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【Speech Video】President Obama speaks about the Federal response to the Deepwater BP Oil Spill and answers questions from the media.201005/104871Fellow Citizens: I shall not attempt to describe the grateful emotions which the new and very distinguished proof of the confidence of my fellow citizens,同胞们:我不应试图描述那由这全新而非凡的国民信心之明,由我的再次当选而展示的这一高度信任。evinced by my reelection to this high trust,has excited in my bosom.在我的胸中激起的感激之情,The approbation which it announces of my conduct in the preceding term affords me a consolation which I shall profoundly feel through life.对我上一任期的赞许让我欣慰并终身难以忘怀。The general accord with which it has been expressed adds to the great and never ceasing obligations which it imposes.普遍共识的表达增加了它所赋予的伟大而永不终止的责任。To merit the continuance of this good opinion,and to carry it with me into my retirement as the solace of advancing years,要值得让人保持这些观点,要把它带到我的隐退之年而作为时代推移的安慰,will be the object of my most zealous and unceasing efforts.将是我最热情的目的和无休止的努力。I have never ded,nor have I ever shunned,我从未惧怕,也永不逃避,in any situation in which I have been placed making appeals to the virtue and patriotism of my fellow citizens,在我所处的任何情况下来呼吁我的同胞们的美德和爱国精神,well knowing that they could never be made in vain,especially in times of great emergency or for purposes of high national importance.我熟知它们不能被徒然做出,特别是在非常紧急之时或是出于国家重要性的崇高目的。Independently of the exigency of the case,独立于此例的紧急性之外,many considerations of great weight urge a policy having in view a provision of revenue to meet to a certain extent the demands of the nation,许多重要的考虑强烈要求一个关于提供税收的政策以在一定范围内满足国家的需要,without relying altogether on the precarious resource of foreign commerce.而非完全依靠不安全的外国商贸资源。I am satisfied that internal duties and excises,with corresponding imposts on foreign articles of the same kind,would,我很满意国内税收,以同样相应的费用加大外国的同类产品上,without imposing any serious burdens on the people,enhance the price of produce,将在不会造成任何严重的人民负担的情况下,稳固生产价钱,promote our manufactures,and augment the revenue,提高我们的制造业,增大税收,at the same time that they made it more secure and permanent.同时它们使之更安全和长久。If we turn our attention, fellow citizens,more immediately to the internal concerns of our country,同胞们,如果我把我们的注意力更直接的转移到我们国家的内部事务中,and more especially to those on which its future welfare depends,we have every reason to anticipate the happiest results.特别是那些未来国家福利所依赖的方面,我们有任何理由来期待最美满的结果。It is now rather more than forty four years since we declared our independence,现在离我们宣布独立已有四十四年,and thirty seven since it was acknowledged.离我们被认可已有三十七年。The talents and virtues which were displayed in that great struggle were a sure presage of all that has followed since.在那场伟大的斗争中所展示的天资和美德无疑已经预示了其后发生的一切。A people who were able to surmount in their infant state such great perils would be more competent as they rose into manhood to repel any which they might meet in their progress.一个能够在其摇篮时代克如此苦难的人民将在他们进入成熟年代时更有竞争力来排除他们前进道路上的一切。Their physical strength would be more adequate to foreign danger,and the practice of self government,他们的自然力量将足以对付外来危险;自治政府的实践,aided by the light of experience,could not fail to produce an effect equally salutary on all those questions connected with the internal organization.辅以经验指导,定会生成在所有那些和内部组织相关问题的一个有益的效果。These favorable anticipations have been realized.这些有利的期望已被实现。01/85370本视频转为mp3的办法:用土豆下载器下载视频后,用千千静听打开视频,右键点“格式转换”,选择“转化为mp3”即可。苹果CEO乔布斯在斯坦福大学的演讲稿[中英]When I was 17, I a e that went something like: "If you live each day as if it was your last, someday you'll most certainly be right." It made an impression on me, and since then, for the past 33 years, I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself: "If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?" And whenever the answer has been "No" for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something.当我十七岁的时候, 我读到了一句话:“如果你把每一天都当作生命中最后一天去生活的话,那么有一天你会发现你是正确的。”这句话给我留下了深刻的印象。从那时开始,过了33年,我在每天早晨都会对着镜子问自己:“如果今天是我生命中的最后一天, 你会不会完成你今天想做的事情呢?”当连续很多次被给予“不是”的时候, 我知道自己需要改变某些事情了。Remembering that I'll be dead soon is the most important tool I've ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life. Because almost everything – all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure - these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important. Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are aly naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.“记住你即将死去”是我一生中遇到的最重要箴言。它帮我指明了生命中重要的选择。因为几乎所有的事情, 包括所有的荣誉、所有的骄傲、所有对难堪和失败的恐惧,这些在死亡面前都会消失。我看到的是留下的真正重要的东西。你有时候会思考你将会失去某些东西,“记住你即将死去”是我知道的避免这些想法的最好办法。你已经赤身裸体了, 你没有理由不去跟随自己的心一起跳动。About a year ago I was diagnosed with cancer. I had a scan at 7:30 in the morning, and it clearly showed a tumor on my pancreas. I didn't even know what a pancreas was. The doctors told me this was almost certainly a type of cancer that is incurable, and that I should expect to live no longer than three to six months. My doctor advised me to go home and get my affairs in order, which is doctor's code for prepare to die. It means to try to tell your kids everything you thought you'd have the next 10 years to tell them in just a few months. It means to make sure everything is buttoned up so that it will be as easy as possible for your family. It means to say your goodbyes.大概一年以前, 我被诊断出癌症。我在早晨七点半做了一个检查, 检查清楚的显示在我的胰腺有一个肿瘤。我当时都不知道胰腺是什么东西。医生告诉我那很可能是一种无法治愈的癌症, 我还有三到六个月的时间活在这个世界上。我的医生叫我回家, 然后整理好我的一切, 那就是医生准备死亡的程序。那意味着你将要把未来十年对你小孩说的话在几个月里面说完.;那意味着把每件事情都搞定, 让你的家人会尽可能轻松的生活;那意味着你要说“再见了”。201108/150812

The President discusses the bid for America to get the Olympics in 2016 and the new unemployment numbers. October 2, . (Public Domain) President Obama: Remarks After Returning from Copenhagen from White House on Vimeo.10/85969Fellow Citizens:The will of the American people,expressed through their unsolicited suffrages,公民们:美国人民通过自愿选举所表达的意志,calls me before you to pass through the solemnities preparatory to taking upon myself the duties of President of the ed States for another term.要求我站在你们面前通过这一庄重的仪式,作为我连任合众国总统职务的准备。For their approbation of my public conduct through a period which has not been without its difficulties,你们对我在一个不无困难的时期执政的情况表示认可,and for this renewed expression of their confidence in my good intentions,对我良好的愿望再次表示信赖,I am at a loss for terms adequate to the expression of my gratitude.对此我实在找不出适当的言词来表达我的感激。It shall be displayed to the extent of my humble abilities in continued efforts so to administer the Government as to preserve their liberty and promote their happiness.我将继续尽我微薄之力管理政府,维护你们的自由,促进你们的幸福,以此来表达我的感激之情。My experience in public concerns and the observation of a life somewhat advanced confirm the opinions long since imbibed by me,我任公职的经验和对生活的略微高超的观察实了我长久以来所形成的观点,that the destruction of our State governments or the annihilation of their control over the local concerns of the people would lead directly to revolution and anarchy,废除我们的州政府或者取消它们对地方事务的控制,必然会直接导致革命或无政府状态,and finally to despotism and military domination.最终则导致专制和军事控制。In proportion,therefore,as the General Government encroaches upon the rights of the States,因此,如果中央政府侵害了各州的部分权利,in the same proportion does it impair its own power and detract from its ability to fulfill the purposes of its creation.也就损害了自身的部分权力,并减弱了部分的创造能力。Solemnly impressed with these considerations,my countrymen will ever find me y to exercise my constitutional powers in arresting measures,which may directly or indirectly如果同胞们切实铭记这些考虑,便会发现我准备行使我的宪法权力,encroach upon the rights of the States or tend to consolidate all political power in the General Government.以阻止那直接或间接侵犯州权、或企图加强中央政府政治权力的各种措施。But of equal,and,indeed,of incalculable,importance is the union of these States,但是,具有同等而且确实是无可估量重要性的是这些州的联合,and the sacred duty of all to contribute to its preservation by a liberal support of the General Government in the exercise of its just powers.以及所有各州都大力持中央政府行使其公正的权力,以此来维护其联合的神圣职责。You have been wisely admonished to;accustom yourselves to think and speak of the Union as of the palladium of your political safety and prosperity,你们曾被理智地告诫过:“你们要习惯于像对待护佑你们政治上的安全与繁荣的守护神那样想到它或谈论它;watching for its preservation with jealous anxiety,discountenancing whatever may suggest even a suspicion that it can in any event be abandoned,要小心翼翼、无微不至地保护它:要驳斥一切抛弃它的想法,即使对它抱有丝毫怀疑亦不允许;and indignantly frowning upon the first dawning of any attempt to alienate any portion of our country from the rest or to enfeeble the sacred ties which now link together the various parts.;要义正词严地反对刚冒头的、一切可能使我国的任何部分与其他部分疏远并削弱连接全国各地的神圣纽带的种种企图。”Without union our independence and liberty would never have been achieved;没有联合,我们的独立和自由就永远不会取得;without union they never can be maintained.没有联合,独立和自由也决得不到维护。02/84878PRESIDENT PERES: Our dear friend and President of the ed States and Mrs. George Bush, first of all, mazel tov. Your joy is ours. Welcome to the new Israel, 3,000 years old and going on the 60th. We are grateful to you for gracing this occasion.   Mr. President, you have demonstrated toward us a Biblical attitude, which is very rare; a warm friendship; a determined dedication to the promotion of peace and security in the entire region. In those 60 years, we were able to demonstrate that though outnumbered and outgunned, a democracy could still win seven wars during this period. Furthermore, while fighting, we never postponed democracy even for a single day. And even though many times under attack, we never lost our desire for peace.   Miracles happen when dedicated people make them happen. Mr. President, you stood like nobody else on our side in sunny mornings and stormy weather. So thank you, Mr. President. Your presence here permits us something that we really wanted to do, and that is to celebrate a real thanksgiving party to the ed States from the depth of our heart, expressing our thanks to you, to the greatest phenomena of freedom in history, the ed States of America.   PRIME MINISTER OLMERT: It's an honor and a privilege to welcome the President of the ed States of America, George W. Bush, and Mrs. Bush, in Israel for the second time this year. This is an historic year for the state of Israel, as we mark 60 years of independence. The ideals reflected in America's Declaration of Independence inspired Israel's founding fathers in their quest to shape the character of the state of Israel as a democratic country based on the principles of freedom, justice and equality.   Throughout the years, the strategic alliance with America has become one of the fundamental pillars of our national security. And the bond between our peoples has grown deeper and stronger with time. America has been there at each and every important crossroad in the life of our young country, and stood by us in times of hope and in moments of crisis.   Since assuming office almost eight years ago, President George Bush has been our closest ally and partner. Your decision to celebrate this historic milestone with us is an extraordinary gesture of friendship, and is further evidence of your unending commitment to the security and well being of our country.   I welcome you and Laura to Israel. I thank you for your friendship and decision to come and celebrate this important occasion with us.   Thank you.   PRESIDENT BUSH: Mr. President, Mr. Prime Minister, Mrs. Olmert, thank you very much for your warm welcome. It's good to be back again. We're proud to reaffirm the friendship of our peoples, and we're delighted to join you in celebrating the 60th anniversary of the state of Israel.   Our two nations both faced great challenges when they were founded, and our two nations have both relied on the same principles to help us succeed. We've built strong democracies to protect the freedoms given to us by an Almighty God. We've welcomed immigrants, who have helped us thrive. We've built prosperous economies by rewarding innovation and risk-taking and trade. And we've built an enduring alliance to confront terrorists and tyrants.   Americans and Israelis can be proud of our past, and the best way to honor our founders is to continue the work they started. Tomorrow I'm going to address the members of the Knesset and the people of Israel. I look forward to discussing how I believe our two nations can continue to advance our ideals and approach our next 60 years of partnership with confidence and with hope.   Laura and I appreciate your invitation, your kind invitation to share these days of celebration with you. We consider the Holy Land a very special place, and we consider the Israeli people our close friends. 200806/41593

This afternoon the President held a one-on-one meeting, and then an expanded meeting with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, the President's opening remarks when they spoke to the press together afterwards: PRESIDENT OBAMA: Hello, everybody. Well, it is a great pleasure to welcome President Abbas to the Oval Office. We had -- we just completed an extensive conversation, both privately as well as with our delegations, about how we can advance peace in the Middle East and how we can reaffirm some core principles that I think can result in Palestinians and Israelis living side by side in peace and security.As I've said before, I've been a strong believer in a two-state solution that would provide the Israelis and Palestinians the peace and security that they need. I am very appreciative that President Abbas shares that view. And when Prime Minister Netanyahu was here last week I reiterated to him that the framework that's been provided by the road map is one that can advance the interests of Israel, can advance the interests of the Palestinian people, and can also advance the interests of the ed States. We are a stalwart ally of Israel and it is in our interests to assure that Israel is safe and secure. It is our belief that the best way to achieve that is to create the conditions on the ground and set the stage for a Palestinian state as well. And so what I told Prime Minister Netanyahu was is that each party has obligations under the road map. On the Israeli side those obligations include stopping settlements. They include making sure that there is a viable potential Palestinian state. On the Palestinian side it's going to be important and necessary to continue to take the security steps on the West Bank that President Abbas has aly begun to take, working with General Dayton. We've seen great progress in terms of security in the West Bank. Those security steps need to continue because Israel has to have some confidence that security in the West Bank is in place in order for us to advance this process.And I also mentioned to President Abbas in a frank exchange that it was very important to continue to make progress in reducing the incitement and anti-Israel sentiments that are sometimes expressed in schools and mosques and in the public square, because all those things are impediments to peace. The final point that I made was the importance of all countries internationally, but particularly the Arab states, to be supportive of a two-state solution. And we discussed how important it is that the Arab states, building off of some of the recognition of the possibilities of the two-state solution that are contained in the Arab Peace Initiative continue to provide economic support, as well as political support, to President Abbas's efforts as he moves the Palestinian Authority forward, as he continues to initiate the reforms that have taken place, and as he hopefully is going to be able to enter into constructive talks with the Israelis.So, again, I want to thank President Abbas for his visit and a very constructive conversation. I am confident that we can move this process forward if all the parties are willing to take on the responsibilities and meet the obligations that they've aly committed to, and if they keep in mind not just the short-term tactical issues that are involved, but the long-term strategic interests of both the Israelis and the Palestinians to live side by side in peace and security. So, thank you again, Mr. President.05/71820REMARKS BY THE PRESIDENT AT A LINCOLN BICENTENNIAL CELEBRATIONU.S. CapitolWashington, D.C.11:47 A.M. ESTTHE PRESIDENT: Thank you. Thank you. Pease, be seated. Thank you very much. Madam Speaker, Leader Reid, members of Congress, dear friends, former colleagues, it is a great honor to be here -- a place where Lincoln served, was inaugurated, and where the nation he saved bid him a last farewell. As we mark the bicentennial of our 16th President's birth, I cannot claim to know as much about his life and works as many who are also speaking today, but I can say that I feel a special gratitude to this singular figure who in so many ways made my own story possible -- and in so many ways made America's story possible.It is fitting that we are holding this celebration here at the Capitol, for the life of this building is bound ever so closely to the times of this immortal President. Built by artisans and craftsmen, but also immigrants and slaves -- it was here, in the rotunda, that Union soldiers received help from a makeshift hospital; it was downstairs, in the basement, that they were baked b to give them strength; and it was in the Senate and House chambers where they slept at night and spent some of their days. What those soldiers saw when they looked on this building was a very different sight than the one we see today, for it remained unfinished until the end of the war. The laborers who built the dome came to work wondering each day whether that would be their last; whether the metal they were using for its frame would be requisitioned for the war and melted down into bullets. But each day went by without any orders to halt construction, and so they kept on working and kept on building. When President Lincoln was finally told of all the metal being used here, his response was short and clear: That is as it should be. The American people needed to be reminded, he believed, that even in a time of war, the work would go on; the people's business would continue; that even when the nation itself was in doubt, its future was being secured; and that on that distant day, when the guns fell silent, a national capitol would stand, with a statue of freedom at its peak, as a symbol of unity in a land still mending its divisions. It is this sense of unity, this ability to plan for a shared future even at a moment where our nation was torn apart, that I reflect on today. And while there are any number of moments that reveal that particular side of this extraordinary man, Abraham Lincoln -- that particular aspect of his leadership -- there's one that I'd like to share with you today.In the war's final weeks, aboard Grant's flagship, The River Queen, President Lincoln was asked what was to be done with the rebel armies once General Lee surrendered. With victory at hand, Lincoln could have sought revenge. He could have forced the South to pay a steep price for their rebellion. But despite all the bloodshed and all the misery that each side had exacted upon the other, and despite his absolute certainty in the rightness of the cause of ending slavery, no Confederate soldier was to be punished, Lincoln ordered. They were to be treated, as he put it, "liberally all round." What Lincoln wanted was for Confederate troops to go back home and return to work on their farms and in their shops. He was even willing, he said, to "let them have their horses to plow and frac14; their guns to shoot crows with."That was the only way, Lincoln knew, to repair the rifts that had torn this country apart. It was the only way to begin the healing that our nation so desperately needed. What Lincoln never forgot, not even in the midst of civil war, was that despite all that divides us -- north and south, black and white -- we were, at heart, one nation and one people, sharing a bond as Americans that could bend but would not break. And so even as we meet here today, in a moment when we are far less divided than in Lincoln's day, but when we are once again debating the critical issues of our time -- and debating them sometimes fiercely -- let us remember that we are doing so as servants of the same flag, as representatives of the same people, and as stakeholders in a common future. That is the most fitting tribute we can pay -- the most lasting monument we can build -- to that most remarkable of men, Abraham Lincoln. Thank you. (Applause.) 02/62242President Bush Receives a Briefing on Hurricane Ike DamageTHE PRESIDENT: So listen, I have come home to the great state under very difficult circumstances for the people who live down here. My first observation is that the state government and local folks are working very closely and working hard and have put a good response together. The evacuation plan was excellent in its planning and in execution. The rescue plan was very bold, and we owe a debt of gratitude to those who were on the front line pulling people out of harm's way, like the Coast Guard people behind us here.I'm now asking questions about how the federal government can help the response and help the recovery effort begin. One thing is, is that we have decided to match 100 percent -- or pay 100 percent with no state match for debris removal, as well as the emergency preparedness that the state and local government have put in place and executed.Secondly, obviously people are concerned about electricity and, you know, the -- what I look for, is there enough help to get these energy companies to do what they instinctively want to do, which is get the grid up again. And I'm told by the folks who are monitoring this that there is a lot of people that are coming into this state to help restring wires, and that there's a lot of focus on getting the grid up. And so the sooner this electricity gets going, obviously the easier it is going to be to help recover.People have been moved out of their homes, and I know a lot of people are anxious to get back in. I urge you to listen to state and local authorities before you come back. It is their considered judgment which is important for you. And I know some are concerned about whether or not the government will reimburse you for your stay, and the answer is yes; we've got a plan for the next 30 days and of course we'll continue to monitor this situation as to reimbursing you for your time away from home.One thing that's a concern is to whether or not we're getting water and fuel distributed. We just had a good discussion about how to make sure that we continue the -- making sure these points of distribution are fully supplied. Step one is, do we have points of distribution in place, and then how do we make sure they are supplied in a way that meets the people's needs? And the state and the federal government are sharing that responsibility -- the federal government inside Harris County, primarily the state outside Harris County. Thus far -- I know there are some shortages, but thus far the demand has been met, and we'll continue to monitor the situation to make sure that people are taken care of.We're fixing to go down to Galveston and obviously are going to see a devastated part of this fantastic state. And it'll give the Governor and me and the Congressmen and Senator and others a chance to express our heartfelt sympathies for those whose lives have been, you know, disrupted. It's -- you know, it's a tough situation on the Coast. I have been President long enough to have seen tough situations and have seen the resilience of the people be able to deal with a tough situation. It may be hard for people to now envision a better Galveston or a better Orange or some of these other communities that have been affected, but I know with proper help from the federal government and state government there will be a better tomorrow.And so it is with -- you know, it is -- it's good to be home. I'm just sorry it's under these circumstances.I do want to say something about the American Red Cross. The American Red Cross is working closely with the emergency rescue efforts. A lot of people are sheltered and the Red Cross is helping those people who have been displaced from their homes. It is very important for our citizens to support the American Red Cross. You can get on their web page and find a way to contribute. You know, I hope that the country does not have disaster fatigue. The Red Cross is a vital part of helping people recover and helping people find the compassionate care that our citizens expect when there's a disaster such as this.Anyway, Governor, thanks --GOVERNOR PERRY: Very good, sir.THE PRESIDENT: -- for having us.GOVERNOR PERRY: Glad to have you home.200809/48947

[Swearing-in on Ronald Reagan by USSC Chief Justice Warren Burger] [AUTHENTICITY CERTIFIED: Text version below transcribed directly from audio.]Thank you. Thank you. Senator Hatfield, Mr. Chief Justice, Mr. President, Vice President Bush, Vice President Mondale, Senator Baker, Speaker O’Neill, Reverend Moomaw, and my fellow citizens:To a few of us here today this is a solemn and most momentous occasion. And, yet, in the history of our nation it is a commonplace occurrence. The orderly transfer of authority as called for in the Constitution routinely takes place as it has for almost two centuries and few of us stop to think how unique we really are. In the eyes of many in the world, this every-four-year ceremony we accept as normal is nothing less than a miracle.Mr. President, I want our fellow citizens to know how much you did to carry on this tradition. By your gracious cooperation in the transition process you have shown a watching world that we are a united people pledged to maintaining a political system which guarantees individual liberty to a greater degree than any other. And I thank you and your people for all your help in maintaining the continuity which is the bulwark of our republic.The business of our nation goes forward.These ed States are confronted with an economic affliction of great proportions. We suffer from the longest and one of the worst sustained inflations in our national history. It distorts our economic decisions, penalizes thrift, and crushes the struggling young and the fixed-income elderly alike. It threatens to shatter the lives of millions of our people. Idle industries have cast workers into unemployment, human misery and personal indignity.Those who do work are denied a fair return for their labor by a tax system which penalizes successful achievement and keeps us from maintaining full productivity. But great as our tax burden is, it has not kept pace with public spending. For decades we have piled deficit upon deficit, mortgaging our future and our children’s future for the temporary convenience of the present. To continue this long trend is to guarantee tremendous social, cultural, political, and economic upheavals.You and I, as individuals, can, by borrowing, live beyond our means, but for only a limited period of time. Why then should we think that collectively, as a nation, we are not bound by that same limitation?We must act today in order to preserve tomorrow. And let there be no misunderstanding -- we’re going to begin to act beginning today. The economic ills we suffer have come upon us over several decades. They will not go away in days, weeks, or months, but they will go away. They will go away because we as Americans have the capacity now, as we have had in the past, to do whatever needs to be done to preserve this last and greatest bastion of freedom.In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem. From time to time we’ve been tempted to believe that society has become too complex to be managed by self-rule, that government by an elite group is superior to government for, by, and of the people. But if no one among us is capable of governing himself, then who among us has the capacity to govern someone else?All of us together -- in and out of government -- must bear the burden. The solutions we seek must be equitable with no one group singled out to pay a higher price. We hear much of special interest groups. Well our concern must be for a special interest group that has been too long neglected. It knows no sectional boundaries, or ethnic and racial divisions, and it crosses political party lines. It is made up of men and women who raise our food, patrol our streets, man our mines and factories, teach our children, keep our homes, and heal us when we’re sick -- professionals, industrialists, shopkeepers, clerks, cabbies, and truck drivers. They are, in short, “We the People.” This breed called Americans.Well, this Administration’s objective will be a healthy, vigorous, growing economy that provides equal opportunities for all Americans with no barriers born of bigotry or discrimination. Putting America back to work means putting all Americans back to work. Ending inflation means freeing all Americans from the terror of runaway living costs.All must share in the productive work of this “new beginning,” and all must share in the bounty of a revived economy.With the idealism and fair play which are the core of our system and our strength, we can have a strong and prosperous America at peace with itself and the world. So as we begin, let us take inventory.We are a nation that has a government -- not the other way around. And this makes us special among the nations of the earth. Our Government has no power except that granted it by the people. It is time to check and reverse the growth of government which shows signs of having grown beyond the consent of the governed.It is my intention to curb the size and influence of the Federal establishment and to demand recognition of the distinction between the powers granted to the Federal Government and those reserved to the states or to the people.All of us -- all of us need to be reminded that the Federal Government did not create the states; the states created the Federal Government.Now, so there will be no misunderstanding, it’s not my intention to do away with government. It is rather to make it work -- work with us, not over us; to stand by our side, not ride on our back. Government can and must provide opportunity, not smother it; foster productivity, not stifle it. If we look to the answer as to why for so many years we achieved so much, prospered as no other people on earth, it was because here in this land we unleashed the energy and individual genius of man to a greater extent than has ever been done before.Freedom and the dignity of the individual have been more available and assured here than in any other place on earth. The price for this freedom at times has been high, but we have never been unwilling to pay that price.It is no coincidence that our present troubles parallel and are proportionate to the intervention and intrusion in our lives that result from unnecessary and excessive growth of Government.It is time for us to realize that we are too great a nation to limit ourselves to small dreams. We're not, as some would have us believe, doomed to an inevitable decline. I do not believe in a fate that will fall on us no matter what we do. I do believe in a fate that will fall on us if we do nothing.So with all the creative energy at our command, let us begin an era of national renewal. Let us renew our determination, our courage, and our strength. And let us renew our faith and our hope. We have every right to dream heroic dreams.Those who say that we’re in a time when there are no heroes -- they just don’t know where to look. You can see heroes every day going in and out of factory gates. Others, a handful in number, produce enough food to feed all of us and then the world beyond. You meet heroes across a counter -- and they’re on both sides of that counter. There are entrepreneurs with faith in themselves and faith in an idea who create new jobs, new wealth and opportunity.There are individuals and families whose taxes support the Government and whose voluntary gifts support church, charity, culture, art, and education. Their patriotism is quiet but deep. Their values sustain our national life.Now I have used the words “they” and “their” in speaking of these heroes. I could say “you” and “your” because I’m addressing the heroes of whom I speak -- you, the citizens of this blessed land. Your dreams, your hopes, your goals are going to be the dreams, the hopes, and the goals of this Administration, so help me God.We shall reflect the compassion that is so much a part of your make-up. How can we love our country and not love our countrymen -- and loving them reach out a hand when they fall, heal them when they’re sick, and provide opportunity to make them self-sufficient so they will be equal in fact and not just in theory? Can we solve the problems confronting us? Well the answer is an unequivocal and emphatic "Yes." To paraphrase Winston Churchill, I did not take the oath I’ve just taken with the intention of presiding over the dissolution of the world’s strongest economy.In the days ahead, I will propose removing the roadblocks that have slowed our economy and reduced productivity. Steps will be taken aimed at restoring the balance between the various levels of government. Progress may be slow -- measured in inches and feet, not miles -- but we will progress. It is time to reawaken this industrial giant, to get government back within its means, and to lighten our punitive tax burden. And these will be our first priorities, and on these principles there will be no compromise.On the eve or our struggle for independence a man who might’ve been one of the greatest among the Founding Fathers, Dr. Joseph Warren, president of the Massachusetts Congress, said to his fellow Americans, “Our country is in danger, but not to be despaired of. On you depend the fortunes of America. You are to decide the important question upon which rest the happiness and the liberty of millions yet unborn. Act worthy of yourselves.”Well I believe we, the Americans of today, are y to act worthy of ourselves, y to do what must be done to insure happiness and liberty for ourselves, our children, and our children’s children. And as we renew ourselves here in our own land, we will be seen as having greater strength throughout the world. We will again be the exemplar of freedom and a beacon of hope for those who do not now have freedom.To those neighbors and allies who share our freedom, we will strengthen our historic ties and assure them of our support and firm commitment. We will match loyalty with loyalty. We will strive for mutually beneficial relations. We will not use our friendship to impose on their sovereignty, for our own sovereignty is not for sale.As for the enemies of freedom, those who are potential adversaries, they will be reminded that peace is the highest aspiration of the American people. We will negotiate for it, sacrifice for it; we will not surrender for it -- now or ever. Our forbearance should never be misunderstood. Our reluctance for conflict should not be misjudged as a failure of will. When action is required to preserve our national security, we will act. We will maintain sufficient strength to prevail if need be, knowing that if we do so, we have the best chance of never having to use that strength.Above all we must realize that no arsenal or no weapon in the arsenals of the world is so formidable as the will and moral courage of free men and women. It is a weapon our adversaries in today's world do not have. It is a weapon that we as Americans do have. Let that be understood by those who practice terrorism and prey upon their neighbors.I am -- I'm told that tens of thousands of prayer meetings are being held on this day; and for that I am deeply grateful. We are a nation under God, and I believe God intended for us to be free. It would be fitting and good, I think, if on each inaugural day in future years it should be declared a day of prayer. This is the first time in our history that this ceremony has been held, as you’ve been told, on this West Front of the Capitol.Standing here, one faces a magnificent vista, opening up on this city’s special beauty and history. At the end of this open mall are those shrines to the giants on whose shoulders we stand. Directly in front of me, the monument to a monumental man. George Washington, father of our country. A man of humility who came to greatness reluctantly. He led America out of revolutionary victory into infant nationhood. Off to one side, the stately memorial to Thomas Jefferson. The Declaration of Independence flames with his eloquence. And then beyond the Reflecting Pool, the dignified columns of the Lincoln Memorial. Whoever would understand in his heart the meaning of America will find it in the life of Abraham Lincoln.Beyond those moments -- those monuments to heroism is the Potomac River, and on the far shore the sloping hills of Arlington National Cemetery, with its row upon row of simple white markers bearing crosses or Stars of David. They add up to only a tiny fraction of the price that has been paid for our freedom.Each one of those markers is a monument to the kind of hero I spoke of earlier. Their lives ended in places called Belleau Wood, the Argonne, Omaha Beach, Salerno, and halfway around the world on Guadalcanal, Tarawa, Pork Chop Hill, the Chosin Reservoir, and in a hundred rice paddies and jungles of a place called Vietnam.Under one such a marker lies a young man, Martin Treptow, who left his job in a small town barber shop in 1917 to go to France with the famed Rainbow Division. There, on the Western front, he was killed trying to carry a message between battalions under heavy fire. We're told that on his body was found a diary. On the flyleaf under the heading, “My Pledge,” he had written these words: “America must win this war. Therefore, I will work; I will save; I will sacrifice; I will endure; I will fight cheerfully and do my utmost, as if the issue of the whole struggle depended on me alone.”The crisis we are facing today does not require of us the kind of sacrifice that Martin Treptow and so many thousands of others were called upon to make. It does require, however, our best effort, and our willingness to believe in ourselves and to believe in our capacity to perform great deeds; to believe that together with God’s help we can and will resolve the problems which now confront us.And after all, why shouldn’t we believe that? We are Americans.God bless you and thank you. Thank you very much.200606/7682The economic ills we suffer have come upon us over several decades.我们深受其害的经济弊病,几十年来一直袭击着我们。They will not go away in days, weeks, or months, but they will go away.这些弊病不会在几天、几星期或几个月内消失,但它们终将消失。They will go away because we, as Americans, have the capacity now, as we have had in the past, to do whatever needs to be done to preserve this last and greatest bastion of freedom.它们之所以终将消失,是因为我们作为现在的美国人,一如既往地有能力去完成需要完成的事情,以保存这个最后而又最伟大的自由堡垒。In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem.在当前这场危机中,政府的管理不能解决我们面临的问题。政府的管理就是问题所在。From time to time, we have been tempted to believe that society has become too complex to be managed by self-rule, that government by an elite group is superior to government for, by, and of the people.我们时常误以为,社会已经越来越复杂,已经不可能凭借自治方式加以管理,而一个由杰出人物组成的政府要比民享、民治、民有的政府高明。But if no one among us is capable of governing himself, then who among us has the capacity to govern someone else?可是,假如我们之中谁也管理不了自己,那么,我们之中谁还能去管理他人呢?All of us together, in and out of government, must bear the burden.我们大家--不论政府官员还是平民百姓--必须共同肩负起这个责任。The solutions we seek must be equitable, with no one group singled out to pay a higher price.我们谋求的解决办法必须是公平的,不要使任何一个群体付出较高的代价。We hear much of special interest groups.我们听到许多关于特殊利益集团的谈论,Our concern must be for a special interest group that has been too long neglected.然而。我们必须关心一个被忽视了大久的特殊利益集团。It knows no sectional boundaries or ethnic and racial divisions, and it crosses political party lines.这个集团没有区域之分,没有人种之分,没有民族之分,没有政党之分,It is made up of men and women who raise our food, patrol our streets, man our mines and our factories, teach our children, keep our homes, and heal us when we are sick这个集团由许许多多的男人与女人组成,他们生产粮食,巡逻街头,管理厂矿,教育儿童,照料家务和治疗疾病。professionals, industrialists, shopkeepers, clerks, cabbies, and truckdrivers.他们是专业人员、实业家、店主、职员、出租汽车司机和货车驾驶员,They are, in short, ;We the people,; this breed called Americans.总而言之,他们就是;我们的人民;—就是美国人民。Well, this administrations objective will be a healthy, vigorous, growing economy that provides equal opportunity for all Americans, with no barriers born of bigotry or discrimination.本届政府的目标是必须建立一种健全的、生气勃勃的和日益发展的经济,为全体美国人民提供一种不因偏执或歧视而造成障碍的均等机会。Putting America back to work means putting all Americans back to work.使美国复兴,意味着使全体美国人都有工作;Ending inflation means freeing all Americans from the terror of runaway living costs.制止通货膨胀,意味着使全体美国人免除对势如脱缰之马的生活费用的恐惧。All must share in the productive work of this ;new beginning; and all must share in the bounty of a revived economy.人人都应分担;新开端;的富有成效的工作,人人都应分享经济复苏的硕果。With the idealism and fair play which are the core of our system and our strength, we can have a strong and prosperous America at peace with itself and the world.我们力量的核心是理想主义和公正对待的精神,有了这些,我们就能建立一个强大繁荣的美国,在国内和全世界都相安无事。03/438038

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