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原味人文风情:How to Know When Its Time to Quit Your Job如何知道是时候辞掉你的工作了Are you y for a job change? Or should you stick it out in your current position? Asking yourself these questions will help you decide. You will need time to reflect and the ability to be honest with yourself.你做好转职的准备了吗?还是你应该在目前的职位继续苦撑下去?问问自己这些问题将能帮助你做决定。你会需要时间好好思考,还要能诚实面对自己。Step one: Note how you feel on Monday morning. Are you sick to your stomach at the thought that there are five days between you and another weekend? Not good. If anxiety starts to set in on Sunday, thats a bad sign.第一步:留意你星期一早上的心情。你是否想到自己和另一个周末中间隔五天就觉得很烦呢?那不太妙。如果焦虑感在星期天就开始变得明显,那是个坏征兆。Step two: Think about your workload. Has it recently doubled or halved? Either scenario is a valid reason to be unhappy.第二步:思考你的工作量。那最近有加倍还是减半吗?任一种情况都是感到不满意的好理由。Step three: Draw up a list of the jobs pros and cons. Do the cons outnumber the pros? Are the cons more troubling than the pros are enticing? Note: Free coffee doesnt count as a pro.第三步:拟定一张列出这份工作优缺点的清单。缺点是否多过优点呢?那些缺点带来的麻烦是否大过优点的迷人处?注意:免费咖啡并不算一项优点。Step four: Assess your value to the company. Do you feel youre being paid what youre worth? Is your boss appreciative of your efforts? If the answer is ;no; to both, its time to go. Unless theres a company-wide salary freeze at your firm, not getting a raise at your last performance review is a sign that youre not valued.第四步:评估你对公司的价值。你觉得你的薪水和你的价值有相符吗?你的老板赏识你的付出吗?如果两者的都是「不」,是时候离开了。除非你的公司有全公司性的薪水冻涨,不然在上个绩效评估中没有加薪就是一个你不受重视的迹象。Step five: Weigh your options. If you quit, could you afford to live without a salary for a while? The average job hunt takes six months—more if youre earning over 60,000 dollars. Employment experts say job seekers must figure on one month of searching for every 10,000 dollars they earn.第五步:权衡你的选择。如果辞职,你可以负担有一阵子没有薪水生活吗?一般找工作需要花六个月--如果你赚超过六万美金就要更久。就业专家表示,求职者必须预估每一万美金的薪水要花一个月寻找。Step six: Be honest. Could a trained seal do your job? Then youre y for a challenge.第六步:诚实。一只训练有素的海豹是不是能做你的工作?那你就准备好接受挑战了。Step seven: Measure your threshold for taking crap. Is it lowering? Are you on the verge of telling your boss at the morning meeting, ;By the way, nobody really wants to hear about your weekend potty training the puppy—lets get this show on the road;? ;Ta-ta, and good luck.;第七步:评估你对鸟事的容忍度。那是不是在下降?你是不是濒临在晨间会议时回你的老板:「顺带一提,没人真的想听你周末训练小大小便的事--我们进入正题」?「谢谢,祝你好运。」Did you know? More than three-quarters of survey respondents said theyre suffering from burnout at work, and more than half claim theyre under a lot of on-the-job stress.你知道吗?超过四分之三的调查对象说自己正受职业倦怠所困扰,而且有超过一半声称自己承受很多工作压力。201703/493188TED演讲视频:我是如何战胜怯场的敏锐的警觉感曾是人类的重要武器,它帮助我们这个相对年轻的物种生存下来:让人类祖先能迅速发现危险,避免成为猛兽口中的猎物。但如果到了今天,比如在一次周二晚间开麦表演现场,面对20位民谣爱好者,你却不由自主地产生人类最本能的警觉感,效果就完全不一样了。你会手心出汗,四肢发抖,视线模糊,脑子里还有个声音在说:快跑!这是怯场。而这正是乔·科文的经历。在这段简短欢快的精演讲中,乔为我们讲述了他战胜怯场的历程。201702/494717TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201605/441514栏目简介:Investing in the stock market has become easier and easier in China, since many securities companies have opened online channels for people to register new accounts. Some even have service links on Wechat -- Chinas most popular instant messaging app -- to attract investors. What problems does this pose to aly troubled stock regulators? Mi Jiayi has more.201702/492623Are you aware of payments made by Standard Oil to a Senator, ,000 to block a bill hostile to Standard Oil.你是否知悉标准石油公司用一万五千美元贿赂一位参议员 以阻止一项对标准石油不利法案的通过I dont remember.我不记得了We have a list of bribes made by Standard Oil to politicians between 1903... I stepped down as Chief Executive of Standard Oil in 1902.我们有一份标准石油贿赂政客的清单 时间从1903年 我1902年就辞去了标准石油公司首席执行官的职务了I cant answer for any incidents that occurred after that date.在该日期之后所发生的任何事件 我不能负责You are still President of Standard Oil, are you not?你目前还是标准石油公司的总裁 是不是Its an honorary title.这只是一个荣誉称号Much like that of President of the ed States.就像美国总统一样Can I remind you Mr. Rockefeller of the seriousness of the charges brought against you.洛克菲勒先生 我想提醒你一下 对你所提指控的严重性As John Rockefeller fights to keep his monopoly intact a new generation of businessmen is facing a new set of challenges as they struggle to get their companies off the ground.在约翰·洛克菲勒为保持垄断而战的同时 新一代的企业家为了开公司 正面临着一系列新的挑战I have set out to build the best motor car for popular use.我已经开始着手打造最好的供日常使用的电动车The Ford motor car is durable and light, weighing only one thousand lbs.福特汽车耐用 轻便 重量只有一千磅It has a four cylinder engine and is capable of speeds up to forty-five miles an hour.它有一个四缸发动机 速度可达四十五英里每小时It is priced at nine hundred compared to 00 for the average licensed car. Which makes it the first car affordable for the common man.与一般授权汽车一千五百美元的价位相比 它只要九百美元 所以它是第一辆 普通人负担得起的小轿车201607/454425

Only the highest office in the land seemed to have survived unscathed.似乎只有国家之首 才能幸免于难Edward III, once the glamorous, invincible warrior,was now an ageing father to a fragile nation.爱德华三世 曾经战无不胜的武士 现在是这个岌岌可危之国的年迈国王Still, the royal succession seemed secure.但是皇室的继承还未受动摇Edwards son, the Black Prince, the heir to the throne,was aly a legendary hero.爱德华的儿子黑太子 王位的继承人 已经是一位传奇英雄了But then, against all expectation,the picture changed.但是 出乎所有人的预料 形势急转直下The Black Prince succumbed to dysentery in 1376,and a year later, the old king himself finally expired.黑太子于1376年死于痢疾 一年后 年迈的国王去世And so the crown passed to Edwards grandson,Richard of Bordeaux.王位由爱德华的孙子 波尔多的理查继承A boy-king, called upon before his time,Richard was ruler in name only.年幼的国王 涉世未深 过早登基 只能沦为傀儡Everyone knew that his uncle,John of Gaunt, worked the levers of power.世人皆知 其叔 冈特的约翰 操纵实权Richards coronation was orchestrated by John of Gaunt as a festival of loyalty,理查的加冕礼由冈特的约翰精心策划为 一场标榜其忠诚的表演a statement of faith in the undimmed future of Englands glory.宣称前途未卜的英国 前途光辉There had been no coronation for half a century,but the mix of solemnity and festivity never failed to work its spell.英国已半个世纪没举行过加冕礼了 但这种既庄严又欢庆的场面 从未失去其吸引力Knights of the shire rode in from all over England to witness the spectacle.英国各地的骑士纷纷涌来 见这一盛况 /201611/479593

Roof looks good enough.See if I can find a way up there.这屋顶看起来不错 看看能不能想个办法上去For thousands of Katrina victims,the roof was the only safe place to be.对于成百上千的卡特里娜难民来说 屋顶就是最安全的地方A way from the flood waters and the dangerous swarms of wild life,those after washout, were their homes.脱离洪水 脱离成群结队的野生生物 一场洗劫过后 那里就是他们的家It was also the best place to get noticed, located, and rescued.同样那里也是被发现与定位 最终得到营救的最佳地点And thats gonna be the same for me.The helicopter has spotted me.对我来说同样如此 直升机已经锁定我了And then give them this big internationa distress signal:a big ;Y;.然后只要向他们做出这么个 国际通用的求救标志 一个大;Y;It means: Yes, I need help.In the harsh conditions of the desert,settlement just scares.意思是说 是的 我需要帮助 沙漠的艰苦环境 使得定居者敬而远之You could be walking for days before you see signs of life.有可能走上好些日子才能看到生命的迹象Ah, buildings!Countries! And people.And that would mean one thing:you are safe.Merci.有建筑 是村子 还有人 这意味着一件事情 你得救了 谢谢In most cases, head for the coast.99% of the worlds population live by water.大部分情况下 尽量朝向河岸走 世界上99%的人口 傍水而居Follow the shore line,and you will find people.沿着水岸走 就能找到人烟What Ive minded up in this place is that nature is enssentially neither for us nor agains us.在这地方 我想起来 大自然与我们 本质上非友 亦非敌And what determines whether well survival or not is us human决定我们生存与否的 是人类自己our common sense and ultimately are determination to make a Homo one peace.还有常识 以及平安回家的 决心201605/445666

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