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福州美贝尔医疗美容做隆胸手术多少钱福州美贝尔光子嫩肤多少钱栏目简介:The vast majority of Chinese infants are not breast fed, with only about 28% receiving only breast milk for the first six months. And that rate is even lower for babies born prematurely. To raise the breast feeding rate, pediatric hospitals in Shanghai set up an education program today. Song Wenjing tells us more. Article/201704/499925福州市第一医院治疗青春痘多少钱 I thought I was really competitive at first我之前以为自己很有竞争力,and then I played you in basketball at VM 7 realized I#39;m not competitive at all. Okay.但随后我与你在“VM7”打篮球时,却意识到自己毫无竞争力。我明白。And then I had to step up my game.我必须提高我的水平。Do you think you can get more competitive with the people that are around you or......?你认为你能从周围的人那里获得更多的竞争力吗?Yes. Actually, you know what? I#39;m so proud of you for asking this question.能。你知道吗?你问了个很好的问题。Actually, I really do, I#39;m surprised I#39;m so excited by this.事实上,我真的得到了。我这么兴奋地讨论这个话题,感觉很惊讶。I have a good piece of advice, actually.我确实有个好建议。Start trimming your friend group开始整理你的朋友圈。and start adding to your friend group predicated on what you want to be.开始往朋友圈加入你想结交的朋友The answer is absolutely, my man.我的朋友,结果显而易见。Like, you absolute..., I am stunned how much more I am like my wife and how much more she is like me就像,你绝对...我和妻子开始时极其不同,even though we started at very polar places, it#39;s just true.但现在却很相似,这令我震惊,却是事实。Who you hang out with? like, there is such a smart hack to like, and there#39;s really...你交往的对象是谁?是聪明的黑客?like, that cliché thing like you are, like the byproduct of the people, like all that, that#39;s real. Super real.和你一样的老学究还是跟屁虫?不管是谁,你们都会变得相似,这是事实。So maybe this is a good year for you to kind of audit that first day back,所以,也许今年对你来说是个不错的一年,开始审视自己的第一天,look around, maybe know a friend of a friend and if you like what you see看看周围,如果你愿意的话会认识一个朋友的朋友,go explore it and try to be around it because, yeah man,试着与他们交往、相伴,因为,I think that you got more competitive by being around me我想你在我身边会变得更有竞争力。And I can tell you right now, I know everybody on my team, they#39;re different.我现在就可以告诉你,我了解团队里的每个人,他们都是不同的。I#39;ll tell you one thing that I can tell you firm about DRock and Nate,我告诉你一件DRock和内特的事,for sure, I#39;ll give you those two examples当然,我给你这两个例子是因为they#39;re a fuck load more confident than they were when they came into my life他们比我之前遇到时更自信了,because my confidence rubbed off on them. Straight up.坦白的说,是因为我的自信影响了他们。 Article/201707/516474晋安区耳部整形多少钱

福建协和医院去痘印多少钱He withered away from overwork.他因过劳而日渐憔悴。wither本指花朵凋谢,wither away指渐渐减弱,要说明因什么而渐渐减若用介词from.The love between them is withering away.他们之间的爱日渐减弱。 /200802/27311福州妇保医院激光去烫伤的疤多少钱 洋话连篇之新洋话1000句 Lesson 55If you donot go to college, you will never get a good job.You would better study hard.I am paying lots of money for you, so you#39;d better do well.My parents are expecting to see good grades of this semester.If you fail this tests, you will be kicked out of schoolIf I fail this test, I will kill myself.My parents expects nothing but high marks.I need be in the top percentage of my class to study abroad.I push myself very hard to do well.If my GPA is high enough, I can play any sports. 推荐专题:英语九百句英音版英语会话800句新东方英语900句 /200711/20589福州招风耳矫正哪家医院好

福州酒窝整容多少钱栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。 Article/201606/431434 【视频讲解】You’re strolling down the street or maybe hauling that load of laundry down a flight of stairs when all of a sudden.Your laces come undone.你正在街上溜达,或许是在搬一大堆的衣,突然,你的鞋带散了!Stroll 溜达-After dinner, I took a stroll round the city. 晚饭后,我绕着城溜达了一圈。Haul1. 拉,牵引-A crane had to be used to haul the car out of the stream.不得不用了一台起重机把轿车从河里拉出来。2. 到达某地-After a long drive we finally hauled into town at dusk.开车走了很长时间,在黄昏时终于到达城里。a flight of 一段楼梯Lace 鞋带If you’ve ever pondered what precipitates this pedestrian wardrobe malfunction, you might want to tie your shoes and beat a path to the Proceedings of the Royal Society A.如果你仔细想想到底是什么让你的出行装束坏了,或许你会绑好鞋带,纷纷前往《英国皇家学会学报》寻找。Ponder 仔细考虑 (If you ponder something, you think about it carefully.)-He pondered over the difficulties involved. 他仔细思考了有关的种种困难。Precipitate 造成…仓促发生-The killings in Vilnius have precipitated the worst crisis yet.维尔纽斯的杀戮事件快速引发了迄今为止最严重的危机。Wardrobe 全部装Malfunction 出故障-There must have been a computer malfunction. 肯定出了电脑故障。beat a path to 争先恐后In that journal, researchers have trotted out data that show that a combination of whipping and stomping forces is what causes laces to unravel without warning.在这本杂志上,研究人员重复用到一个数据,那就是快速移动和重踩的双重力会导致鞋带不经意间就松开了。trot out 引述; 尤指重复地-He trots out the same excuses every timeWhip 迅速[猛地]移动Stomp 迈着重重的脚步走 gt;重踩,重蹋-He turned his back on them and stomped off up the hill.他转身不理睬他们,迈着重重的脚步走上山去。unravel 1. 解开2. 揭开-A young mother has flown to Iceland to unravel the mystery of her husband#39;s disappearance. 一个年轻母亲已飞到冰岛,去揭开她丈夫失踪之谜。The investigators noted that shoelace knots frequently fail when people are walking. But not when they are, say, sitting on the edge of a table and swinging their legs. Laces also stay tight when marching in place with no forward motion.调查者注意到,当人走路的时候,鞋带打好结也总是解开。不过,他们坐着桌子上摇摇脚,结是不会开的。而且不向前走路,鞋带是很紧的。Knot1. 结2. 痉挛-There was a knot of tension in his stomach. 他心里一阵紧张。March1. 行走-Captain Ramirez called them to attention and marched them off to the main camp. 拉米雷斯上校命令他们立正,然后让他们向主营地行进。2. 游行-The demonstrators then marched through the capital chanting slogans and demanding free elections.示威者然后穿越首都游行,反复喊着口号,要求进行自由选举。That led the gumshoes to suspect that stepping and swinging somehow work together to foil footwear security.这会让人怀疑,前进和摇晃一起导致鞋子松了!Gumshoe胶底运动靴;套靴Foil1. 箔纸-Pour cider around the meat and cover with foil.在肉的四周倒上苹果酒,然后盖上箔纸。2. 挫败-A brave police chief foiled an armed robbery by grabbing the raider#39;s shotgun.一个勇敢的警长夺过歹徒的猎,挫败了一起武装抢劫。But how? To untangle this knotty problem, the researchers made a slo-mo of a student running on a tmill, thus recording the literal steps that lead to catastrophic knot failure.怎么回事?为了解开这个棘手的问题,研究人员做了一个学生在跑步机上跑步的慢动作视频,因此如实的记录了结是怎么开的。Untangle 理清(混乱复杂的情况)-Lawyers and accountants began trying to untangle the complex affairs of the bank.律师和会计们开始尝试理清复杂的事务。Slo-mo 慢动作(slow-motion)Tmill 踏车,跑步机Literal 如实的;求实的Catastrophic 灾难性-The water shortage in this country is potentially catastrophic.该国水资源的匮乏很可能是灾难性的。Here’s what they slowly saw: When the foot strikes the ground, the force of that impact causes the knot at the center of the lace to deform and stretch. And when the foot swings forward, the ends of the shoelace fly forward.这是他们所慢慢看到的:当脚着地的时候,这种冲击力会使得鞋带结的中心变形、拉伸。当脚步向前的时候,鞋带也会向前飞。Stretch伸展-At the end of a workout spend time cooling down with some slow stretches.在健身的末尾花时间用一些缓慢的伸展来做缓和。That whipping motion pulls the knot open a bit more, which allows the free end of the lace to slip through a tiny bit. With each cycle of impact and whip, the free end slides a little more, until enough of it has come through that the knot finally unravels.这种甩动的动作会导致鞋带结被再打开一点,进而导致鞋自由的一端再滑动一点。伴随一次次的冲击以及甩动,自由的一端变得一点点松动,最终从打的结中滑落出来。Whip1. 移动2. 鞭打-“For nonconformity the world whips you with its displeasure”(Ralph Waldo Emerson)“只因不随俗,整个世界都用不悦鞭笞着你”(拉尔夫#8226;沃尔多#8226;埃默森)The researchers confirmed that some knots are stronger than others. The granny knot that most of us use on our shoes is fairly weak and prone to failure, perhaps because the knot winds up twisted when pulled tight.研究人员确认,有些结比其他更坚固一些。我们大多数人在鞋子上打的松8字结相当薄弱,很容易解开。可能原因是,当拉紧的时候,这个结就不在缠绕。Granny 老奶奶Prone 易于 (受某事物影响或做某事) 的-For all her experience as a television reporter, she was still prone to camera nerves.尽管有丰富的做电视记者的经验,她仍然倾向于在镜头前紧张。wind up 完成; 停止 (活动)-The president is about to wind up his visit to Somalia.总统即将结束对索马里的访问。A square knot, on the other hand, held up well in the tmill test. To get that knot to buckle, the researchers had to attach weights to the free end to aid in the tugging of those whipping tips.另一方面,方形结在跑步机上的测试效果好。为了让结扣的紧,研究人员负重在自由尾端,协助拉紧。Buckle 扣紧-A door slammed in the house and a man came out buckling his belt.屋子里门砰地关上了,一名男子一边扣着皮带一边走了出来。Tug猛拉; 拽-A little boy came running up and tugged at his sleeve excitedly.一个小男孩跑了过来,兴奋地拽着他的袖子。The researchers did not determine whether different types of laces are more likely to produce ties that bind.研究人员并没有确定哪种鞋带更容易系的紧。Bind1. 捆绑-Bind the ends of the cord together with th.把细绳的两端用线系在一起。2. 使结合-It is the memory and threat of persecution that binds them together.是受迫害的记忆和威胁将他们紧紧联系在一起。So though this initial study has made great strides in our understanding of shoelace mechanics, we still have a long way to go before this research is all tied up.尽管最初的研究,让我们在理解鞋带的机理上取得了巨大的进展,但是,在研究全部结束之前,我们还有很长的路要走。make great strides突飞猛进-We pay attention to the detail, the strengthened team realize, cause the student to make great strides forward from the student stage to the professional person.我们关注细节,强化团队意识,使学生从学生阶段就向职业人迈进。Tie up1. 忙于-He#39;s tied up with his new book.2. 完成,结束(安排等),(口语)-They tied the matter up at the meeting.他们在会议上了结了这件事。 Article/201705/510298南平市激光治疗痤疮价格福州美贝尔医院做去眼袋手术多少钱



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