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Actually,much better cooked than they are raw.事实上 这比生吃要美味的多And I love crabs.I often catch them with the kids at home.我爱死螃蟹了 在家经常和孩子们捉螃蟹Mmm. This is a good meal.Time to get up into the tree.这顿饭真不错 该到树上去了Its important to get as much sleep as you can.尽可能多的睡眠十分重要Its the bodys chance to recuperate,y for another day in the jungle.夜晚是恢复体力的大好时机 好为第二天的丛林冒险做足准备Feels a bit precarious, this.But at least Im out of reach of any jaguars.这东西也不怎么安全 但至少 不用担心美洲豹什么的了Actually, its not too uncomfortable.Mad day.其实 睡着也不是太难受 疯狂的一天Its a new day, new beginning,And Im feeling good.全新的一天 全新的开始 神清气爽的感觉Guatemala really means the land of the trees危地马拉真是一块育着林木的and a kind of pretty special land that is. Look at that.瑰丽神奇的土地As beautiful as it is,the jungle can also be a very hostile environment.但美丽的外表下 也可能暗藏杀机You can never drop your guard here.所以不能放松警惕You see, Im not the only,the only thing that likes hanging out in trees.你能看到 不是只有 只有我喜欢跑树上来You see in the crock there?A little green pit viper.看到那边了吗 一条绿色的小蝮蛇Get bitten by that, and youre gonna be dead in two hours.被它咬到了 活不过2小时201609/466366

栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201607/457298

  America is becoming the most powerful nation on earth.美国正成为世界上最强大的国家Transformed from a postcivil war wasteland into a budding superpower by a group of visionaries who battled the impossible to build unimaginable empires that have brought the country into the twentieth century.从内战后的一片荒芜 到成长中的超级大国 靠的是一群梦想家 他们超越极限建立起了难以想象的帝国 带领国家走向了二十世纪With all the great entrepreneurs, it was a mix of believing in an idea, but they also recognized that they had to do some things to take that idea and make it real.所有伟大的企业家都有着相应的理念 他们也意识到要采取行动 将理念变成现实After decades of doing whatever it took to crush the competition, John D. Rockefeller is fighting to save the company he built from nothing into one of the largest and most dominating corporations on the planet.几十年来约翰·D·洛克菲勒不择手段地粉碎竞争 现在他要拯救他的公司 他从无到有将公司做到了世界上最大最强的公司之一Big business is a dangerous thing in the eyes of many because of the power it wields.很多人觉得大企业很危险因为它权力太大了The U.S. government Versus Standard Oil.美国政府诉标准石油案The biggest antitrust trial of all time is about to reach a verdict.世上最大的反垄断案即将判决Four hundred and fourtyfour witnesses have taken the stand, twelve thousand pages of testimony have been recorded, but in the end it all comes down to the testimony of one man.四百四十四位人出庭作 词就有一万两千页 但最终这一切都归结于一个人的词You call it monopoly, I call it enterprise.你们说这是垄断 我说这是事业201607/455031

  Here to perform their new hit《Dont wanna know》for the first time television.Please welcome Maroon 5.这是第一次他们在电视上演奏新作《不想去知道》(《Dont wanna know》) 让我们掌声欢迎魔力红乐队!I dont wanna know, know, know, know我一丝一毫都不想知晓Whos takeing you home home home home今夜谁将带你共赴春宵Im loving you so, so, so, so因为我爱你如此之深The way I used to love you,no no no no以往与现在 深爱你不曾改变Whos taking you home, home, home, home今夜谁将带你共赴春宵Im loving you so, so, so, so因为我爱你如此之深The way I used to love you, oh以往与现在 深爱你不曾改变I dont wanna know Wasted我不想知道 时光流逝And the more I drink the more I think about you杯酒下肚 对你的思念愈来愈深Oh no, no, I cant take it.哦 不 我无法再忍受Baby every place I go reminds me of you宝贝 我去的每个地方都会让我想起你Do you think of me? Of what we used to be?你是否也在思念我呢?想念过去我们的甜蜜恩爱Is it better now that Im not around?现在我不在你身边 你是否感觉更好?My friends are actin strange, they dont bring up your name我的朋友们都有所顾忌 在我面前从来不提及你Are you happy now? Are you happy now?这是你想要的吗?你现在开心了吗?I dont wanna know, know, know, know我一丝一毫都不想知晓Whos takeing you home home home home今夜谁将带你共赴春宵Im loving you so, so, so, so因为我爱你如此之深The way I used to love you, no.I dont wanna know, know, know, know以往与现在 深爱你不曾改变 我一丝一毫都不想知晓Whos takeing you home home home home今夜谁将带你共赴春宵Im loving you so, so, so, so因为我爱你如此之深The way I used to love you, oh. I dont wanna know 以往与现在 深爱你不曾改变And I every time I go out, yeah每当我出门的时候I hear it from this one, I hear it from that one.Glad you got someone new总能听见一些流言蜚语 但我很开心 你找到了新欢Yeah I see but I dont believe it我知道的 但我不愿去相信Even in my head youre still in my bed甚至在我脑海中 你仍躺在我的臂弯里Maybe Im just a fool是啊 也许我是个傻瓜吧Do you think of me? Of what we used to be?你是否也在思念我呢?想念过去我们的甜蜜恩爱Is it better now that Im not around?现在我不在你身边 你是否感觉更好?My friends are actin strange, they dont bring up your name我的朋友们都有所顾忌 在我面前从来不提及你Are you happy now? Are you happy now?这是你想要的吗?你现在开心了吗?I dont wanna know, know, know, know我一丝一毫都不想知晓Whos taking you home, home, home, home今夜谁将带你共赴春宵Im loving you so, so, so, so因为我爱你如此之深The way I used to love you, no以往与现在 深爱你不曾改变I dont wanna know,know,know,konw我不想知道Whos takeing you home home home home今夜谁将带你共赴春宵Im loving you so, so, so, so因为我爱你如此之深The way I used to love you, oh.I dont wanna know 以往与现在 深爱你不曾改变 我一丝一毫都不想知晓Wasted And the more I drink the more I think about you时光流逝 杯酒下肚 对你的思念愈来愈深Oh no, no, I cant take it哦 不 我无法再忍受I think I should just go on with about you.我想我应该继续在乎你I dont wanna know, know, know, know我一丝一毫都不想知晓Home(Whos taking you home, home, home, home)回家(今夜谁将带你共赴春宵)Im loving you so因为我爱你如此之深The way I used to love you,ohI dont wanna know以往与现在 深爱你不曾改变 我不想知道Taking you home Im loving you so, yeah带你走 因为我爱你如此之深 耶The way I used to love you,ohI dont wanna know以往与现在 深爱你不曾改变 我一丝一毫都不想知晓yeah yeah yeah I dont wanna know oh…yeah…耶 耶 耶 我可不想知道那些事儿 噢…耶…yeah…yeah…yeah… you…oh…耶…耶…耶… 你…噢…I dont wanna know我可不想知道那些事儿So jazzy.I like that.如此奔放 我很喜欢201706/513101。

  Alexei Romanoff doesnt speak Russian, he was 4 years old when his mother brought him to the ed States.阿列克谢·罗曼诺夫并不会说俄罗斯语。在他4岁的时候,妈妈把他带到了美国。At the age of nine, he made a startling discovery: he was attracted to boys.九岁那年,他有一个惊奇的发现:他喜欢上了男孩子。Seventy years ago, homosexuality was considered a psychiatric illness in America.70年前,同性恋在美国被认为是精神疾病。If you acted on your impulses, you could have been sent to a hospital or jailed for ;lewd conduct.;如果你意气用事,你就会因“淫荡行为”被送进医院或监狱。;I had two friends, Steve and Sal, they were lovers, they lived together, they were in a bar.“我有两个朋友,斯蒂夫和萨尔他们是一对情侣,住在一起。他们在一个酒吧里。And Sal was sitting in a chair and Steve was standing over him,萨尔坐在椅子上,斯蒂夫站在他的身边。and they were talking and talking to a couple of other people, and they were drinking.他们在和其他人一起说话喝酒。It was a beer bar in those days in California, in Silver Lake, and they were drinking.那是一个在加利福尼亚银湖的啤酒吧。他们喝着酒。And he had looked away and talked to somebody, and his glass tipped, and it spilled a little onto Sal,斯蒂夫扭头和别人说话。他歪着他的玻璃杯,酒洒在了萨尔的身上。and he went like this, he brushed his chest off, Sals chest.然后他就这样,用手掸掉洒在萨尔胸口的酒。And there were two vice officers in there, and they arrested them for lewd conduct.;正好有两个副军官在那儿。他们以淫荡行为为由,逮捕了这两个人。”On New Years Eve in 1967, just at the stroke of midnight,1967年的新年前夜,午夜钟声敲响的时候,policemen burst into the Black Cat gay bar and arrested 14 people who were celebrating with a kiss.警察冲进了黑猫同性恋酒吧,逮捕了14个正在亲吻庆祝的人。In response, hundreds of gays and supporters took to the streets in what is thought to be the first mass gay rights demonstration.结果,上百个同性恋者和持者走上街头示威。这就是第一个大规模的同性恋维权游行。Alexie was one of its organizers.阿列克谢是其中的一个组织者。;I was sick and tired of being sick and tired, and we had to do something to change the status quo.;“我烦透了。我们必须做点儿什么去改变现状。”Over the last 15 years some states have legalized same-sex marriage.在过去的15年,一些州已经将同性婚姻合法化。Alexei and his partner David made their relationship legal in 2008,阿列克谢和他的爱人大卫在2008年确立了他们的合法关系。they say that marriage was necessary for them to protect each other legally.他们说,用婚姻来合法的保护彼此很有必要。;We found that out once when I was in a hospital, I nearly died from a ruptured aneurysm.“有一次我进医院了,我差点因为血管瘤破裂死掉。I was taken to the hospital by ambulance, Alexei followed我被急救车拉进医院。阿列克谢也跟着我,and he was denied admission to me in the emergency room because he wasnt my spouse.;但是他被禁止进入急救室看我,因为他不是我的配偶。”In June of 2015, same-sex marriage became legal in the whole country.2015年6月,同性婚姻在全国范围内合法化。But there are still no laws prohibiting discrimination against sexual minorities.但是没有法律禁止对这群少数人的歧视。;In the majority of the States of the U.S., it is legal to fire me or to deny me housing because I am gay.;“在美国的大部分州,人们可以因为我是同性恋而解雇我或者拒绝给我房子住,这是合法的。”Over the weekend, gay activists went to the street not just to celebrate gay pride在周末,同性恋活动分子来到街道上,不仅是为他们的同性恋骄傲喝,but also to call for civil rights for all, gays, women and immigrants.更是为所有人呼吁公民权力,不管是同性恋、女人还是移民。And in the lane, the grand marshal of the parade was Alexie.阿列克谢是此次游行的总领导者。He and the marches across the country hope that message will be heard loud and clear.他和遍及全国的游行队伍希望他们的声音可以被清晰的听到。201707/515946

  栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201609/464445Caves often look completely different when you retrace your steps.而当你原路返回时 就会发现洞穴已经完全不同了So keep looking behind you,and make a mental note of any features along the way.所以要一直注意看身后 铭记沿路的特征The waters getting a lot deeper now.You can also hear white water ahead.水变深了 还能听到前面浪花的声音So lets stay together on this, okay?我们挨紧点 好吗Weve got to keep this torch alight.Weve got to keep it out of the water.一定要保火把不灭 千万不能碰到水I hate this sense of not knowing whats ahead.我讨厌这种对前方一无所知的感觉Its just a mad, mad place in here.And its neither heard.这里真让人绝望 真是叫天不应叫地不灵All this white water is heading straight off this waterfall.这浪正朝瀑布奔流而去The problem is theres no way of telling just how high that is.问题是没法知道那有多高I could turn back,but I want to carry on.我完全能往回走 但我想继续走下去Im in Guatemala,home to some of central Americas biggest cave systems,and Im facing an underground chasm.我在危地马拉 这里有中美洲最大的洞穴群 而我正面临一个地下洞穴All this white water is heading straight off this waterfall.这浪正朝瀑布奔流而去We dont want to take any chances with this.我们不想冒任何风险A good 30 foot down to the bottom of that.Its definitely climbable.大概30英尺深 绝对能爬下去I brought some vine with me in my backpack.我背包里带了一些藤条Its gonna help me get down this cliff.能帮助我爬下悬崖201609/465683The fight against Zika just took a huge step forward.对抗寨卡病毒前进了一大步。The U.S. is enrolling volunteers for testing on an experimental vaccine. This is one of the first Zika vaccine to make it to broader human testing.美国正在招募志愿者进行实验性疫苗试验。这是首个寨卡疫苗进行更为广泛的人体试验。The first volunteer got a dose in Houston in late March. The next step is to test 90 adults with different doses to see which one works best.第一名志愿者三月下旬在休斯敦注射了一定剂量。接下来要对90名成年人进行不同剂量测试,看哪一个效果最好。After that, the researchers aim to test more than 2,000 volunteers from five at-risk countries: Brazil, Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica and Peru.在此之后,研究人员的目标是试验超过2,000名来自五个风险国家的志愿者,分别是巴西、墨西哥、巴拿马、哥斯达黎加和秘鲁。Traditionally, vaccines imitate an infection to train the body to fight against it. This one is slightly different.传统上,疫苗会模仿感染训练身体对抗它。这一个略有不同。Its called a DNA vaccine, and it carries genes from the actual virus that resemble Zika to trick the immune system into building up a defense.这就是所谓的DNA疫苗,它携带来自类似寨卡实际病毒的基因,欺骗免疫系统建立防御。Zikas status as a ;public health emergency; was lifted last year, but its still a big problem in the Americas. The virus can cause severe birth defects if a mother gets it when shes pregnant.去年取消了寨卡“突发公共卫生事件”的状态,但它仍然是美国的一个大问题。当母亲怀时,病毒会导致严重的出生缺陷。Still, the vaccine likely wont be widely available for a while.不过,这种疫苗可能暂时不会广泛使用。译文属。201704/502109

  The founder of the Paston dynasty was Clement.帕斯顿家族的创建者是克莱门特Clements described as a plain husbandman,which is to say a peasant,据说克莱门特是普通百姓 也就是说他是个农民but a peasant who took advantage of the Black Death to scramble right up the social ladder of the village.但这个农民利用黑死病 爬上了村子里的地位之梯Clement Paston was shrewd enough to send his son William to law school,克莱门特·帕斯顿有先见之明地 将自己的儿子威廉送进了法学院clever enough to understand that it was going to be through learning,他很明智地意识到 只有通过学习as much as through land, that the fortunes of the Pastons would be utterly transformed.而非土地占有 才能让帕斯顿家族的地位 彻底改变Clements son did indeed become a lawyer and married into money.克莱门特的儿子不出所料成为律师 通过婚姻得到大笔财富So did his grandson John, who acquired Caister Castle,他的孙子约翰命运相同并且得到了凯斯特城堡completing the meteoric rise of the Pastons from peasantry to landed gentry in just two generations.通过两代人就完成了帕斯顿家族 从小农阶级到土地豪绅的迅速上升John Jenney informed me, and Ive verily learned since,youre to be made a knight at this coronation.由约翰·詹尼的来信中我得知 你将在这里被加冕为骑士Considering the comfortable tidings aforesaid,to attain the necessary gear be prayed for.考虑到上述喜讯 你必须尽快适应But nothings ever this easy, is it?但是树大招风 不是吗As the Pastons became influential and rich,so they also were bound to attract enemies.随着帕斯顿家族日渐显贵 必然会招致敌人As long as they were obscure nobodies,the bloody tides of the Wars of the Roses would happen somewhere else.在他们还是无名小卒之时 玫瑰战争的血腥战事 还未蔓延上身But now that they became owners of lands and manors and castles,they also became prime targets for the heavies,然而 现在他们成为土地 庄园和城堡的拥有者 也成了敌人的首要目标and no one was heavier than the Duke of Norfolk.诺福克公爵大力发难 /201612/483183栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。201606/431433

  Another year over. Where do they go to? Its a mystery.一年又结束。它们都到哪去了?这真是个谜Now its December. So much to remember before Christmas Eve现在是十二月。圣诞夜前有太多事情要记Im aly late and my train is delayed我已经迟到,我的火车却误点Disruption on the line. I race into work and the place is berserk整个交通大乱。我冲去工作,那地方完全失控Yes, its Christmas time没错,圣诞时节到了I wanna find the greatest gift I can give my family我想要找到能给我家人最棒的礼物But right now I dont have time to breathe.但现在我连呼吸的时间都没有。The streets are chaotic. The shops idiotic. Theres a queue for the queue街上一团乱。商店很愚蠢。到哪里都大排长龙A grannys taking her time at the front of the line. Ninety-one, ninety-two...有个老太太在队伍前面慢条斯理。九十一、九十二...Theres a party at work and the manager is twerking inappropriately今天上班有个派对,而经理不正经地扭腰摆臀To top off the day another train is delayed. Its a catastrophe更糟的是又一班火车误点。真是一场灾难Christmas time is here圣诞时节到Id like to spend the time with the ones I love so dear我想要把时间花在我心爱的人身上Im trying to find the greatest gift I can give my family我想要找到能给我家人最棒的礼物I dont have time. Theres only one of me但我没时间。因为只有一个我Tell me how do people do it all. Ill never get it done告诉我大家如何做到所有事情。我永远做不完If only there was a way to be in two places at once如果有让我能同时在两个地方的方法就好了Wait! That gives me an idea!等等!那让我想到一个点子!If I wasnt alone. What if I had a clone? I could do so much more.如果我不是独自一人,要是我有个复制人呢?我就可以做更多事It would all be a breeze with a couple of more mes. Id have time galore!如果有很多个我,一切就简单了。我就能拥有许多时间!I wanna find the greatest gift I can give my family我想要找到能给我家人最棒的礼物The greatest gift I can give is me!我能给的最棒的礼物就是我!Now I can meet with the boss and empty out my inbox all simultaneously现在我能和老板开会还能同时清空我的收件匣Leaving me time to spend with my family and friends, where I wanna be让我有时间和家人与朋友相处,这就是我想要的I wanna find the greatest gift I can give my family我想要找到能给我家人最棒的礼物The greatest gift that I can give is me!我能给的最棒的礼物就是我!I wanna find the greatest gift I can give my family我想要找到能给我家人最棒的礼物The greatest gift that I can give is me!我能给的最棒的礼物就是我!I wanna find the greatest gift I can give my family我想要找到能给我家人最棒的礼物The greatest gift that I can give...is me!我能给的最棒礼物...就是我!201702/494051

  The irony about the restoration of Charles II was he came to the throne讽刺的是 查理二世的复辟 他得以登上王座not because England needed a successor to Charles I.并不是因为英国需要查理一世的继承者He came to the throne because England needed a successor to Oliver Cromwell.而是因为英国需要一个人接替 奥利弗·克伦威尔There was universal rejoicing, bonfires and feasting.全国上下一片喜悦欢庆之声The chaos brought by Cromwells death was ending.克伦威尔去世所造成的混乱结束了This new Charles seemed just what everyone had hoped for a model of sweet reason.新的查理看起来正是人们所希望的 一个美好的典范That, at any rate, is what Samuel Pepys thought.无论如何 至少赛缪尔·佩皮斯这么认为Pepys was a pure product of Cromwells England.佩皮斯长于克伦威尔治下的英国He was present when the new king boarded his flagship home.他随新国王乘坐皇室旗舰回国En route, the tall, dark-haired man strode up and down the quarterdeck在途中 这个高个子黑头发的男子 在后甲板上走来走去telling the story of his escape after the Battle of Worcester.讲述他如何从伍斯特战役生还Here was a king full of charisma.He had magic.他是具有非凡魅力的国王 他有那种魔力But would his reason survive the emotions stirred by his return?但是他能够从复辟的激动中保持冷静吗The diarist John Evelyn recorded, with unrepentant royalism burning in his breast:日记作家约翰·伊夫林用他那 狂热的保皇主义写道This day came in His Majesty to London after a sad and long exile,国王重返伦敦的一天到来了 在一场悲哀而又漫长的放逐后with a triumph of above 20,000 horse and foot brandishing their swords国王率领着在两万名随从凯旋 他们挥舞着手中的刀剑and shouting with inexpressible joy,the way strewn with flowers, the bells ringing.洋溢着难以言语的欢愉 鲜花遍地 钟声长鸣I stood in the Strand and beheld it and blessed God.我站在海滨注视着他 感谢上帝And all this without one drop of blood and by that very army which had rebelled against him.他利用那些曾经反叛过他的军队 没有流一滴血就得以胜利回归 /201704/504018。

  Lets be honest. Youre talking about the king of government. I mean look at that.说真的,你刚说到……,来看看这个You pretty much...you pretty much invented this. Right? I mean, look at him.这个就是你发明的,是吗?看看他就知道了My kids could never rebel against me?我的孩子总是不知道怎样才算叛逆。Cause when they are going to come home with blue hair?想想看,就算他们染个蓝头发回家又怎么样?I invented that. Im going to have a shave. Do you know what daddy, Im going to have a shave.那是我发明的。我得剃胡子,爸爸,我得剃胡子Im going to do my hair. Im going to get a job. Im going to move out我要剪头发,我得找个工作,搬出去and Im going to be self-sufficient and raise children who are amazing.自己养活自己,再养几个出色的孩子。Now, do you think, Alice, because you do all this makeup yourself. I do it all. Yes.艾利斯,你会不会觉得,因为你发明了这个妆容。对,我发明的Well, we have...listen, right here, this is some of Alice Coopers very own makeup. This is your makeup, right? Yes, yes.嗯,我这里准备了一些艾利斯·库伯的一些化妆品。这是你的化妆品对吧?是的Do you think you could do me Alice Cooper-ways. Yes. Let me sit in here.你能把我画成艾利斯·库伯那样吗?好,让我坐到这里Do you want to have a go? Yeah, yeah. You take some of these. Well just carry on the interview as we—你想开始吗?好的,没问题。你拿上这些。因为我们化妆的时候采访还在继续No time at all. Close your left eye. OK, Im closing my left eye.没时间了。把左眼闭上。好,那我闭上左眼OK, now, when youre on tour because youre on tour with Motley Crue the moment.你们四处旅行的时候,因为那时你们和莫特利·克鲁乐队一起去旅行Were on tour for two years with these guys.我们四处玩了两年So is there just makeup lying around everywhere? Yes.那你们房间平时就到处都是化妆品咯?Is it like just go and lie everywhere you go? Yes, there is.你走到哪,哪都是化妆品。是的。And you know, I mean, guy liner everywhere there is.男士的眼线笔到处都是Youre not just going throughout to look out there to look at your shoes. Yeah.我们出去都要化妆,毕竟别人不可能是为了看你的鞋子来的。When you say you look good. Wait a minute. How am I doing else? Youre doing great. Thats perfect.看起来不错。等等,我还需要画吗?你画得很好,简直完美。Where does this look come from, Alice? I know what were going to do, guys.艾利斯,这个妆是谁想出来的?是谁先说出“我知道怎么画了”这句话的?Well, the idea is there was a world full of Peter Pans and no Captain Hook. Right.现在人人都愿意当彼得潘,没人想当胡克船长。嗯And I was more than happen to be a captain hook for rock in roll. So there you go.我很开心能做摇滚乐界的胡克船长。就是这么来的So what we got? How is that? That good? That good? Yeah, you like? Yeah, nice. Nice. Its a good look on you. Yeah, I like it.什么?怎么样?好看吗?好看吗?好看,你喜欢吗?喜欢,不错。好看。这妆很适合你。哇,我很喜欢The funny think is he has no idea what we actually put on his eyes.搞笑的是他完全不知道我们在他眼睛上是怎么画的201706/513447


  Hi my name is Valen. Welcome to engvid.com. This is a lesson on common English expressions that youll hear in the workplace.大家好,我是Valen。欢迎来到engvid.com。在这堂课上你将学到职场中的一些常用短语。Okay, so the first expression is ;to bite off more than one can chew;.首先,第一个短语是“to bite off more than one can chew”。So how this expression works is if you say something like --该短语的使用方式通常是——John is stressed. I think hes bitten off more than he can chew.John 的压力很大。 我认为他是在做一些力不能及的事。What this means is John has taken on more responsibility than he can handle.这句话是说,John承担了许多他无力承担责任。So John is stressed. I think hes bitten off more than he can chew. John is taking on more responsibility than hes able to handle.所以,John的压力很大。我认为他是在做一些力不能及的事。指John承担了许多他力不能及的责任。Our second expression is ;to figure something out;, which means to find a way to solve a problem.第二个短语是“to figure something out”,表示找到解决问题的方法。So somebody asks you to figure something out, theyre asking you to find a solution.因此,当有人请你“figure something out”,他们是想请你来找出解决问题的方法。Heres an example of that expression --该短语的例句为——I dont understand this problem, maybe you can figure it out.我不太理解这个问题,或许你可以搞定它。So what this means: figure it out, I didnt understand this problem, maybe you can find the solution. So maybe you can figure it out.这句话是指:我不太理解这个问题,或许你能找到解决这个问题的方法。或许你可以搞定它。Okay our next expression is ;fill in for someone;.好了,下面学习下一个短语“fill in for someone”。So somebody uses the expression -- He filled in for me. What they mean is that that person did your work while you were away.常用句型为——He filled in for me。这句话是指当我不在的时候,那个人做了我的工作。Heres an example --例句——while I was on vacation, Mary filled in for me.当我休假的时候,Mary顶替了我。So what this means is while I was on vacation, Mary did my work or she took over my job.这句话是指,当我休假的时候,Mary做了我的工作或Mary接管了我的位子。So filled in for me; Mary filled in for me; Mary did my work; took on my responsibilities.所以,filled in for me、Mary filled in for me、Mary did my work,都指Mary承担了我的职责,顶替了我的位子。Another common expression you will hear in the workplaces -- ;in the black;.另一个常听到的短语是——“in the black”。So for business is in the black this is a good thing. It refers to the business being profitable.对于“in the black”的公司来说,这是一件好事。因为这意味着公司盈利。This year business was great! Weve been in the black all year. So in the black, um... is a good thing.今年业绩非常棒!我们全年盈利。所以“in the black”,是一件好事。The business is profitable, its making money. The opposite of in the black is in the red.这是指公司在盈利、赚钱。而其反义词是“in the red”。So someone says, ;were in the red.; That means the business is not making money, its losing money and its in debt.当某人说,“were in the red.” 这是指公司没有赚钱而是在亏损,身背负债。So if...um.. if your boss says,;Weve been in the red for the past three months.;因此,如果你的老板说,“在过去的三个月公司一直in the red。”That means the business is losing money and its in debt. So in the black is a good thing and in the red is a bad thing.这就表明公司在亏损、负债。因此,in the black是好事,而in the red 是坏事。Another common English expression up here in the workplace is ;Ill sleep on it.;另一个要提到的常用短语是“Ill sleep on it.”So if someone says to you, ;That sounds like a good idea. Let me sleep on it.;如果有人跟你说,“That sounds like a good idea. Let me sleep on it.”What they mean is let me think about it and Ill get back to you with my decision. So ;let me sleep on it; is a very common expression.他们实际是在说,这是一个好主意,我会考虑一下,有情况我再通知你。因此,“let me sleep on it”是一个非常常用的短语。Okay, the last expression is ;to get the ball rolling;.最后一个短语是“to get the ball rolling”。So someone who says to you, ;Lets get the ball rolling.; It means they want to get started on a project.当有人跟你说,“Lets get the ball rolling.” 是指他们想着手开始一个项目。See, my heres someone says, ;Lets get the ball rolling on this new project.;通常会说,“让我们开始着手这个新项目。”And what they mean is lets started with; lets get started; lets get moving; lets get the ball rolling.他们指的是开始做某事。So in this lesson weve covered seven common English expressions that you might hear in the workplace:这节课上,我们学习了7种常在职场听到的英语短语:to bite off more than one can chew, to figure something out to fill in for someone, in the black, in the red,做力不能及的事、搞定某事、顶替某人、盈利、亏损、Ill sleep on it and to get the ball rolling.我会考虑这个以及开始着手某事。You can take the quiz on www.engvid.com and visit us on the site for more lessons.你可以登录www.engvid.com做下小测试,也可以从网站中学习更多课程。201706/515645

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