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The trial of two Turkish journalists has resumed, with the two defendants facing charges of espionage and aiding a terrorist organization for their reporting that alleged the government was smuggling arms to Syria.土耳其法院对两名记者的审理继续进行。两名被告因在报道中称土耳其政府向叙利亚偷运武器而被指控犯有间谍罪和协助恐怖主义组织罪。The closed-door trial involves Cumhuriyet newspaper editor-in-chief Can Dundar and Ankara bureau chief Erdem Gul. They could get sentences of life imprisonment if found guilty.法庭对《共和报》总编#8226;丁达尔和驻安卡拉记者站主管埃德#8226;居尔进行闭门审理。如果罪名成立,两人将面临终身监禁。Their case, which has generated international interest as a test of press freedom, went to trial last Friday, but was adjourned until this week after opposition lawyers and politicians ignored the judge’s ruling to close the courtroom to the public.他们的案件被视为一场对新闻自由的考验,引起了国际关注。案件于上周五进行审理,但是由于反对起诉两名记者的律师和政界人士无视法官闭门审理案件的裁决所以被迫休庭。法院休庭到这个星期。Protesters have gathered at the courthouse in Istanbul calling, ;Free press, free society.;抗议者聚集在伊斯坦布尔的法院高喊“新闻自由,社会自由”的口号。The men are accused of publishing images that date back to January 2014 of Syria-bound trucks, which the newspaper said proved Turkey was smuggling arms into that country.两人被控刊登014年一月开往叙利亚的卡车的图片,《共和报》报道称,这些图片明土耳其当时在向叙利亚偷运武器。来 /201604/435540

China and Russia began eight days of naval drills in the South China Sea on Monday, a sign of increasingly tight links between the world’s second and third largest militaries as they seek to counter US influence in the region.中国和俄罗斯本周一开始在南中国海举行为期8天的海上军事演习。两国寻求抗衡美国在该地区的影响力,此次演习标志着世界第二大和第三大军事力量之间的联系日益紧密。The latest Chinese-Russian exercises, dubbed Joint Sea-2016, are the largest joint operations ever by the two navies, according to Chinese navy spokesman Liang Yang. 中国海军新闻发言人梁阳表示,此次中俄军演名为海上联合-2016,是两国海军迄今最大的一次联合军演。Island seizing activities, including anti-submarine operations, will feature alongside live fire drills and island defence.其亮点除了实弹演习、岛屿防御以外,还有包含反潜作战的夺控岛礁演练。The manoeuvres the fifth Sino-Russian joint naval exercises in various regions since 2012 come at a time of increasing tension in the South China Sea. 这是中俄两国012年以来在不同地区举行的第五次联合海上演习。China claims 85 per cent of the contested waters as sovereign territory, while Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei and Taiwan have competing claims.此次演习举行之际,正值南中国海形势日益紧张。中国主张这一争议海域5%为其主权领土,越南、菲律宾、马来西亚、文莱和台湾也提出了竞争性主张。In July, an arbitration court in The Hague criticised China’s efforts to build man-made islands in the waterway and said there was no historical basis for its sovereignty claims. 今年7月,海牙一仲裁庭批评了中国在这一水道建设人工岛的行为,并表示中国的主权主张没有历史依据。Chinas government rejected the ruling. 中国政府拒绝接受这一裁决。By holding the exercise with China regardless of the sensitivity of the issue, Russia is effectively showing its support for China, said Wang Haiyun, a retired major general previously stationed in Russia who is now a senior adviser to the China Institute for International Strategic Studies, while cautioning against over-interpretation. 中国国际战略学会(China Institute for International Strategic Studies)高级顾问、前中国驻俄罗斯陆海空武官、退役少将王海运表示,俄罗斯不顾该问题的敏感性而与中国举行联合军演,有效地展示了对中国的持。他同时告诫不要过度解读此次演习。The latest exercises feature naval surface ships, submarines, fixed-wing aircraft, ship-borne helicopters, marine corps, and amphibious armoured equipment from both navies. 最新军演的参演兵力包括来自两国海军的水面舰艇、潜艇、固定翼飞机、舰载直升机、海军陆战队以及两栖装甲装备。Last year the two countries held joint exercises in both the Sea of Japan and the Mediterranean. 去年,中俄两国曾在日本海和地中海开展联合军演。This year they will occur off the southern coast of Guangdong province, near the city of Zhanjiang, where the People’s Liberation Army Navy’s Nanhai fleet is based. 今年,两国将在广东省南海岸外靠近湛江市的海上开展演习,中国人民解放军南海舰队的基地就设在湛江。At the Group of 20 summit in the Chinese city of Hangzhou earlier this month, Russian president Vladimir Putin told reporters that Russia supports China’s stance on The Hague court’s ruling. 在本月早些时候于杭州举办0国集G20)峰会上,俄罗斯总统弗拉基米#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)告诉记者,俄罗斯持中国对海牙仲裁庭南中国海裁决的立场。Echoing China’s stance, he said non-regional powers should not interfere in the South China See issue, calling it counterproductive. 他呼应了中国的立场,表示域外大国不应干预南中国海问题,称那样做会产生反效果。When the exercises were announced in July, China defence ministry spokesman Yang Yujin called them routine and said they were not directed against third parties. 在今月两国联合军演的消息公布时,中国国防部发言人杨宇军称这是例行性演习,并表示演习不针对第三方。Li Xing, director of the Eurasian Studies Center at Beijing Normal University, said the timing and sensitivity of the naval exercise exemplify the high degree of co-operation between China and Russia. 北京师范大学亚欧研究中心主任李兴表示,海上演习的时间选择和敏感性表明中俄之间有着高度的合作。The fact that China and Russia are hosting military exercises jointly shows that the two countries have a very high level of mutual trust.中国和俄罗斯联合举行军演的事实说明,两国有着高度的互信。来 /201609/466008

  A cease-fire in Syria entered its first full day Tuesday with reports of widesp calm and a few instances of violence.星期二是叙利亚停火第一天。有报道说,叙利亚境内普遍平静,只有几起暴力事件发生。The halt in fighting went into effect after sundown Monday. Hours later, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry declared it “may be the last chanceto preserve the country fractured by five years of civil war.停战星期一日落时生效。几小时后,美国国务卿克里宣布,这可能是保护这个国家的“最后一次机会”了年内战导致叙利亚四分五裂。He said it is premature to make a determination on the U.S. and Russian brokered cease-fire’s effectiveness.克里说,现在判断美俄斡旋达成的停火协议是否有效仍为时过早。The agreement was announced early Saturday in Geneva by Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. It is supported by a number of other nations, including Iran, which is a backer of the Syrian government, and Turkey, which wants the removal of President Bashar al-Assad from power in Damascus.这个协议是由美国国务卿克里和俄罗斯外长拉夫罗夫上周六早上在日内瓦宣布的。协议得到了伊朗和土耳其等其它国家的持。伊朗持叙利亚政府,土耳其则希望把在大马士革的阿萨德总统赶下台。Making an appeal from the State Department podium for all parties to observe the cessation of hostilities, Kerry predicted there will be challenges in the immediate days ahead for the cease-fire to hold, and clearing the way for significant humanitarian access to some of the hardest-hit areas to resume.克里在美国国务院发表讲话,呼吁有关各方停止敌对行动,他预计,接下来几天,要想维持停火,并为人道援助重新进入饱受战争蹂躏的地区扫清道路,将遇到重重挑战。Seven days of relative calm under the agreement would lead to U.S.-Russian coordinated air strikes against Islamic State and the al-Nusra Front (which now calls itself Jabhat Fateh al-Sham), considered to be a branch of al-Qaida.如果根据该协议保天的相对平静,美俄就可以相互协调,针对伊斯兰国组织以及被认为是基地组织分的努斯拉阵线实施空中打击。Kerry characterized the situation in Syria as the most complex conflict he has confronted in his decades of service as a U.S. senator and America’s top diplomat, because “there are a bunch of wars going onthere.克里形容叙利亚的局势是他在担任美国联邦参议员和国务卿的几十年间所遇到的最复杂的冲突,因为那里“进行着好几场战争。”来 /201609/466471


  It is fitting that a man who lost so much money in the casino business will meet his final showdown in Las Vegas. 对一个在生意上亏掉很多钱的人来说,在迎来最后的决战是恰当的。At this point Donald Trump’s third and final televised debate with Hillary Clinton on Wednesday the odds are stacked against him. 就目前而言——唐纳德#8226;特朗Donald Trump)将于本周三(北京时间周四)与希拉#8226;克林Hillary Clinton)进行第三轮、也是最后一轮的电视辩论——形势对特朗普不利。Having squandered his near parity with Mrs Clinton in September, Mr Trump has launched a breathtaking electoral blitzkrieg.特朗普没有把握住今年9月与希拉里几乎势均力敌的机会,但他已经发起了惊人的选举闪电战。Is it the last gamble of an undisciplined narcissist? Or does scorched-earth Mr Trump pose a threat to US democracy?这是一位不守规矩的自恋狂的最后一搏?抑或是采取焦土策略的特朗普对美国民主构成了威胁?Anyone concerned about America’s future role in the world should be relieved Mr Trump is the challenger. 任何关心美国未来在世界的角色的人都应该感到欣慰的是,特朗普是挑战者。Imagine the state of the race were he capable of staying on message. 如果他能够做到有的放矢,想象现在选情会是什么样子吧。Instead of denigrating the women who have made allegations of sexual misconduct against him, Mr Trump would be focusing on his case for Americanism versus Mrs Clinton’s globalism. 特朗普会着重阐述持美国主义的理由,来对决希拉里的全球主义,而不是贬低那些对他提出性骚扰指控的女性。He might have a serious chance of winning.那么他胜算可能很大。Those who think Mr Trump owes his likely defeat to his brand of nationalist populism should beware of drawing hasty conclusions. 那些认为特朗普因民族民粹主义标签而可能败选的人别急着下结论。The chief obstacle to Mr Trump’s victory is his character. 特朗普取胜的主要障碍是他的性格,He just cannot help himself.他只是克制不住自己。His advisers have pleaded with him to stay focused on the main themes. 他的顾问们请求他紧紧围绕主要议题。The Trump campaign’s strategy is to suppress turnout for Mrs Clinton by depicting her as a creature of internationalist corporate elites. 特朗普团队的策略是将希拉里刻画为国际主义企业精英的傀儡,从而拉低她的持率。The campaign’s other plank is to boost Mr Trump’s turnout by making the case that only a renegade outsider can fix a corrupt Washington.特朗普团队的其他策略是通过阐明只有叛逆的局外人才能解决华盛顿的腐败问题,从而提升特朗普的持率。It is a straightforward argument. 这种观点简单直接。But Mr Trump is unable to stick to it for more than a few minutes. 但特朗普对这种观点连几分钟也坚持不了。Invariably he gets drawn into horrifying tirades against his female accusers. 他总是令人震惊地长篇累牍地攻击指控他性骚扰的女性。Believe me, she would not have been my first choice, he said of one alleged victim.他在谈及一位据称遭受他侵害的女性说道:相信我,她不会是我的第一选择。As a result, he has lost the support of his party. 结果是,他失去了共和党党内的持。For the first time, the Republican National Committee is spending zero dollars on television advertising for the party’s White House nominee, according to Politico. 据Politico表示,美国共和党全国委员Republican National Committee)首次没有为该党总统候选人的电视广告出一分钱。Instead, the party’s resources are going to congressional races. 共和党把资源投向了国会选举。Likewise, its leaders have broken precedent by dissociating from their presidential candidate.同样,该党领导人史无前例地与他们的总统候选人保持距离。Most Republicans acquiesced with Mr Trump America first message. 大多数共和党人暗中同意特朗普传达的美国优先论。They also shared his revilement of Mrs Clinton as most still do. 他们也认同特朗普对希拉里的抨击——大多数人仍在继续抨击。They even tolerated the wall with Mexico. 他们甚至容忍特朗普提出的在美墨边境修建隔离墙的主张。What caused Republicans to un-endorse Mr Trump in the past week was the way in which he talks about women.在过去一周让共和党人不再为特朗普背书的是他谈论女性的方式。Yet his official message is also veering into fantastic self-parody. 然而,特朗普传达出的正式信息也在转向奇特的自我调侃。There is a powerful case to be made that Mrs Clinton stands for business as usual. 我们完全有理由说,希拉里像往常一样代表企业利益。Most Americans do not like the direction in which their country is headed. 大多数美国人不喜欢美国的走向。Most distrust Mrs Clinton. 大多数人不信任希拉里。Even now, after all that has happened, Mr Trump still attracts the support of about 40 per cent of likely voters. 即便在发生这么多事情之后,特朗普仍吸引了大约40%的潜在选民的持。Mrs Clinton’s lead is between five and nine percentage points. 希拉里领个百分点。A cardboard cut-out might have given her a run for her money. 一个硬纸板剪成的希拉里图片表明她难以轻松获胜,Mr Trump is hell-bent on playing a real live monster.而特朗普铁了心要扮演一个真正的怪物。His latest conspiracy theory could have been lifted from the Protocols of the Elders of Zion an early 20th century forgery that stirred up anti-Semitic hatred. 他最近提出的阴谋论可能模仿《锡安长老会纪要The Protocols of the Elders of Zion)——那0世纪初的伪造之作,它激发了对犹太人的仇恨。It is one thing to say that Mrs Clinton is cosy with the elites who have rigged the game in their favour. 说希拉里与操纵大选的精英们关系密切是一回事。There is plenty of truth to that. 这在很大程度上是真的。It is preposterous to claim she plots secretly with global bankers to rob America of its sovereignty. 但宣称希拉里与全球家密谋剥夺美国的主权地位就很荒唐了。In Mr Trump’s paranoid imaginings, the Clintonsco-conspirators include the Republican establishment, corporate America, neoconservatives and Pope Francis. 在特朗普的偏执型妄想中,希拉里的合谋对象包括共和党建制派、美国企业、新保守主义者以及教皇方济各(Pope Francis)。It must be a huge meeting room.会议室必须非常大才能容纳下这么多人。What will the next three weeks look like? Mr Trump’s only sliver of hope lies in an improbable string of accidents that would derail Mrs Clinton’s campaign. 接下周的情况如何?特朗普的唯一一线希望在于发生一系列让希拉里的竞选脱轨的事件,这基本上不太可胀?This might include a serious health scare. 这些事件可能包括希拉里出现严重的健康问题。If she were to collapse again in public, as she did with pneumonia last month, it would revive doubts about her stamina.如果希拉里再次当众摔倒——就像她上月因肺炎而摔倒一样——人们就会对她的精力产生怀疑。Mr Trump has laid the ground for this. 特朗普已经为此做了铺垫。On Saturday he said they should both take drugs tests before the final debate. 上周末,特朗普说,他们在最后一场辩论之前应该进行毒品测试。Likewise, if there were a Paris or Nice-scale Islamist terrorist attack in the US, it might panic swing voters into the arms of the strongman. 同样,如果美国发生巴黎或尼斯那种规模的伊斯兰恐怖袭击活动,选民们就会惊慌失措地转向持强人政治。Or if WikiLeaks revealed a bang-to-rights case of the Clintons taking money for political favours, it would boost Mr Trump’s global conspiracy.或者如果维基解WikiLeaks)据确凿地曝出希拉里接受政治献金的新闻,就会持特朗普的全球阴谋论。Even these may not be enough. 发生这些事件可能还不够。The one thing that is theoretically within Mr Trump’s control is that which is least likely to happen running a stable campaign that conveys his fitness to govern. 就理论而言,特朗普能够控制的一件事情是,按部就班地竞选,传递只有他才适合治理这个国家的信息——但这也是最不可能发生的。There is a higher chance of Mrs Clinton hosting The Apprentice. 相比之下,希拉里主持《飞黄腾达The Apprentice,又译《学徒的可能性还更大一些。Yet little comfort should be drawn from his likely demise. 然而,特朗普的可能出局应该不会带来多少慰藉。At some point a more self-possessed version of Mr Trump might pick up the baton.在某个时候,一个更有自制力的特朗普可能会捡起指挥棒。In the meantime, he is unleashing demons. 与此同时,特朗普正在放出魔鬼。Their big victim is the Republican party. 共和党深受其害。Mr Trump has exposed a weak establishment that no longer leads its rank and file, but is terrified of following it.特朗普让人们看到一个疲弱的建制派,他们不再引领基层党员,而是害怕贴近基层。The Republican Humpty Dumpty is in pieces. 笨拙臃肿的共和党成了一盘散沙。He has also opened up cracks in US democracy. 特朗普也让美国民主产生裂痕。By predicting a rigged election, Mr Trump has sown doubts about the whole system. 特朗普预测选举受到操纵,从而让人们对整个体系产生怀疑。It is a habit Mr Trump perfected with his casinos. 特朗普在他的上完善了这一习惯。He racks up huge losses. 他遭受巨亏。Everyone else is stuck with the bill.其他所有人都不得不付账单。来 /201610/472550


  Former ed Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said Wednesday he will not run for president of South Korea.联合国前秘书长潘基文周三表示,他不会竞选韩国总统。Ban had generated interest as a top candidate to succeed Park Geun-hye, who was impeached in December over a corruption scandal, but his support in opinion polls has been falling.自去2月韩国总统朴槿惠因腐败丑闻遭议会弹劾后,潘基文已经成为人们感兴趣的首选总统候选人,但他在民意调查中的持率一直在下降。He told reporters Wednesday he was disappointed by the countrys political establishment. ;I have decided to give up the pure intention of trying to lead political change and accomplish national reconciliation,; he said.潘基文星期三对记者说,他对韩国的政治机构感到失望。他说,“我已经决定放弃试图领导政治变革和实现民族和解的单纯想法。”Ban served for two years as South Koreas foreign minister before leading the U.N. for a decade.潘基文在担任10年联合国秘书长之前,曾任两年韩国外交部长。A court is considering Parks impeachment, and if it upholds the decision, then a presidential election for her replacement would come two months later.目前朴槿惠的弹劾案正在法庭审阅,如果弹劾决定不变的话,两个月后将举行替任总统的选举。来 /201702/490287US President Barack Obama has cut short the jail sentences of 214 federal inmates, including 67 life sentences, in what officials say is the single biggest act of presidential clemency in more than 100 years.日前,美国总统贝拉克·奥巴马缩短14名联邦囚犯的监禁刑期,其中包7名无期徒刑犯人。官方表示,这创下了至少100年以来总统一天之内减刑数量之最的记录。Most of those affected were guilty of non-violent crimes, many involving possession or distribution of drugs.被赦免的犯人中大多数都是非暴力犯罪,许多人都是因持有和贩卖毒品而入狱。The president has now made 562 commutations, officials say. He has authorised more than the previous nine presidents combined. Almost all the prisoners were convicted for crimes related to cocaine, methamphetamine or other drugs.有官员表示,奥巴马目前为止已经对562人做出了减刑赦免。他赦免的人数比前九任总统赦免加起来还要多。几乎所有犯人被判有罪的原因都是犯下了和可卡因、冰毒以及其他毒品有关的罪行。A few are in jail for firearms violations related to their drug activities. Almost all those affected are men, representing a diverse geographical cross-section of the US.一部分被判入狱是因为犯下了和毒品活动相关的违法行为。被赦免的犯人几乎全部是男性,他们来自美国不同的地方;All of the individuals receiving commutation were incarcerated under outdated and unduly harsh sentencing laws,; White House counsel Neil Eggleston wrote in a blog post. ;They embody the presidents belief that America is a nation of second chances.;白宫法律顾问尼尔·埃格尔斯顿在其一篇文中写道:“这次所有被减刑的犯人们都曾因过时和量刑过重的法律而被囚禁。他们体现了奥巴马总统的信-美国是一个有第二次机会的国家。”Correspondents say that Mr Obamas drive to reduce the sentences of non-violent drug offenders as part of his clemency initiative reflects his long-held belief that the US needs to introduce less severe sentencing requirements.有记者指出,奥巴马对这些非暴力毒品犯罪者减刑的行为是其特赦计划的一部分,反映出了他长久以来所秉持的信-美国需要引入不那么严苛的量刑要求。One of the inmates benefitting from the presidents leniency is reported by the AP news agency to be Dicky Joe Jackson of Texas. He was sentenced to life in 1996 for methamphetamine violations and for being a felon with an unlicensed gun.据美联社报道,在受益于此次总统赦免的犯人中,有一名犯人是来自于德州的迪克·乔·杰克逊。在1996年,他因冰毒犯罪和无持被判终身监禁。Jackson was reported to have said in 2013 that he would have preferred a death sentence: ;I wish it were over, even if it meant I were dead.;据报道,杰克逊于2013年曾表示,自己宁愿被判死刑:“我希望这一切在那时就能够结束,即便这意味着我已经死了。”来 /201608/460306




  Eleven people, including 7 police officers, were killed and 36 wounded in an explosion in central Istanbul during the morning rush hour on Tuesday, Istanbuls governor confirmed.土耳其城市伊斯坦布尔的行政长官实,伊斯坦布尔市中心星期二上午早高峰时发生一起爆炸,造成11人死亡,36人受伤,死者中包括7名警察。A car packed with explosives detonated while passing a bus reportedly full of riot police.一辆装满炸药的小轿车在驶过一辆巴士时爆炸,据报那辆巴士上乘坐的都是防暴警察。Multiple ambulances were sent to the scene in the central district of Vezneciler, near Istanbul University and a popular tourist destination - Bayezit square.多辆救护车被派到位于伊斯坦布尔大学和旅游景点巴耶赛特广场附近的爆炸现场。No group has immediately claimed responsibility for the attack, though Islamic State has recently carried out attacks in Turkey. The Kurdish workers party, or PKK, has also been targeting Turkish police and military since July.目前还没有任何组织宣布对袭击负责,不过伊斯兰国最近曾在土耳其发动袭击。自去年7月以来,库尔德工人党也一直把土耳其警察和军人作为袭击目标。来 /201606/448327


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