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Stephanie Falk and her husband like smoothies from Jamba Juice. But the San Diego-based couple boycotted the chain for several months last year because it served its drinks in plastic foam cups.斯蒂芬妮?福尔克(Stephanie Falk)和她的丈夫都喜欢Jamba Juice的奶昔。但是这对来自 地亚哥的夫妇去年连续数月拒绝购买这家连锁店的饮料,因为店里用泡沫塑料杯盛装饮料。#39;It#39;s the biodegradable factor. There#39;s no excuse. Everybody knows better, #39; said Ms. Falk, who like her husband is a wedding photographer.“我们考虑的是生物降解。店家不该找借口。所有人都明白这一点,”福尔克说,她和丈夫都是婚礼摄影师。Now, though, Jamba Juice Co. and several other food chains are starting to serve the same drinks in paper cups. Ms. Falk is a fan; her drink stays just as cold in Jamba Juice#39;s new doubled-walled paper cup, she said.而现在Jamba Juice和其他几家连锁餐厅都开始改用纸杯装饮料。福尔克表示持,她说她的饮料在Jamba Juice的新双层纸杯里同样清凉。The paper industry likes it a lot too. Production of white copy paper and other forms of #39;uncoated#39; paper has fallen about 38% since 1999, while demand for paper cups is growing as much as 5% a year, according to industry analysts. Environmental concerns from consumers and new bans on plastic foam in more U.S. cities are prompting food chains to make a switch.造纸行业对此也非常持。行业分析师表示,1999年以来,白色复印纸以及其他“裸”纸的产量下降了约38%,而纸杯的需求量则以每年5%的幅度递增。消费者对于环保的考量以及美国越来越多城市对于泡沫塑料的禁令促使连锁餐厅做出改变。Jamba Juice said last year it would adopt paper cups for its smoothies and other cold drinks #39;to improve our environmental footprint.#39; McDonald#39;s Corp. is replacing plastic foam cups with McCafe paper cups at all 14, 000 McCafes across the country. The company says it is trying to be more environmentally conscious and cut costs on trash. Dunkin#39; Brands Group Inc. has said it is testing paper cups.Jamba Juice去年表示,他们将采用纸杯来装奶昔和其他冷饮,“以改善我们的环境记录”。麦当劳公司(McDonald#39;s Corp.)正在将全美14,000家麦咖啡 (McCafe)的泡沫塑料杯替换成纸杯。该公司表示,他们现在更加注重环保并缩减垃圾处理开。Dunkin#39; Brands Group Inc.说他们正在试用纸杯。These companies join Starbucks Corp. and some other chains that have been using paper cups for years. Production of paper used to make cups has risen about 16% over the past five years in the U.S., according to industry group American Forest and Paper Association.这些公司加入了星巴克等多年来都在使用纸杯的连锁店的行列。行业组织美国林业与纸业协会(American Forest and Paper Association)的数据显示,过去五年美国用于制造纸杯的纸类产量上升了约16%。Hoping to take advantage of the growth in demand, International Paper Inc. plans to double the size of a paper-cup manufacturing facility it runs in Kenton, Ohio. The company is coming up with new cup designs--like one aly in production that is fully biodegradable with a plant-based lining--and aggressively marketing the benefits of paper to potential customers.为了迎合这种增长的需求,International Paper Inc.计划将位于俄亥俄州肯顿(Kenton)的纸杯生产设备规模扩大一倍。该公司将推出新的纸杯设计,例如已投产的一款可完全降解的纸杯,内层采用植物原料;他们还努力向潜在客户营销,强调纸杯的优势。Paper cup and plate production volume is equivalent to about a quarter of the volume of the U.S. copy-paper market, according to consulting firm Fisher International Inc., which specializes in data on the pulp and paper industry.咨询公司Fisher International Inc.专长于纸类和纸浆行业的数据分析,其数据显示,美国纸杯和纸碟的产量相当于复印纸产量的四分之一。Still, #39;It seems like a moment in time where the big brands are choosing to take a public position for sustainability, #39; said Michael Lenihan, director of sales and customer relations at International Paper. Food businesses #39;are now recognizing it as a brand opportunity on a much broader scope.#39;不过,“似乎现在大品牌都选择站在公众立场来关注可持续发展”,International Paper 销售与客户关系总监迈克尔?勒尼汉(Michael Lenihan)说。食品行业“如今在更广的层面上将其视为品牌的发展机遇”。Environmental advocates say paper is easier on the environment than plastic foam because the latter tends to break up in landfills and then is mistaken by animals for food. Plastic foam is difficult to recycle unless it is kept clean and separated from other types of plastics--so many plants in the U.S. don#39;t take it. It isn#39;t biodegradable.环保者表示纸杯比泡沫塑料杯更有利于环境,因为后者会在填埋时碎裂而被动物误以为食物。泡沫塑料很难回收,除非它仍然干 并且和其他类型的塑料分离,所以美国的许多回收站并不接受它。它也无法进行生物降解。Such worries led San Francisco in 2007 and Seattle in 2009 to ban plastic foam, instead requiring food vendors to provide compostable or recyclable to-go containers. Other West Coast cities have followed suit, and New York#39;s City Council voted to ban plastic-foam containers in December unless the industry can prove it is recyclable.出于这样的担忧,旧金山在2007年、西雅图在2009年禁止使用泡沫塑料,而要求食品销售者提供可分解或者可循环使用的外带容器。其他西海岸的城市紧随其后,纽约市议会2013年12月投票禁止使用泡沫塑料容器,除非业者能够明泡沫塑料可以回收。#39;Customers are still trying to figure out how prevalent this is going to become, #39; says Alec Frisch, vice president and general manager of Georgia-Pacific LLC#39;s beverage category, which produces a range of paper cups, including double-walled and plastic-coated paper cups.“消费者仍在关注此类措施的普及情况”,乔治亚?太平洋公司(Georgia-Pacific LLC)负责饮品类的副总裁兼总经理亚力克?弗里施(Alec Frisch)说。该公司生产各种纸杯,包括双层纸杯以及外层覆有塑料的纸杯。The plastic-foam industry disputes the notion that foam is less environmentally friendly, chalking it up to misinformation. #39;I think there are a lot of misconceptions around polystyrene foam versus paper, #39; said Keith Christman, managing director for plastics markets at American Chemistry Council, which represents the industry. Foam is #39;composed 95% out of air, so you use less material in the first place making it.#39; That also results in less energy use and less bulk waste, he added.泡沫塑料行业对于产品不环保的观点并不认同,认为这是误传。“我认为人们在将泡沫塑料和纸比较时存在许多误解,”行业协会美国化学理事会(American Chemistry Council)塑料市场运营总监基思?克里斯特曼(Keith Christman)说。泡沫塑料“95%由空气组成,所以在最初的生产环节可节省用料”。这也减少了能耗以及废料体积,他补充道。A survey commissioned by the ACC shows that in the 50 biggest U.S. cities, about 16% of the population is able to recycle food-service items made out of foam, compared with about 10% for paper.美国化学理事会开展的一项调查显示,在美国前50大城市中,16%的人会回收泡沫塑料制成的食品容器,相比之下纸制的回收率为10%。Indeed, paper cups aren#39;t as environmentally friendly as they seem. Only about 11% of recycling plants in the U.S. currently can recycle them, according to the American Forest and Paper Association, because they are typically coated in plastic or have beverage residue. The lack of an #39;easily recyclable cup designed for hot beverages#39; is one reason Dunkin#39; Brands is still weighing whether to switch to paper, Karen Raskopf, chief communications officer, said.事实上,纸杯并不像看起来那样环保。美国林业及纸业协会的数据显示,目前美国只有约11%的回收站能够回收纸杯,因为它们通常有塑料覆膜或者有饮料残留。缺少“适合热饮的易回收的纸杯”是Dunkin#39; Brands仍旧在权衡是否换为纸杯的原因之一,首席公关卡伦?拉斯科普夫(Karen Raskopf)说。#39;At this point, we don#39;t know if our end solution will be paper or another material, #39; she added.“现在我们还不知道最终解决方案会是纸还是其他材料,”她补充道。McDonald#39;s has been using double-walled paper cups--which have a small pocket of air between them to increase insulation--at about 2, 000 restaurants along the West Coast since 2012. Now it is expanding into the Midwest and parts of the East Coast, says Ian Olson, director of sustainability.麦当劳从2012年起在美国西海岸的约2,000家餐厅使用双层纸杯,两层之间有空隙可容纳空气从而增强隔热效果。如今使用范围扩展到了中西部以及东海岸部分地区,可持续发展总监伊恩?奥尔森(Ian Olson)说。While the paper cup is more expensive, McDonald#39;s says it will make up the difference in the trash. Most of the chain#39;s waste is paper-based--think wraps, fry cartons and Big Mac boxes--so paper cups can go into the same trash bin, and eventually into recycling bins.麦当劳表示,尽管纸杯更贵,但它在垃圾处理方面的优势可以补偿其高价格。这家连锁餐厅的大部分垃圾都是纸制的――比如包装纸、薯条盒和汉堡盒――所以纸杯可以放入相同的垃圾桶,最终进入回收桶。The main challenge for food companies is to find a cup that functions as well as plastic foam and doesn#39;t cost the consumer more, said Bonnie Riggs, a restaurant industry analyst with consumer market research firm NPD Group. #39;I think it really doesn#39;t matter if it keeps everything hot and keeps everything cold and consumers don#39;t have to pay extra for it, #39; she said.食品公司面临的最大挑战是找到一款和泡沫塑料功能相同又不增加成本的杯子,消费者市场研究公司NPD集团的餐饮业分析师邦尼?里格斯(Bonnie Riggs)说。“我认为只要能保冷保热,而且消费者不用额外付钱,什么样的杯子都没关系,”她说。 /201412/350394It had been another long day for Eliza, a 41-year-old stay-at-home mother who lives in Los Angeles with her two sons. She had taken the boys, 10 and 13 at the time, to school, taken care of the house, and after putting them to bed, planned to relax in front of her computer.对41岁的全职妈妈伊丽莎(Eliza)来说,这又是漫长的一天。她和两个儿子住在洛杉矶。她把10岁和13岁的两个儿子送去学校,然后开始整理房间,晚上打发他们上床后,她打算在电脑前放松一会儿。At least that’s what she was hoping to do. Eliza opened her computer and started to search for a document, but based on previous searches, the term “child porn” appeared on the screen.至少,那是她的打算。伊丽莎打开电脑,开始寻找一份文件,但是基于以前的搜索,“儿童色情”这个词出现在屏幕上。“I went into a panic,” said Eliza, who was given anonymity to protect the identity of her children. Her mind started to race in a million different directions.“我吓了一跳,”伊丽莎说(为了保护孩子的身份隐私,她决定隐去姓氏)。各种念头涌进她的头脑。Two nights later, as they were going to bed, she asked the older son if he had searched for “child porn” and if so, why. “He said he was looking for porn made for children,” she told me. “He explained, embarrassed, that he just wanted to know what his body was supposed to look like at his age.”两天后,她在睡觉前问大儿子是否搜索了“儿童色情”,如果是的话,为什么要这样做。“他说自己在找给孩子看的色情片,”她说,“他尴尬地解释说,他只是想知道他这个年纪的身体应该是什么样子的。”Welcome to the new teenage years. Not long ago, boys and girls nearing that curious age might sneak a peek at Playboy or scour the underwear section of a J. C. Penney circular.欢迎来到新的青少年时代。不久前,男孩女孩们在这个好奇的年纪可能会偷看《》或者翻看杰西潘尼百货公司宣传单的内衣部分。Today, teenagers have easy access to a seemingly endless supply of pornography, including things that even many adults don’t want to see, such as mock sexual violence, misogynistic s and, in extreme cases, child pornography.如今,青少年很容易接触那些似乎无穷无尽的色情片,其中一些甚至连很多成年人都不想看,比如模拟性暴力和歧视女性的视频,极端的例子包括儿童色情片。“At first, I told my son the next time he wanted to look at things like this, to talk to me and we’d do it together,” Eliza said. “Yet as soon as the words left my mouth I realized, and said, ‘No, no, no, that would be a terrible idea.’ ”“一开始,我对儿子说下次他想看这种东西时,告诉我,我们一起看,”伊丽莎说,“但是话一出口我就觉得不对,连忙说,‘不,不,不,这个主意很糟糕。’”Parents I’ve spoken with who have young boys acknowledged that trying to stop them from seeing online pornography is all but impossible. One father, for example, said that he installed web filtering software on the home computer, only to learn that his son had watched a gross-out pornography clip at a friend’s house.我采访过一些有未成年儿子的父母们。他们承认,阻止孩子看网络色情片几乎是不可能的。比如,一位父亲说,他给家里的电脑安装了网络过滤软件,但是发现儿子在一个朋友家里看了一段令人作呕的色情片段。I spoke with researchers at the Crimes Against Children Research Center at the University of New Hampshire, who walked me through a number of long-term studies that the group has been conducting since 2000 on children’s exposure to pornography. In one paper, the group found that 42 percent of online users ages 10 to 17 had seen pornography, and that 66 percent of those had seen it unwittingly, often as display ads on file-sharing sites.我采访了新罕布什尔大学涉童罪行研究中心(Crimes Against Children Research Center)的研究员们。他们给我简要介绍了该机构从2000年起进行的一些关于儿童接触色情内容的长期研究。其中一项研究发现,在10至17岁的上网者中,有42%看过色情片,其中66%的人是在无意中看到的,通常是在文件共享网站的醒目广告中。Another study by the same university found that 93 percent of boys and 62 percent of girls were exposed to online pornography during their adolescence. You don’t need to be a scientific researcher to realize that’s a lot of exposure for children.这所大学的另一项研究发现,93%的男孩和62%的女孩在青春期看到过网络色情内容。即使不是科学研究者,你也能感觉到,对孩子们来说,这也有点太多了。For parents, this leaves two questions. First, is the pervasiveness of online pornography bad for today’s youth, potentially creating a society of sexual deviants? And second, what can parents do to help protect their children?对父母们来说,这引出了两个问题。第一,网络色情无处不在,这对如今的青少年有害吗?会导致这个社会充满性变态者吗?第二,父母们能做些什么来保护孩子?There is no definitive answer to the first question, although it is a running debate in the nation’s culture wars. For example, the 2013 movie “Don Jon,” which starred Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a man hooked on pornography, prompted a new round of anti-pornography commentary, including one from a sex therapist arguing that online pornography is severely corrupting today’s youth. “I see a sexual and relational train wreck happening,” the therapist said.第一个问题没有确切,不过它是美国文化论战中的一个长期论题。比如,在2013年的影片《唐璜》(Don Jon)中,约瑟夫·高登-李维(Joseph Gordon-Levitt)饰演一个痴迷色情片的人。该片引发了新一轮反色情,其中有一位性心理医生认为,网络色情正在严重侵蚀如今的青少年。“我看到很多人难以维持正常的性关系和亲密关系,”这位心理医生说。But other experts who monitor teenagers and sexuality say that there is plenty of evidence pointing in the opposite direction. Teenage pregnancy has dropped sharply in recent years; the number of sexual partners that teenagers have is down; and the number of ninth graders having sexual intercourse has fallen, to cite just three examples.但是其他观察青少年和性的专家说,有很多据表明情况正相反。先举三个例子:近些年,青少年怀案例急剧减少;青少年拥有性伴侣的人数减少了;发生性关系的九年级学生人数减少了。“If you just look at the indicators of sexual responsibility, you don’t see a generation of kids looking like they are off the rails,” said David Finkelhor, an author of several books on child abuse and a director of the Family Research Laboratory at the University of New Hampshire. But Dr. Finkelhor acknowledged that the long-term psychological effects of teenagers’ access to online pornography was still being determined.“如果只看和性责任相关的某些指数,你就不会觉得这一代孩子好像都误入歧途了,”大卫·芬克霍尔(David Finkelhor)说。他是新罕布什尔大学家庭研究实验室的一位主管,写过几本关于虐待儿童的书。但是芬克霍尔承认,青少年接触网络色情对心理的长期影响仍有待确定。Which leads to the second question. Dr. Finkelhor and other experts I spoke with said that today’s easy access to pornography, especially its violent and illegal forms, makes it imperative for parents to educate their children, not only about sex but specifically about online pornography, in all its flavors. And given how easy it is to find it online, it is important to inculcate them at an early age.这就引出了第二个问题。芬克霍尔以及我采访过的其他专家说,如今接触色情内容变得太过容易,特别是暴力和非法的色情内容,所以父母们必须得教育孩子,不只是关于性,还要特别就各种类型的网络色情对他们进行教育。考虑到现在很容易在网上找到色情内容,所以从很小就谆谆教诲很重要。Here’s the new reality: Thanks to the Internet, children will see things that children probably shouldn’t. Teenagers with active hormones will get together with their friends and, when parents are out of sight, seek out and explore dark and salacious imagery.新的现实情况就是这样的:因为有了互联网,孩子们会看到他们不该看到的东西。父母不在身边时,荷尔蒙分泌旺盛的青少年会和朋友们聚在一起,寻找阴暗淫荡的画面。So as uncomfortable and embarrassing as it may be for both parents and teenagers, part of raising a child today means explaining that, like Hollywood movies, pornography is often a fantasy that can take things to extremes.所以,虽然对父母和青少年来说,这让人难受、尴尬,但是如今养育孩子的部分责任是向他们说明,色情片就像好莱坞电影,往往是一种幻想,有时会比较极端。Also, children should be warned about the dark and dangerous material they may stumble across online. If parents don’t, that uncomfortable and embarrassing feeling could be replaced with something much worse.另外,应该警告孩子们,他们在网上会碰到一些阴暗危险的内容。不警告的话,倒是可以避免难受、尴尬的感觉,但取而代之的是更糟糕的情况。Take it from Eliza. The last thing you want to find on the home computer is a previous search for the term “child porn.”伊丽莎就是个例子。你在家庭电脑上最不想看到的就是历史搜素记录里有“儿童色情”的条目。 /201501/355265

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