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Bill Reynolds survives with only a burst eardrum and his boots blown off.比尔·雷诺兹奇迹般生还,只是一只耳膜被震破,靴子也被炸掉了He#39;s back on the job the very next day.第二天他就照常上班了Mount Rushmore becomes a symbol of pride for the whole country.拉什莫尔山成为所有美国人自豪的象征Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt,and Thomas Jefferson#39;s portraits join George Washington#39;s.亚伯拉罕·林肯 西奥多·罗斯福以及托马斯·杰斐逊的头像与乔治·华盛顿像并肩矗立Ordinary men of the same proportions would stand as high as 40-story buildings一个人的头如果与雕像大小相同,身高将达到40层楼and could wade the Mississippi River without even getting their knees wet.这个巨人即使趟过密西西比河,河水也不会漫过膝盖3 extra inches of granite cover the presidents#39; faces to allow for erosion by wind and rain.总统雕像表面保留了额外三英尺的花岗岩,即使风蚀雨化雕像也不会走样It takes 10,000 years to wear away an inch of granite.按一英尺花岗岩耐磨一万年计算Mount Rushmore has been designed to wear back to its ideal shape in 30,000 years.拉什莫尔山的设计在自然侵蚀条件下,达到理想厚度的时间为三万年It is a symbol of America#39;s faith in its future as well as its past.这是美国人对过去和未来充满信心的宣示By 1936,one in six workers are still out of a job.到1936年,仍有六分之一劳动者失业Despite the government#39;s public-works programs,there is little economic recovery.尽管政府对一系列基础设施进行了投资,经济仍然没有复苏迹象Public works aren#39;t working.基建投资没有起到预期效果Free enterprise is stagnating.自由企业也停滞不前It will take World War II to pull America out of its economic slump.一直到二战美国经济才得以复苏 /201301/222997Hold out your hands in front of you and hold a cigarette in your right hand. Count to three, raising the hand holding the cigarette on each count. On the count of three, the cigarette will have disappeared! Show the audience your empty hands and watch them marvel at your magnificence. 右手拿着一根香烟。数到三,每次数数的时候右手随喊出的数字摆动。在数到三的时候,香烟将会消失!呈现在观众面前的是空空如也的手,而你看的则是观众惊诧的眼神。 Sitting side on to your audience, raise the cigarette in your right hand but keep your left hand out to focus your spectator#39;s attention on that area. Raise the cigarette to head height each time you count. Just before you count three, slip the cigarette behind your ear. When you bring your hand back down on the count of three, the cigarette will have vanished and no one will know where it#39;s gone! Once you have mastered the trick, amaze your friends with your newfound magical powers. It might even work on the ladies. 用一边面向你的听众,右手在摆动,但要让左手去吸引你的观众的注意力,每一次数数的时候都让香烟到达自己头部的高度。数到三的时候,把香烟藏在耳朵后面。当香烟将从右手消失时,没有人会知道它去哪里了! 一旦你掌握了窍门,将它展示给家人和朋友吧。这个小魔术尤其对女士有奇效。 Article/201202/170137How To Avoid Smoking When All Your Friends Smoke所有朋友都抽烟时,如何能洁身自好?Linda Hyder Ferry (Associate Professor, Preventive Medicine and Family Medicine, Loma Linda University School of Medicine) gives expert advice on: How can I avoid smoking when all my friends smoke?罗马琳达大学医学院的副教授,琳达·海德将会给出让你满意的。How can I avoid smoking when all my friends smoke?如何在朋友都抽烟的情况下坚持不抽烟?I would encourage you to figure out what goes on between your friends, their cigarette and you and your cigarette. Are you smoking because they smoke, or are you just reminded to smoke when you#39;re in settings where you#39;re all together ? If your whole crowd smokes, you#39;re going to have a tough time living life without cigarettes. You may want to make some new friends, some non-smoking friends, to hang out with initially, otherwise the relapse rate is very high in people who really have an entire environment around them smoking.首先要找到你和朋友之间发生了什么:他们抽烟,你,你抽烟。你抽烟是因为要跟他们一样,还是因为被别人要求抽烟?如果你所有的朋友都抽烟,而你坚持不抽烟,那么你的生活会很不好过。那么你需要好好考虑能否换一批新朋友,否则你堕落到抽烟的群体里的几率很高。What can you do with friends who are smoking,? Well, first of all, ask them to respect your decision to quit. Secondly, don#39;t be exposed to their second hand smoke. Explain to them you#39;re trying to quit smoking, you#39;re trying to avoid all the toxins and the addiction, and you don#39;t want to be exposed to their smoke, especially in your hair and in your clothes, because you go home smelling just like a smoker. The other thing is when you#39;re hanging out with people who are smoking, maybe you need to sit farther away from them, maybe you need to go to places where smoking is not allowed, and they have to go outside to smoke.和抽烟的朋友如何相处?首先要让他们尊重你的选择。第二点就是尽量不要成为二手烟的受害者。向他们解释你不想沾惹上任何不健康的东西,也不想吸入二手烟,更不想让自己回家时头发和衣上满是烟味。另外就是跟烟民朋友一起出去时,坐的离他们远点,或者去一些禁止吸烟的场所。So do they respect your choice, or are they really good friends ? Do they care that you#39;re trying to make this change in your life ? All of those are questions you need to explore when you say, it#39;s really when I#39;m around my friends that I can#39;t seem to avoid smoking, and do something about that, because that#39;s going to go for the rest of your life. You#39;re never going to live on a planet where no one smokes.他们尊重你的选择吗?他们是真正的好朋友吗?他们关心你为此做的改变吗?所有这些问题都要问问他们。这不仅是抽烟与否的问题,还关系到你们余生的交情,因为没办法完全杜绝抽烟的现象。Thanks for watching How To Avoid Smoking When All Your Friends Smoke For more how to s, expert advice, instructional tips, tricks, guides and tutorials on this subject, visit the topic Quit Smoking.谢谢收看本期“拒绝香烟、独善其身”教程,更多关于戒烟的视频,尽在本栏目。 /201208/194312Keep your bicycle safe with this handy guide, prepared with the help of London Fields Cycles. Helpful advice on the most effective way to lock your bike will ensure you never have your bicycle stolen again!伦敦田径自行车协会准备了一些方便的指引,让你保障自己自行车的安全。这些建议非常有用,以最有效的途径锁住自行车可以让你的自行车不再被盗。Step 1: GET GOOD LOCKS1.买质量好的锁Spend money on good locks. No lock is totally thief proof - but the more you spend, the better the lock will be. As a rough-guideline, look to spend 20% of the value of your bike on locks. There are many different types. The more kinds you use, the harder the bike will be to steal. These are the most popular...多花点钱买质量比较好的锁。不上锁的自行车简直就是白白送给小偷。但是你花的钱越多,锁的质量越好。一个普遍的原则就是,购买的锁的价格大概是自行车价格的20%。自行车锁有许多不同的型号。使用的种类越多,自行车被盗的可能性越小。以下是最受欢迎的型号:D or U locks are rigid steel locks that separate into two pieces.D型或U型锁使用非常坚韧的钢铁做成,可以分成两片。Cable locks can been be looped around the bike. Go for a thick one with interwoven ths - which will take a thief longer to cut through. They#39;re ideal for securing the wheels as well as the frame.线型锁可以环绕整个自行车。可以选择使用互相编织的线做成的锁,这样会花费小偷更长时间来割断你的锁。这种锁对于保护车轮和车架是最理想的。If you have quick release mechanisms on your seat or wheels, you can also buy locking nuts and bolts. These can be undone with a uniquely shaped key - so passing thieves can#39;t steal them.如果你的车座或车轮上有一些比较容易拆卸的部件,你还可以购买一些特殊的锁,这种锁的钥匙形状独特,小偷不太容易偷走。Step 2: LOCK IT SOMEWHERE SENSIBLE2.随时锁住自行车Always lock your bike - even if you are only leaving it for a minute.一定要给自行车上锁,即使你只是离开一会儿的功夫。Leave it in as public a place as possible. Ideally lock it where you can see it - or where lots of other people can. Never leave it in an isolated place.尽量把自行车放在公共场所。最好锁在你能够看到的地方,或者许多其他人可以看到的地方。千万不要放在偏僻的地方。Step 3: LOCK IT TO SOMETHING SOLID3.锁在固定的物体上Make sure it is secured to an immovable object like a cycle anchor or railings. Some things that look solid are not, so check. If you#39;re locking it to a post, make sure the post is at least 4m high, so thieves can#39;t lift it off the top.一定要锁在一些固定的物体上,例如自行车桩或栏杆上。有一些看上去很坚固的物体其实并不坚固,一定要检查一下。如果锁在栏杆上,确保栏杆至少4米高,这样小偷就不能从栏杆顶端把自行车抬走。Step 4: LOCK IT TIGHT4.锁紧Whatever lock you use, make sure you lock the frame AND the wheels to something immovable.无论你使用什么样的锁,确保把车轮和框架锁在不能移动的物体上。Make sure your d-lock is tight, so the lock is not hanging loose and there#39;s no space between the bike and the object it#39;s locked to. This makes it difficult to lever the lock open. Make sure the key-hole is pointing down - so thieves can#39;t fill it with a corrosive fluid, or with glue, which means you can#39;t move it, but they can come back and steal it later and when you leave it, remember to remove accessories like the lights - or the seat if you haven#39;t fitted locking nuts.确保你的锁比较紧,所以锁不是松松地绕在自行车上,这样自行车和固定的物体之间没有空隙,小偷要把锁撬开就比较困难。确保锁孔向下,这样小偷就不能使用腐蚀性液体把锁打开,也不能灌上胶水,让你自己也打不开,等到你离开之后他们再回来偷走你的车。如果没有上锁的话,记住摘掉车灯或车座等配件。Thanks for watching How To Stop Your Bike Being Stolen.感谢收看“怎样防止自行车被盗”视频节目。 Article/201211/209595

In this , a professional financial advisor will tell you everything about planning for retirement and how to save money for it.在这段视频中,一位专业的理财顾问将告诉你关于退休计划和怎样存钱为退休做准备。I#39;m going to talk to you about how much money you need to retire. This can be misleading, because people have different needs and different requirements. Depending on your employment circumstances depends on how you might be accruing money towards your retirement.我会告诉你,要退休你需要多少钱。这可能有误导性,因为每个人的需求和要求是不同的。这取决于你的雇佣情况,取决于你即将退休时积累了多少钱。Your employer may offer a company pension scheme. Equally, you may be required to put money into the scheme yourself. Either way, you should be looking to set aside a good ten percent, either from yourself or in conjuncture with your employer,towards long-term retirement planning.你的雇主可能提供了公司养老金机制。同等的,你可能被要求自己向养老金体系中投入一部分资金。无论哪种方式,你都应该在长期退休计划中把自己收入的10%存起来,无论是你自己缴纳的,还是和公司联合缴纳的。However, that does depend on your age and your circumstances, so the longer you leave it, the more you#39;re going to need to put in. A good way to establish the ten percent required is to first work through a budget planner. There are plenty of these available on the web, and here#39;s one I#39;m going to demonstrate to you, it is available on the Essentially Financial website.然而,这确实取决于你的年龄和你的境况,你离开的时间越长,需要缴纳的数额越多。存够所需的10%的好方法是使用预算计划器。网络上有许多这种计划,我会向大家示范一个,这是Essentially Financial网站上的。With a calculator such as this, all you need to do is enter the information to the various fields, whether it be income, or through the relevant expenditure fields, which will then result in giving you the surplus that you have available. You need to allocate a good ten percent of your income towards long-term retirement planning, depending on your age and circumstances.You need to remember, the longer you leave it, the harder it becomes.这里是一个计算器,你需要做的就是在不同的区域填入信息,例如收入,或者开,这个计算器将计算出你有多少盈余。为了长期退休计划,你必须安排出收入的10%,取决于你的年龄和自己的情况。要记住,你离开的时间越长,需要节约的资金就越多。So when working out how much money you need for retirement, don#39;t think of it as how much you necessarily need to accrue, but how much you should put aside each month from your monthly income, which depends on your age and circumstances. .所以,计算退休需要多少钱的时候,不要认为这是你需要存够的钱,而是你每个月的收入中需要节省的钱,这取决于你的年龄和收入状况。Thanks for watching How Much Money Do You Need To Retire感谢收看“退休需要节约多少钱”视频节目。 Article/201209/199376

【Background】对希望以运动健身的人,到底应该如何搭配组合,在不同人生阶段选择适合自己年龄的运动方式?要想让运动起到促进健康的作用,选择适合自己的运动方式很重要。【Video】How To Match Your Workout To Your Personality on Howcast【Transcript】You’re a true individual — why shouldn’t your workout regimen reflect your personal style? When it comes to getting fit, you just gotta be you!You Will NeedSelf-awareness Desire to exercise While this is awesome, it didn’t go to medical school. Always consult your doctor for actual medical advice.Step 1: Go intenseClassic type-A personality? Embrace that can-do spirit! Sign up for an intense spin class, or for power or Bikram yoga. Hone your inner gladiator through martial arts training, or by joining a competitive amateur sports team.If you’re really hardcore, pack yourself off to fitness boot camp.Step 2: Work out with a friendPerhaps you’re a social butterfly — more schmoozing than sweating. Get a workout partner for walk, runs, bike rides, or tennis games, or sign up your office for a softball league.Step 3: Find alternativesMaybe you’re the indoors type: You only run when chased, and the gym just brings to mind painful middle school memories. Bond with other merry misfits by joining an ironic kickball, dodgeball, or office-chair polo league. Or take part in a LARP (live-action role-playing) battle.Step 4: Get in touchNature nut? Honor the Earth Mother by trail running or hiking in the hills. Center your breathing — and your chakras — on a fitness retreat, or feel the flow in a trace dance class.Don’t forget to sp the love — get certified to teach Pilates or yoga.Step 5: Cross-trainToo spontaneous to settle into a routine? Break through boredom with cross-training, switching up your workouts every other day. Or hop on the trendy train with whatever fitness craze is of the moment.Step 6: Start smallMaybe you’re just really, really lazy. Start with baby steps — without leaving your couch. Play games that get you moving, or follow along with TV shows designed to get you healthy. You gotta start somewhere!Studies show exercise not only promotes better sleep, memory, and creativity, but it also can lead to better sex — for both men and women. Article/201007/109919

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