质素”,才能明他作出了特殊财务贡献,但他并未做到。He concluded the couple’s wealth should be split equally and said this would result in the wife receiving around 2m, or 2m. Mr Justice Holman’s ruling was upheld by the three Court of Appeal judges, who said Mr Work had failed to prove his case. Mr Work and Ms Gray began living together in 1992, when they had “good but modest jobs and were married in 1995. Their marriage ended in 2013.霍尔曼的结论是,这对夫妇的财产应该平分,因此,妻子一方应得到1.12亿美元(200万英镑)。霍尔曼法官的判决得到了上诉法院3名法官的持,他们称,沃克未能明自己的主张992年,沃克和格Gray)开始同居,那时他们都拥有“不错但算不上优厚的工作”,并于1995年结婚。他们的婚姻013年结束。The Court of Appeal heard that the couple’s wealth was built up over Mr Work’s career with Lone Star in Japan, where his total earnings exceeded 0m, but his wealth was about 5m by the time the court hearings began.上诉法院了解到,这对夫妇的财富积累于沃克在日本为孤星工作期间,他在日本的总收入超过了3亿美元,但到庭审开始时他的财产约为2.25亿美元。Mr Work argued he had applied “groundbreaking methodologies?.?.?.?to the distressed debt sectorin Japan while running the Lone Star office, producing total profits of bn.沃克称,他在日本期间将“开创性的方法”应用于“不良债务部门”,同时负责孤星日本办事处的运营,创造了70亿美元的总利润。The case has been watched because it shows how difficult it is for the courts to depart from the legal principle that wealth should be equally shared upon divorce even when it has been largely built up by the bwinner.这起案件受到关注,因为它显示了要让法院背离法律原则——离婚时夫妻财产应平分,即使这些财产大部分是由赚钱养家的一方积累起来的——是多么困难。来 /201704/503312 1.a buyer’s market买方市场  market在这里是“行情”的意思。买方市场是有利于购买者的行情。与之相对的是aseller’smarket(卖方市场)。  A: Have you bought the house?你已买房子了吗?  B: I don’t know how to choose it. There are a lot of apartmentsonsale.我不知道该怎么办,那么多房子,眼都挑花了。  A: It is a buyer’s market, you know.现在是买方市场嘛!  2.a country mile一段很长的距离  该习语多用在美国口语中,名词country有“农场”的意思。在美国,由于科技比较发达,农场往往都很大。这些农场总能给人以辽阔、遥远之感。故该习语用country来指“距离之远”。  A: Is the house close to the central city?那房子*着市中心吗?  B: It is a country mile from the Central Park. But it won’t beaproblem since you drive.离中央公园远着呢。可既然你开车这就不成问题了。  A: The distance is not really a problem. The real problemiswhether I can afford it.远近到不是问题,问题是我是不是买得起。  B: Don’t worry about it. It’s a real bargain.不用担心,很便宜的。  3.a drug on the market滞销商品,滞销货,供应过剩的商品  drug的本义是“麻醉药品”,而麻醉药品是不能在市场上公开出售的,因此该词常常用来指“滞销货”。  A: The things my son bought home were usually a drug on themarketfor adults.我儿子买回来的东西在咱们眼里都是卖不出去的。  B: That’s not abnormal for a youngster. Young people all seemstobe crazy about such things.这对年轻来说没什么不正常的。年轻人看起来对这些东西都非常感兴趣。  A: The real problem is that he’s suing my moneyforthem.问题是他那我的钱去买的呀。  B: He’s your son, after all. Who else’s money do you supposehimto use?他毕竟是你的儿子呀。你想让他拿谁的钱去买呢  4.a fair shake公平的待遇  shake在口语中有“处置、对待”的意思。当fair的意思为“公平的”时,这个短语的意思是“顺利的、有意的”时,它的意思就是“好机会”。  A: Bob, can you ever make a thing center?鲍勃,你就不能做对一件事吗?  B: Yes, I can and I am doing the center thing.我能,而且我现在干的就是对的。  A: You should go and see how Allan handles it.你真该去看看阿伦是怎么干活的。  B: It’s that Allen again! Why can’t you ever think of giving meafair shake?又是阿伦!你怎么就不能对我公平点?  5.a fat chance微小的机会  fat本是“很多”的意思,但在这里用了反意,表示“微小的机会”;表示同样意义的短语还有a fat lot,指“很少”。  A: What do you think of his plan?你觉得他的方案如何?  B: I have a feeling that is it doomed to fail.我感觉它注定要失败。  A: Why don’t you vote against him?干吗不投票否决他的提议?  B: It’s a fat chance of voting out his suggestion.这不大可能。 /12/93372不孕不育天伦医院清镇市第一人民医院妇科电话




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