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Wild Europe - Genesis 肇始之初- 5 It took a ten-meter layer of fallen rain forest to make just a one-meter seam of coal. When you consider the depth of all the seams in all the coalfields worked in Europe, from Britain through to northern France and Germany, Poland and Ukraine, the immense scale of Carboniferous forests becomes clear. Coal fuelled one of the greatest transformations that Europe has ever seen. Its presence all across the continent was a vital component in making Europe the cradle of the Industrial Revolution and ultimately turned it into the economic powerhouse it is today. The ancient past can directly shape the present. Europe is now the most urbanized and industrialized continent on the globe, largely thanks to its position on the equator 300 million years ago.When these steaming forests were at their peak, other events were aly in motion that would banish them forever. Europe, still drifting north, had been rocked by another series of monumental collisions. And the result of the tectonic pileup was this, the supercontinent Pangea.Around 213 million years ago, Europe was engulfed by a massive land. Now, far from the oceans, rain no longer fell. Under an unforgiving sun, the lush tropical forests disappeared and the continent was swallowed by sand. The fossilized remains of these desert dunes now form much of the bedrock of the Eastern Europe. In the depths of a Russian winter, it's hard to imagine how hot and dry this place once was, let alone some of the creatures that roamed here, Dinosaurs, a new order on the move.words and expressionsseam :a stratum of ore or coal thick enough to be mined with profit矿层;煤层powerhouse:an electrical generating station发电站banish:To drive away; expel驱逐, 消除engulf:To swallow up or overwhelm by or as if by overflowing and enclosing席卷;吞没200809/47408Your passport will expire护照将要过期A: Please show me your passport, sir.A: 先生,请出示你的护照。B: Yes, here you are.B: 好的,给你。A: Are you here on business?A: 你是来办公吗?B: Yes. We are going to London on business.B: 是的,我要去伦敦办公室。A: How long will you be staying in UK totally?A: 你一共在英国要待多久啊?B: About two weeks.B: 大约两周吧。A: Id like to remind you of one thing, sir. Your passport expires in 20 days.A: 我要提醒你一件事,先生。你的护照要在20天后过期了。B: Goodness, you said it. I never thought of it when I left Tokyo.B: 天啊,真的啊。离开东京时,我没有想到这一点啊。A: Youll be back in Tokyo then, wont you?A: 那时候你就回东京了,是不是?B: I should be. But it still wouldnt have occurred to me that I need to renew my passport if you hadnt pointed it out to me. I really need a new one.B: 应该是。如果不是你提醒的话,我真记不得我需要更新护照了。我的确需要一个新的了。A: Have a pleasant stay in UK.A: 希望你在英国过得愉快。 /201602/426601OPEC to Boost Production Targets, Blames High Price on Speculation欧佩克计划今后四年提高石油产量  OPEC Secretary General Abdalla Salem el-Badri says the cartel plans to boost its oil production targets by five million barrels a day by 2012. He was speaking on the final day of the International Energy Forum held in Rome. 石油输出国组织欧佩克的秘书长巴德里表示,欧佩克计划在2012年之前把石油产量每天提高5百万桶。他是在罗马举行的国际能源论坛会议的最后一天说这番话的。Speaking on the sidelines of the international energy forum in Rome, Abdalla Salem el-Badri said that members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries are planning to spend 0 billion during the next four years to boost production capacity. 巴德里在罗马举行的国际能源论坛会议的会场外表示,欧佩克成员国计划在以后四年里拿出1600亿美元,提高产油能力。The OPEC Secretary General was speaking after crude oil futures rose to an all-time high, more than 8 a barrel, boosted by supply instability. He insisted that oil prices are decided by the market and implied that OPEC could do nothing to solve the current problem. 在这之前,由于供应不稳定,原油期货价格攀升到每桶118美元以上,这是有史以来的最高峰。巴德里坚持说,石油价格是由市场决定的,暗示欧佩克无法解决目前的问题。"This conference has nothing to do with oil prices; this conference is only a platform for producers and consumers to talk about many issues," el-Badri said. "But to decide on a price, I think nobody can decide the price, the market will decide the price." 他说:“这个会议跟石油价格无关,这个会议只是产油国和消费国讨论许多问题的平台。但是,要决定价格,我认为没有人能决定价格,价格将由市场来决定。”U.S. acting Deputy Secretary of Energy Jeffrey Kupfer said oil prices are clearly too high. But he added it is important to keep the market well supplied and that OPEC should ensure sufficient supply in the market.  美国能源部代理副部长库普福说,石油价格显然过高。但是他补充说,重要的是保持市场有充裕的供应,欧佩克应当确保市场有足够的供应。El-Badri has blamed a weak dollar and speculators for soaring oil prices, which are taking a heavy toll on economies worldwide. He has said OPEC members are investing to increase both production and refining capacity. 巴德里把油价飙升归咎于美元疲软和投机活动。油价飙升对世界各国的经济都造成严重影响。他曾表示,欧佩克成员国正在投资,以提高产油和炼油能力。In a separate development at the forum, Iraqi Oil Minister Hussain al-Shahristani said again that contracts between the autonomous northern Iraqi Kurds and foreign companies are invalid. 在这次论坛过程中的另一项发展是,伊拉克石油部长沙赫雷斯塔尼再次表明,北部自治的伊拉克库尔德地区和外国公司签订的合同是无效的。"We do not recognize them and we have informed all the oil companies that these contracts have no standing," al-Shahristani said. 他说:“我们不承认这些合同,我们已经通知了所有石油公司,这些合同不具有法律效力。”The Kurdish regional government has signed more than a dozen exploration and export contracts with 20 international companies since it passed its own oil law last August, angering the central government in Baghdad. 库尔德地区政府自从去年8月通过了自己的石油法以后,已经和二十几个国际公司签署了十几个勘探和出口合同,激怒了巴格达的中央政府。Shahristani also announced that Iraq would shortly increase production of oil. He said 35 companies from 16 countries that will be competing in the first licensing round, which will be announced in the summer. He added that with the development of the fields through this bid, another 1.5 million barrels will be added to the 2.5 million barrels being produced.  沙赫雷斯塔尼还宣布,伊拉克很快将增加石油产量。他说,准备竞争第一批执照的16个国家的35家公司谁能如愿,今年夏天将会公布竞标结果。他补充说,通过招标带动这个领域的发展,原油生产将在目前250万桶的基础上,再增加150万桶。 200804/36181Now first look behind the scenes of a new movie " Memoirs of a Geisha" based on the best-selling novel. It's the fictional life story of one of the most exotic and mysterious women in Japanese culture. Our national correspondent, Jamie Gangel, sat down with two of the movie stars. Visually stunning and emotionally intense, 'Memoirs of a Geisha' takes place in pre-World War II Japan and tells the story of Siyori, played by Ziyi, Zhang, who is sold as a child to a geisha house. Then with the help of the most prominent geisha, played by Michelle Yeoh, Siyori is transformed and discovers the secrets and the pain of geisha life. The word geisha part of it means art. In addition to the dancing, the singing, the music, there is a side that people believe is about sex. The geisha world is a very mysterious world. They did not choose to become geishas. They are chosen. And yes, there is the sex involved. That is the only time when the geisha can say yes or no. You two went to geisha boot camp, in effect? How hard was it to learn to be geisha? Tell them about your dancing. I am thinking about those very tall shoes. I have to say when that scene started I got nervous for you. We all did. Was it hard? Yeah. I remembered the first time when I saw them, I, you know, they told me that I have to dance in them, I just, I don't think it's possible. Did you fall? Yes, many times. In fact the two actresses only had six weeks to learn what geishas spend a lifetime perfecting. We have what we call, affectionately we call the seven rooms of torture. There was a room where you learn how to pour tea and sakei. Then there was a room where we learn how to walk how to kneel how to bow. The walking process we would put a slip of paper between our knees. And then when you graduate, you must glide across the room with a slip of paper and a bottle of sakei. Could you do it? Of course. Now walk. You are a magnificent geisha. It is a very painful story. Was it as hard to act as it is to watch? I think for each of us, there were different levels of the pain. They dedicate their lives to the perfection of music, to dance. Because they are working pieces of art, and you do not love, you do not marry, and you do not have children. Yeoh and Zhang have worked together before, in the popular martial arts film "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon". From a difficult point of view, is it harder to do the big action or is it harder to do the little one? Little one. You know, because you have to pay all your intention to those small subtle gestures. Those nuances are what make the story, which is told in the voice of a Japanese woman: 'I certainly wasn't born to the life of a geisha. ' But what 's surprised to many is that the author of "Memoirs of a Geisha" is a 48-year-old American man from Tennessee. I just couldn't believe that an American guy who wrote this such beautiful story about a geisha's life. How could he know? Did you feel, Michelle, that it was realistic? I didn't care because it takes you away from what we have or what we are facing every day, like, that's what movies are for me. I get transported to a magical world. For Today, Jamie Gangel. N N ews,New York. That's beautiful. I love the book. (Yeah. ) 'Memoirs of a Geisha' opens in select theaters tomorrow. 200808/46186

hard as nails ------ 铁石心肠(成语)英文释义(IDIOM) Unyielding; lacking compassion; unsympathetic.例句The wealthy old woman was as hard as nails, and never gave help of any kind to her friends or family members if they were experiencing difficulties.这位有钱的老妇人是铁石心肠,在朋友或家人有困难时从不给他们任何形式的帮助。 /201611/471251

Renovation of Historical Complex Renews Hong Kong Preservation Debate香港面临保护仅存历史遗迹新挑战 The Hong Kong government faces new challenges to plans to preserve one of the territory's few remaining historical sites. The challenges are part of a long dispute over the destruction of dozens of landmarks in recent years.  香港政府面临保存其少数尚存历史遗迹的新挑战。近年来许多地标建筑被拆除引发不少争议。It was just a few years after Britain took over Hong Kong in 1842 that the territory's first British police station was built. The station, and the adjacent prison and court building closed in 2004.  1842年英国占领香港的几年之后建了第一个警察局。该警局与相邻的监狱和法院大楼从2004年就对外关闭。The 160-year-old complex fills about a city block in the center of a popular business and entertainment district. Nearby, residents frequent posh bars, art galleries and high-end restaurants.  在香港繁华的商业跟区的中心,这片有160年历史的建筑占了整整一条街区。附近有不少豪华的酒吧、画廊与高级餐厅。John Batten is an art gallery owner who helped organize a group dedicated to preserving Hong Kong's historical structures. 约翰.巴顿是一个画廊老板,他协助成立了一个保存香港历史建筑的组织。"When you go to the prison and you walk around, you are struck by the absolute tranquility and beauty of the buildings, " Batten says. "And of course horrible things happened there. It was a working prison for 140 years, 150 years." 巴顿说:“当你走进那座监狱、环顾四周时,你将为这座建筑所具有的那种绝对的肃静与美感而打动。当然那里发生过很恐怖的事情。在长达一百四五十年的时间里,那都是个关犯人的地方。”The structure is one of the last reminders of Hong Kong's colonial past in the heart of the city. But an ambitious plan to renovate the station has angered some residents, who say Hong Kong is changing too much of its history.  这片建筑是闹市区内最后几个令人联想起香港殖民地历史的地标。一项雄心勃勃的翻新计划已经引起一些居民的强烈反对,他们认为香港已经失去了太多的历史。The 1 million plan will leave the outer walls of the complex, and put galleries, boutiques and restaurants within the shells of the old buildings. In addition, a 50-story glass tower will jut out from inside the complex, with a distinctive set of giant spikes that opponents say will hide views of the territory's mountains and detract from the old buildings beauty.  这项2亿3千100万美元的计划,将保留那里建筑外墙,但在里面将新建画廊、古董店与餐厅。此外,一个50层楼高的玻璃塔楼将在里面拔地而起。楼顶建有一组巨形尖顶。反对者说,那将挡住香港美丽的山色,而且跟老建筑的风格也很不协调。In past years Hong Kong's government has destroyed several landmarks to make way for roads and other projects. Last year the Hong Kong government demolished the famed Star Ferry terminal and Queen's Pier, where British royalty used to step onto the territory, in favor of a harbor development plan. Fierce protests broke out over both cases. 在过去几年,为了兴建道路与其他建筑,香港政府已经推倒了好几个地标性建筑。去年为了港口发展计划,香港政府拆除了著名的天星码头与皇后码头。两处码头皆为英国政府当年登陆香港之地。两项拆除案都曾遭到愤怒的抗议。Christine Loh is the founder of Civic Exchange, an independent public-policy research group. She says finding a happy medium between preserving Hong Kong's past and making money is not always the easiest task. 独立公共政策研究机构思汇政策研究所的创办人陆恭蕙说,在保存历史与寻求经济效益两者中间取得平衡并不是件容易的事:"On the one hand people are worried that commercialization means that this place will be turned into something that nobody recognizes… there's another issue of how do you maintain the cost of maintaining a heritage site?" she notes. “一方面民众担忧商业化将意味著这里将变成一个陌生的地方。还有一个难题是,为了保存历史遗迹要花多少代价?”The new plan to renovate the police station has become a test for the city's ability to reconcile historical and financial concerns.  在保存历史遗迹和增加财政收入之间如何取得平衡?在这个问题上,翻新警察局的计划对香港政府来说是一个考验。But for people like Batten, even this plan is a slap in the face for preservation activists.  对巴顿这样的历史遗迹保存人士来说,警察局翻新计划如同一巴掌打在脸上。He says over the past few decades Hong Kong has seen itself turn into a city that is no longer recognizable. 他说,在过去几十年来,香港已经变得面目全非了:"There has been concern," Batten says. "The difference is between 1985 and 2005 and 2006 and '07 is we don't have much heritage left. And it's a realization by government finally that if everything goes then there is nothing left." “有许多人感到关注。从1985年到2005年,到2006,到2007年,传统遗迹已经所剩无几了。现在政府总算意识到了,如果把所有的东西都拆了,那就什么东西都没有了。”Batten says that putting galleries and restaurants inside the old police building and creating yet another high rise will not showcase the uniqueness of the building. While Batten did not offer any concrete alternatives to the plan, he said any renovation projects for the Central Station and other historical structures should maintain and make use of existing structures as they are. 巴顿说,将画廊与餐厅建在旧警察局里,并且在里面再造一个天大楼无法彰显该建筑物的独特风格。虽然巴顿并没有拿出另一个具体的可行方案,但他说任何历史遗迹的翻新计划,都应该保存并且充分利用老建筑的特色。One charitable foundation a few years ago offered to fund a million plan to convert the old complex into art studios, classrooms and museums that could be used by local and visiting artists and students. The government rejected that plan. Batten does acknowledge that the government has begun to realize that the public values Hong Kong's history and its older buildings. In recent months, government planners have turned down a number of high-rise developments in older districts.But he says another problem that infuriates many residents is the lack of communication between the government and public over the demolition of historical structures. Many preservation activists say the public often is not consulted on new projects.Activists say if the government continues to choose development over preservation, they are going to lose more than just old structures. Within the walls of many of Hong Kong's old buildings, the stories that make up the territory's identity were created. And for Batten and many others, tearing those buildings down makes it all the harder to recall the city's origins. 200804/35104

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