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Hoarders are typically thought of as people living in houses packed full to the brim with boxes of old junk.They typically refuse to throw away meaningless wrappers and hold on to random objects that most people would have discarded long ago.“储物狂”一般被认为是指那些屋子被各种废旧物品堵满的人他们一般拒绝丢弃毫无意义的包装袋,并保留着大多数人早已丢掉的东西But nowadays, you no longer have to hold on to old notebooks or refuse to throw out old pizza boxes to be considered a hoarder, according to a recent report.Instead, a new m of hoarder has arisen: Digital hoarders.但时至今日,“储物狂”不再仅仅意味着使用最破旧的笔记本,或者拒绝丢弃过去装披萨的盒子了一种新型的“储物狂”已经诞生,那就是:数码囤积狂A report published by BMJ Case Reports, examined a 7-year-old man whose obsession with hoarding digital pictures severely interfered with his day-to-day life, preventing him from sleeping and even leaving his home.《英国医学杂志报道了一名7岁男子的症状:他沉迷于储存数码照片,这严重干扰到了他的日常生活,让他没时间睡觉,甚至整日宅在家里The man was merly diagnosed with autism and hoarding tactile objects – a condition that has been documented in the mental health reference manual DSM-5.But at the time the man was checked into an outpatient clinic, there had been no previous mal diagnosis of digital hoarding.该男子之前被诊断为自闭症和囤积实物症--这种疾病在心理健康参考手册第五版有记录但该男子在检查以前没有正式被诊断为数码囤积狂According to the case report, the man mostly hoarded objects with little to no economic value – like paperwork and bike components – because he felt they would be of use to him in the future.As as a result, his house was extremely cluttered.根据病例报告,该男子总是囤积缺乏经济价值、甚至毫无价值的东西--比如文书和自行车配件,因为他觉得这些东西将来可能有用处结果他的房子一片狼藉Eventually, after obtaining a digital camera, the man began to hoard digital pictures, as well.Digital photography became his primary daytime activity, and he took up to 1,000 pictures each day, mostly of landscapes, the report said.后来有了数码相机后他开始囤积照片报告显示,数码摄影成了他的主要日常活动,每天他要拍00张左右的照片,多数是风景照But, as with the tactile objects he hoarded, the man struggled to discard the pictures.He ended up using four external hard drives to maintain the original pictures, as well as four additional hard drives to store the backups.然而,和他囤积的实物一样,他很难舍弃自己拍的照片最后,他用了个移动硬盘来保存原图,还有另外个移动硬盘存储备份The man didnt even look at the pictures he saved, though he was convinced he could use them in the future when new technologies became available, the report said.He spent three to five hours each day organizing the pictures, which led to feelings of frustration. Organizing the pictures also interfered with his sleep and prevented him from partaking in other activities, including cleaning his house, relaxing or going outside.据报道,这个家伙甚至看都不看自己保存的那些图片,但他确信未来出现新技术时这些图片会有用武之地他每天要花3~5个小时来整理图片,这导致他产生了挫败感整理图片也妨碍了他睡眠,使他无心参与其他活动,包括收拾房间、休息或者出门This patient case is an extreme circumstance; merely getting to clear out your hard drive doesnt mean you are a digital hoarder.该病人的例子属极端情况;如果你仅仅是忘记清理硬盘,这不意味着你就有数码囤积癖 8

  导购口语:Suzhou embroidery has a long history of brisk sales both at home and abroad.苏州刺绣畅销国内外已有很长的历史Chinese embroidery is one traditional art with elaborate design and high quality.中国刺绣是一种传统艺术,工艺精湛,质量很高Paper cutting have special significance at festival and on public holidays.剪纸在喜庆日和公众节日里有着特殊的意义 语句:Brisk sales销路畅旺;at home and abroad国内外;elaborate design and high quality工艺精湛,质量很高 情景再现:Chinese embroidered words of art are renowned both at home and abroad exquisite workmanship, skillful knitting and elegant designs.中国刺绣艺术品,以工艺精细,阵法灵巧多样, 团典雅大方而闻名中外The four famous Chinese embroidery styles are the Su embroidery of Jiangsu Province, the Xiang embroidery of Hunan Province, the Yue embroidery of Guangdong Province and the Shu embroidery of Sichuang Province.中国著名的四大刺绣是江苏的苏绣,湖南的湘绣,广东的粤绣和四川的蜀绣The paper cutting is extensively kind of art style that sp of our country folks.剪纸是我国民间广泛流传的一种艺术形式 83


  World recession 世界经济衰退A: Now people are talking about world recession, which started more than a year ago. Can you give us your personal assessment of the situation of the global economy? B: As you know, we are in a very special time. This is a very hard time many countries' economics, both developed and developing. I think the current economic situation could be described as synchronized slowdown of major economies.A: What is the direct impact of the terrorist attack upon your country's economy?B: Once the US economy is in trouble due to the terrorist attack, the impact could be quickly felt in the rest of the world.A: What challenges is your country's economy facing at the moment?B: We do face a lot of challenges because there is still much uncertainty about the world economy. It's very important us to strike a proper balance between investment in fixed assets and household consumption. 重点注释:1.recession 经济衰退. assessment 评估,评价3. fixed assets 固定资产. household consumption 住房消费5. “due to the terrorist attack”是“由于恐怖袭击”的意思”due to”意思是“由于……”,例如:Due to the storm, the baseball game was interrupted. 由于骤雨,那场棒球赛中止了 汉语译文:A: 现在人们都在谈论一年前开始的世界经济衰退对于全球经济你能给我些个人评价吗?B: 正如你所知道的,我们处在一个特殊时期这是许多发达国家和发展中国家经济的艰难时期我认为现在经济形势是经济大国同步减缓放慢A: 恐怖袭击对贵国经济的直接影响是什么?B: 由于受到恐怖袭击,美国经济处于困境中,它的影响很快会蔓延到世界其他各国A: 此刻贵国经济面对的挑战是什么?B: 我们有很多挑战,因为对世界经济来说还有不确定性对我们而言在固定资产投资和住房消费方面达到适度平衡是很重要的 53

  India top court has ordered all liquor shops to shut down along state and national highways in an attempt to reduce drink driving and road accidents.印度最高法院日前下令关闭所有州际公路与国道沿线的酒铺,意图减少酒驾和交通事故The court told the government to stop issuing new licences and renewing existing ones after 31 March.印度最高法院要求政府停止向公路酒类商店核发执照,并表示现有登记将在年3月31日全部失效More than 6,000 people died last year in traffic accidents in the country. About 5% - or 6,755 - deaths were caused by drivers who had either been drunk or had taken drugs.去年,印度共有.6万人死于交通事故其中有约5%,即6755人,是因为司机在酒精或药物的影响下驾驶车辆而丧生;There should be no liquor vends on national and state highways,; AFP news agency ed Chief Justice TS Thakur, who headed the three-judge bench, as saying in his order on Thursday.《法新社援引印度最高法院首席法官塔库尔的话称:“国道和州际公路上不应该出现售酒现象”The court also said that all liquor advertisements should be removed from the highways and shops selling alcohol must be located at least 500 metres (1,60 feet) away from them.同时,该法院还下令移除高速公路上所有有关酒类的横幅和广告,并表示,卖酒的商家必须将店铺安置在距离高速公路至少500米(0英尺)以外的地方Campaigners say the large number of liquor shops located along the highways are ;a great temptation and a distraction road users;.一位活动人士表示,印度公路沿线开着许多家酒铺,这些酒铺“对司机来说有巨大的诱惑力,会分散他们的注意力” 858

  1. My room is cold like the hell. 我的房间冷得要命. My main gripe is there’s no hot water. 我的主要不满是没有热水供应3. The room is too dirty, please clean it up. 房间太脏了,请打扫干净. There’s no broadband network in the room. 房间里没有宽带网5. It’s too dark in this room me to a book. 房间太暗,使我无法看书6. The service is poor owing to the shortage of staff. 务之所以差是因为缺少务员7. There is no soap, no towels, not even toilet paper. 没有香皂,没有毛巾,连手纸也没有8. The room is too hot in the daytime and cold at night. 房间白天太热儿夜间太冷9. The hotel ought to do something about the poor service. 酒店应该对恶劣的务采取措施. I would like to make a complaint over your wrong room charge. 我想就错收房费一事投诉重点讲解:gripe: (非正式用语) 抱怨;发牢骚 8





  A: Could you please reserve a taxi me?B: Do you think a private vehicle might be more to your liking?A: A private vehicle? No, thanks, I won't need one.B: Even better than a private vehicle is a limo. How does that sound?A: T A X I, please.B: A taxi it is. Where will you be headed? A: Rockefeller Center. Can you get the taxi here immediately, please?B: A taxi will be here in just a minute, sir.A: Good. I'll get my coat and come downstairs.B: The taxi will be y when you are, sir. 78

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