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Police in Australia have rescued a naked man who got stuck inside a washing machine while playing a game of hide-and-seek.澳大利亚的警察近日解救了一名玩捉迷藏时裸身卡在洗衣机里的男人。The man reportedly hid inside the top-loading machine so he could surprise his partner.据报道,这个男人藏在上开门的洗衣机里,目的是让爱人大吃一惊。But he became stuck and it took 20 minutes for rescuers to dislodge him using olive oil as a lubricant.但是结果他却卡在里面,援救人员花了20分钟时间来用橄榄油作为润滑剂把他弄出来。Firefighters, paramedics and a search-and-rescue squad were also called to help with the situation.消防队员、医务人员和一个搜救分队也被叫来救援。The incident took place on Saturday in Mooroopna town, north of Melbourne, in Victoria state.这一事故周六发生在维多利亚州墨尔本市北部的莫若普那镇。Sergeant Michelle De Araugo said ;it was just a game gone wrong;, according to Agence-France Presse news agency.据法新社报道,警察队长米歇尔·德·阿饶果表示,“这不过是玩游戏出了差错”。;It would be fair to say the gentleman was very embarrassed.;“坦白地说,这名男子非常尴尬。”Another officer cautioned against misusing household equipment.另外一位警官告诫大家不要错误地使用家用电器。;My advice would be for people not to climb into appliances - obviously that [can] cause a number of issues, as we#39;ve seen on the weekend,; the Australian Broadcasting Corporation ed First Constable Luke Ingram as saying.澳大利亚广播公司援引一级警员卢克·英格兰姆的话说:“我的建议是不要爬进电器内,这显然会导致很多问题,就像我们这周末所看到的。” /201401/272273。

Tell me what time you wake up and I will reveal what type of person you are! No, I am not a fortune teller but there is now evidence to show your sleep patterns reveal a lot about your lifestyle and personality. It can affect your mood, weight control and productivity at work.给我说说你的起床时间,我就能告诉你你属于哪种类型的人!不,我不是名预言家,但是有据表明,你的睡眠模式可以显示出你的生活方式和个性。睡眠能影响你的心情、体重控制和工作效率。Here are five different types of sleep patterns. Which one do you fit into?下面是五种不同的睡眠模式。你属于哪一种?1. Are you a morning person?你是不是早起型的人?If you like waking and getting up early, you are more likely to shine in the morning and get lots of things done. Your bedtimes are regular and do not vary wildly on the weekends. You like to have a decent breakfast which sets you up for the day. Evenings are less productive for you and you may feel like going to bed very early.如果你喜欢很早醒来并起床,你很有可能在早晨效率较高,可以做很多事情。你睡觉的时间很有规律,即使是周末也没有太大的变化。你喜欢有一顿丰盛的早餐,它会让你精神一整天。晚上你的效率不高,你可能想早点上床睡觉。2. Are you a napper?你是不是睡午觉型的人?Some people love a nap in the afternoon. Italian and Spanish timetables have taken this into account, since time immemorial. It is also due to climatic reasons. However, things are changing and there is a proposed labor reform in Spain to shorten the working day by eliminating the siesta! Even if you do not want or need a full siesta of an hour or so, a nap may benefit you.有些人喜欢下午睡上一小觉。很久以前,意大利和西班牙的作息表就考虑到了这一点。当然也有气候方面的原因。但是,事情在不断变化,西班牙有一项劳动改革提议去除午睡来缩短工作时间!事实上,即使是你不想或不需要一小时的午睡,睡上一小觉对你来说也是很有益处的。If you work for an enlightened company, they now provide nap rooms for you to have a snooze, because experts say this can increase productivity, reduce stress and fatigue and lessen the risk of heart disease.如果你在一家开明的公司上班,他们都给你提供午睡室,让你在里面睡一会儿,因为专家说这样做可以提高工作效率,减轻压力和疲劳,并降低心脏病的风险。3. Are you an evening person?3.你是不是晚睡型的人?If you are in this category, you may like to burn the midnight oil and party, study or work into the early hours because that is when you feel much more energetic. You prefer to work out in the evenings and you almost always need an alarm clock to wake you up. You do not go in for hearty breakfasts and you are pretty relaxed in regard to mealtimes.如果你属于这种人,你可能喜欢熬夜和聚会, 一直学习或工作到凌晨, 因为那段时间你会觉得更有精力。你喜欢晚上工作,基本上靠闹钟叫你起床。你对丰盛的早餐并无多大兴趣,用餐时你会相当随意。4. Do you sleep most during the weekend?你是不是把周末的时间都用来睡觉了?Many people struggle through the week on about 4-6 hours a sleep a night because of work pressure, long commutes and late nights. To make up your sleep deficit, you may sleep very late on the weekends or spend an afternoon in bed. The good news is this can partially help you to recover. The bad news is this is not a valid long-term strategy and does not always work to get you back to normal. This irregular type of sleep pattern can negatively impact:很多人由于工作压力、通勤时间长和熬到深夜,每晚只睡4-6小时来撑过工作日。为了补觉,你可能周末睡到很晚或一下午都躺在床上。好消息是这样能在一定程度上帮你恢复。坏消息是这样不是一个有效的长期策略,并不是总能让你恢复正常。这种不规律的睡眠模式对下面的这些有负面影响:Your immune system你的免疫系统Mood swings心情波动Attention span and focus注意力的持续时间和专注力Increase food cravings which will lead to obesity增加对食物的渴望从而导致肥胖This was the result of some research carried out by the Penn State University College of Medicine.这是宾夕法尼亚州立大学医学院一些研究的结果5. Do you find it difficult to wake up?你是不是觉得很难睡醒?There could be many reasons for this. It may be you are going to bed too late or you have a disturbed sleep pattern, caused by barking dogs or a snoring partner. There may be issues with insomnia, restless legs or sleep apnea. Your problem now is you have a very short time to get up, dressed and out of the house. This can be very stressful.当然可能有很多原因。可能是你睡得太晚了或由于叫或爱人打鼾导致你的睡眠模式受到了干扰。也可能是失眠、多动腿或睡眠呼吸暂停综合症。你现在的问题是你要在很短的时间内起床、穿衣和走出屋子。这对你来说可能压力很大。If you are fed up with loud alarm clocks, try a dawn simulator or a clock fitted with aromatherapy beads which can range from coffee to lavender. Some sadistic inventors have come up with a flying clock which takes off from the bedside table once it rings. Then, you have to chase it round the room and catch it before it stops bleeping. Not my ideal alarm clock!如果你受够了吵闹的闹铃,可以试试带有黎明模拟器的钟表或带有香薰珠子的钟表。带香薰珠子的钟表上的指针可以从咖啡味的珠子指向薰衣草味的珠子。有一些疯狂的设计师设计出会飞的闹钟,一旦闹钟响了,它就从床头柜上飞起来。然后,你就得满屋地追它,追到它后它才能停止发出哔哔的声音。这可不是我理想中的闹钟!Whatever type of sleep pattern you match, there is still the problem in getting up as painlessly as possible. Here are suggestions to make it less traumatic. If you are one of those rare types who can jump out of bed, y to go, then skip this bit!无论你属于哪一种睡眠类型, 都希望能够不费劲就起床。下面的这些建议会让起床变得容易一些。如果你是能轻易起床的奇葩,请略过下面的内容。Buy an alarm clock with a pleasant sound or with one of the new features mentioned above.买一个能发出悦耳声音的闹钟或具有上面提到的一些特点的闹钟。Forget the snooze button – the sleep quality is rubbish.别想着打盹——睡眠质量太差。Set the alarm to go off at the latest practical moment.让闹钟在最适合的时刻响起。Try stretching exercises before actually getting up.在真正的起床前试试伸展运动。Exercise if you feel like it – it works for some people in giving them an energy boost.如果你喜欢运动就运动一下吧——运动对有些人很管用,能让他们更有活力。 /201405/298727。

She#39;s been complaining on Twitter about suffering from a cold and Lady Gaga was taking no chances as she braved the chill in New York on Wednesday.雷人教母Lady Gaga 日前在她的推特上抱怨自己饱受感冒的折磨,为了御寒,Lady Gaga全副武装走上纽约街头。看来她有了这整套装备,就再也不怕寒冷了。The mother monster - who will turn 28 in two days - wore a thick oversized polo neck sweater as she emerged from her apartment and black trousers with boots.2天后将迎来28岁生日的 Lady Gaga 走出纽约公寓时,身着一件超大号黑色高领厚毛衣,黑色宽松裤子和黑色亮面尖头皮靴。While it#39;s not surprising she chose a pair of gloves, Gaga#39;s huge green furry mitts were typically of the star#39;s eccentric style and ensured she stood out from the crowd while staying warm.当天她还带了一双绿色怪兽长毛手套,整套搭配在人群中是很抢眼。这看上去的确有点古怪,但是这副手套看上去就很保暖。While there was no sign of her boyfriend, actor Taylor Kinney, 32, things are going strong between the pair.当天却没看到她的男朋友,32岁的男演员泰勒·金尼。他们正处于如胶似漆的恋爱状态。The Alejandro hitmaker recently admitted she is the submissive one in their relationship, something which surprised those who know the star as a strong female role-model.最近Lady Gaga向外界透露,她在这段关系中是顺从的一方,这着实让很多认为Gaga在恋爱关系中会是强势女强人的人大跌眼镜。#39;He is totally in charge. I mean when I am home I am like, shoes are off, I#39;m making him dinner,#39; she told. #39;He has a job too and he is really busy!#39;“完全就是他做主。我是说回到家里,我一般脱掉鞋子为他做晚饭。他今天也有工作而且非常忙。”(Gaga近期在Sirius XM晨间秀中分享了她和男友泰勒之间的趣事。)Gaga continued: #39;I#39;m in charge all day long. The last thing I wanna do is tell him what to do.Gaga 还补充道:“我整天都很忙,我最不想做的事就是告诉他他该怎么做。”Recently, Akon claimed his record label cut ties with Gaga because her career is on the decline.最近,爱情得意的Lady Gaga事业却起色不大。阿肯声称他的唱片公司已经减少了与Lady Gaga有关的活动,因为她的事业已经开始走下坡路了。 /201404/287442。

He was once the world`s fattest man weighing in at a staggering 70 stone and consuming a mammoth 20,000 calories a day. 他曾经是世界上最胖的男子,重达70英石(约900斤),每天要摄入2万卡路里的热量。 But it seems that after losing 48 stone following NHS surgery, it`s not just Paul Mason`s health that has a more promising outlook - his weight loss may have also boosted his love life. 在接受医疗务系统提供的手术后,保罗·梅森瘦了48英石,但他收获的未来不仅是健康的身体,他还可能因为减肥而收获爱情。 Mr Mason has only known his new girlfriend Rebecca for a month and the pair are yet to meet, but aly the 52-year old claims that Rebecca is the love of his life. 梅森先生只和他的新女友丽贝卡认识一个月,两人还没见面,但这位52岁的男士就已宣称丽贝卡是他生命中的挚爱。 The pair met online last month when Rebecca saw a television documentary about Mr Mason`s extreme obesity - the result, he says, of overeating when a previous relationship ended. 这两人上个月在网络上相识。丽贝卡在电视上看到了关于梅森先生极度肥胖的纪录片——梅森说那是他结束前一段恋情后过度饮食的后果。 She was so touched by his plight that Rebecca got in touch via Facebook keen to help Mr Mason in his bid to get the NHS to pay for a second operation to rid him of layers of excess skin. 丽贝卡对他的境遇很感动,因此通过Facebook同他取得联系,以帮助他获得由NHS付款的第二次手术,帮助梅森去掉多余皮层。 Mr Mason said: `She didn`t really think anything romantically to start with. I didn`t know anything about her and we talked all about her life and how she wants to help me.` 梅森先生说:“她刚开始时真的没想过要有什么恋爱关系。我一点也不了解她,我们只是谈论了她的生活,以及她想要如何帮助我。” `It wasn`t until the second conversation that I realised there was more there than just friends. She felt the same and brought up the idea of us being boyfriend and girlfriend.` “直到第二次谈话时我才意识到我们并非普通的朋友关系。她也有同样的想法,还提出要做男女朋友的想法。” Mr Mason says that he doesn`t go for looks and finds Rebecca`s determined attitude particularly attractive. He said: `I am more interested in the person rather than the physical side of things. 梅森先生说他不看重外表,是丽贝卡的坚定态度深深吸引了他。他说:“我更喜欢一个人的内在思想,而非外在方面。” `It is her personality, her drive and passion and she has a lovely smile that made me fall for her. It was hard for me to accept to start with because part of me is still trapped in this loose skin and I find it hard to understand how anyone can see through that. “是她的个性、追求事物的动力和,还有甜美的微笑吸引了我。但我却很难接受从头开始恋爱,因为现在我还是一身松松垮垮的皮肤,我也很难明白怎么有人能看穿外表不受它影响。” `We share the same ideas, interests, and outlook on life and she has made me look at life in a new way. I`m more determined than ever to get this operation and enjoy my life with her.` “我们有同样的理想、爱好和对未来生活的希望,她教会我用新的角度看世界。我现在比任何时候都想接受除皮手术,和她幸福地生活在一起。” `For a long time I couldn`t really see light at the end of the tunnel. But since Rebecca`s been in my life I`ve got a whole new sense of worth and excitement.` “很长时间以来我的生活一片黑暗,看不到曙光。但自从丽贝卡出现在我的生活中后,我又感受到了存在的价值,对此我异常兴奋。” Mr Mason ballooned to his incredible size by eating ten times the amount needed by a normal man due to a compulsive eating disorder. As his weight soared he was left unable to stand or walk before finally becoming bed-ridden and being looked after full time by council carers. 梅森先生曾患有强迫性暴食症,每天要吃十倍于正常男性的食物,因此身体严重走形。随着体重狂飙,他到后来无法站立行走,最终只能卧床不起,由志愿护理人员全天照料。 Firefighters had to demolish the front wall of his former home so they could drive a fork lift truck inside to lift him out and put him into an ambulance when he needed an operation in 2002. 2002年他需要做手术,由于身体庞大,消防队员只能拆除他家的一面墙,用叉车把他从家中抬出来,放进救护车里。 Mr Mason was later given a purpose-built housing association home with extra wide doorways so he could move around. 后来住宅协会向梅森先生提供了特制住宅,内设特宽门廊,以确保他能自由行走。 /201310/259109。

It is hard to overstate the impact Ming Cho Lee has had on the world of theater design.你怎么称赞李名觉对戏剧设计界的影响都不为过。Michael Yeargan, a student of Mr. Lee#39;s at the Yale School of Drama in 1969 and now co-chairman of the drama school#39;s design department, recognized that at the 2005 Tony Awards ceremonies, where Mr. Yeargan was honored for set design.迈克尔·耶尔根(Michael Yeargan)2005年参加托尼奖颁奖典礼领取舞台设计奖时意识到了这一点。1969年耶尔根在耶鲁大学戏剧学院就读时师从李名觉,现在是该戏剧学院设计系的联合系主任。;When I went backstage and looked around me,; he recalled, he noticed that five of the six Tony winners standing there had studied with Mr. Lee. ;I suddenly realized what an influence he had on all of us.;他回忆说,“我走到后台,看着周围的人”,注意到站在那里的六位托尼奖获得者中有五位曾师从李名觉,“我突然意识到他对我们所有人的影响有多大”。The schools of drama and architecture at Yale are staging a retrospective exhibition honoring Mr. Lee, who has been a member of the drama school faculty for more than four decades.耶鲁大学戏剧学院和建筑学院正在举办李名觉回顾展。李名觉已在戏剧学院任教40多年。;Stage Designs by Ming Cho Lee,; on display at the Yale School of Architecture in New Haven through Feb. 1, features more than 90 models, sketches and photographic reproductions for more than 60 theater, dance and opera productions by Mr. Lee, who received a special Tony Award for lifetime achievement last year and a National Medal of Arts in 2002.“李名觉舞台设计展”(Stage Designs by Ming Cho Lee)在纽黑文市的耶鲁大学建筑学院举行,持续到2月1日,展出李名觉为60多部戏剧、舞蹈剧和歌剧设计的90多件作品,包括模型、草图和逼真的复制品。李名觉去年获得了托尼奖终身成就奖,2002年获得了国家艺术奖章。Arnold Aronson, a professor of theater at Columbia University who wrote the introductory wall text and publication for the Yale exhibition and who is writing a book on Mr. Lee that will be published this year, said Mr. Lee had trained more set designers than anyone else.展览简介墙和出版物上的文字是由哥伦比亚大学戏剧教授阿诺德·亚伦森(Arnold Aronson)撰写的。他正在写一本关于李名觉的书,该书将于今年出版。他说李名觉培养的舞台设计师比其他任何人都多。;And his influence goes beyond set design,; Dr. Aronson said. ;Costume and lighting designers, playwrights, directors, architects, artists have taken his classes. His aesthetic and ideology have seeped into the very fabric of American theater.;“他的影响力超越了舞台设计,”亚伦森士说,“装和灯光设计师、剧作家、导演、建筑师和艺术家都上过他的课。他的审美观和思想方式已经渗入了美国戏剧的构造中。”Mr. Lee, who has also taught at New York University and has held classes and workshops around the world, is not passing along a particular style of design, Dr. Aronson added. Instead he offers ;an approach, a commitment to the idea that art has the possibility of changing the world, that art must make a statement.;李名觉也在纽约大学教书,还在世界各地开过讲习班。亚伦森士补充说,他不是传授某一种设计风格,而是提供“一种方法,传递一种信念——艺术具有改变世界的可能,艺术应该表达立场”。Born in Shanghai in 1930, Mr. Lee studied landscape painting as a teenager, which, he said in a recent interview, had taught him ;not to use much color; and ;gave me a real foundation for watercolor.; These studies, he added, also showed him how to be ;real without being realistic.;李名觉1930年出生在上海,十几岁的时候学过风景画。他在最近的一次采访中说,学习风景画让他明白“不要使用太多色”,“为我学水画奠定了扎实的基础。”他补充说,这也让他知道如何“具有真实感而不照搬现实”。When he entered Occidental College in Los Angeles in 1949 with little command of English, he could not understand his first lecture, and decided, he said, ;to take every drawing class I could get my hands on.; In them, he said, ;I would get A#39;s, which balanced the D#39;s I got in freshman English. They saved my life.;1949年他进入洛杉矶西方学院学习时,几乎不会说英语,第一节课完全听不懂,所以他决定“去上能上的所有绘画课”。他说,这些课“我能得到A,它们能平衡我在大一英语课上得的D。它们救了我的命。”Mr. Lee moved to New York in 1954 and worked for Jo Mielziner, the designer of sets for plays including ;The Glass Menagerie,; ;Death of a Salesman; and ;Carousel.;1954年,李名觉搬到纽约,为乔·梅尔齐纳(Jo Mielziner)工作。梅尔齐纳是很多戏剧的舞台设计师,包括《玻璃动物园》(The Glass Menagerie)、《推销员之死》(Death of a Salesman)和《旋转木马》(Carousel)。Mr. Lee also worked with the set designer Boris Aronson (no relation to Arnold Aronson), who Dr. Aronson said introduced nonobjective art movements into the American theater, providing ;an important counterpoint to the poetic realism of Mielziner.;李名觉还跟舞台设计师鲍里斯·亚伦森(Boris Aronson,与阿诺德·亚伦森没有关系)合作过。亚伦森士说鲍里斯·亚伦森把抽象艺术运动带入了美国戏剧界,提供了“一种与梅尔齐纳的诗意现实主义相反的重要方法”。;For Boris, Lee has said, designing for the theater was not just a question of design but of the play#39;s relationship to history, society, politics, religion — to life itself,; Dr. Aronson said.“李名觉曾说过,对鲍里斯来说,戏剧设计不只是设计的问题,而是这部戏剧与历史、社会、政治、宗教以及生活本身的关系,”亚伦森士说。The Yale exhibition, which was organized by the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts and based on three earlier exhibitions, traces these influences and experiences, largely through some 65 models made by Mr. Lee for sets.耶鲁大学的展览是纽约公共图书馆为表演艺术组织的展览,它以之前的三次展览为基础,主要通过李明觉为布景创作的约65个模型来追踪这些影响力和经历。From 1962 to 1973, Mr. Lee was the principal designer for what is today the Public Theater#39;s Shakespeare in the Park program at Central Park#39;s Delacorte Theater. He also designed sets for the Metropolitan Opera, Royal Opera House at Covent Garden, Martha Graham Dance Company, regional theaters like the Arena Stage in Washington and the Mark Taper Forum in Los Angeles, and many others.从1962年到1973年,李名觉是如今的公共剧团在中央公园戴拉寇特剧院举办的“公园中的莎士比亚”(Shakespeare in the Park)项目的主要设计师。他还为其他很多剧院设计过布景,比如大都会剧院、科文特花园的皇家歌剧院、玛莎·葛兰姆现代舞团,以及一些地方剧院,比如华盛顿的阿瑞娜剧场和洛杉矶的马克·塔佩剧场。The models are mostly one-eighth-inch-scale and one-quarter-inch-scale and some half-inch-scale models of sets, in full color, not only containing scenery, but often lights, actors and audiences.这些模型大多是1/8英寸或1/4英寸,有些是1/2英寸,全色,不仅包括布景,还包括灯光、演员和观众。Among the most important, Mr. Lee said, is the model for ;Electra,; a 1964 Public Theater production at the Delacorte Theater. The model has three stone sculptural pieces on a metal framework that represent the walls of a courtyard.李名觉说,其中最重要的一个是为《厄勒克特拉》(Electra)制作的模型。该剧是公共剧团1964年在戴拉寇特剧院上演的戏剧。这个模型有三个石雕,镶嵌在一个代表院墙的金属框架上。This set was the first with ;a completely nonliteral abstract design, though at the same time it was real, an emblem, an icon,; Mr. Lee said. ;It wasn#39;t an illustration of a place, it was the pure expression of the play.;李名觉说,这个布景是第一个“完全非写实的抽象设计,虽然它同时也具有真实感,但它是一个象征,一个标志”,“它不是对一个地方的描绘,而纯粹是对这出戏的表达。”Similarly, his designs for two sets from the Metropolitan Opera#39;s 1973 production of ;Boris Godunov; feature multiple religious icons as well as what he called ;fairly real sculptural pieces; that represent a cathedral wall and a stone wall.同样的,他为大都会歌剧院1973年的《鲍里斯·戈都诺夫》(Boris Godunov)设计的两个布景也含有很多宗教标志以及他称之为“非常真实的雕塑”,这些雕塑代表大教堂的一面墙和一面石头墙。Mr. Lee said more recent models for the two parts of ;Angels in America,; produced at the Dallas Theater Center in 1996, ;are very different from ‘Electra.#39; I#39;m no longer interested in making things abstract, I#39;m using super-realism.;李名觉说为1996年在达拉斯戏剧中心上演的分两部分的“《美国天使》(Angels in America)设计的模型”与“《厄勒克特拉》很不一样”。“我对制作抽象的东西不再有兴趣了,我用的是超现实主义风格。”In Part 1, the rear wall of the set#39;s great hall contains light switches and various medical controls, representing a hospital, while it is also painted with a blue sky and white clouds; this design thus combines multiple locations and images into one. The set for Part 2 is what Mr. Lee described as a ;pretty abstract; East Village tenement, painted a ;dirty blue; that could represent heaven.在第一部分中,布景中大厅的后围墙上有电灯开关和各种医疗控制装置,代表一个医院,不过上面还画着蓝天白云,这样的设计能把多个地点和场景融合在一起。为第二部分设计的布景是李明觉所说的“非常抽象的”东村住宅,它是“深蓝色”的,可以代表天堂。The exhibition also brings Mr. Lee#39;s career full circle: Beside theatrical models, it also contains 24 of his watercolors, painted from 1949 to 2007; none has been shown before. These include 1950s scenes of Los Angeles and New York and lyrical, almost abstract seascapes of Bar Harbor, Me., from 2007.此次展览还全面展示了李名觉的艺术生涯:除了戏剧模型,还包括24幅他从1949年到2007年绘制的水画,这些水画之前从未展示过。其中包括20世纪50年代洛杉矶和纽约的场景以及2007年缅因州巴尔港的抽象海景。;I#39;ve devoted a good part of my life to teaching at Yale, and when they said, ‘Let#39;s do a retrospective at Yale,#39; I welcomed it,; he said, adding he hoped the exhibition would help visitors better understand set design, which he called ;neither fish nor fowl.;他说,“我大半生都在耶鲁大学任教,所以当他们说‘我们在耶鲁办个回顾展吧#39;时,我欣然同意。”他又补充道,希望这次展览能帮助观众更好地理解“不伦不类的”舞台设计。 /201409/331677。

The country that launched the “Battle of the Bulge” in World War II is now leading the way in the battle over a different kind of bulge.作为二战“突出部战役”的发起者,现在德国又在另一种“突出部”之战中走在了世界前列。German men went under the knife for 2,786 penile enlargement surgeries in 2013, according to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), which today released its 2014 global stats report. That’s a much larger tally than the other nine countries that provided sufficient survey data this year, including the U.S., Mexico, Spain, Italy and Brazil. Other than Iran, the U.S. had the fewest penile enhancement surgeries, at only 61. The report tallies surgeries performed last year.国际美容整形外科学会(ISAPS)于7月31日公布的全球行业数据报告显示,2013年有2786名德国男性接受了生殖器增大手术。和美国、墨西哥、西班牙、意大利、巴西和伊朗等另外9个提供了足够调查数据的国家相比,德国在这方面遥遥领先。除了伊朗,美国男性接受这种手术的人数最少,只有61例。ISAPS的这份报告对2013年的整形手术数量进行了统计。There are other compelling tidbits to be gleaned from the data. In contrast to its lack of interest in penis enlargements, the U.S. is leading the way in breast augmentation surgeries (more than 313,000 to Brazil’s 226,000; those two nations trounced all others in this category). But don’t be quick to assume that means American women are more eager than non-American women to enhance their bodies. The data are broken down by geographic location but not nationality, which means that it was not necessarily all American citizens undergoing the surgeries performed in America. For the purposes of the annual survey, the ISAPS reached out to some 35,000 plastic surgeons around the world. The countries that responded with the most data were the U.S., Brazil, Mexico, Germany, Spain, Colombia, Italy, Venezuela, Argentina and Iran.该报告的数据中还包含着其他一些有趣的东西。和美国男性对生殖器增大术缺乏兴趣的局面相反,美国在隆胸术方面名列前茅(超过31.3万例,巴西为22.6万例,这两个数字远远超过其他国家)。但不要因此迅速认定美国女性比其他国家的女性更热衷于整形。这些数据的划分标准是地域,而不是国籍,也就是说在美国接受整形手术的未必都是美国人。为进行本次年度调查,ISAPS联系了全球3.5万名整形医生。提供反馈信息最多的国家是美国、巴西、墨西哥、德国、西班牙、哥伦比亚、意大利、委内瑞拉、阿根廷和伊朗。Dr. Eric Halvorson, who does cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries at the Brigham and Womens Hospital in Boston, Mass., had no guess as to why Germany would be leading the penile enhancement charge, but he told Fortune that, of course, standards of aesthetic beauty vary by country, and the surgeries reflect that.埃里克o霍尔沃森士是马萨诸塞州波士顿布里格姆女子医院(Brigham and Womens Hospital)美容和再造整形医生。他没有猜测为什么接受生殖器增大术的德国男性最多,但他在接受《财富》杂志(Fortune)采访时表示,各个国家的审美观点当然不同,整形手术就体现了这一点。Take women, for example, who had 87% of the total plastic surgeries in the world. “In the U.S., women tend to want to be thin with large breasts, whereas in a country like Brazil, women want to have small breasts and a larger buttocks,” Halvorson explained.女性占全球整形手术接受者的87%。以她们为例,霍尔沃森士介绍说:“在美国,女性往往希望自己身材纤细、胸部丰满;而在巴西这样的国家,女性则希望胸部小一些,臀部大一些。”“It’s amazing: take the same woman’s body, and in one country they’d be going to get their breasts reduced and their buttocks augmented, and in the other they’d be getting larger breasts,” he added.霍尔沃森士表示:“这很奇妙。同为女性,在这个国家她们会缩胸隆臀,而在那个国家她们则要隆胸。”Breast enhancement was, unsurprisingly, the most common type of plastic surgery worldwide in 2013, with 1.77 million performed globally, beating out simple eyelid surgeries, of which there were 1.38 million. But augmentation is only one type of breast surgery, a category that also includes breast lift, breast reduction, and gynecomastia surgery (reduction of abnormally large breasts in men). The U.S. accounted for 15% of breast surgeries in the world, just edging out the 14.9% performed in Brazil. Other operations measured in the ISAPS survey include tummy tucks (Brazil had the most; the U.S. is a close second), vaginal rejuvenation or labiaplasty (Brazil and Germany both had more than the U.S.) and buttock augmentation or gluteoplasty (the U.S. was only fourth here, after Brazil, Mexico and Colombia).2013年全球最普遍的整形手术是隆胸术,这并不让人感到意外。此类手术的数量是177万例,超过了较为简单的眼睑成形术,后者的数量为138万例。但胸部整形并不仅仅是丰胸,它还包括下垂矫正、缩胸和男性乳腺发育(即男性乳腺的不正常增大)手术。美国占全球胸部整形手术的15%,稍高于巴西的14.9%。ISAPS的调查还包括腹壁整形术(巴西最多,美国紧随其后)、阴道修复和阴唇整形术(巴西和德国都超过了美国)以及隆臀和提臀手术(美国仅居第四,前三名是巴西、墨西哥和哥伦比亚)。This was in fact the first time ever that Brazil topped the U.S. for most surgical procedures performed. Although America has 15.2% of the world’s plastic surgeons (Brazil is catching up, with 13.6%), Brazil had 12.9% of the world’s aesthetic/cosmetic surgical procedures, compared to 12.5% by the U.S. That’s not to be confused with non-surgical procedures, which have risen more than ever before and which the U.S. leads by a wide margin. This category of shorter, cheaper procedures includes injections of Botox or soft-tissue fillers, skin lasers and skin-tightening devices, fat-melting and fat-freezing devices.实际上,这是巴西在整形手术数量上首次超过美国。虽然美国拥有全球15.2%的整形外科医生(巴西正在缩小和美国的差距,目前有13.6%的整形医生),但巴西进行的美容整形手术数量占全球12.9%,高于美国的12.5%。不要把这些和非手术整形搞混了——非手术整形正以前所未有的速度增长,而且美国在这方面遥遥领先于其他国家。这种方法耗时短,价格低,具体做法有注射保适妥(Botox)或软组织填充剂,使用激光美肤治疗仪、紧肤治疗仪、燃脂纤体仪和冷冻溶脂仪。Dr. Renato Saltz, who is vice president of ISAPS (and grew up in Brazil), says non-surgical procedures have been riding a wave ever since 2008 and 2009, when there was a slow-down in surgical procedures due to the economic crisis.ISAPS副总裁雷纳托o萨尔茨在巴西长大。他说,2008-2009年的经济危机造成整形手术增长放缓,从那以后,非手术整形一直处于高速发展状态。“Patients couldn’t afford the big-ticket operation, but they still did something,” said Saltz. “They did some laser, some Botox, they still wanted to look better despite the financial crunch.”萨尔茨指出:“整形者无力接受花费很高的手术,但他们仍有所动作。有些进行了激光治疗,有些注射了保适妥,他们依然想变得好看,并没有受到金融危机的影响。”In 2010, the U.S. numbers for surgical procedures finally started growing again, and non-surgical procedures have continued to rise. In 2013, Americans spent more than billion on cosmetic procedures, according to ASAPS, the American-focused version of ISAPS. That was up 12% from 2012. Some billion of that was on non-surgical work.2010年,美国的整形手术数量终于再次上升,非手术整形数量也继续增长。美国美容整形外科学会(ASAPS)的数据显示,2013年美国人在美容整形方面的出超过了120亿美元,比2012年增长了12%,其中约50亿美元花在非手术整形上。“In my practice we’re seeing more and more patients coming in who don’t want to have actual surgery, or don’t want to pay for it or wait for it,” Saltz said. “They come in, they’re on their laptops during the procedure, and then they leave and 25% of the fat in their tummy is gone. These are certified procedures that didn’t exist five or ten years ago, and that change we’re seeing is amazing.”萨尔茨说:“从我的实际经验来看,越来越多的人并不想真的动手术,有人是不愿意花这笔钱,有人是不愿意等待。来的人在整形过程中都在玩笔记本电脑,离开时他们肚子上的脂肪就会减少25%。这些获得认的手术近5年,或者近10年才出现。我们看到的变化令人惊讶。”Ask Dr. Halverson, though, and he’ll tell you that the general lack of knowledge about non-surgical procedures is one of the frustrating things about being in the plastic surgery field of medicine.不过,如果问霍尔沃森,他会告诉你,人们对非手术整形普遍缺乏了解,这对整形医生来说是令人沮丧的一件事。“I think reality TV and the media has done a lot to show plastic surgeries and raise consciousness and make it seem okay; people always used to hide it, but now people are much more open about it, it’s much more acceptable to have had surgery,” said Halvorson.霍尔沃森说:“电视真人秀和媒体已经让人们看到了许多整形手术,提高了人们的整形意识和接受度。以前人们总是要隐瞒这种事情,但现在人们对它的开放程度要高了很多,接受整形手术的程度也高了很多。”“The downside of [reality shows about plastic surgery] is that they reinforce the public perception that plastic surgery is nothing more than cosmetic surgery,” he added. “If you look at the classic text for our field, there are ten volumes, and only one of those is cosmetic. We do burn surgery, breast reconstruction, cranial and facial trauma, tissue transfers, a whole range. But that’s one of my pet peeves, is that for the rest of my life, when I go to cocktail parties and people ask what I do, I always have to follow it with various qualifying statements.”他同时指出:“[整形手术真人秀]不利的一面在于它们让公众越发认为整形手术就是美容整形。看一下我们这个领域的普通记录就会发现,只有十分之一的整形是美容手术。我们治疗烧伤,做胸部再造,修复头部和面部损伤,做组织移植,无所不包。这也是让我头疼的问题之一,当别人在鸡尾酒会上问我是干什么的,我总是得对整形医生这个词做许多解释,不知道会不会这辈子一直这样。”It isn’t just television that has had an impact, but also the Web, in the opinion of Dr. Saltz.在萨尔茨看来,产生影响的不光是电视,还有网络。“With the Internet, beauty has been sort of globalized,” he noted. “So you have Brazilian patients who want to look like Angelina Jolie. One of the fastest growing things in the U.S. is butt augmentation, and one of the fastest growing in Brazil is breast augmentation. I think a lot of this is totally related to social media and Facebook. And it’s a different patient now, thanks to the Internet; they come in and sometimes they think they know more than you do. They’ve done research and if you don’t do the same new type of butt augmentation as this guy in Rio, well, they’re going to fly to Rio.”萨尔茨指出:“有了互联网以后,美就变得全球化了。这让一些巴西人想变得像安吉丽娜o朱莉。在美国,增长最快的领域之一是隆臀;在巴西则是隆胸。我想这在很大程度上都和社交媒体以及Facebook有关。受互联网影响,现在的整形者变得不一样了;有时候他们觉得他们比你知道的还多。他们已经做了研究,如果你不能像里约的某位医生一样给他们做新式隆臀,那他们就会飞到里约去。”Just as you’d expect, when Halvorson is at one of those social gatherings and says he’s a plastic surgeon, people tend to immediately mention “nose jobs” and “boob jobs.” Maybe now, based on some of the most striking data points in the ISAPS survey, they’ll also ask about penis jobs.正如大家所想的那样,当霍尔沃森在社交场合说他是一名整形医生,人们的立即反应往往是“鼻子”和“胸部”整形。现在,ISAPS中最引人注目的那些数据表明,人们也许还会问起男性生殖器整形。 /201408/317877。