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2018年03月24日 22:06:54 | 作者:飞度管家健康家园 | 来源:新华社
Britain's Got Talent star Janey Cutler has captured the attention of US television bosses, according to reports。  据报道,《英国达人》热门人物珍妮·卡特勒已经吸引了美国电视台老板们的注意。  The 81-year-old grandmother was seen stunning the judges with a rendition of Edith Piaf's 'Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien' in Saturday's auditions episode。  这位81岁高龄的珍妮奶奶在周六海选中以一曲伊蒂丝·琵雅芙的《无悔》英文版把评委们惊呆了。  It is thought that N and CBS have since requested clips of her performance to show on their news bulletins, and are also hoping to secure interviews with the budding star。  据说N电视台和CBS电视台因而已经求取珍妮奶奶的表演片段以展示在他们的新闻简讯中,并希望预约与这位崭露头角的明星的访问节目。  A show source told The Mirror: "The US networks are clamouring for a slice of Janey - they all want to be the first to sign her up. We are being besieged with requests from America offering to fly her first class if she'll come on their show." /201005/103684Uncle Frank, at 79, was a healthy and wealthy man, a lifelong bachelor. He courted a lot, he said, but "never boiled over-just simmered." On a whim, he decided to take a trip around the country to look up nearly a dozen old girlfriends.   Upon his return he exclaimed, "Whew! Thank goodness I never married any of those women - They're all widows now!   弗兰克叔叔七十八岁了,富有而健康。他是个终生单身汉。他曾追求过很多女孩,但“从不过热——见好就收”。一天他突发奇想,决定四处走走,去看看他那些接近一打的旧时女友。   他回来即叹道:“嘘!谢天谢地幸亏我没娶那些女人中的任何一个。如今她们都成寡妇了!” /201109/153500When I first started covering the very rich, a wealth manager gave me this piece of advice: ;The very rich are like the unemployed, except they don#39;t have the edifying focus of trying to find a job.; 在我刚开始报道超级富翁时,一名财富管理师给了我这样一条建议:除了不急着找工作外,那些超级富翁和失业者没什么两样。 In his new e-book, ;Rich Man Poor Man,; the right-leaning comedian Adam Carolla takes the idea even further, making a case that the rich and poor have many things in common. Everett Collection右翼人士 喜剧演员卡罗拉(Adam Carolla)在他的新电子书《富人与穷人》(Rich Man Poor Man)中将这一观点作了进一步阐述,认为富人和穷人在很多方面有着相似之处。 Of course, many will find Carolla#39;s analogies between rich and poor highly offensive. Some are also a stretch (both rich and poor ;use ladders with wheels,; ;wear eye patches,; ;keep liquor in a sack; and ;use shovels on construction sites.;) 当然,很多人会觉得卡罗拉对富人和穷人的类比非常无礼。其中一些还有点夸张,比如富人和穷人都“使用带滑轮的梯子” “戴眼罩” “把酒装入袋子里”以及“在建筑工地上使用铲子”。 And Carolla is perhaps best known for calling the Occupiers ;a bunch of (expletive) self-entitled monsters.; He has been a strong supporter of the wealthy in the current class divide. 卡罗拉最有名的一个举动可能是把占领运动的抗议者称作“一群恶魔”。在目前的阶层分化中,卡罗拉一直是富人的鼎力持者。 But he#39;s a comedian folks. So here are 7 amusing examples from the e-book: 但他也是一名喜剧演员,他的电子书写得还是蛮有趣的,接下来就是他电子书中的七个有趣例子: 1 Outdoor Showers. Rich Guys Ladies always rinse off in the outdoor shower so ;there#39;s no chance of his wife finding a rogue hair on the shower floor when she gets back from rehab.; Poor guys have no shower, so they use the neighbor#39;s hose. 1 户外淋浴。有钱人总在户外淋浴中把自己冲洗干净,这样,他从康复中心回来的妻子永远都没法在浴室地板上发现他胡作非为留下的发丝。穷人因为没有淋浴设施,所以只能使用邻居家的水管。 2 No Wallet. Rich guys carry money clips and the poor just carry around crinkled dollar bills. 2 不带钱包。有钱人用钱夹,穷人则揣着几张皱巴巴的纸币。 3 Spends the Day in Pajamas. 3 白天穿着睡衣。 4 They Row. Rich guys crew, poor guys row to find food. 4 他们都划船。有钱人参加赛艇运动,穷人划船则是为了填饱肚子。 5 Always With Their Dogs. Socialites carry their mini-breeds, while the poor have to keep their canine friends tied to a shopping cart. 5 和形影不离。社会精英抱着他们的袖珍小,穷人则把拴在购物车上。 6 Spend Evenings in Front of a Roaring Fire. 6 在熊熊炉火旁度过他们的傍晚时光。 7 Spend Thanksgiving in a Soup Kitchen. The rich serve and the poor eat. 7 在施粥所过感恩节。有钱人发放食物,穷人吃。 What are some other ways the rich are like the poor? 富人和穷人还有其他什么相似的地方吗? /201206/185407

1. Exercise During the DayThere are plenty of great reasons to exercise, and I won’t rehash them all here. Many people, though, find that exercising helps them to sleep well at night – yet another health-boosting benefit.If you’re struggling to fit exercise into your day, try looking for ways to get active in your lunch hour or straight after work: if exercise forms a natural part of your routine, you’ll be much more likely to stick with it.每天锻炼。锻炼好处很多,这里我就不加赘述了,如果你很难找到时间去锻炼,午餐时间和下班后可以好好利用起来。 /201002/97127

The Climate of New ZealandTeacher: Matthew, what is the climate of New Zealand?Matthew: Very Cold, sir.Teacher: Wrong.Matthew: But, sir! When they send us meat it always arrives frozen!新西兰的气候老师:马修,新西兰的气候怎么样?马修:先生,那里的天气很冷。老师:错了。马修:可是,先生!从那儿运来的猪肉都冻得硬邦邦的。

Once I received a thank-you note from a friend whom I had helped. In the envelope were five lottery tickets that had been scratched, revealing the numbers.;Thank you very much for your help,; the note . ;As a gift, I bought you some lottery tickets, sorry you didn#39;t win. ;有一次,我收到一封感谢信,是一个我曾帮助过的朋友寄来的。信封内有五张票,都被刮过了,露出了数字。“非常感谢您的帮助,”信上写道,“作为礼物,我给您买了些票,真遗憾,您没。” /201205/183565

A police officer in a small town stopped a motorist who was speeding down Main Street. "But officer," the man began, "I can explain." "Just be quiet," snapped the officer. "I'm going to let you cool your heels in jail until the chief gets back." "But, officer, I just wanted to say,..." "And I said to keep quiet! You're going to jail!" A few hours later the officer looked in on his prisoner and said, "Lucky for you that the chief's at his daughter's wedding. He'll be in a good mood when he gets back." "Don't count on it," answered the fellow in the cell. "I'm the groom."警察在小镇上拦下了一个在主街上减速驾驶的人,“但是,警官,”那个男子说道:“我能解释原因。”“闭嘴”,警察不耐烦地说道“我得把你关进牢房让你坐冷板凳,直到警长回来。”但是,警官,我想说的是……”“我告诉过你让你闭嘴。你得进监狱。”几个小时后,警察来看那个被关押的男子,“你很幸运,警长去参加他女儿的婚礼了,他回来时心情会很好。”“不要提那件事了”被关押的男子说道:“我正是新郎”。 /201105/136311

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