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淮南/切包皮包茎的手术的费用淮南/矿三院治疗早泄多少钱Mr. President, Mr. Secretary-General, Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen, Thank you very much for all your kind words. I am deeply honoured by the trust and confidence Member States have placed in me, and determined to be guided by the purposes and principles of the Charter. But first of all, Id like to pay tribute to Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. Secretary-General, your principled leadership has helped to chart the future of the ed Nations – through the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development; through your commitment to peace and security; through your initiative to put human rights at the heart of our work. Under your direction, the world committed to the historic Paris Agreement on climate change – and ratified it in record time. I strongly believe this momentum is unstoppable. Dear Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, it is an honour to follow in your steps, defending the same values that unite us. Thank you very much. Mr. President, Twenty-one years ago, when I took the oath of office to become Prime Minister of Portugal, the world was riding a wave of optimism. The Cold War had ended, and some described that as the end of history. They believed we would live in a peaceful, stable world with economic growth and prosperity for all. But, the end of the Cold War wasnt the end of history. On the contrary, history had simply been frozen in some places. And when the old order melted away, history came back with a vengeance. Even hidden contradictions and tensions resurfaced. New wars multiplied and old ones reignited. And lack of clarity in power relations led progressively to greater unpredictability and impunity. Conflicts have become more complex – and interlinked – than ever before. They produce horrific violations of international humanitarian law and human rights abuses. And people have been forced to flee their homes on a scale unseen in decades. And a new threat has emerged – global terrorism. Megatrends – including climate change, population growth, rapid urbanization, food insecurity and water scarcity – have increased competition for resources and heightened tensions and instability. Mr. President, At the same time, the last 20 years have seen extraordinary technological progress. The global economy has grown; basic social indicators have improved. The proportion of people living in absolute poverty has fallen dramatically. But globalization and technological progress have also contributed to growing inequalities. A lot of people have been left behind, even including in developed countries where millions of old jobs have disappeared and new ones are out of reach for many. In many parts, youth unemployment has exploded. And globalization has also broadened the reach of organized crime and trafficking. All this has deepened the divide between people and political establishments. In some countries, we have seen growing instability, social unrest – even violence and conflict. And a little bit everywhere, voters now tend to reject the status quo, and whatever Government proposal is put to a referendum. Many have lost confidence not only in their Governments, but in global institutions – including the ed Nations. Mr. President, Fear is driving the decisions of many people around the world. And we must understand their anxieties and meet their needs, without losing sight of our universal values. It is time to reconstruct relations between people and leaders – national and international; time for leaders to listen and show that they care about their own people and about the global stability and solidarity on which we all depend. And it is time for the ed Nations to do the same: to recognize its shortcomings and to reform the way it works. The Organization is the cornerstone of multilateralism, and has contributed to decades of relative peace. But, the challenges are now surpassing our ability to respond. UN must be y to change. Our most serious shortcoming – and here I refer to the entire international community – is our inability to prevent crises. The ed Nations was born from war. Today, we must be here for peace. La prévention exige que nous nous attaquions aux causes profondes à travers les trois piliers des Nations Unies: la paix et la sécurité, le développement durable et les droits humains. Cela doit être la priorité dans tout ce que nous faisons. La prévention exige que nous soutenions plus les pays dans leurs efforts pour renforcer leurs institutions et rendre leurs sociétés plus résilientes. Il sagit aussi de rétablir les droits humains comme une valeur fondamentale qui doit être défendue en tant que telle, et non à des fins politiques autres. Tous, y compris les minorités de tout genre, doivent pouvoir jouir de lensemble des droits humains – civils, politiques, économiques, sociaux et culturels – sans aucune discrimination. Protéger et autonomiser les femmes et les filles est primordial. Légalité des genres est essentielle au développement, et le r#244;le clé quelle joue dans la consolidation et le maintien de la paix devient de plus en plus indéniable.201701/486583淮南/公立男科有哪些 033 meat and fish Words Pork beef veal chicken lamb mutton dog bacon salmon steak hamburger spices tuna liver Duck barbecue turkey innards bone sauce boil fry roast boil slice chop cut Phrases Be a meat lover Meat and two vegetables Hold a barbecue Roast over an open fire Go hunting/fishing Beginner A: which kinds of meat are most popular in your country? B: we eat a lot of chicken, pork and beef. You eat those meat a lot in your country too, don’t you? A: yes, we do. We also eat a lot of lamb. B; yes. I’ve heard that people in your country like to eat lamb chops. A: that’s right. They tastes so good! We eat them with mint sauce. Have you every tried them? B: yes, I have . I tried them when I visited your country last year. I thought they were very tasty. Can you cook them? A; I certainly can. If I can get some from the butcher’s, I’ll cook them for you. B; that sounds great. I’ll bring a bottle of wine. Intermediate A; what do we need for the barbecue? B; well, I’ve bought a lot of meat. I’ve got pork chops, small steaks, chicken wings, and plenty of hot sausages and hamburger patties. A; I can’t wait to start cooking! I’ve bought the grill and charcoal. Do you have enough plates and utensils? B: I think so. I bought some paper plates and cups for people to use. It will save on the washing up! A; and if people drop them ,they won’t break. We’ll need to buy some buns to make hot dogs and hamburgers. B; they sell them at the shop around the corner. We can go and get some in a few minutes. A; I brought some cheese to make cheeseburgers and some onions for the hot dogs. We’ll need some tomato ketchup and some barbecue sauce. B; I have the sauce, but remind me to get some ketchup at the shop. A: how long does it take to cook meat on a barbecue? B; it only takes a few minutes. Some people like their meat well done. Others like it rare. The great thing about a barbecue is that everyone can choose how they want their meat cooked. A; they can cook it themselves to make sure it’s exactly how they like it. B; I hope you haven’t invited any vegetarians! /200705/13132Hi, everybody. One of the most urgent challenges of our time is climate change.大家好。当代最紧迫的一项挑战就是气候变化。We know that 2015 surpassed 2014 as the warmest year on record - and 2016 is on pace to be even hotter.我们知道,2015 年超过 2014 年成为历史上最热的一年,而 2016 年更热。When I took office, I said this was something we couldnt kick down the road any longer -that our childrens future depended on our action.我上任时说过,这事儿我们不能再拖延了。我们的孩子的未来取决于我们的行动。So we got to work, and over the past seven-and-a-half years, weve made ambitious investments in clean energy, and ambitious reductions in our carbon emissions.我们为此而付出,过去的 7 年我们大幅增加清洁能源的投资,并极力减少碳排放。Weve multiplied wind power threefold. Weve multiplied solar power more than thirtyfold.我们风电增加三倍。我们的太阳能发电增加三十多倍。In parts of America, these clean power sources are finally cheaper than dirtier, conventional power.在美国的部分地区,这些清洁能源总体上比原有的污染能源便宜。And carbon pollution from our energy sector is at its lowest level in 25 years, even as were continuing to grow our economy.我们的能源行业碳排放达到 25 年来的最低水平,而我们的经济仍在继续发展。Weve invested in energy efficiency, and were slashing carbon emissions from appliances, homes, and businesses - saving families money on their energy bills.我们已经投资于节能增效,正在削减电器、家庭和企业的碳排放量,节省家庭的能源开销。Were reforming how we manage federal coal resources, which supply roughly 40% of Americas coal.我们正在改进联邦煤炭资源的管理,它控制了全美国近 40%的煤炭供给。Weve set the first-ever national standards limiting the amount of carbon pollution power plants can release into the sky.我们已经制定了第一个限制发电厂碳排放到空气中的国家标准。We also set standards to increase the distance our cars and light trucks can go on a gallon of gas every year through 2025.我们还制定标准,至 2025 年每年增加小汽车和轻型卡车每加仑燃油的行驶距离。And theyre working. At a time when weve seen auto sales surge, manufacturers are innovating and bringing new technology to market faster than expected.这方面正在推进。我们看到汽车销量激增的时候,制造商创新并将新技术推向市场的进度远超预期。201608/461089淮南/不育医院排名

淮南/看早泄哪家医院最好2 Character Beginner A: do you like Barry? B: no, not very much. He’s too ambitious and dishonest. A: I agree. I like his brother, Paul. They are not alike. B: yes. They are completely different. Paul is very sociable and much more honest than his brother. A: what kind of person do you consider yourself to be? B: I think I’m polite, careful, relaxed and shy. A: oh, I don’t think you’re shy! You are always chatting with new people when we go to a party. B: well, yes, but those people always start talking to me. I never talk to them first. Perhaps I’m not as shy as I think. Anyway, you’re certainly not shy! A: You’re right. I love going out and making new friends. B: so, you’ll be at my birthday party on Friday? A: Of course! Intermediate A: How do you think people get their personalities? B: I think it’s mainly from the environment a person lives it. A: Don’t you think people get their personalities from their parents? B: no, but parents control a lot of the environment that kids grow up in, so they certainly influence their kid’s personalities a lot. A: So why do you think many kids have personalities that are so different to their parents. B: maybe when they become teenagers, they want to be completely different to their parents. A: You might be right. I guess most parents want their kids to be like them, but kids today grow up in a different environment. You know, they know much more about the world from the internet, newspapers, and tv. B: do you think that teenagers get a lot of their bad behaviour from tv and movies? A: Maybe some of it. I think a lot of people blame TV and movies when the real problem is that the parents aren’t bringing their child up correctly. B: Parents have a difficult job. They have to bring up their children and usually have to work too. A: Yes, that’s fine. Your son is doing well at school, isn’t he? B: yes, he is. He’s very hardworking when he’s at school. Then he comes home from school and does homework before dinner. After dinner, he goes out with his friends. A: So, he’s not a bookworm? It’s good that he has an outgoing personality. Some kids are very quiet and introverted. You wonder they’ll survive in the real world without their parents to support them. words Polite extrovert careless innocent impolite aggressive friendly frank kind ambitious unfriendly honest energetic serious relaxed shy quiet noisy outgoing careful thoughtful curious funny stubborn arrogant reliable jealous sociable phrases Look relaxed appear shy think of someone have a personality be considered pretend to be to be alike completely different /200704/12808淮南/大型男科医院 乐宁外教口语天天练No.72Let’s go!The early bird catches the worm.The early bird catches the worm means that the one who arrivesfirst has the best chance for success.Let’s go!The early bird catches the worm.The early bird catches the wormmeans that the one who arrivesfirst has the best chance for success.译文:我们走吧,早起的鸟儿有虫吃谢谢收听,明天继续^^ /200611/9636淮南/有三甲医院

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