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你是职场“带饭族”吗? -01-5 :53:1 来源: Some people may wonder why the girl in the same office suddenly stopped dining with them; others may be curious about what`s inside the boxes that people carry in the early morning subway.有的人也许会奇怪,为什么办公室里的那个女孩突然就不和大家一起吃饭了;有的人也许会好奇,那些早上乘地铁的上班族手拎的盒子里都装了些什么?A national survey led by China Youth Daily earlier this month showed that over 70 percent of the , questioned were aware of Daifanzu and 18 percent admitted to being one.本月初,由《中国青年报发起的一项全国性调查显示,在位受访者中,有70%以上的人表示身边就有这样的“带饭族”,同时有18%的人表示自己就是“带饭族”Concerns such as rising prices and food safety have prompted many office workers in big cities to safeguard the quality of their meal as well as the money in their pocket.物价上涨及食品安全问题引发公众担忧,这也促使大城市中的许多上班族盯紧自己的用餐安全,看紧自己的钱袋子Bring your own food“带饭族”New graduate Yang Yang just found a job working a website in Beijing."There are less and less options a reasonable lunch around the office, especially one under yuan (.5). I started to make my own food as soon as I started work; now I do it every workday," she said.应届毕业生杨洋(音译)刚刚在北京某网站找了一份工作她说:“公司周围价格合理的午餐越来越少,特别是元以下的那种我一开始上班就自己做饭了,现在我每天都这样”Although the editor with an international publication making good money, 7-year-old Laura Zhou also chooses to be a Daifanzu so that she can enjoy her own food in the office.She was aware of rising prices but what worried her most were the frequent reports concerning food safety, from illegally recycled cooking oil to contaminated vegetables.7岁的劳拉?周在一家国际出版社工作,虽然收入不错,但她还是选择做一名“带饭族”,这样她就可以在办公室里享用自制美食物价上涨是一方面原因,但最让她担心的还是频频曝光的各种食品安全事件,从非法回收食用油再到蔬菜农药残留超标And joining the Daifanzu is not just girls; 6-year-old business consultant Si Zeyang makes lunch himself, whenever he finds time."It is so important to eat healthy, and making my own food can do that," he said. "I recommend all office workers make their own lunch if time allows," he added. "If I have the time, I would like to cook and take my lunch [in] every day."带饭族不再仅仅是女孩们的专利6岁的商务顾问(男)司泽阳(音译)称只要有时间就自己做午饭他说:“健康饮食非常重要,自己做饭可以保饮食健康我建议如果时间允许,所有的上班族最好都能自带午餐如果我有时间,我愿意每天做饭然后带饭上班”Expertise better food专家建议"The best way is to find the balance among a wide arrangement of foods such as meat, grain, vegetable and so on," Zhou Jian, a nutrition professor with the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine said.Over-use of oil and sodium should be avoided, she added.北京中医药大学营养学教授周健说:“最好能在诸如肉类、粮食、蔬菜等食品中找到平衡”她补充道说,不要摄入过多的油和钠Canadian nutritionist Dolores Chung, director of the Hong Kong based Dynamic Health Centre, has some more detailed advice.位于香港的活力健康中心主管,加拿大营养学家德洛丽丝?钟也给出了一些详细的建议She says it is always important to use seasonable food. "I know big cabbages in winter are good in Beijing, some curried or spicy chicken, or mutton with rice, would be good winter-eating too, with sauces to go with rice."她指出食用应季食物非常重要“我知道北京冬天的大白菜很好,同时像咖喱或辣味的鸡(羊)肉饭这样加了调味酱的米饭也很适合冬季食用”Fruits and salads are most healthy as they don`t require reheating and maintain nutrition.Thermal containers, which can keep food warm a few hours, are recommended to avoid losing nutritional value in the microwave.水果和沙拉是最健康的,因为它们不需要加热,同时还能保营养不流失保温盒备受推崇,因为它可以保温几个小时,这样一来就不会因为使用微波炉加热而导致营养价值流失"Just reheat less than one minute or so… the vitamin C should still be kept," she said. "Always use a plastic lid, not fully covered, to keep the water in the food. Heavy meat should be avoided… better eat some foods which are easy to digest."德洛丽丝?钟建议:“加热不要超过一分钟,这样维生素C就不会损失为了保持食物中的水分,记得要用一个塑料盖子,但不要全部盖上不要吃太多肉,多吃些易于消化的食物”

Success on the red carpet can buy cachet that no advertising can - both designers and stars - and profits luxury brands years to come. With stakes that high, the more established houses are raising their game and leaving little room newcomers to make a splash, like they might have a decade ago.

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英语专四考试必备短语(7) -- 1:37: 来源: guess at sth 猜测 sth hatred of 仇恨hazard to 危险hunger 渴望impact on upon 对……的撞击,巨大影响improvement onin 对……的改进,提高increase in sth 增加,增长independence from 独立,自主influence on 对……的影响inquiry about 对……的查询inquiry into 对……的调查interaction with sth 相互作用inteference inwith 干涉,阻碍between among sthintroduction to 引言,介绍,入门memorial to sth 引进(物)

"I have been told, you know. But you try to keep the ego in check and just do the job and do it well. But then there is a part of you that goes, 'I really want this Tony.' But you don't want to say that to people."

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