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Well this could be listed as bad behavior in terms of publishing we talk about it earlier today.今天早些时候我们所谈论公布的这一照片可以列入皇室不良行为Princess Kate at the center of a photo scandal this morning.凯特王妃的照片今天早上成了丑闻的焦点A German tabloid posting a picture of her,exposed rearend.德国小报公布了她的性感私密照It in this dress.就是这条裙子But we are not gonna show you the actual photo here.但是我们不会向你展示实际照片Well, the snapshot was taken as a gust of wind blew up Kate dress during her recent tour of Australia with Prince William in April.这张抓拍毁了凯特最近月与威廉王子的澳大利亚之旅中自己的名誉And the newly-posted pictures cause a major debate about privacy and whether publishers were going a step too far.而这张最新公布的照片引发关于隐私和发布者是否太过火的讨论I acutally this just falls right in line with what we were just talking about.我认为现在这刚好符合我们正在谈论的This is an objectified woman, she didnt want people to see a gust of wind blow up.这是一位受到客观评价的女人,她不应该让人们看到任何丑闻You know maybe she will learn from the Queen as she wears weighted-hems.你知道也许她会从女王那里学到更多东西She actually puts on weighted-hems to make sure that her dress does not ever fly up because there is always someone taking a picture of them.实际上她的穿着要确保自己的裙子不会被掀起,因为总有人想拍张艳照That what you always say.这就是你们总想的No, we are just sort of like, this is just so sad a fact.不,我们只是有点,只是感叹如此悲伤的事实Youve given me the best lesson in my life, George.你给我上了生命中最好的一课,乔治I mean, it just remarkable, you have to, she would have to, on a good will tour, be thinking about such thing.我的意思是,值得注意的是,你必须,她不得不带着良好印象进行一次旅行,她要考虑这样的事情It a shame.这真是奇耻大辱yep, what would they do with Prince William.是的,他们会怎么看待威廉王子I can say that, not if he is wearing a coat.我可以这么说,他要不是穿一件外套的话Maybe Prince Henry.也许就是亨利王子的下场了 3776《明日帝国以1亿500万美元的票房名列1997年度全美十大卖座的榜尾,而其在世界范围内的卖座力更是惊人,以3亿330万美元位居当年全球最卖座电影的第四名而Sheryl Crow所演唱的主题曲"Tomorrow Never Dies"(于1997年金球奖获得最佳电影主题曲提名),是电影开场的性感、高科技视效场面最好的情绪催化剂Artist: Sheryl Crow Title: Tomorrow Never Dies Darling I'm killed I'm in a puddle on the floor Waiting you to return Oh what a thrill Fascinations galore How you tease, how you leave me to burn It's so deadly my dear The power of having you near Until the day... Until the world falls away Until you say there'll be no more goodbyes See it in your eyes Tomorrow never dies Darling you won It's no fun Martini's, girls and guns It's murder on our love affair It's you, that's your life Every night, as you chase the morning light You're not the only spy out there It's so deadly my dear The power of wanting you near Until the day... Until the world falls away Until you say there'll be no more goodbyes See it in your eyes Tomorrow never dies Until the day... Until the world falls away Until you say there'll be no more goodbyes See it in your eyes Until the day.....Until the day...Until the day... 85

A Soldier Brilliant Idea士兵的妙计Mr. Robinson had to travel somewhere on business, and as he was in a hurry, he decided to go by air. He liked sitting beside a window when he was flying, so when he got on to the plane, he looked a window seat. He found all of them had aly had been taken except one. There was a soldier sitting in the seat beside this one, and Mr. Robinson was surprised that he had not taken the one by the window. So he at once went towards it.罗宾逊先生要去出趟差因为有些急,他决定乘飞机乘飞机时,他喜欢坐靠窗的位置,刚登上飞机,他就找靠窗的座位他发现只有一个靠窗的座位还空着在那个空座位边上坐着一名士兵罗宾逊先生感到很意外,这个士兵并没有坐靠窗的位置于是罗宾逊先生马上朝那个空座位走了过去When he reached it, however, he saw that there was a notice on it. It was written in ink and said, ;This seat is preserved proper load balance, thank you.; Mr. Robinson had never seen such an unusual notice in a plane bee, but he thought that the plane must be carrying something particularly heavy in it, so he walked on and found another empty seat, not beside a window, to sit in.然而,等到了那儿,他看见座位上贴着一张告示,用钢笔写着:“为保持装载平衡,特意预留出该座位谢谢”罗宾逊先生还从来没有在飞机上见过如此不同寻常的告示不过,他想飞机上一定装了特别重的物品,于是他接着找了个不靠窗的空位,坐了下来Two or three people tried to sit in the window seat beside the soldier, but they too the notice and went on, when the plane was nearly full, a very beautiful girl hurried into the plane. The soldier, who was watching the passengers coming in, quickly took the notice off the seat beside himself and in this way succeeded in having the company of the girl during the whole trip.又有两三个乘客想坐在士兵旁边那个靠窗的座位,但是他们看到那则告示就走开了当飞机快坐满时,一位非常漂亮的姑娘急匆匆地走进机舱那个士兵一直在留意进舱的乘客,赶紧拿掉旁边空位上的告示用这种办法,那个士兵成功地找到了一位姑娘和他一路同行 5

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