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习语:a hen-pecked husband知识点津:hen-pecked表示“受老婆虐待或怕老婆的人”,所以a hen-pecked husband指的是“怕老婆的人”,和中文的“妻管严”类似。持范例:He is a hen-pecked husband and his wife wears the trousers on all the matters. 他是个“妻管严”,家里事无巨细全由老婆说了算。 He never does anything without asking his wife first—hes a completely hen-pecked husband. 他做任何事都要首先请示他老婆—他是个十足的“妻管严”。 Yes, everyone knows he is a hen-pecked husband. 对呀,大家都知道他家有母老虎。迷你对话:A :Does your wife work?你的妻子工作吗?B :Yes, she does. She works at home.是的,她在家工作。A :Oh, I understand. She cooks, cleans and takes care of children. Is that right?哦,我明白了。他做饭,打扫屋子,看孩子,对吗?B :Oh, no. Most of the time I do these things. She is a writer.哦,不。大多数时间是我干这些活。她是个作家。A :You are reallya hen-pecked husband.你可真是个“妻管严”呀。词海拾贝:take care of:照顾,照料I ached to be of an age to take care of myself.我巴望能到自食其力的年龄。 I ll take care of the affairs of office. 我来处理办公室的日常事务。 /201204/178809

A: It’s your belt. Could you take it off and put it through the x-ray again.是你的皮带。 你可以把他脱掉,并且再过一次安检的机器。B: Okay.好的。A: Please step through the security gate again.请再一次通过安检门。No Beep. (没有哔啰)A: Alright, no problem. Please collect your bags, have a nice day.好的,没问题了。请拿好你的包包,祝你有个美好的一天。B: Thank you!谢谢你! /201505/375091

Subject:I smell a rat. 迷你对话A : Wait! I smell a rat!等等!我感到有点不对劲。B: What? Oh, we are in the wrong classroom!什么,哦,我们走错了教室。 地道表达 smell a rat 1. 解词释义Smell a rat中的rat是指“老鼠”。老鼠在人们心中是个鬼鬼祟祟的样子,如果你问到了老鼠的味道,你会感觉到恶心,心里发毛,同时还可能想你的东西是否被他咬过。这种感觉和俚语中的smell the rat的意思相近了,意思是“让人觉得不对劲”“发觉可疑”“感觉事情蹊跷,不对劲”。其英文解释为:to suspect that something is wrong; to sense that someone has caused something wrong。 2. 拓展例句e.g. Why are the police looking for me? I smell a rat.警察为什么在找我?我觉得事有蹊跷。e.g. The old man would probably smell a rat if he were to claim them now.马上去要,恐怕老头子多心。e.g. Every time Joe visits me, one of my ash trays disappears. Im beginning to smell a rat.每次乔来看我,我就有一只烟灰缸不见了。我开始起了疑心。e.g. The teacher did not smell a rat until he found Jack kept looking downwards at his own feet instead of at his own paper.直到老师发现杰克不在看自己的卷子,而老盯着自己的脚看时,他才发现有问题。 /201401/271566

点击此处收听往期节目 清晨的阳光如此爽朗,听着小鸟的歌唱,新的一天又要开始了!大家好,欢迎回来,收听并学习《Faith口语课堂-天天学》,我是Faith老师。今天的快乐英语学习之行开始了。 经常听到人们用“available”这个词开玩笑:I do like you, Tony, but you know I'm not available, I'm married, I've been married for 6 years. 在这句话中,“I'm not available”是什么意思呢?它的意思是:我不可以和你交往(原因是因为我已经结婚了)。 “available”是个形容词,下面,我们讲讲更多的关于“available”的用法: 指物“可用的,有效的,可获得的”,例如:These tickets are available for one month only. 这些票的有效期只有一个月。The book you ordered is not available. 你订购的那本书没有货。There's nothing available in the refrigerator. 冰箱里什么吃的都没有。Do you have any solutions available? 你有可行的方案吗?I'll send you all the periodicals available. 我将把我能得到的期刊给你寄去。 指人“能够出席的, 有时间做某事的”,例如:Are you available for a meeting tomorrow morning? 你明早能出席会议吗?The doctor is not available now. 医生现在没空。I'm afraid I won't be available the whole week. 我恐怕整个星期都没空。Could you make it available to be present in my wedding ceremony? 你能抽空来参加我的婚礼吗?OK, I think I'm available during that time. 没问题,我想到时候应该有空。 “availability”是“available”的名词形式,意思是可行性,What's your opinion of the availability of my proposal? 你对我的建议的可行性有何观点?至于什么建议呢,以后再说。让我们一起学好英语吧!这里是《Faith口语课堂-天天学》,我是Faith老师,现在听的歌是瑞典轻松舞曲女王Linda Sunblad演唱的:Lose You,一起来跳舞吧!Faith的Email:faithchen@163.com QQ空间:http://757973360.qzone.qq.com /201108/147509

大家好,欢迎收听Faith口语课堂-天天学,我是Faith老师。今天的天气不错吗? 阳光灿烂,在这样的好天气下,让我们带着愉快的心情开始今天的英语阳光之旅。今天,我们来做话题讨论:Weather 天气,首先来认识一些单词:crisp a. 秋高气爽 cool a. 凉爽的 clean a. 空气清新的 humid a. 潮湿的 shining a. 阳光灿烂的 energizing a. 有朝气的 overcast a. 天气阴沉的 bright a. 心情开朗的 cheery a. 心情愉快的 up adv. 心情高涨,明快的down adv. 心情低落的weather forecast n. 天气预报 dampen v. 使沮丧 以下是关于天气话题的一些具有典型性的连读句子,请注意每个句子中的连读发音。a. The kinds⌒of weather that⌒I like best? I think the best time⌒of year⌒is the fall. That time⌒of year when the⌒air⌒is crisp⌒and cool and⌒it seems to be clean.我最喜欢的天气是什么样的呢?我认为一年中最好的季节是秋季。那时秋高气爽,空气看上去很清新。b. Spring⌒is my favorite kind⌒of weather.春天是我最喜欢的季节。c. Today⌒is⌒a perfect day. Not too hot, not too cold, you can do things⌒outside.今天的天气很完美。不冷不热,很适合外出活动。d. I love the summer here, actually the past couple⌒of years, weve been having really nice summers.我喜欢这里的夏天,实际上过去这几年来,我们的夏天天气一直很好。e. The weather changes so quickly that⌒it doesnt really matter what the weather forecasts say.天气变化太快了,以至于天气预报也没有什么实在的意义了。f. I think⌒if⌒its⌒a nice, crisp, cool morning, the sun⌒is shining, you feel bright⌒and cheery yourself.我认为在一个秋高气爽的早晨,阳光灿烂,你会感到心情明快,愉悦。g. The sun⌒is very⌒energizing, I couldnt live somewhere where⌒it was rainy⌒or cold⌒or humid⌒all the time.这里的阳光非常绚丽,我想我没办法在整日阴雨连绵,阴冷,潮湿的地方生活。h. When⌒its hot⌒and humid⌒in Guangzhou, we dont want to do⌒anything.当广州又热又潮湿的时候,人们一点都不想做事。i. I think yesterday was⌒a really rainy, you know, overcast day, everybody was⌒a little down, today⌒its beautiful, so were⌒all⌒up⌒again.我想昨天是个灰蒙蒙的雨天,每个人都有点低沉。 但今天很美丽,所以我们每个人又都精神起来了。j. If I wake⌒up⌒in the morning needing to go to work, and⌒its raining, that kind⌒of dampens my spirits a little bit.当我早上起床后要去上班时,天气正在下雨,这种天气会稍稍影响我的心情。 /201111/162245

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