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How long have your worked for Carnegie?为卡内基工作多久了Over fifteen years.超过十五年了I guess hed hate it if you left.如果你离开了 他应该会很舍不得吧No one is indispensable.没有谁是不可或缺的Youve doubled profits at Carnegie Steel every year for the past five years.过去的五年里你每年都让卡内基钢铁的利润翻了番Times have been good.近来光景不错Carnegie is a very easy boss.卡内基是一个非常容易相处的老板What if you were your own boss?有没有想过自己做老板Of what?什么老板I am going to buy Carnegie Steel.我准备买下卡内基钢铁And you are going to be President of the worlds largest company.而你就会成为这家世界最大公司的总裁With all due respect, Mr. Morgan, Carnegie would kill your idea at birth.恕我直言 根先生 卡内基会扼杀你的想法的Carnegie would never sell.他肯定不会卖Everyone has their price.每件东西都有它的价格You just have to find out what it is.关键看出价Did you know, Charles, that the game of golf was invented in Scotland?你知道吗 查尔斯 高尔夫运动起源于苏格兰I did not.我不知道呢So, do they treat you like a king when you return home to Scotland?你回英格兰的时候 他们是不是像对待国王一样对待你I suppose they do.应该是的And then you came to America and became a king--of industry.然后你来到美国 成为另一种国王 产业之王You created your own destiny.你创造了自己的命运Destiny is not a matter of chance.命运不是偶然Its a matter of choice.而是一种选择Exactly. Quote from Shakespeare没错 莎士比亚说的No. William Jennings Bryan said it.不是 威廉·詹宁斯·布赖恩特说的And we three kings of industry have robbed him of his destiny.而我们三大行业之王改变了他的命运Yeah. For the greater good.是啊 为了更大的效益To create more wealth.创造更多的财富Only if that wealth is used for the benefit of mankind.要是这些财富用于造福人类就好了You know, if you were to sell Carnegie Steel, you could spend the rest of your life benefiting mankind.其实如果你卖掉卡内基钢铁 你在剩下来的日子里就可以去造福人类了Alas, there is not one person in the world with enough money to buy Carnegie Steel.唉 可惜世界上没有谁买得起卡内基钢铁啊Save J.P. Morgan.除了J·P·根Supposing Morgan did want to buy.假设根想买的话What would be your price?你要价多少201607/452591。

Lessons had been learned the hard way, at least for some.至少对某些人而言 这是一个血的教训So when barbarians started attacking Roman forts in the north,the Romans knew exactly what to do.当蛮夷开始袭击罗马北部要塞时 罗马人早已深谙御敌之术In 79 AD, an enormous pitched battle took place on the slopes of an unidentified highland mountain,公元79前 一不知名的高山丘陵上 一场大规模激战在此上演which Tacitus calls Mons Graupius.塔西陀称其为格劳庇乌山The result was another slaughter,but not before the Caledonian general, Calgacus,结局是又一场屠杀 但已是古苏格兰王库斯delivered the first great anti-imperialist speech on Scotlands soil.伟大的反帝国演讲传遍苏格兰之后的事了Here at the worlds end,on its last inch of liberty,在这世界之端 最后的自由地we have lived unmolested to this day defended by our remoteness and obscurity.我们得以偏安一隅至今 只因此地偏远神秘But there are no other tribes to come, nothing but sea and cliffs但在此只能与汪洋峭壁作伴and these more deadly Romans whose arrogance you cannot escape by obedience and self-restraint, to plunder, butcher, steal.但我们的顺从自律却逃不过 傲慢自大的罗马人 穷凶极恶地劫掠与偷窃These things they misname empire,they make a desolation and they call it peace.他们谬称其为帝国 还将劫掠后的荒芜 称为和平Of course, Calgacus never said any such thing.当然 库斯从未有过如此言论This was a speech written long after the event by Tacitus and its entirely Roman, not Scottish.而是事件发生多年之后的塔西佗所撰写 并且通篇古罗马语 而非苏格兰语Yet this burning sentiment would echo down the generations.但这燃烧着的 却不失为那个时代的缩影Like Britannia itself, the idea of free Caledonia was from the first, a Roman invention.如不列颠尼亚与解放苏格兰的概念 都为罗马首创 /201607/452354。

如此一来 那些知道你上网偏好的人can also discover your deepest secrets,也会发现你最深的秘密and then sell them to the highest bidder.然后再把它们卖给出价最高的人So lets say a woman takes a pregnancy test举个例子 一位女性做了验测试and finds out shes pregnant.发现自己怀了Then she might go look for something online.她可能会上网搜索相关信息By making pregnancy-related searches,通过搜索怀相关的信息this woman has become a hot property对于寻找推销目标的广告商来说for the people looking for a good target for advertising.这位女性便成了炙手可热的拍卖品The process of selling then begins.买卖环节开始Within seconds, she is identified by the companies watching her.几秒钟内 她就被监视着她的公司识别了Her profile is now sold multiple times.她的档案已经被卖了很多次了She will then find herself接下来她会发现bombarded with ads relating to pregnancy.自己会不断接到与怀相关的广告She may well find that shes been followed around the Web by ads她可能会发现自己在上网时被广告包围and thats really a result of that auction house.这就是拍卖后的结果Now they will say to you that they know,他们可能会告诉你they know shes pregnant but they dont know her name他们只知道她怀了 并不知道她的姓名but whats happening is now that,但实际上more and more, that information is really not that anonymous.越来越多的信息并不是匿名的重点解释:1.find out 发现例句:Jill will find out your secret she never misses a trick!吉尔会发现你的秘密的--她很警觉!2.look for 寻找例句:He turned on the torch to look for his keys.他打开了手电筒,寻找钥匙。3.relate to 有关例句:Some adults cant relate to children.有些成年人不理解儿童的想法。201612/484096。

And heres a 9-year-old piano player who taught himself by listening to Frank Sinatras songs.接下来出场的是一位九岁的钢琴神通,他通过弗兰克·辛纳屈的歌曲而自学成才。All the way from Miami, Florida, please welcome Brandon.他来自佛罗里达迈阿密,下面让我们以热烈的掌声有请布兰登。Whats up, Brandon. How you doing?最近好吗,布兰登?Im very good. Im really excited.非常好。我今天非常激动。Good. Really excited. Yeah.非常激动。是的。Well, you look sharp, man. Thank you.你穿得很时髦。谢谢。I like the suit. Thank you. Yeah. I like the suit.我喜欢你的西。谢谢。嗯,我喜欢你的西。When did you start playing the piano?你什么时候开始学钢琴的?I started playing piano when I was 3. Wow.从三岁开始的。哦。Like when my fingers just started playing it, it leads me to everything I do today, really.当我的手指第一次接触钢琴时,是它成就了我今天所做的一切。Really? Yeah. It leads you to everything you do today? Pretty much.真的吗?是的。它成就了你今天所做的一切?差不多是这样。So Im assuming thats what youre gonna do the rest of your life. I hope so.所以,可不可以说它就是你未来想要干的事情。我希望是。What do you think of music today, the new music? What do you think of like, you know...你认为当今的音乐怎么样,这种新时代的音乐?比如说类似的音乐。It could be better. My man!可以更好些。跟我想得一样!Ive been...man, let me tell you something.你听我说。Ive been saying that to my kids, cause all my kids love hip-hop.我一直对我的孩子这么说,因为他们喜欢嘻哈音乐。It could be better, huh? Thats the same face I make.可以更好些,是吧?看我的嘴脸,跟你一样了。What about old-style crooners?你对以前的低吟歌手怎么看?Who do you like, those crooners? I really like to listen to Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett.你最喜欢谁?我非常喜欢弗兰克·辛纳屈和东尼·班尼顿。Tony Bennett? Yeah. Why Frank Sinatra, though?东尼·班尼顿?是的。你为什么喜欢弗兰克·辛纳屈?He treated his voice like an instrument, which I feel is very important.他的声音很像乐器发出的声音,我认为这是很重要的。I like to treat everything, like, my mind is rolling constantly with music.我喜欢我的思想和音乐一起不停转动。I think of that as an instrument, cause that gives me the inspiration for the piano.我将它看作是一种乐器,因为它让我对钢琴产生了灵感。Really? Yeah. I love this kid, man.真的吗?是的。我喜欢这个孩子。Lets talk about stuff for a minute. Well, what do you love about stuff?我们来探讨一些关于你的事情。你都喜欢做什么事情?Give me some rules you got. You got any rules?告诉我你的一些准则。你对自己有一些规定吗?Like, when you go outside, how do you go out?你一般出门穿什么?Pants and button-down. Pants and a button-down? Yep.衬衫和裤子。衬衫和裤子?是的。All the time? Pretty much.总是嘛?差不多。Do you wear shorts outside? No. My man. My man! Yeah!你穿短裤上街吗?不穿。好兄弟!好样的!耶!Man, people have been talking to me about Steve, I never see you in shorts.你知道有人一直跟我说,史蒂夫,我从来没见过你穿短裤的样子。You know, I just, when I go outside, Im a slack kind of guy.你知道,走出家门的我一般会穿宽松长裤。Me too. Yeah. So, what about your hair, man?我也是。恩,那你的头发呢?Howd you get this? I do my own hair. You do your own hair? Yeah.你的头发谁打理呢?我自己打理。你自己打理?是的。We got that in common, too.其实我和你一样。I love you, man. I love this dude so much can tie a tie, gel his hair.我很喜欢你。真是非常喜欢,能自己打领带,自己抹发胶。What about your parents, man? What do they think of all of this?你的父母呢?他们对这些事情怎么看?Well...I mean, are they proud of you?嗯,我的意思是说他们感到骄傲吗?Theyre proud of me. What about your dad?是的,他们很骄傲。你爸爸呢?My dad...We have nothing in common.我爸爸,我们之间没什么共同点。He likes sports, he will almost never wear pants.他喜欢运动,他几乎从不穿短裤。Thats why you didnt bring him, huh?这也是为什么你没带他来的原因,是吧?Hey, mom, did he just tell the truth? Dad doesnt ever wear pants hardly?这位母亲,他说的是真的吗?爸爸几乎从不穿短裤?He wears pants. He wears pants. No, he doesnt.他穿短裤。他穿短裤。我看不是。Yep. Youre just trying to make him look good on TV.您只是想让他在镜头前显得好看些罢了。Youve given two TED Talks, havent you? Yes, I have.你曾经在TED上进行了两次演讲,是吗?是的。What do you talk about on there?你在上面都说了什么?I talked about how the piano changed my life,我讲了钢琴是如何改变我的生活,and how I believe everybody has their own instrument,以及我相信我们每个人都拥有天赋,but maybe they just never took the time to find it.但或许他们从来没花时间去留意罢了。Thats an amazing statement from a 9-year-old kid这些话从一个九岁孩子的口中说出实在太惊人了,because what that actually says is, theres no one born that does not have a gift.他的意思是,所有人都拥有天赋。You just got to identify that gift because we all have.你所需要做的就是要去找到它。201706/512474。

Tell me about this best friend that you have.跟我讲讲你的好朋友。His names Snowflake.他的名字叫雪花。Your friends name is Snowflake? Mm-hmm.你朋友叫雪花?对的。Is, is it a dog? No. A cat? No.是吗?不是。猫?不是。Is it a bird? Yes.鸟?是的。Okay. What kind of bird? A duck.哪种鸟?它是只鸭子。A duck is your best friend? Mm-hmm.你的朋友是一只鸭子? 是的。So you and your best friend went viral. Yes.你们俩成为了红人,真的?Thats how we found out about you. Lets take a look at the clip.我们从而认识了你,让我们来看段视频。They met 10 minutes ago. Look. Look, look, look.他们十分钟前刚认识。快看。He follows her. He loves you!它一直跟着她。看它多喜欢你!He stays right with Kylie. Whoa.它一直和凯利待在一块。喔!Wow, that duck is so funny.这只鸭子太有意思了。So is it hard for you to be away from Snowflake like this?你今天跟它分开了,这对你而言是不是不那么容易?Actually...hes here. Snowflake is here? Uh-huh.它今天来了。雪花来了? 是的。Snowflake. Snowflake. Snowflake. Snowflake, time to go.雪花,雪花,该走了。So Snowflake is a very, very friendly, friendly duck. Uh-huh.雪花是一只很友善的鸭子吗,是的。Kiss him. Do what? Kiss him. Kiss who? Kiss him.亲它。你说什么?亲它。亲谁? 亲它。I dont, you know, um, Im married.我不能,我结婚了。So does...does...does... what is...什么,那个什么,这是什么。Does Snowflake have a diaper sometime? Unh-unh, unh-unh.雪花经常带尿不湿吗?恩恩。Oh, he doesnt have a diaper right now.它今天没带尿不湿。Did he just shake his...Did your duck just shake his butt at me?它是不是在晃,你的鸭子正朝我晃屁股。That means hes happy.这说明他很高兴。Oh, that means hes happy? Well, thats good.这说明他高兴?那很好。So Snowflake follows you everywhere? He thinks hes human.那么就是说,雪花总跟着你到处转?他认为自己是人类。Really? Lets see if we can get Snowflake to follow us. Okay.那让我们试试,看看雪花能不能跟着我们。好的。Okay, lets walk. Me and you. Come on, lets go this way.让我们一块走。我们走这边。Snowflake, Snowflake. Snowflake. Snowflake! Snowflake.雪花,雪花,雪花,雪花!Come on, Snowflake. Walking with Snowflake快点,雪花。和雪花一块走。Come on, Flake. Stay right here.快点,雪花,站在这里。You stay on that side so Snowflake dont get confused.你站在这里,这样它不会感到找不到方向。Yeah. I got a friend walk just like that. Come on, Snowflake.没错,我有个朋友他就是这么走路的。快来,雪花。You know something, Kylie? Thats pretty impressive.凯利,你知道吗,这真是太有意思了。Lets have some treats behind the couch. What is...我们在座椅后面放了些吃的。You know how to do that? Yummies. Yummy.你知道怎么做吗?很好吃,很好吃。Kylie, I think that Snowflake really got a great break in life the day your dad brought him home.凯莉,你知道吗,你爸爸把它抱回来的那天,它的命运也从此发生了改变。Thank you for coming, Kylie.凯利,欢迎来到“小小达人秀”。Youre absolutely wonderful. Thank you very much. Ill hold the bag for you.你太出色了。非常感谢。我给你拿着袋子。Yall take care. You can go ahead and take a bow.你们要保重。来向观众鞠个躬吧。Ladies and gentlemen, make some noise for Kylie and Snowflake!女士们先生们,为凯利和雪花鼓掌。201706/513788。

If theres one thing you know, its that youre a great photographer.如果有一件事你要知道,那就是你拍照很棒。If theres a second thing you know, its that youre kind of a terrible person.如果有第二件事你要知道,那就是你有点糟糕。What? Yeah you heard me.什么?是的你没听错。The best picture of the entire wedding? Kept it to yourself.如果这是整场婚礼中最棒的照片?你会留下来自己观赏。This masterpiece of your best friend? Well, you were gonna send it but then you were like,如果这是你最好朋友的杰作?你会把这张照片发出去,但是你有可能会喜欢下面这张照片,;Oh, remember that sandwich? I love that sandwich.;“噢,记得那个三明治吗?我喜欢哪个三明治。”If only something could say ;Hey, Eric looks great in these. Do you want to send them to him?;如果能有人说“嘿,Eric的这些照片看上去不错,你想把这些照片发送给他吗?”and you could be like, ;Great idea.;你可能会说,“好主意。”Well, it can.是的,可以的。Wait, it can? Yep, with Google Photos.等等,真的可以吗?是的,用谷歌相册就可以。201706/515409。

【新闻精讲】Apple is entering the auto business, but the road ahead could be rough.苹果进军汽车业,但前路艰难。the auto business 汽车行业例句:Jerrys background is highly unusual for the auto business.杰里的个人背景对汽车业来说也是极不寻常的。Rough1. 艰难的例:All women have a rough time in our society.我们社会所有妇女都过着艰难的日子。2. 大致的例:Ive got a rough idea of what he looks like.我对他的样子有了个大致的概念。Having redefined the personal-computer and mobile-phone industries, Apple has set its sights on a new, moving target.在重新定义了个人电脑和手机业以后,苹果又将目光聚焦于全新的、移动的目标。Set… sight 目光投向, 关注 pay attentionSet 放置例:He took the case out of her hand and set it on the floor.他从她手中接过箱子并置于地板上。Sight 视力例:My sight is failing, and I cant see to any more.我的视力正在下降,不能再看书了。The darling of the tech industry is aiming to debut an electric car in 2019, according to a report by the Wall Street Journal.据《华尔街日报》报道,科技行业的宠儿苹果公司计划在2019年首次推出电动汽车。Darling 心爱的人Debut首次登台例:She made her debut in a 1937 production of ;Hamlet.;她在1937年《哈姆雷特》的演出中首次登台。For years there had been speculation that Apple had auto ambitions.多年来,外界一直猜测苹果对汽车行业野心勃勃。Speculation1. 猜测例:Critics of the project speculate about how many hospitals could be built instead.该项目的批评者们则猜想这相当于可以建多少家医院。2. 做投机买卖例:The banks made too many risky loans which now cant be repaid, and they speculated in property whose value has now dropped.贷出了太多现在无法偿还的风险贷款,而且他们在房地产业做了投机买卖,其价值目前也已经下跌。Ambition 雄心 ( is the desire to be successful, rich, or powerful. )例:Even when I was young I never had any ambition.即使当我年轻的时候我也从未有过什么雄心。It has been hiring swarms of engineers to work on the project, code-named Titan, which now employs around 600.苹果已经雇佣了一群工程师启动了代号为“泰坦”的汽车项目,现在约600名雇员参与研发设计。Swarm一大群例:A swarm of people encircled the hotel.一大群人包围了这家酒店。With around 0 billion stored up, Apple certainly has enough cash to spend on a new venture.苹果公司拥有约2000亿美元的资金储备,这保障其投资这项商业冒险的充足资金。Store up储备例:Investors were storing up a lot of cash in anticipation of disaster.投资者们预计会发生灾难,正储备大量现金。Venture adventure冒险 (从事活动)例:He enjoyed little success when he ventured into business.他在冒险涉足生意时很少成功。Its legions of fans are always eager to see it launch a new offering that makes a splash.长期以来众多的“果粉”翘首以盼,期望能看到苹果发布轰动一时的新品。Legion 军团例:...the Sudan-based troops of the Libyan Islamic Legion.…在苏丹驻扎的利比里亚伊斯兰教军团部队。Splash以显眼方式刊登 gt; 引起关注例:The newspapers splashed the story all over their front pages.各报都在头版全版以显眼的方式刊登了这个故事。Its most recent product, the Apple Watch, has not been the massive hit some analysts expected, and Apples launch event earlier this month was rather dull, showcasing mainly tweaks to existing products.但是苹果公司最新发布的产品——苹果手表,并没有如分析家预期地那样造成强大的冲击。而在本月早些时候,苹果举办的发布会则是相当无聊——主要是展示对已有产品进行的一些改进。hit one’s expected 达到预期no material earnings hit is expected. 但是,原料利润的损害是没法预期的Dull 沉闷的; 乏味的表不满例: I felt she found me boring and dull.我觉得她认为我令人厌烦而又乏味。Tweak 稍稍改进(如系统或设计)例:He expects the system to get even better as the engineers tweak its performance.他期望在工程师对该系统的性能稍加改进后,它会运行得更为良好Launching a car would be far more daring and, in theory, highly lucrative.苹果公司推出汽车是更为大胆的举动,从理论上讲,能有更高的收益。Global car sales were worth around trillion last year.去年全球汽车销售金额高达约2万亿美元。in theory 理论上讲例句:In theory, the buyer could ask the seller to have a test carried out理论上,买方可以要求卖方进行一次测试。Lucrative 获利丰厚的例:Thousands of ex-army officers have found lucrative jobs in private security firms.成千上万的退役军官在私人保安公司找到了薪水丰厚的工作。However, there are many things about the car business that make it quite unlike peddling phones.然而,汽车产业的许多特点使其与手机的销售大不相同。Peddle1. 兜售例:His attempts to peddle his paintings around Laramies tiny gallery scene proved unsuccessful.他在拉勒米的小画廊现场周围兜售其画作的企图明不成功。2. 散布 (某观点或信息)表不满例:They even set up their own news agency to peddle anti-isolationist propaganda.他们甚至建立了自己的新闻机构以散布反孤立主义思想。The replacement cycle for an iPhone is a mere two years.一般iPhone的更新周期仅为两年。Consumers hold on to their cars for far longer.客户使用汽车的时间更久。Replacement替换Hold on1. 坚持不懈例:The Rams held on to defeat the Nevada Wolf Pack in Reno, 32-28.公羊队坚忍不拔,在雷诺市以32比28的比分击败了内华达狼群队。2. 稍等片刻例:The manager asked him to hold on while he investigated.经理让他稍等一会,他去调查一下。201703/501513。

Alison just flew in here from New York. You had the premiere for your movie last night. Yes. You had an incident.艾莉森刚刚从纽约飞来。你昨天出席了新电影的首映礼。是的。中途出现了一个小插曲是吗?Yes, I had a very dramatic incident.对,一个非常戏剧化的小插曲。We have a photo of said incident here. Can you talk me through what happened?关于这个小插曲,我们这里有张照片。你能告诉大家发生了什么事吗?Yes. Yes. Youll appreciate this since you act in action movies.好的,好的。想到这件事,我很庆幸拍的是动作片。This is probably the most action-packed moment in my life.这大概是我人生中最惊心动魄的一刻。I was leaving. We were doing press for the movie. I was going down an escalator innocently enough当时我正准备离开。我们要去参加新电影的新闻发布会。我开开心心地准备站在下行电梯上,and my heel got caught. We were pretty close to the bottom aly.然后我的鞋跟被卡住了。我们当时离电梯尽头已经很近了。You know I couldnt get it out. I was struggling. One foot was loose. The teeth were getting closer.我的鞋被卡着出不来。我试着把鞋拔出来,脚已经出来了。电梯梳齿板离尽头越来越近。I had to leap from the shoe. There was no time to save the shoe. I had to save myself. Like a modern day Cinderella.我只得赶紧跨过那只鞋跳过去。根本没时间去挽救我的鞋子,我必须先挽救我自己。这情节像是现代版的《灰姑娘》。And then Dave Franco turns up and is like whoever this shoe fits will become my wife.然后戴夫·弗朗克出现了,他说,谁能穿上这只鞋,谁就会成为我的妻子。This is amazing! It is a modern day fairy tale.简直完美!简直就是童话的现实版!The shoe ended up breaking the escalator. Just stopped it immediately. Louis Vuittons are super strong.那只鞋最后把电梯卡住了。电梯马上就停了。LV实在是太结实了。Tell me about it...There was a woman line me on the escalator who had like a boot, a walking cast on her foot came hobbling down.这还用说...电梯上有个站在我后面的女人脚上打着石膏,像是穿着一双靴子一样,走起路来一瘸一拐的。She was like you know, I aly had a broken foot!她说,你看,我脚都断了还能走!Oh, like youre meant to do...You know, I almost lost a foot myself here! Can I have a little sympathy?哦,你差点那样...我的脚差点儿就断了好吗!能有人同情我一下吗?And she is one of the ugly sisters. This is all coming together! This is an amazing movie!那她就是灰姑娘那些恶毒的之一了。所有人物都齐活了!简直像电影一样!Renner turns up on a horse. Trademarked, right? We have said it on TV. No one can steal it.然后雷纳骑着马出现了!我们这就相当于申请了专利了是吧?我们都在电视上说了。那就没人能剽窃我们的创意了。201706/512769。

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