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When a customer checks into a flight with ed Airlines UAL -0.30% , there is typically an array of potential add-on offers to navigate through: flight upgrades, access to the airline’s ed Club, and more.旅客搭乘美国联合航空公司(ed Airlines,简称“美联航”)的班机时,通常还会涉及一连串潜在的附加务,比如升舱、是否有权进入贵宾室等等。Under ed’s old “collect and analyze” approach to data, the airline would use information about customers’ choices about those items, in aggregated fashion to “see what the most successful products were, and market with those [insights] in mind,” said Scott Wilson, the company’s vice president of e-commerce and merchandising.美联航电子商务与经营副总裁斯科特o威尔森介绍说,按照公司过去采用的“收集与分析”数据法,美联航会把旅客选择这些务的信息汇总到一起,来看“什么才是最成功的产品,然后据此进行营销。”That approach has changed. As of the beginning of this year, “collect, detect, act” is ed’s new data-focused mantra, and it’s changing the way the airline serves its customers.现在,这种方法已经发生了变化。自从今年年初起,美联航已经把“收集、探测、行动”定为新的数据收集三步曲,同时还在革新务旅客的方式。“Now we look at who the customer is and his or her propensity to buy certain products,” Wilson explained. More than 150 variables about that customer—prior purchases and previous destinations among them—are now assessed in real time to determine an individual’s likely actions, rather than an aggregated group of customers.威尔森介绍说:“现在我们会研究旅客是谁,以及他是否有购买我们某种产品的倾向。”现在美联航为了实时评估一名旅客的可能动向,会加入150多个影响旅客消费的变量,以及旅客之前的旅行目的地进行计算,而不再只是把大量旅客数据汇总到一起。The result, delivered in about 200 milliseconds later, is a dynamically generated offer tailored to the individual. Its terms, on-screen layout, copy, and other elements will vary based on an individual’s collected data. For ed, the refined approach led to an increase in year-over-year ancillary revenue of more than 15 percent, he said.计算结果大概在200毫秒后就会得出,可以说它是根据一名旅客的实际情况量身打造并动态生成的务建议。另外,它的务条款、页面布局、拷贝和其它因素也会根据旅客的具体信息而有所不同。采用新的收据分析法后,联合航空的副业收入年增率超过了15%。‘Airlines evolved big data’“航空业催化大数据”Welcome to the big data era in the airline industry, which in many ways was one of its earliest participants.欢迎来到航空业的大数据时代。从很多方面来看,航空业都是大数据最早的参与者之一。“Airlines are awash in data, much of it unstructured,” said Bob Mann, an industry analyst with R.W. Mann amp; Co. But only recently have airlines been able to use big-data techniques “to solve, among other objectives, how to recognize and enhance customer value, and how to cultivate high-value customers,” he said.R.W. Mann amp; Co公司的行业分析师鲍伯o曼恩指出:“航空业是一个浸泡在数据中的行业,其中有大量数据是无组织的。直到最近,各大航空公司才能依靠大数据技术来“解决如何识别和提高旅客价值以及如何培养高价值的旅客等问题。”“Airlines have always been very good at collecting data, but they haven’t always been good at using it,” ed’s Wilson said. Now that the costs of storing and processing data have dropped—even as airlines collect more and more of it—it’s becoming easier for a company to act on it. At ed, roughly a terabyte of customer data is floating around at any given time within its systems. “We don’t keep it all,” Wilson said. “We have to be selective about what we grab.” For the data that is selected, a real-time decision engine does the crunching to turn it into something useful.美联航的威尔森指出:“航空业一直在收集数据上做得很好,但他们在利用数据上却并不是一直都很擅长。”现在尽管各大航空公司收集的数据越来越多,但存储和处理数据的成本却已经显著下降,因此也降低了航空公司运用数据的难度。联合航空公司的系统中无论任何时候都在处理着1兆兆字节左右的数据。威尔森说:“我们不会保存所有数据,我们必须有选择性地攫取有用的数据。”对于被选中的数据来说,会有一个实时决策引擎负责相关的处理工作,将它们变成有用的信息。It starts at the baggage carousel从行李传送带开始One area in which the effects of big data technology are visible is in the handling of customers’ luggage. “We have over a number of years invested millions of dollars in baggage tracking,” said Paul Skrbec, a spokesman with Delta Air Lines. “That was one of those core, behind-the-scenes services for our customers.”大家可以在处理旅客行李方面清楚地看到大数据技术的效用。达美航空(Delta Air Lines)发言人保罗o斯科贝克说:“我们花费了好几年的努力,在行李跟踪上投入了数百万美元的资金。它是我们为旅客提供的核心幕后务之一。”Millions of bags are checked each year with Delta DAL -0.33% —a total of 130 million are projected for 2014, Skrbec said—and “every customer has had the experience of boarding a plane after checking their bag and wondering if it was there.”达美航空每年都要处理成百上千万件行李。斯科贝克表示,2014年,达美航空预计总共将处理1.3亿件行李,而且,“每名旅客都有托运完行李上了飞机之后,担心行李是否会丢失的经历。”Through the use of hand-held baggage scanners used at passenger check-in, “we’ve had all this tracking data available,” Skrbec said. But “one of the things we realized about two years ago is that customers would benefit from having that information.”斯科贝克表示,通过在值机时使用手持式行李扫描仪,“我们可以获取所有的追踪数据。但是两年前我们意识到一个问题,那就是旅客也可以通过这些信息获得好处。”Which is why Delta was the first major airline to launch an application allowing customers to track their bags from their mobile devices, he said. Spanning the iOS, Google Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone mobile operating systems, the free app has been downloaded more than 11 million times.因此,达美航空率先推出了一款移动应用,让旅客可以在自己的移动设备上追踪自己的行李。这款应用在iOS、安卓、黑莓、WP平台上均可下载,目前总下载量已经超过1100万次。In search of new revenue streams寻找新的收入流It’s a similar story at Southwest Airlines LUV 1.54% , which is using big data to determine which new customer services to implement.美国西南航空公司(Southwest Airlines)也在利用大数据技术来决定应该部署哪些新的旅务。“Southwest uses aggregated, anonymous customer data to promote products, services, and featured offers to customers on multiple channels, devices, and websites including Southwest.com,” said Dan Landson, a company spokesman. “By observing and looking into customer behaviors and actions online, we are better suited to offer our travelers the best rates and experiences possible. We also use this data to support the evolving relationships with our customers.”西南航空发言人丹o兰德森说:“西南航空利用汇总的匿名用户数据,通过多个渠道、多个设备以及包括公司官网Southwest.com在内的多个网站,向顾客推广产品、务以及各种个性化务。通过观察和研究旅客在互联网上的行为和活动,我们能更好地向旅客提供最优惠的机票和最好的旅行体验。同时我们也利用这些数据来进一步改善我们与旅客的关系。”For example, “we look at the city pairs that are being searched to help us determine what type of service we should have on a specific route,” Landson said.比如兰德森说:“通过研究旅客在网上搜索的直飞城市,可以帮助我们决定在某一特定航线上应该推出哪种务。”The payoff? “Our customer and loyalty segments grow year-over-year,” Landson said. “We believe that intelligent, data-based targeting has a lot to do with that growth.”这样做的成效如何呢?兰德森称:“我们的旅客人数和忠诚度都在逐年增加。我们认为,这种智能化的、基于数据的定位方法对公司的增长起了很大的促进作用。”‘ million per week’“每周100万美元”The benefits of a data-focused approach may be easy to understand, but execution is another matter entirely. For most airlines, the first problem lies in “bringing together all sorts of disparate silos of passenger information—booking information from transaction systems, web and mobile behavior (including searches, visits, abandoned carts), email data, customer service info, etc.—to create a single, consolidated view of the customer,” said Allyson Pelletier, vice president of marketing with Boxever, which offers a marketing platform focused on putting big data to work for the travel industry.以数据为中心的经营方式听起来似乎很好理解,但执行起来就全然是另一回事了。差旅业大数据营销平台Boxever公司的营销副总裁艾莉森o佩列蒂耶指出,对于大多数航空公司来说,第一个拦路虎就是“如何把各类孤立的乘客信息整合到一起——比如交易系统中的订票信息、网络和移动行为(包括搜索、访问、退订)、电子邮件数据、信息等等——以建立一个统一的顾客视角。”“Armed with this information, and the resulting insights, they can then take specific action that helps them convert more visitors on-site, secure more revenue, or increase loyalty across any channel,” Pelletier said.佩列蒂耶说:“有了这些信息和根据这些信息得出的见解,各大航空公司就可以采取相应的行动,帮助他们将更多消费者转化成自己的顾客,获得更多收益,提高一切渠道上的顾客忠诚度。”At Norwegian airline Wideroe, for example, a single customer view “enables agents in the call center to understand the full history of the customer—not just the customer service history, but also their recent visits to the website or promotional emails they’ve opened,” she explained. “After they solve the customer service issue at hand, they’re in a powerful position to then recommend the most appropriate ancillary service—driving add-on revenue—or offer a complimentary upgrade, thereby driving loyalty.”佩列蒂耶解释道,以挪威的威德罗航空公司(Wideroe)为例,一个统一的顾客视角“可以让呼叫中心的销售代表了解顾客的全部活动记录,而不仅仅是客户务历史。也就是说,销售代表还能了解顾客最近是否曾访问过公司官网,或者是否曾经打开过公司的营销邮件。因此,在解决完手头上的客户务问题后,他们处在一个非常有利的位置来推销最适合该顾客的附加务,这样一来就可以创造额外收入。或者他也可以根据手头上的信息向旅客提供免费升舱,这样一来也可以提高客户忠诚度。”Insights garnered from a single customer view can also drive personalized messaging into various communications channels, and email is a popular starting place, Pelletier noted.佩列蒂耶指出,航空公司通过统一顾客视角获得的见解也可以转化成务信息,通过各种通讯渠道传递给旅客,而电子邮件正是一个非常热门的出发点。“One of our largest clients in Europe uses Boxever to understand abandoned carts and then trigger personalized emails to the abandoners,” she said. “They reported back subsequent bookings of million per week from these communications.”佩列蒂耶说:“我们在欧洲有一个最大的客户,它利用Boxever平台来了解机票的退订情况,然后向退订者发送电子邮件。据这个客户反映,在发送了这些邮件之后,有很多退订的人随后又重新在他们那里订购了机票,由此每周都为它多创造了100万美元的收入。”Boxever also cites a 21 percent reduction in customer-acquisition costs on paid media “by understanding who the customer was, where they came from and whether or not they were aly a customer,” said Dave O’Flanagan, the company’s chief executive. “This way they could start to move those customers away from expensive acquisition channels to retention channels, like email, which is much cheaper.” There is also potential for a 17 percent uplift in conversion on ancillary cross-sells, such as adding hotel or car to a booking, he added.Boxever公司首席执行官戴夫o奥o弗拉纳根还称:“由于了解了顾客是谁,来自哪里,他们是否已经是自己的顾客”,有些航空公司花在付费媒体上的获取顾客成本降低了21%。“通过这种方式,航空公司可以把这些顾客从昂贵的顾客获取渠道转移到成本低得多的电子邮件等顾客保留渠道上。”另外弗拉纳根还表示,各大航空公司通过附带的交叉销售(比如酒店、租车等),这方面的收益还有提高17%的潜力。‘Few companies are really leveraging big data’“只有极少的公司真正利用了大数据”Exciting though those benefits may be, there’s an even bigger pool of potential payoffs remaining untouched. “Surprisingly few [airline] companies are really leveraging big data today,” O’Flanagan said.不过弗拉纳根还指出,虽然大数据的这些好处令人兴奋,但是大数据的更多潜能仍然没有得到挖掘。“令人惊讶的是,目前只有极少的航空公司真正利用了大数据。”Indeed, “I’ve not seen a single major airline with an integrated ‘big data’ business solution, nor an airline with a plan to integrate such a program,” said Richard Eastman, founder and president of The Eastman Group, which builds travel software.差旅软件公司Eastman集团创始人兼董事长理查德o伊斯曼也认同这个观点。他说:“我还没见过任何一家主流航空公司出台了完整成的‘大数据’业务解决方案,也没有任何一家航空公司有整合这样一个方案的计划。”That depends on how one defines big data, however. “The airlines will tell you they ‘have it all’ without really knowing or understanding what ‘big data’ really is,” Eastman said. “Airline managements remain so focused on selling seats with their existing inventory systems that they have ignored buyer information needs as well as the tools that would enable them to reach out to buyers and travelers to serve those needs—let alone, reach buyers at decision-making moments.”不过这还得取决于一家公司怎样定义“大数据”。伊斯曼说:“不少航空公司可能会告诉你,他们‘该有的都有了’,但事实上他们并不了解‘大数据’究竟是什么。各大航空公司的管理层仍然非常重视通过现有的库存管理系统销售机票,因此可能忽视了消费者的需求信息,以及那些能够帮助他们满足消费者与旅客需求的工具,更不用说在决策层面去接近消费者了。”Marketing, flight operations and crew operations are all areas of rich opportunity, O’Flanagan said.弗拉纳根表示,营销、航班操作与机组人员操作等领域也蕴含着大数据的大量机会。“I think there’s still a huge unmet need in the marketing and customer experience area,” he said. “Companies like Google are trying to be the ultimate assistant with technologies like Google Now. I think there’s a huge opportunity for airlines to create a helpful travel assistant that knows what I need before I do by combining data with mobile—helping people through airports, in-destination, right throughout the whole travel journey.他说:“我认为,在营销和旅客体验等领域,仍然有大量的需求没有得到满足。像谷歌(Google)等公司正在通过Google Now等工具,试图成为航空业的终极助手。我认为如果航空公司构建一个有用的差旅助手,通过将数据与移动整合到一起,能够提前知道我的需求的话,这对航空公司来说将是一个巨大的机会。另外,它也能在从出发地到目的地的整段旅程为人们提供帮助。”“Imagine a travel application that knows where I am, that I’m traveling with my family and that the weather is bad on our beach holiday. It could start to offer alternative itineraries close by that are family-friendly and not weather-dependent. These are truly valuable things an airline could do for me if they could use big data effectively and join the dots between me, my travel experience and environmental factors affecting that.”“想象一下,如果有这样一款旅行应用,能够知道我在哪,知道我要和家人一起旅游,知道我们要去的海滨城市正好天气很糟糕,而且它可以为我们提供一个替代行程,既适合全家人旅游,又不那么依赖于天气。一家航空公司如果能够有效利用大数据,考虑到我的旅行体验和环境因素,替我把所有的点连在一起,那么它对我来说的确会非常有价值。” /201406/307773Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic is battling to keep alive its dream of putting tourists into space as accusations surfaced that the company had ignored safety warnings, and its dwindling finances came under scrutiny.李察#8226;布莱信爵士(Sir Richard Branson)创立的维珍(Virgin Galactic)正努力让其将游客送入太空的梦想继续存活,此际,外界指控其忽视安全警告。同时,该公司日渐缩减的财力也成为关注的焦点之一。The head of the company rejected accusations that it had taken risks with its novel rocket propulsion system and said that it could have a new spacecraft y to fly next year.维珍CEO乔治#8226;怀特赛兹(George Whitesides)否认了这些指控,并表示,该公司考虑到了最新火箭推进系统的风险,同时宣称新的宇宙飞船可能会在明年建成飞行。George Whitesides, Virgin Galactic chief executive, said that claims from others in the space industry that Sir Richard Branson’s space tourism company was running high risks marked a difference of professional opinion rather than valid warnings.他说,航空界人士对李察爵士的太空旅游公司存在高风险的指控,仅代表不同的专业意见,并非有充分根据的安全警告。At the same time, Sir Richard’s Virgin Group confirmed that it was supporting the day-to-day expenses of Virgin Galactic of Virgin Galactic out of its own pocket after the money for the initial financing for the project, including 0m put up by an Abu Dhabi government investment vehicle, had been exhausted.同时,李察爵士的维珍集团(Virgin Group)实,在该项目的初期融资(包括阿布扎比一政府投资机构提供的4亿美元)用完后,维珍的日常费用现在由维珍集团提供。The possibility of further delays and the danger of cutbacks by Virgin were being watched nervously at the Mojave spaceport, a collection of hangars alongside a dusty strip of diners and cheap motels that has become a focus for the new private space industry.在莫哈维航空港,人们对项目进一步拖延的可能忧心及维珍削减经费的风险充满担忧。Friday’s flight was the first to use the new fuel system, which the Virgin Galactic chief executive acknowledged had been put through a full test cycle on the ground only a handful of times.上周五,维珍(Virgin Galactic)的“太空船2号”(SpaceShipTwo)在一次飞行测试中发生爆炸,两名飞行员一死一伤。此次试飞是维珍首次使用新的燃料系统,怀特赛兹承认仅在地面经过了为数不多的完整测试周期。US government investigators said late on Saturday that it was too early to reach any conclusions about the cause of the crash or how long the Virgin Galactic programme would be closed down. A full report could take a year, said Christopher Hart, acting chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board.美国政府调查人员上周六晚表示,现在就对飞船坠毁的原因以及维珍项目多久将被关闭做出任何结论,还为时过早。美国国家运输安全委员会(National Transportation Safety Board)代主席克里斯托弗#8226;哈特(Christopher Hart)表示,全面报告可能会耗时一年。Even if it ultimately clears Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo of any major flaws, the length of the NTSB investigation looks set to complicate further Sir Richard’s hopes of getting back to development of the project, which is aly years behind schedule.即便报告最终认定维珍的“太空船2号”(SpaceShipTwo)不存在任何重大缺陷,该委员会的调查时间之长也将进一步打击李察爵士让该项目重新上马的希望,该项目已较原计划拖延数年。A second spacecraft under construction for the last three years in New Mexico is “65 per cent complete”, Mr Whitesides said, adding that it could be y to fly next year, once the cause of last week’s accident has been resolved. “The second spaceship is getting close to iness,” he said.怀特赛兹表示,过去3年在新墨西哥州在建的第二艘宇宙飞船已“完工65%”,他补充称,一旦查清上周事故的原因,这架飞船可能会在明年起飞。他表示:“这架飞船正接近完工。” /201411/340802Have you ever spent an afternoon in the backyard, maybe grilling or enjoying a basketball game, when suddenly you notice that everything goes quiet? The air seems still and calm;even the birds stop singing and quickly return to their nests.你可曾有过这样的经历:某天下午正在后院烧烤或者打篮球的时候,突然发现一切瞬间变得安静下来,空气似乎凝结了,连鸟儿也不再歌唱而转身躲回窝里去了?After a few minutes, you feel a change in the air, and suddenly a line of clouds ominously appears on the horizon;clouds with a look that tells you they aren#39;t fooling around. You quickly dash in the house and narrowly miss the first fat raindrops that fall right before the downpour. At this moment, you might stop and ask yourself, ;Why was it so calm and peaceful right before the storm hit?;几分钟后,你感觉到空气中有所变化,忽然之间一排乌云出现在地平线上,让人有种不祥的预感;;乌云的样子好像是在告诉你它们可不只是做做样子而已。你急冲进屋里,险些被瓢泼大雨前掉下的大雨点砸个正着。此时,你也许会停下来问自己:;为什么暴风雨来临前是那么宁静安详呢?;It#39;s an intriguing phenomenon that people have recognized for centuries, but what on earth causes this calm? And there is an old phrase ;calm before the storm;, often used in its figurative meaning;a quiet period just before a great activity or excitement. According to our own experience, we know there is literally calm before the storm. But what causes this calm? And is it always calm before the storm? Let#39;s hear what scientists have to say.人们在几个世纪前就已经发现这个神秘的现象了,但究竟是什么原因造成暴风雨前的这番宁静呢?古谚有云;暴风雨前的宁静;,这通常用在比喻的修辞中,描述热闹的活动以及情绪亢奋前的一段安静时间。根据自身的经验,我们也知道事实上暴风雨来临前也确实是宁静的。但这是什么原因造成的呢?暴风雨前总是平静么?让我们来听听科学家们的解释。The answer is sometimes there is; sometimes there isn#39;t. Under the right conditions, an eerie or peaceful calm will befall your picnic before a storm moves in. Other storms skip the calm and proudly announce their presence by instantly unleashing bad weather.是:有时如此,有时则不然。在特定的情况下,暴风雨来临前会出现令人恐惧的或是祥和的寂静,降临在你野餐的时候。其他种类的暴风雨则直接跳过寂静的步骤,犹如在骄傲地宣布自己的存在一般,瞬间风雨大作。A period of calm happens in a particular kind of storm, the simplest kind of storm;a single-cell thunderstorm . In this type of thunderstorm, there is usually only one main updraft, which is warm, humid air and drawn from places near the ground. Storms need warm and moist air as fuel, so they typically draw that air in from surrounding environment. Storms can draw in the air that fit their need from all directions;even from the direction in which the storm is traveling.平静时期出现在一种特定的暴风雨中,即最简单的暴风雨;;单细胞雷暴。在这种类型的雷暴中,通常只有一种主要的上升气流,即暖湿气流从地面升起。温暖湿润的空气是暴风雨形成的必要条件,所以通常会把它们从周围的环境中吸进来。雷暴能够从周围任何一个方向吸进自己所需的暖湿空气;;甚至是处在雷暴运动方向上的空气也被吸了进来。As the warm, moist air is pulled into a storm system, it leaves a low-pressure vacuum in its wake. The rising air meets the cold dry air that has aly existed in the storm clouds, thus the temperature of the warm air drops, and the water vapor in it condenses into tiny droplets that are a precondition of rain. These droplets clump up and build on larger particles like dust, until they grow large enough to form raindrops.由于暖湿空气被吸进雷暴中,雷暴经过之处就形成了低气压真空带。正在上升的暖湿气流遇到雷暴云层中原本就存在的干燥冷空气,此时热空气的温度下降,里面的水分凝结成小的水滴;;这是形成雨水的前提。这些水滴不断聚集,包裹住一些大的颗粒(如灰尘),当水滴凝聚到足够大时就会形成降雨。This warm, moist air keeps moving upwards, but it becomes colder and drier during its trip through cloud which involves cooling and condensation. When it reaches the top of the cloud mass, the air gets spit out at the top. This air is sent rolling out over the big, anvil ; shaped head of the thunderclouds. From there, the air descends;drawn back toward lower altitudes by the very vacuum its departure created in the first place. Warm and dry air is relatively stable, and once it blankets a region, it stabilizes that air in turn. This causes the calm before a storm.暖湿气流持续上升,但当穿越云层时经历气温下降水汽凝结的过程,暖湿气流开始冷却并变得干燥。当暖湿气流达到云层顶部时,会被挤出云层,这股气流会翻过巨大的铁砧形雷雨云。此时,气流开始下沉;;被其自身上升时所形成的真空带吸回低处。干热的气流相对稳定,一旦它覆盖了某一个地区,就会使该区域的气流稳定下来,这就造成了暴风雨前的平静。Most thunderstorms, though, don#39;t start with a calm. That#39;s because most are actually clusters of storms with complex wind patterns. There#39;s so much air moving up and down in the vicinity of these storm clusters that the calm before the storm never happens. And instead, before the storm, it might be really windy!尽管如此,大多数的雷暴来临前并不是一片宁静。这是因为它们大多是风向复杂的暴风雨团。在暴风雨团的周围,有很多气流频繁上下流动,这就使得这种类型的暴风雨来临前毫无平静可言。相反,这种类型的暴风雨来临前往往会狂风大作。 /201201/167604

Stung badly by soaring sales of foreign-made smartphones and tablets, Japan#39;s electronics makers are fighting back with a bevy of hi-tech tablets they hopes will turn the tables on the dominant Apple iPad.受到国外制造的智能手机和平板电脑销量一路飙升的严重刺激,日本的电子产品制造商们推出了一批高科技平板电脑,试图收复失地。他们希望借此扭转苹果(Apple)iPad一统天下的局面。Sony (SNE) is setting its hopes on the svelte, bantam-weight, waterproof Xperia Tablet Z. It aims to duplicate the success of the popular smartphone of the same name, says the firm.索尼公司(Sony)将复兴大业的希望寄托在了极致轻薄防水的Xperia Z平板电脑上。与这款平板电脑同名的Xperia Z手机在市场上反响不错,索尼希望Xperia Z平板电脑也能复制成功。Panasonic (PC), meanwhile, is hitching its star to a tablet with so-called 4K technology that it claims displays images at four times greater resolution than existing high-definition resolutions. Both are aimed at the premium end of the tablet spectrum, where Japan tablet makers expect to find their niche. At around 0, the Z#39;s price is steep compared to other tablets on the market but could set new standards for competitors, say analysts. Sony claims its Xperia Tablet Z is the world#39;s slimmest tablet, and Japan#39;s lightest.而与此同时,松下公司(Panasonic)则将其采用4K技术的平板电脑捧为明日之星。这种技术号称能用比现有高分辨率还高四倍的分辨率显示图像。这两款产品都旨在夺取平板电脑高端市场,这也是日本平板厂商希望占据的细分市场。Z的售价约为500美元。分析师称, 跟市面上其他平板相比,这个价格实在高昂,但它或许能为对手树立一种全新标准。而索尼则称,自己的Xperia Z平板是全球最纤薄、日本最轻盈的产品。Some think the Z and its ilk could help pull Sony out of a vast financial hole. Recently the firm reported losses for the last quarter of 2012 of 10.8 billion yen. It has been the demand for tablets, particularly those from Apple (AAPL), that has helped to end Sony#39;s and Japan#39;s hardware hegemony over the world#39;s gadgets and piled up its red ink. Sony is still struggling to catch up, says technology consultant Nobuyuki Hayashi, especially with the iPad. ;Japanese manufacturers are making so many tablets … but I haven#39;t seen anyone using them,; he says.有些人认为,Z及其家族产品或能帮索尼摆脱严重的财务困境。近期索尼财报称,它在2012年最后一个财季损失高达108亿日元。对平板电脑的需求,尤其是对苹果平板的需求已使索尼和日本硬件厂商统治全球电子产品的局面宣告终结,同时也让这些厂商出现巨额赤字。技术咨询员林信行称,索尼还在努力赶超竞争对手,尤其是iPad。他说:“日本厂商生产了太多平板,但我没看到有多少人在用。”It must be particularly galling for Japan#39;s tech industry to miss out on the tablet bonanza. It is estimated Japan supplies 20% to 30% of the parts for the iPad. (They are mostly assembled in China.) Sony, meanwhile, produced tablet computers long before Apple. Trouble was, nobody wanted them. Domestic demand for such gadgets was always poor until, that is, the iPad debuted here nearly 3 years ago. ;Tablet adoption is very late in Japan. Of course, this is expected to change,; says Tokyo-based publisher Xavier Marchand.错过了平板电脑这个富矿一定让日本的科技产业其特别难堪。据估计,iPad(多数都在中国组装)有20%到30%的零部件是由日本提供的。而索尼其实早在苹果之前就开始生产平板电脑了。麻烦在于,没人真正想买索尼的这些产品。而日本国内对这类电子产品的需求一贯低迷,直到iPad三年前横空出世,局面才为之一变。位于东京的出版商夏维尔?马查德称:“日本人很晚才用上平板电脑。当然,这种情况是有望改变的。”According to analysts at IDC Japan, 3.6 million tablets were sold in Japan in 2012, although another estimate from Yano Research suggests figures are closer to 4.2 million -- nearly twice the number sold in 2011. Yano expects sales to reach 5.6 million for 2013. Apple still accounts for the majority of sales here it says. ;The iPad mini has been doing fairly well I don#39;t know if the cumulative has exceeded that of iPad,; says Hayashi. (According to IDC it has.) ;Then after a big gap come Kindle Fire, Nexus 7, and Kobo. And then, perhaps, on distant sixth place are Sony, followed by Toshiba, NEC, etc.,; he says.据市场研究公司IDC日本称,2012年日本共卖出了360万台平板电脑,而矢野经济研究所则称,这个数字接近420万台——几乎是2011年全年销量的两倍。矢野还预计,2013年这一数字将达560万台。该研究所还表示,苹果公司仍然占据着销售额的大头。林信行称:“iPad mini非常畅销,我不清楚它的累计销量是否已超过了iPad。”而IDC则称iPad mini确实已超过了iPad。他说:“在第一名身后很远的位置是Kindle Fire、Nexus 7和Kobo。可能索尼只能远远地排在第六位,然后才是东芝(Toshiba)、NEC和其他品牌。”Where Japan#39;s beleaguered tech firms see their chances is in the development of products for business users, particularly in Japan where the salaryman so far remains generally nonplussed by tablets. Panasonic#39;s new 4K offering, for example, hopes to edge out Apple in the market for creative professionals like photographers, designers, architects, and engineers. To compete, Japan Inc. is also eyeing more tie-ups with outside companies. Panasonic#39;s new baby was created by partnering with Microsoft (MSFT) and IBM (IBM).日本普通的工薪族中间,多数人至今还没对平板电脑入门,因此日本这些身陷困境的科技企业认为,为商业用户开发产品才是生路所在。比如,松下推出的4K就想在特定市场中挤掉苹果,即从事创意的职场人士,如摄影师、设计师、建筑师和工程师的市场。为了和众多对手贴身肉搏,日本公司还盯准了和国外公司合作开发这条捷径。松下的这款新品就是与微软公司(Microsoft)和IBM公司合作的产物。Others like Sharp and Toshiba, however, seem to have lost the plot altogether when it comes to tablets says Hayashi. Ideas for kickstarting their tablet sales seem few and far between. ;Toshiba had no clue. So they produced as many sized tablets as they could and see which one size would catch fire. But no one wanted to buy a Toshiba tablet, so I think they are still clueless,; he says. ;They#39;ve stop producing random sizes and are following the popular formats in the market. NEC and Fujitsu are just following the market trends without a clue, too.;林信行还表示,在平板电脑市场上,其他老牌巨头如夏普(Sharp)和东芝似乎已经完全找不着北了。用来推动其平板电脑销售的创意似乎少之又少。他说:“东芝毫无头绪可言。于是他们开足马力,推出各种尺寸的平板,看看其中哪款能够卖得火爆。但实际上没人想买东芝平板,所以我认为他们还是处于茫然的状态。他们已经不再随便生产各种尺寸的产品了,开始推出市场上主流的尺寸。而NEC和富士公司(Fujitsu)只是在随波逐流,自己也没有想明白。” /201303/230702

Being in fourth place in the world’s hottest technology market turns out not to be a winning proposition. But is third much better? And might even second place become a less comfortable spot to be in? 事实明,在全球最火热的科技市场名列第四不算站稳脚跟。然而,难道第三名就会好得多?有没有可能连第二名也会变得不那么舒? Those are the inevitable questions prompted by the news this week that BlackBerry is y to throw in the towel. As with all giant markets, it is tempting to think there is room for several players, some of them thriving on small market shares with niche strategies. 以上是最近黑莓(BlackBerry)准备认输的新闻传出后不可避免会引发的疑问。与所有规模巨大的市场一样,人们会忍不住认为市场有足够空间容纳多个玩家,其中一些借助小众战略和很小的市场份额,发展得欣欣向荣。 But the competitiveness of technology ecosystems depends on their relative, not absolute, scale. Some 80 per cent of handsets shipped in the second quarter ran on Android, according to the latest figures from IDC. Even if many of those are low-end devices and incompatibility between them continues to make life hard for developers, the Android ecosystem is starting to exert a powerful pull. 然而科技生态系统的竞争力取决于相对而不是绝对规模。根据IDC的最新数据,二季度出货的手机中大约80%安装的是安卓(Android)系统。就算这些手机中许多只是低端手机,手机之间的不兼容性继续令开发者头疼,但安卓的生态系统已开始产生强大吸引力。 It doesn’t matter, for instance, that BlackBerry is still selling as many handsets as Apple did when it launched the App Store – a time when Apple was the focus of the entire mobile development world. Mindshare among consumers and developers is all. On that measure, BlackBerry lost a long time ago. 比如说,黑莓现在手机销售量仍然和苹果(Apple)刚推出应用商店(App Store)时(当时苹果是整个移动开发世界关注的焦点)一样,但是这根本不重要。在消费者和开发者的意识中占据的“品牌影响力份额”才是一切。以这个标准衡量,黑莓早就输了。 Like the cartoon Road Runner going off the edge of a cliff, the Canadian company has been spinning its legs without visible means of support for some time. Its subscriber base peaked less than a year ago, but its competitiveness had eroded long before that. 正如动画《哔哔鸟和大笨狼》中大笨狼怀尔跑出悬崖的样子,这家加拿大公司在没有任何可见撑的情况下双腿打转有一段时间了。其用户在不到一年前达到顶峰并开始下跌,而其竞争力很久前就已遭到侵蚀。 With BlackBerry y to fold, do things get any better for those who are left? Microsoft may draw some comfort from seeing off a rival, but Windows Phone still has less than 4 per cent of the market. Much as mobile operators would like to see an alternative to Android and Apple’s iOS, the success of a third mobile ecosystem is not ordained. 黑莓打算翻牌认输了,那些剩下的竞争者日子会好过点么?少了一个对手,微软(Microsoft)可能会得到些许宽慰,但是Windows Phone的市场占有率仍然低于4%。尽管移动运营商也许很愿意看到在安卓和苹果(Apple)公司的iOS之外还有另一个选择,然而这第三个移动生态系统的成功是没有保障的。 The more intriguing question, though, surrounds the iPhone. Apple’s market share has fallen to around 13 per cent. It has been at more or less this level before, in the down quarters before the launch of new iPhones. But in relative terms, Android has never looked stronger. 不过,还有一个更耐人寻味的问题,这个问题是有关iPhone的。苹果的市场份额已经下跌至13%左右。在发布新款iPhone前的销售低迷季度,苹果的份额也曾或多或少处于这个水平。然而相对来说,安卓看起来从未像今天这样强大。 On almost every measure that counts, the company that invented the touchscreen smartphone either aly has been – or soon will be – consigned to the number two position. It happened in hardware sales first: having first overtaken Apple nearly two years ago, Samsung shipped more than twice as many handsets as its US rival in the most recent quarter, according to IDC. 在几乎每个重要的指标上,发明了触摸屏智能手机的苹果要么已经屈居第二,要么即将让出头把交椅。这种情况首先发生在硬件销售方面:根据IDC的数据,在差不多两年前超过苹果之后,三星最近一季度手机出货量超过其美国竞争对手的两倍。 It is now happening in apps. As we reported two months ago, Apple is on the verge of giving up its lead in app downloads. The average Android customer may use fewer apps, but there are a lot more of them and that is starting to turn the heads of developers. 同样的故事如今正在应用领域上演。正如我们两个月前所报道的,苹果即将丢掉其在应用下载量方面的头号排名。虽然安卓顾客一般使用的应用数量可能要少一些,但是安卓用户人数多得多,这一点正开始令开发者转向。 The next significant bragging right that Apple is in danger of losing is its leading share of smartphone industry profits. Apple almost certainly still leads Samsung in this department. The profit margin on the iPhone comfortably exceeds its margin on other products. But unless the expected launch of a new, lower-priced iPhone can stop the rot, Apple will probably be overwhelmed in the profit stakes by the sheer volumes of its arch-rival, as growth shifts to more price sensitive markets. 下一个苹果原本引以为豪,现在却可能丢失的重要阵地是其在智能手机行业居领先地位的利润份额。在这方面,苹果几乎肯定仍胜过三星一筹。苹果在iPhone上的利润率毫无悬念地超出了其在其他产品上的利润率。但是,除非预期将要发布的新型低价iPhone阻止顾客流失,随着增长重心转向更为价格敏感的市场,苹果在利润份额上很可能被其劲敌的庞大出货量打败。 There is one important measure on which Apple still has an edge: the money that app developers and content producers earn on its mobile platform. That still makes the iOS a powerful draw for developers and guarantees Apple the all-important premium experiences that have kept buyers coming back for more when upgrade time comes around. If the revamped iOS7 interface is a hit with users and Apple continues to create a richer and more profitable environment for developers, then the core propositions on which the iPhone empire was built will remain in place. 苹果还有一项重要的指标仍处于领先地位:应用开发者和内容供应商在其移动平台上的盈利。这一点令iOS对开发者仍然极具吸引力,并且是苹果至关重要的出色用户体验的保障,正是这种出色体验使得客户在苹果产品升级换代时再度掏钱购买。如果焕然一新的iOS 7界面能够一炮打响,而苹果继续为开发者建立一个功能更丰富、更易于盈利的环境,那么苹果赖以打造iPhone帝国的核心竞争力将依然存在。 But volume matters. And when it comes to the numbers, Android’s momentum is now impossible to ignore. 然而,出货量十分重要。而就数量而言,安卓的发展势头无法忽视。 This has left Tim Cook, Apple’s chief executive, in a difficult position. If he can’t convince iOS developers that he will build a bigger marketplace for them, their attention will continue to drift to Android. But the lower-priced iPhone needed to expand the iOS universe will dilute overall profit margins and may even cannibalise sales of the high-end devices. 这令苹果首席执行官蒂姆#8226;库克(Tim Cook)陷入棘手处境。如果他无法说iOS开发者相信他将为他们打造一个更大的市场,他们的注意力将继续转向安卓。然而扩展iOS生态系统所需的低价iPhone会稀释整体利润率,甚至可能蚕食高端产品的销售。 Logic suggests that Wall Street should get over its fixation on Apple’s slipping profit margin. Grabbing a bigger share of the overall profits is what matters now. A business model in transition, though, is guaranteed to unnerve investors. With activist investor Carl Icahn also now breathing down his neck, Mr Cook’s job is not about to get any easier. 按照逻辑,华尔街应该克对苹果不断下滑的利润率的迷恋。目前,重要的是争夺更大份额的总体利润。有维权投资者卡尔#8226;伊卡恩(Carl Icahn)这样的人时刻盯着,库克的工作不会轻松。 /201308/252945

Apple released iOS 7.1 Monday, the first significant update to the mobile operating system it debuted on Sept. 18, offering some incremental feature improvements and fixing some bugs that annoyed iPhone and iPad users.苹果公司(Apple)周一发布了iOS 7.1操作系统,这是去年9月18日移动操作系统iOS 7发布以来第一次重大更新。最新版本进行了一些功能改进并修复了一些困扰iPhone和iPad用户的错误。Apple#39;s iOS 7 was a major departure from previous versions of its mobile operating system, bringing a simpler and cleaner look to the software. The new update builds on some of the new designs concepts, while also allowing users to disable some of the new features that had drawn criticism such as the software#39;s parallax and zoom functions.苹果的iOS 7与过去的iOS版本显著不同,界面更简洁。最新的iOS 7.1版本建立在一些新的设计理念基础上,并允许用户关闭之前受到批评的一些新功能,例如视差和缩放功能。The update is available from today. Apple will be pushing it out to users over the next few days, but users can go get the new version by going to Settings-gt;General -gt; Software Update.iOS 7.1周一已经开放下载。苹果将在未来几天向用户推送更新通知。iOS用户也可以到“设置”--gt;“通用”--gt;“软件更新”进行升级。Here are a few notable features of iOS 7.1 worth checking out:以下是值得一提的iOS 7.1新特色:More Stable更稳定The new update promises to be more stable, fixing some of the bugs that caused the iPhone and iPad to randomly crash and reboot--an annoyance dubbed the #39;white screen of death.#39; This was the biggest complaint of iOS 7 users.iOS 7.1更加稳定,修复了一些可能偶尔导致iPhone和iPad主屏幕崩溃并重启(即“白屏死机”)的错误。这是iOS 7用户抱怨最多的一个问题。Improved Touch ID改进了Touch ID指纹识别能力One of the flagship features of Apple#39;s iPhone 5S, which debuted running iOS 7, is the fingerprint sensor. The performance of Touch ID has been spotty for some users and a source of frustration. The update aims to address that by improving how the Touch ID adapts over time. Some users had complained that the performance of Touch ID seemed to fade over time. Apple promises that the update will make Touch ID work faster.iPhone 5S一上市便搭载着iOS 7系统,旗舰功能之一就是指纹传感器Touch ID。但一些用户发现该功能会变得不灵敏,这让他们感到沮丧。iOS 7.1改进了Touch ID指纹识别能力,旨在解决这一问题。此前一些用户抱怨说,随着时间的推移,Touch ID会越用越不灵敏。苹果承诺iOS 7.1会让Touch ID变得更加灵敏。More #39;Ive-ification#39; of the software界面设计更“艾夫化”The new look of iOS 7 reflects the sensibilities of Apple#39;s design head, Jonathan Ive, who oversaw the software#39;s revamp. In the update, there are more design changes. For example, the green and red icons for answering or declining a phone call are now round instead of square. There are also more colors and greater color contrast to help icons stand out more against the software#39;s translucent background.iOS 7的新界面反映了苹果设计总监乔纳森#8226;艾夫(Jonathan Ive)的感受力。而iOS 7.1在设计上也有了更多的变化。例如,电话来电的界面中,应答或拒绝来电的红色和绿色图标不再是方形的,而是圆形的。在界面色方面,新系统采用了更多颜色以及更强烈的色对比,使图标在iOS 7.1半透明的背景下显得越发突出。Auto-HDR相机设置中新增自动启用iPhone 5s的HDR功能Apple has included high dynamic range, or HDR, in its mobile software for years, but we may see more people using it. HDR promises to create a better-lit image because it blends the exposure data from three different images--although it can cause a blurry picture if the photographer moves too quickly after taking the photo.iOS系统几年前就已经加入了高动态范围图像技术(HDR)功能,此次iOS 7.1在相机设置中新增自动启用iPhone 5s的HDR功能后,可能会有更多用户使用它。启用HDR功能可以拍出光照更好的照片,因为此时相机会拍摄3张不同曝光程度的照片,然后将它们合成为一张照片。不过如果拍摄者在按下快门后太快移开设备,可能会导致照片模糊。CarPlayCarPlayOne of the most interesting new features of the update is something that we#39;ll have to wait to use. The latest software is compatible with CarPlay, Apple#39;s new initiative to bring iPhone features such as maps, music and messages to the in-car display. However, no cars currently on the market work with CarPlay. Apple has said CarPlay will be available in certain cars later this year from Ferrari, Mercedes Benz, Volvo, Honda and Hyundai, with additional car makers following in the years to come.CarPlay是iOS 7.1系统最有趣的新功能之一,但用户们还需要再等等。iOS 7.1兼容了CarPlay,这是苹果设计的新车载操作系统。驾车者将iPhone与车载系统CarPlay的显示器连接后,即可使用iPhone的地图导航、听音乐以及信息访问功能。不过目前市面上还没有汽车搭载CarPlay。苹果已表示,今年晚些时候,法拉利(Ferrari)、梅赛德斯-奔驰(Mercedes-Benz)、沃尔沃(Volvo)、本田汽车(Honda)和现代汽车(Hyundai)的部分车型将搭载CarPlay,未来几年还将有其他汽车品牌跟进。Other improvements include making iOS 7 faster for iPhone 4 users, a new bold font option for the keyboard, a month-at-a-glance view in the calendar and new voices for Siri in British and Australian English, Mandarin and Japanese.其他改进包括:增强了iPhone 4的新能;键盘、计算器及许多图标的字形可以选择使用粗体;日历可以选择按月显示事件;Siri针对中文普通话、英式英语、澳大利亚英语和日语版本,推出了全新的更为自然的男声和女声。 /201403/279622

Amazon is working with HTC to develop a range of smartphones as the online retailer steps up efforts to compete with Apple and Google, according to people familiar with the project. 知情人士称,网络零售商亚马逊(Amazon)正与宏达电(HTC)合作开发一个智能手机产品系列,以加大与苹果(Apple)和谷歌(Google)的竞争力度。 One of the three devices discussed by the two companies is at an advanced stage of development, according to one person, but another warned that the timeline for launch has been changed before and Amazon may yet decide not to release it. Rumours that Amazon would enter the smartphone market have been circulating for up to two years. The device is unlikely to launch this year but may launch in 2014 if Amazon decides to proceed with the project. 其中一位知情人士表示,两家企业联手的三款移动设备之一已进入研发的后期阶段。不过,另一位知情人士警告说,发布的时间表此前曾有变动,亚马逊也仍有可能决定不发布该设备。有关亚马逊可能进入智能手机市场的传闻已经流传了两年之久。该移动设备不太可能于今年发布,但是如果亚马逊决定将该项目开展下去,则有可能在2014年发布该设备。 Amazon did not respond to a request for comment. In response to a recent report on its mobile ambitions, it said that it had “no plans to offer a phone this year”. HTC declined to comment on Amazon, but Ben Ho, its chief of marketing, said the company is “always exploring new opportunities”. 亚马逊未回应记者的置评请求。该公司在回应最近一则有关其在移动市场雄心的报道时曾表示,“并无今年发布手机的打算”。HTC拒绝对亚马逊置评,不过该公司首席营销官何永生(Benjamin Ho)表示,该公司“对于新的机遇始终不会放过”。 “We have been very focused on building our own brand, but we have also been very open to co-branding and collaborating with carriers and other technology brands,” said Mr Ho. 何永生表示:“我们始终对建设自身品牌极为专注,不过我们也十分愿意与电信运营商和其他技术品牌进行品牌联合以及其它合作。” By using HTC to help design the phones, Amazon is acting much like Google, which has deals with Asus and LG to develop its Nexus line of tablets and phones. 亚马逊在HTC的帮助下设计手机,这种做法与谷歌十分相像。后者与华硕(Asus)和LG都签有协议,以开发其Nexus系列的平板电脑和手机。 /201310/260658

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