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重庆不孕不育症医院重庆妇科医院哪个较好Women in the UK and US are selling their breast milk online, despite serious concerns that it could be harmful for babies.一些来自英国和美国的女性在网上出售母乳引发争议,有专家提醒称这很可能对宝宝造成伤害。Mothers are using community forums, including Facebook, to make some quick cash out of their extra milk.这些妈妈们使用社交论坛,包括Facebook等社交媒体来出售母乳挣钱。Buying breast milk is tempting to new parents struggling to express their own, as it provides babies with better protection against illnesses and allergies compared to formula.对母乳不足的新妈妈们,在网上购买母乳非常有吸引力,因为与配方奶相比,母乳能增强宝宝的抵抗力,也使宝宝更不易过敏。Websites such as onlythebreast.com appear to answer this need, saying: #39;Our discrete breastfeeding breast milk classified system makes it possible to sell or buy breast milk in a clean, private way.#39;onlythebreast.com等网站满足了这一需求,网站上写道:我们离散的母乳分类体系让大家能够出售和购买母乳,购买渠道卫生且非常私密。Donor mothers list their milk under the age of their baby and if they can provide fresh milk on demand. A search around the site reveals women from Essex to Newcastle are offering it either fresh or frozen for around pound;1 per fluid ounce, while per ounce is the standard rate in the US. The site has 14,000 members.母乳提供者列出自己孩子的年龄,以及是否能根据需求量提供新鲜母乳。搜索该网站的信息可以看出,提供新鲜母乳或冷冻母乳的女性来自从艾塞克斯到纽卡斯尔等英国各地,售价大约在每液盎司1英镑,而美国的标准售价是每盎司2美元。该网站有1.4万名会员。The website#39;s founder Glenn Snow said he set it up after his wife Chelly said she wanted to sell her extra milk to give her some spending money as a stay-at-home mother.网站创建者格伦-斯诺称,之前她的妻子切丽说想要出售多余的母乳,给自己这个全职妈妈挣点零花钱,于是他想到了创建这个网站。Mothers can donate and receive breast milk for free via milk banks. These centres store breast milk for babies whose mothers can#39;t breastfeed. However, they give priority to babies who are sick.通过“母乳”,妈妈们可以免费提供或接受母乳。这些机构为无法吃到母乳的宝宝们储存母乳,但优先提供给生病的宝宝。The banks collect expressed milk from pre-screened mothers who have a plentiful supply and a baby under six-months old. It is then pasteurised before it is offered to nearby hospitals.这类机构在收集母乳前,会先对提供母乳的妈妈们进行筛选,她们的母乳量十分充足,而且宝宝出生不到半年。之后还会对母乳进行巴氏消毒,随后提供给附近的医院。But today doctors in Germany warned new parents against privately obtaining their baby#39;s food through social networks such as Facebook.但德国的一些医生警告新晋爸妈们,通过Facebook等社交网站私下获取母乳有很大风险。#39;Donors can be taking medicines or drugs, have infectious illnesses like AIDS or Hepatitis,#39; Wolfram Hartmann, president of the Professional Association of Pediatricians, said.儿科医生协会主席沃尔夫拉姆-哈夫曼说:“提供者可能在药,可能在吸毒,也可能感染了艾滋病或者肝炎。”#39;Nobody can check whether the unknown mother#39;s milk is harmless for the particular child#39; he warned, adding that the milk#39;s quality could also be affected during its transportation.“没人能检查出这些母乳对某个接受母乳的宝宝来说是否有害。”他还补充说,在运输过程中母乳也有可能变质。 /201210/204635合川永川区治疗子宫内膜炎多少钱 重庆市妇幼保健院治疗不孕不育好吗

巴南涪陵区产妇做检查好吗The world could solve a large part of its fiscal problems by scrapping .4tn in energy subsidies, the International Monetary Fund declared yesterday.国际货币基金组织(IMF)昨日宣称,如果世界各国能取消总计2.4万亿美元的能源补贴,各国的财政问题可在很大程度上得到解决。The fund’s call suggests higher fuel prices could become a central condition of IMF help in the future, with subsidies aly proving a sticking point in its talks with countries such as Egypt, Pakistan and Ukraine.IMF的呼吁显示,提高能源价格可能成为未来该组织提供援助的核心条件。能源补贴问题已成为IMF与埃及、巴基斯坦和乌克兰等国谈判中的一个症结。David Lipton, first deputy managing director of the IMF, said countries should scrap fuel subsidies and charge for the cost of pollution – but said the fund was not yet y to make carbon taxes a condition of its lending programmes.IMF第一副总裁戴维#8226;利普顿(David Lipton)表示,各国应废除能源补贴,并对污染成本收费。但他表示,IMF尚未打算将征收碳排放税列为其贷款计划的条件之一。“There are 20 countries that spend more than 5 per cent of GDP on energy subsidies,” said Mr Lipton. “It leads to a fiscal problem because the subsidies are so big that it threatens the fiscal sustainability of the country.”利普顿说:“目前有20个国家在能源补贴上的出超过其国内生产总值(GDP)的5%。补贴太高会威胁一国财政的可持续性,从而引发财政问题。”For the first time, the IMF has put a price on the worldwide fiscal cost of energy subsidies. It says regular subsidies, where the price of fuel is lower than the cost of producing it, amount to 0bn, mainly in developing countries.这是IMF首次给出全球能源补贴财政成本的总金额。IMF表示,各国提供的常规能源补贴(燃料价格低于燃料生产成本)总计达4800亿美元(主要是由发展中国家提供的)。But indirect subsidies, where countries do not fully charge energy users for the costs of pollution and congestion, add another .9tn, with 40 per cent in the developed world, the IMF says. Those figures are likely to be controversial because they count untaxed carbon emissions as a subsidy but do not include tax breaks for renewable energy such as wind.但除此之外,各国提供的间接补贴(指不向能源使用者收取全额的污染费和拥堵费)总计达1.9亿美元(其中40%是由发达国家提供的)。这些数字可能存在争议,因为IMF将未征税的碳排放也算作一项补贴,而风能等可再生能源享受的税收优惠却未被计算在内。In absolute terms the top three energy subsidisers are the US at 2bn, 9bn in China, and 6bn in Russia, according to the fund.IMF称,以绝对金额计算,世界上能源补贴最多的三个国家分别是:美国(5020亿美元)、中国(2790亿美元)和俄罗斯(1160亿美元)。The IMF is calling on developing countries to replace fuel subsidies with cash payments to the poorest people. Introducing the payments first can help to make scrapping the subsidy more politically palatable, it says.IMF呼吁发展中国家取消能源补贴,将节省下来的资金发给本国最贫穷人群。它表示,先行发放这类资金有助于让取消能源补贴之举在政治上变得更可接受。 /201303/232705重庆市爱德华做产前检查多少钱 SOMETIMES it#39;s the small things such as a stray hair or a dog that cause those who have vowed ;until death do us part#39;#39; to decide to return to the single life.有时一缕散发或一只那样的小事会导致那些宣誓“直至死亡才能把我们分开”的夫妻决心重返单身。Examples aren#39;t hard to find in Shanghai, where the divorce rate reached 39 percent last year, which earned the city a No. 2 ranking for splitting up among cities on the mainland, with 38,000 couples divorced.这样的例子在上海并不很难找到,去年那里的离婚率达到39%,在大陆离异城市中排名第二,有3万8千对夫妻离婚。A total of 12,096 couples divorced between January and April, while 41,282 couples tied the knot at the city#39;s marriage registration offices.1月和4月共有12096对夫妻离婚,同时有41282对情侣在城市的婚姻登记处喜结连理。A local woman has been living with a Samoyed dog since she was a teenager, the Shanghai Evening Post reported yesterday. Her mother gave her the dog, who feared her daughter felt lonely growing up in a single-parent family.一个当地妇女自青少年时代就一直和一只萨耶犬一起生活,《上海晚报》昨日报道。她妈妈送给了她这条,担心女儿在单亲家庭成长会感到孤独。Every time she went on a date with a local man, she brought her dog. When the man proposed, she asked that the dog be allowed to sleep on the bed with her after she got married. He agreed without realizing the consequences, the newspaper said.每次她与一个本地男人约会时都会带上她的。当这个男人求婚时,她问这只在她结婚后是否被允许和她一起睡床。他没有意识到后果地同意了,该报说。Every time he tried to go to bed, the dog barked at him and tried to attack him. The situation lasted for a month. The man complained, but the woman wouldn#39;t give in. The man then told his mother, who quarreled with the mother of the woman. They got a divorce.每次当他试图去睡觉时,那就会朝他叫唤,并试图攻击他。情况持续了一个月。这个男人抱怨着,但女人并没有屈。男人后来告诉了他母亲,他母亲和女人大吵了一架。他们离婚了。In another case, a man surnamed Jiang fell in love with a girl during a matchmaking event. They got married early this year. But problems soon emerged, the newspaper said.在另一个事例中,一位姓蒋的男人在相亲中爱上一个女孩。今年年初他们结婚了。但问题很快就出现了,该报说。Jiang lived alone at an apartment before he married. After the woman moved in, he felt uncomfortable every time he saw hair on the floor.蒋在他结婚前独自住公寓。在女人搬进来后,他每次看到地上的头发都会感到不舒。;I became irritable and thought it was extremely dirty and disorderly every time I saw long hair on the floor,; Jiang said, insisting he had no phobia.“我变得烦躁起来,每次我看到地上的长发就觉得这非常脏和混乱,”蒋说,他坚持自己没有洁癖。He picked up the hair, and asked his wife to clean up after combing. The woman agreed, but forgot sometimes. Quarrels broke out. The woman said she could not understand. One weekend, after Jiang saw a hair in the bathroom again, he could no longer bear it. The woman asked for a divorce. ;I cannot ensure that no hair will fall onto the floor the next second,; she said.他捡起头发,让他的妻子在梳头后清理干净。女人同意了,但有时还是会忘记。争吵爆发了。女人说她不能理解。一个周末在蒋再一次看见浴室里的头发时,他再也忍受不下去了。女人要求离婚。“我不能确保下次没有头发会掉到地上,”她说。The marriage lasted for half a year.这段婚姻只持续了半年。 /201211/208636石柱土家族自治县治疗阴道炎哪家医院最好的

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