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曲靖/洗纹眉哪家医院好曲靖/开眼角手术哪家好Consumer watchdogs announced last Tuesday that they are filing complaints against a clutch of smart toys that can ;spy; on children and their homes, for allegedly breaching privacy and data protection laws.消费者监察机构上周二宣布,他们正在投诉一些可以;监视;儿童及其家庭的智能玩具,称其涉嫌违反隐私和数据保护法。The complaints target smart toys My Friend Cayla, i-QUE Intelligent Robot and Hello Barbie, according to the European Consumer Organization and groups in the US like the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC).欧洲消费者组织和包括电子隐私信息中心在内的美国组织表示,投诉对象是;我的朋友凯拉;、;i型智能机器人;和;你好芭比;智能玩具。Complaints are being filed with French and other European authorities as well as the US Federal Trade Commission.他们向法国等欧洲国家的机构以及美国联邦贸易委员会进行投诉。Internet-connected Cayla and i-QUE, manufactured by Los Angeles-based Genesis Toys, hook up with a user via a phone or tablet while Hello Barbie links to the internet through Wi-Fi, said the consultancy Bouvet on behalf of the Norwegian Consumer Council.代表挪威消费者委员会的顾问公司Bouvet表示,联网娃娃凯拉和i型智能机器人都是由洛杉矶公司Genesis Toys所制造,它们都可通过手机或平板计算机与用户做连接。而Hello Barbie则可连上无线网络。;These toys record and collect the private conversations of young children without any limitations on collection, use or disclosure of these personal information,; EPIC and other US watchdogs said in their complaint.电子隐私信息中心和其他美国监察机构投诉称:;这些玩具记录并收集幼儿的私人谈话,且未对这些个人信息的收集、使用或披露加以任何限制。;;The toys subject young children to ongoing surveillance and are deployed in homes across the US without any meaningful data protection standards,; they said.他们表示:;在没有有意义的数据保护标准之下,这些玩具散布在美国各地的家中,让孩子们暴露在长时间遭监视的环境中。; /201612/484114曲靖/有割双眼皮的吗 曲 靖 保 妥 适 价 格

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曲靖/整形美容医院做祛疤手术多少钱People in China diagnosed with diabetes in middle age lost an average nine years of life, according to a new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.根据发表在《美国医学会杂志》上的一项新研究,中年时确诊患有糖尿病的中国人的寿命平均短了9年。Researchers from the University of Oxford and Peking University examined the association of diabetes with mortality in 500,000 adults from 10 areas across China, including five from rural areas and five from urban.牛津大学和北京大学的研究人员调查了糖尿病与死亡率之间的联系,研究对象为我国10个地区(包括5个农村地区和5个城市地区)的50万名成年人。The study showed that diabetes raised the risk of dying from a wide range of conditions, including heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, liver disease, infection, and cancers of the liver, pancreas and breast.研究显示,糖尿病增加了心脏病、中风、肾病、肝病、感染以及肝癌、胰腺癌和乳癌等多种疾病的死亡风险。The researchers also estimated that the 25-year probability of death would be 69% among those diagnosed with diabetes at age 50 compared with 38% among otherwise similar individuals without diabetes, corresponding to a loss of about nine years of life - 10 years in rural areas and eight years in urban areas.研究人员还估算,在其余条件相近的情况下,50岁时确诊患有糖尿病的人随后25年的死亡概率为69%,无糖尿病者的死亡概率为38%,相当于;减寿;约9年——农村地区为10年,城市地区为8年。;As the prevalence of diabetes in young adults increases and the adult population grows, the annual number of deaths related to diabetes is likely to continue to increase, unless there is substantial improvement in prevention and management,; the researchers wrote.研究人员写道:“随着年轻人糖尿病患病率的增加以及成年人口的增长,除非在预防和管理方面有实质性的改进,否则与糖尿病相关的年死亡人数有可能会继续增加。”Margaret Chan, director-general of the World Health Organization (WHO), described in an accompanying editorial this study as ;the first reliable evidence of the specific diseases and complications that account for mortality among Chinese individuals with diabetes.;世界卫生组织总干事陈冯富珍,在一篇社论中描述这项研究为:“中国糖尿病患者特定疾病与并发症死亡原因的第一个可靠据。”;The quality of precise measurement reported by the study provides confidence that Chinese authorities will continue to move the country#39;s health reforms in the right direction, with results that also improve the prevention and control of diabetes,; she said.她说道:“此项研究所得出的高质量和精准的风险评估,使我们确信,中国政府将会继续朝着正确的方向推进医疗改革,其结果将会改善糖尿病的预防与控制。” /201702/491939 Fastest growing economy - The country was illiterate, poor and backward compared to the rest of the world up until a few decades ago, but that changed and it#39;s changing so fast. It’s simply fascinating.快速发展的经济——几十年前,中国和其他国家相比无疑是贫穷、落后的。但是,现在发生了变化,变得如此之快。这太让人吃惊了!Entertainment - China offers the unlimitted amount of entertainment, leisure and numerous different activities for having fun. The nightclubs here are giants stadiums with IMAX 3D screen, they have things like escape rooms, unbelievable theme parks, outdoor natural parks and much more.方式丰富——中国有太多的活动了,3D巨屏电影、密室逃脱、主题公园、夜店等等。Technologically, China is of course advanced in many ways. For example, electric transport has been very developed here for years. You can find electric bikes, personal transportation vehicles (like kick scooters or mono wheels), electric taxis and cars, even electric buses.中国在很多技术方面都很先进。特别是电子交通方面。你可以找到电瓶车、电动汽车,甚至是电动公交车等等。The Chinese messenger app (WeChat) is very advanced and makes it easy to make payments and much more; it’s a technology marvel.微信这款app非常先进,付钱超级方便还有更多的功能!真是一个科技的奇迹!Safety——In most places you won#39;t see any police. In some others they are present in security posts. They just do their job, i.e. sit there silently and behave reasonably, adding to the security and order.安全——在很多地方你几乎看不到警察。有些时候,他们会出现在安检口,只是静静坐在那里,履行他们的工作,维护治安。China has the 27th lowest murder rate in all 218 countries and regions.中国,在全球218个国家和地区中,谋杀率排倒数27位。Murder rate in US is 4.7, while the rate in China is 1.0.美国的谋杀率是4.7而中国的谋杀率只有1.0。I#39;ll give you an example from the city I live in, Shenzhen. There are two giant parks I live near. I regularly go walking or “ninebotting” through those parks at 2AM or later. I wouldn’t try doing that in San Francisco or New York City.我住在深圳,附近有两个大公园。我经常会凌晨两点或者更晚去那儿散步。但我从来不敢在旧金山、纽约这么做。Last time I got scared in the park, it was 4AM and I heard a strange noise from behind the trees. I went around the corner to investigate and there was an elderly couple practicing Tai Chi.上次,凌晨四点,我在公园里听到了一些奇怪的声音,我很害怕。跑过去一看,竟然是对老夫妻在那打太极。 /201704/503754曲靖/韩式三点双眼皮的价格曲 靖 市 富 源 县 去 色 斑 多 少 钱

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