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China box office dropped .6% in the second quarter of , according to statistics from the National Film Development Funds Management Committee.国家电影事业发展专项资金管理委员会近日发布的数据显示,今年二季度我国电影票房下滑.6%The box office fall, the first in half a decade, is due to a subsidy reduction and theree has weighed down the stock permance of the major listed film companies.票房补助减少是五年内票房首次下降的原因,它导致中国主要上市电影公司的股票业绩降低Audience will not buy as many tickets as they did bee as the ticket price may be a little bit higher after the subsidy decreases, and this will show their real consuming capacity, according to Wang Changtian, CEO of Beijing Enlight Media Co, one of China top film companies.国内领先的电影公司之一、北京光线传媒股份有限公司首席执行官王长田表示,票补减少后,票价可能稍高,观众购票数量不如从前,这才表现出观众真正的消费能力Moviegoers can usually buy film tickets at a discount, and producers will subsidize the remainder of the full price, which can be regarded as a promotional activity. However, if there is no real demand to see the film but producers buy the tickets in advance, this is considered illegal.观影者通常可以买到打折电影票,制片方将补贴差价,这可以被视为一种宣传活动但如果没有实际观影需求,制片方却提前买票,则被视为违规行为Industry sources said a few blockbuster Chinese films, such as Lost in Hong Kong and Monster Hunt, have been the subject of allegedly inflated reported box office sales. The phenomenon is a practice in the industry, where many film producers will reserve some costs box office allowances.业内人士透露,诸如《港囧和《捉妖记等少数卖座大片抬高了报告的票房这种现象在电影行业里是一种惯例,许多电影制片人会给票房津贴预留一些开销Of last year billion yuan reported box office, about 3 billion yuan to 5 billion yuan came from such allowances. Industry sources said the illusion of a high box office actually harms China film industry and will lead to market bubbles and disorders.在去年报道的0亿票房中,有30亿到50亿的票房均来自于这样的津贴业内人士透露,高票房的假象会损害中国电影行业,导致市场泡沫,引起市场混乱 589Country (long m):The Holy See (State of the Vatican City)国家Capital : Vatican City首都Total Area :0. sq mi0. sq km(about 0.7 times the size of The Mall in Washington, DC)总面积(相当与华盛顿商业街的0.7倍)Population :890 (July 01 est.)Estimated Population in 人口 Languages :Italian, Latin, French, various other languages语言Religions :Roman Catholic宗教500) {this.resizedtrue; this.width500; this.style.cursor'hand'; this.alt'点击在新窗口中打开';}" onclick"if(!this.resized) {return true;} else {window.open('http:pic.kekenet.comReadUploadFiles_9833837.gif');}" alt"" src"http:pic.kekenet.comReadUploadFiles_9833837.gif" width500 onload"if(this.width>500) {this.resizedtrue; this.width500; this.alt'点击在新窗口中打开';}" border0 pop"点击在新窗口中打开" resized"true">There seem to be a confusion between the Vatican City State, the minuscule state that exists only since 199, and the Holy See (of Rome), which is the entity which is active in all international relationships except those of a clearly territorial nature, such as membership of UPU (Universal Postal Union), INTELSAT, CEPT and UNIDROIT (International Institute the Unification of Private Law).人们似乎混淆了梵蒂冈城市以及这个国家的关系,这个最小的国家成立于199年,罗马圣堂是一个实体,活跃在所有的国际关系中除了那些有明确领土的自然界,比如万国邮联,国际卫星通讯机构,以及国际统一私法协会的成员No government would have much interest in relations with so tiny a state as Vatican City. But states maintain diplomatic relations with the Holy See, and half of those that have accredited their ambassador to the Holy See find it worthwhile to have him or her resident in Rome, distinct from their ambassador to the Italian Republic.500) {this.resizedtrue; this.width500; this.style.cursor'hand'; this.alt'点击在新窗口中打开';}" onclick"if(!this.resized) {return true;} else {window.open('http:www.photo.netphotopcd00vatican-museum-staircase-.3.jpg');}" alt"" src"http:www.photo.netphotopcd00vatican-museum-staircase-.3.jpg" width500 onload"if(this.width>500) {this.resizedtrue; this.width500; this.alt'点击在新窗口中打开';}" border0 pop"点击在新窗口中打开" resized"true">没有政府会有兴趣与梵蒂冈如此渺小的政府合作.但是仍有个国家仍然与这个圣堂保持外交关系其中半数认为在梵蒂冈建立其大使馆是值得的,这种意义有别于其大使馆驻意大利. The flag of the Vatican City State is as on your webpage, showing the arms with the silver key in the dexter position. When what is represented is the Holy See, not Vatican City State, the keys are reversed. Rather, when the state was set up in 199, the keys in the arms of the Holy See, with the gold one in dexter position, were reversed to provide a distinctive symbol the new entity. In the personal arms of the popes, the keys are, of course, arranged as in the arms of the Holy See: the other arrangement would be equivalent to treating him as merely the head of that little state. 梵蒂冈国旗就像我们的主页一样,展示了银钥匙绑住的武器摆在右侧 看到的是代表的神圣,而不是梵蒂冈国家,钥匙是反着放的. 然而当国家在 199年成立时, 圣堂武器上的钥匙是有一个金色的在右侧位置,把这个颠倒位置是为了体现国家新建突出特别的意义. 在罗马教皇手上的钥匙被当成圣堂的手臂:其他被等同为这个小国家的首领 9968The teaming-up of Spider-Man and Iron Man in ;Captain America: Civil War; is reportedly not going to be the duo last.根据最新报道,蜘蛛侠和钢铁侠在《美国队长:内战中的联手不会成为两位超级英雄的最后一次It being reported Robert Downey Jr., who plays Iron Man, has closed a deal to join the cast of ;Spider-Man: Homecoming.;这一消息是在饰演钢铁侠的小罗伯特·唐尼达成加盟《蜘蛛侠:返校季这一协议之后被报道出来的;Spider-Man: Homecoming; would be Tom Holland nd stint as Spider-Man, after making his first appearance in this latest Captain America film.《蜘蛛侠:返校季将会是汤姆·霍兰德第二次出演蜘蛛侠,他是在最近上映的《美国队长系列电影中第一次饰演该角色;Captain America: Civil War; establishes a key relationship between Tony Stark and Parker, and its being reported ;Homecoming; will continue that th. Shooting ;Homecoming; is set to kick off in June.电影《美国队长:内战为托尼·斯塔克(钢铁侠)和帕克(蜘蛛侠)建立了一个重要联系,而据报道,在《蜘蛛侠:返校季中将会继续这一条线路《蜘蛛侠:返校季将于今年六月正式开拍Robert Downey Jr. has been somewhat selective about what films he will or wont sign-on to with Marvel. He agreed to do the Captain America series, as well as now involving himself in the Spiderman films. However, he has avoided the Thor movies.小罗伯特·唐尼已经与漫威公司就可选择地出演或是不出演哪部电影签署了协议此前,他已经同意出演《美国队长系列电影,而现在他也决定在《蜘蛛侠系列电影中登场不过,他已经表示,不会出现在《雷神系列电影当中 3993

1.英国售货机里藏真人为顾务  顾客从自动售货机里买东西,这似乎是一件再平常不过的事情了但是最近一段时间,安置在伦敦维多利亚火车站火车站内的一台售货机,却引来很多人的围观这究竟是怎么一回事呢?原来,秘密在这里,售货机后面藏了一个大活人顾客投进硬币后,藏在后面的人会问顾客想要哪个商品,之后再把商品扔进洞里,顾客取出商品后,向售货机竖起大拇指,表示交易完成人工售货机是由英国的一家食品公司安置在这里的公司市场部经理表示,之所以这么做,是希望每天都像机器一样忙碌工作的都市人,能从与陌生人的交流中获得快乐It is It is common customers to buy things from vending machines. But most recently, a vending machine in London's Victoria Station Train Station attracted a lot of people to gather around. It turns out the secret that a human being hindden behind the vending machine. This vending machine is provided by a food company from the ed Kingdom.The marketing manager said that they did so in the hope that every day busy people could get happiness from the communication with strangers. 835

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