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Today in History:Wednesday, May 15, 2013历史上的今天:2013年5月15日,星期三May 15th, 1972. Alabama governor George Wallace is shot by Arthur Bremer while campaigning for the Democratic presidential nomination in Maryland. The shooting leaves Wallace paralyzed for the rest of his life. In later year, he apologizes for his one-time segregationist views.1948. The day after declaring its independence, the new state of Israel is attacked by 5 of its Arab neighbors in the Middle East. An armistice is reached the following year but Israel and its neighbors fight 3 more wars over the next 25 years.1911. The US Supreme Court orders the breakup of Standard Oil Company, ruling it a monopoly that violates antitrust laws. Pieces of the oil giant built by John D. Rockefeller live on today in companies from Exxon Mobile and BP to Chevron.1856. L. Frank Baum, author of the classic children’s tale the Wonderful Wizard of Oz, is born in Chittenango, New York.And 2003.I save my loving early in the morning. Just for you.June Carter Cash, singer, songwriter and wife of country music star Johnny Cash dies in Nashville at age 73.Today in History, May 15th. Sandy Kozel, the Associated Press. /201305/239951。


2012年6月8日下午,第七个中国文化遗产日安徽省主场城市活动启动仪式暨文艺演出在亳州市会务中心多功能厅隆重举行。安徽人民也用各式各样的活动迎接这一节日。East China’s Anhui Province has been marking China’s seventh Cultural Heritage Day, with a series of activities.In Bozhou City, local citizens gathered together, to learn traditional Chinese paper cuts. At Huaxilou Square, sport fans demonstrated Wuqinxi, or the ;frolics of five animals;.They’re a set of unique exercises that date back to the 2nd century. Meanwhile, local opera fans have also been celebrating—with a rarely performed local opera attracting a large number of interested music lovers.201206/186447。

相关文本:China will scrap local fees and some long distance roaming fees for mobile phone users as of January 1st. The move is part of the country's effort to simplify its billing systems.The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said on Friday that local long distance calls will be charged a unified long distance rate only ... rather than both a local rate and a long distance rate. Additionally, mobile phone users roaming within the country, and making international calls, will pay an international rate only, rather than both international rates and roaming fees. The new rules also state that users roaming within the country will be charged a maximum of 0.6 yuan per minute for their domestic long distance calls.12/91803。

Making exercising enjoyable and fun will keep you motivated to get moving.You Will NeedList of goals Workout clothes Commitment Workout partner Rewards Step 1: Set goals(把目标写下来,挂在你可以看见的地方)Set goals for yourself and write them down. Keep your list in a place where you can review it everyday.Step 2: Put out workout clothes(拿出你的运动衣)Keep your workout clothes in plain sight. Hang them where you will see them every day.Lay them out next to your bed or keep them in your car or at work.Step 3: Make it routine(慢慢养成运动的习惯)Make your exercise routine a habit. Include it in your daily schedule.Step 4: Think of the consequences(不要让自己失望)Think of the negative consequences of skipping a workout. Get angry at yourself and get back on track.Step 5: Focus on positives(多想想运动的好)Focus on the benefits of exercising, such as improving your health or fitting into your skinny jeans.Step 6: Work out with a friend(找个朋友一起)Work out with a friend or relative and track each other’s progress.Step 7: Reward yourself(奖励你自己)Reward yourself when you accomplish your goals with a massage, a mini-vacation, or a new outfit.Did you know? A study showed that men who jogged or otherwise exercised fairly intensely for at least 30 minutes a day had a 50 percent reduction in the risk of dying prematurely from cancer.201004/102737。

4,Kp3kjR_dinTy+rJiQWMZCreyTCq-HkUK0Kk#T!*B+*_m48A(%;If you want to have fun by yourself or with your friends, a good choice for that would be Mario Kart on Wii. This will show you the basics of playing Mario Kart Wii. Enjoy it!t6GyF-9;tCg#cyQV4%如果你想给自己找点乐子,或者是和一众朋友一起快乐一下,那么WII主机上的马里奥赛车游戏就是不错的选择,本期节目将会教给你游玩马里奥赛车的一些基本技巧Sm!EO,Ol,wsGD6。记住,WII并没有过时,只是被你搁置太久了而已,赶快拿起手中方向盘,在《马车》的世界中去寻找欢乐吧KqTuSj_|my]EUq_#a。sc+39m9J4TgUH2oiDejJ@X+2eEfB9O5#U2vQr^6vi+201203/176158。

Whether you’re looking to save money or to avoid allergens, homemade body powder lets you know exactly what you’re putting on your skin.无论你是为了省钱还是为了防止过敏,自制的爽身粉都会让你清楚知道你涂抹在身上的是什么。Step 1 Combine cornstarch and baking soda1.混合玉米淀粉和小苏打Combine cornstarch and baking soda in the jar. Add essential oil if youd like scented body powder.在罐子中混合玉米淀粉和小苏打。如果你喜欢有香味的爽身粉,可以加入一些精油。Add uncooked rice to the storage container to avoid clumping.向存储容器中加入未煮的大米,防止结块。Step 2 Pierce small holes in the lid of the jar2.在瓶盖上钻孔Use the hammer and nail to pierce small holes in the lid of the jar for shaking the powder out.使用锤子和钉子在瓶盖上钻孔,方便把爽身粉摇出来。Step 3 Screw lid onto jar3.拧上盖子Screw the lid onto the jar. Now you can feel good knowing you’ve saved money and have an all-natural body powder.拧上盖子。现在,你知道自己既省了钱,又拥有了全天然的爽身粉,感觉一定很好。Ancient Egyptians used a mix of copper, lead, and animal fat as eye shadow.古代埃及人使用铜,铅和动物脂肪的混合物来做眼影。201302/223721。

Heres a 3 minute- that gives you tips on how to hold yourself up during your depressed or hard times. Follow these simple ways to get yourself through with that rough phase of your life.本期三分钟的视频汇将给你提供如何为自己打气加油的方法。So, sometimes life throws us things that require that we dig very deep for some inner strength. Let me give you a few tips on how you can guide with your own inner strength to get through whatever challenge is shown up for you. Hi! Im Lee, Great Life Coach.有时候生活中的艰难时刻需要我们发觉自身的力量。让我告诉你一些如何发掘自身内在力量的方法吧,这样无论任何艰难困苦都不能让你低头。我是一名指导师。Over the past ten years Ive worked with hundreds of people all over the world, helping them find passion, purpose and peace in their lives. So, when life has thrown us something that, quite frankly, wed rather not be dealing with, the first opportunity is to actually move to a place of accepting what is going on. As we move to acceptance, we can take back our power and actually have the greatest opportunity of doing something about it.在过去的十年里我向世界各地的人传授心灵的力量,教会他们发现自己的、目的和平静的状态。实际上如果生活中出了什么难以应付的变故,首先要做的就是接受事实。只有接受事实才能绝地反击。So, lets talk a little bit about ways to take back our power. The absolute first principle is to look after the temper, to look after yourself. So, when you need to dig deep for inner strength, dont go and do the obvious crazy things like drinking too much beer or eating too much junk food or just cant be bothered to go and exercise.让我们看看如何做吧。首要原则是控制情绪,照顾自己。如果想要绝地反击,那么就不能做那些歇斯底里的事情,比如喝的酩酊大醉,吃的满肚草包,或者整天死宅着不出门。These are the very moments where its time for you to really look after your body. Your body will be there for you, more come through if you look after it, if you keep it on sight. So, eating great food, getting exercise, getting great sleep and having some fun. These are all good ways to build yourself, to bring up that robustness in you y to take on that challenge.这些都关于你的身体健康。你对它的照顾越好,越周到,它将来回馈给你的就越多。所以吃健康食品,做有益锻炼,睡眠充足精神好,将来才有力气去抗争。On the day that youre looking to actually confront the challenge, I really encourage you to take some time out, may be meditate for twenty minutes, may be do some breath work which is called Pranayama. Theres plenty on the internet about Pranayama. Its a very incredible way of feeling very strong and centred in your world.在真正面对挑战的时候,应该花些时间做些额外的功课,比如沉思20分钟,或者做调息式深呼吸。这些都是很好的增强自我感觉的方式。Its also very useful to attune to your heart, come into your heart centre and have a clear idea of what your deepest desired outcome from the situation actually is. So, as youre going into the challenge you can skip a very steady heading and even keel on whatever it is youre looking to make happy. Look after you body, have a clear idea of the outcome, and then work with your chin high breathing into your belly wherever possible, and navigate to the best of your abilities.另外调节心跳也很有效,从内心出发看看你最想要的结果是什么。所以在真正面对挑战的时候,你可以快速浏览报纸,或者是任何可以让自己高兴的东西。照顾自己的身体,对结果有一个清晰的想法,然后就放开手脚大胆去做吧。最好的结果总是需要汗水为代价。Thanks for watching How To Find Inner Strength谢谢收看本期“发现内心力量”教程,我们下期节目再见。201207/192860。