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,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活Nerver too old to learn活到老学到老Learn in Groups小组学习Lifelong learning doesnt mean condemning yourself to a stack of dusty textbooks. 活到老学到老不是说要把自己一直投入在枯燥的教科书里Join organizations that teach skills. 加入一些教授技能的团体Workshops and group learning events can make educating yourself a fun, social experience.团队或小组学习能让你在轻松愉悦的社交中学习condemn vt.(通常因道义上的原因而)谴责; 宣判; 宣布…不能使用; 迫使…陷于不幸的境地例句:Some praise him, whereas others condemn him.有些人赞扬他,而有些人谴责他[本节目属] 7185约翰德普北京宣传电影Transcendence 或住中国 -- :: 来源: 约翰德普北京宣传电影Transcendence 或住中国Beijing has become the latest battlefield Hollywood superheroes.Johnny Depp came to Beijing on Monday to promote Transcendence, a cooperation between Warner Brothers, Alcon Entertainment and Beijing-based DMG Entertainment, which will premiere on April 18.He could "live here easily", the 51-year star said at a news conference. "It is a warm experience."Chris Evans, who impersonates Captain America in the two films based on the comic book hero, arrived in Beijing the first time on March to promote Captain America: The Winter Soldier.The film is to be released on April simultaneously in China and the ed States.Also on their first trip to Beijing were Scarlett Johansson and Samuel L. Jackson, who were overwhelmed by the more than 1,000 fans waiting them in Sanlitun Village, an upmarket shopping area in eastern Beijing. The meet-the-fans event was part of the film's promotion tour, the only stop in Asia. They also had a news conference and did face-to-face interviews with local journalists."Two years ago, it was still Tokyo," says Kerwin Lo with the Walt Disney studios."If the crew had extra time and traffic was OK, they would come to China as an extra stop, but now Beijing is definitely a priority in such tours."His point was strengthened the next day when the city hosted another Hollywood blockbuster's cast and crew.Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone and Jamie Foxx met Chinese media and fans to promote Amazing Spider-Man , to be released on May .When the first Amazing Spider-Man premiered in China in , the stars did only a interview with the journalists in China."The value of coming to a territory and sitting with people who actually live there and work there is a show of our respect," says Avi Arad, the film's producer."We don't just assume people in China are going to come to the movie, we are going to come to you, show you some of it, tell you why we think it is great."Co-producer Matt Tolmach put it in a more straightward manner. "Superhero films have done very well in China, especially the Spider-Man series," he says."It's a big market with huge growth, and Hollywood pays attention to areas where business is obviously growing."China, as Tolmach points out, has become the highest-grossing market many Hollywood films. In Pacific Rim even yielded more in China than in the ed States.Box office revenue reached billion yuan (. billion) last year, and every day about screens were built in China.In addition, imported films now enjoy more share from box-office takings, a rise to 5 percent from percent bee . In the same year, the number of imported films allowed in theaters has also increased from to .Challenges in this tempting market are as obvious as the opporties. China allows only two State-owned companies, China Film and Huaxia Films, to distribute imported films. The studios could only assist. Some say the rise of domestic Chinese films in recent years has become a threat to imported films."I hope that someday soon we will be able to have more films shown here, that there won't be a filter entertainment," says Scarlett Johansson. "I am sure people of China hope that as well." 约翰德普 电影Transcendence

美剧迷必知词汇:“剧透”英语怎么说 -- 00:: 来源:   “剧透”英语怎么说  Jessica在北京学汉语,她的中国朋友要是遇到了不知道用美语怎么说的词,就会来请教她今天是吴琼要问的:剧透  JESSICA: 吴琼, I sent you a movie review yesterday. Have you it?  WQ: 你是说那篇电影的影评,我可不能看!  JESSICA: Why not?!  WQ: 因为电影我还没看啊!影评上来就警告读者说:本文有剧透!也就是说,看了文章就知道电影结局了!Jessica, 这令人扫兴的“剧透”用美语怎么说呢?  JESSICA: It's called a spoiler. Spoiler is spelled s-p-o-i-l-e-r. A spoiler will reveal the ending of the movie to you when you'd rather find it out by yourself  WQ: I see!Spoilers can really ruin the fun of watching a movie!  JESSICA: True. That's why people write a warning at the beginning of a review, which says "the following review contains spoilers."  WQ: 对!影评应该先警告大家有剧透内容,省得扫观众的兴!不过话说回来,有些片子编得很滥,只要看了开头,不用剧透,傻瓜都能猜出结局!  JESSICA: I agree. Those movies are no fun to begin with. You only need to avoid spoilers when there are plot twists  WQ: Plot twist? P-l-o-t, plot是故事情节, t-w-i-s-t, twist,是扭曲,所以plot twist我猜就是出乎意料的情节,电影里的形势大逆转,对不对?  JESSICA: Yes! Plot twists are the development that viewers don't expect to happen. Good writers use plot twists to keep viewers interested  WQ: 我就特别喜欢结局出人意料的片子,特别是电视剧,一集结尾留下个悬念,吊胃口!  JESSICA: In English, we call that a cliffhanger. It's usually a dilemma or a dangerous situation. So you want to watch the next episode to see how the characters deal with it  WQ: 哦!原来,在结尾时留下的悬念就是cliffhanger! C-l-i-f-f-h-a-n-g-e-r, cliffhanger. 哎呀,我要走了,My favorite show is about to start, and last episode ended on a cliffhanger!  JESSICA: Okay, but bee you go, tell me what you've learned today!  WQ: 第一,剧透是a spoiler; 出乎意料的故事情节是a plot twist;电影或电视结尾时的悬念是a cliffhanger

今天芒果全部半价出售- :3: A:Hi. I'm looking some good deals on produce.嗨,我在找一些价廉物美的食物B:You might want to try the mangoes.也许你可以尝试一下芒果A:Can you describe a mango to me?你能描述一下芒果是什么样的吗?B:It's a fruit a little smaller than a grapefruit. It has a big seed in it.它比西柚小果肉中间有个很大的种子A:Do I eat the seed?种子能吃吗?B:Maybe some animals eat the seed, but humans don't. You'd have to soak it years.也许有些动物吃,但是人不吃你必须浸泡它很长时间A:What's the price of these mangoes?这些芒果怎么买的呢?B:Today you get a 50-percent discount. They're only each.今天是半价只要一元一个A:Tell me what they taste like.告诉我它是什么味道的B:Their flesh is soft and juicy. It has a citrus taste. It's sweet.它的果肉很软并且是多汁的它有柑橘的味道,甜甜的A:Do I need to buy them ripe, or will they ripen at home?我应该买熟了的,还是买没有熟的,放在家里?B:Just press into it gently with your thumb. If it feels soft, it's y to eat.只要用你的大拇指轻轻地一下外皮,如果是软的,就可以吃了A:Where do mangoes come from?芒果产自哪里?B:These are from Guatemala, but we're going to start getting mangoes from India.它们来自危地马拉,但是我们打算从印度进一些芒果来

The couple separated in after Gibson was arrested drunk driving in Malibu, Calinia, and made anti-Semitic remarks that generated headlines around the world.

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