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Three people were injured and 27 remain missing after a landslide buried 22 residential and industrial buildings in an industrial park in south China Sunday.周日20日),中国南方城市深圳市发生山体滑坡,导致一个工业园区内多达22幢楼房被掩埋人受伤,27人下落不明。A nearby section of the West-to-East natural gas pipeline exploded after the landslide struck the Hengtaiyu industrial park at around 11:40 a.m., causing more than 100,000 square meters of debris as of 7 p.m. The park is located in the Guangming New District in northwestern Shenzhen, Guangdong Province.上午110分许,广东深圳市光明新区恒泰裕工业园发生山体滑坡,附近西气东输管道发生爆炸。截至下点,现场塌方面积0多万平方米。A clip on microblog Sina Weibo shows powerful mud rocking the site with roaring sounds. A resident living about four kilometers away from the site told Xinhua that he heard ;a loud explosion; at around noon. ;It must be a big accident, as I could hear the sound from so far away.;新浪微上的一段视频片段显示了事发现场滑坡的场景,并伴随着强大的地动山摇般的咆哮声。一位住在离现场四公里处的居民告诉新华社记者,约中午时分他听到了“大爆炸”的声音。“这一定是非常大的事故,因为距离这么远我都听到了声响。”An employee with the Liuxu Technology Co. in the park said power supply in the company suddenly went down at around noon. ;I saw red earth and mud running towards the company building,; he said. ;Fortunately, our building was not hit, and all people in our company were safely evacuated.;工业园内柳絮科技有限公司的一名员工说,中午突然断电了。“我看到了山体崩溃,红色的泥土朝着公司的大楼方向涌来。”他说。“幸运的是,我们的大楼没有被击中,所有员工都安全地撤离了。”He said the landslide first crushed into a fish pond before burying buildings in the park, with water splashing up to three stories high. ;Without the ponds buffer, there would be more damage,; he said.他补充说道,这次泥土滑下来,多亏附近有个大鱼塘,水被泥土激荡起两三层楼高,起了缓冲作用,随后才掩埋了其它建筑物。要不然肯定有更多损失和伤亡。A woman surnamed Hu told the local Shenzhen Evening News that she saw her father engulfed by earth in his own truck. The family make a living by recycling hardware waste. ;Its been hours after he was buried, and we are quite worried,; Hu said.一位姓胡的女子告诉当地的深圳晚报,她看到她父亲在自己的卡车里被泥土吞没了。这家人靠回收五金废品为生。“他已经被掩埋了几个小时了,我们都非常担心。”她说。Chinese President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang have ordered immediate rescue efforts following the disaster.中国国家主席习近平和立即作出重要指示,要求开展抢险救援。Xi ordered Guangdong and Shenzhen authorities to do everything possible to minimize casualties, treat the injured and comfort the family members of the victims. He said scientific rescue efforts are needed to prevent further damages.习近平要求广东省、深圳市迅速组织力量,尽最大努力减少人员伤亡,做好伤员救治、伤亡人员家属安抚等善后工作。注意科学施救,防止发生次生灾害。Li urged the ministry of land and resources and other central authorities to send officials to help the local government in its rescue efforts. He ordered investigations into the cause of the disaster. The State Council, Chinas cabinet, has sent a working group to Shenzhen to help coordinate rescue efforts. Guangdong and Shenzhen officials are aly at the site.李克强要求国土资源部和其它主要部门要派员指导地方做好抢险救援工作。同时命令查清事发原因。国务院已派出工作组到深圳,以帮助协调救援工作。广东省和深圳市的官员也已赶赴现场开展救援。More than 1,500 people, including firemen, police and health workers, are involved in the rescue operations, with more than 900 residents having been evacuated by 5 p.m.超过1500多名的消防员、警察和医护人员参与了本次救援行动,截至下午5点,现场已安全撤00多名居民。A total of 94 fire engines, 44 life-detectors, 4 drones and 13 sniffer dogs have been employed in rescue work, according to the official Weibo account of the Fire Department under the Ministry of Public Security.据公安厅下消防部门的官方微账号称,省公安消防总队已调派广州、深圳、东莞、惠州、佛山等地共11救援队4辆消防车4台生命探测仪台无人机3条搜救犬参与救援。来 /201512/417046。

Jeb Bush, the former Republican Florida governor running for president, is tapping US expatriates in China for campaign contributions as he starts a series of fundraising calls in Asia to raise money for the 2016 race.参加2016年美国总统竞选的前佛罗里达州州长杰布布什(Jeb Bush)正向在中国的美国侨民募集竞选捐款。他在亚洲的一系列电话筹款活动已拉开了序幕。Mr Bush is expected to raise about 0,000 when he speaks by conference to supporters in Hong Kong and mainland China today.杰布布什今天将通过视频会议向香港和中国内地的持者发表讲话,预计将可募集0万美元。Each of the 40 people scheduled to attend the breakfast, at Hong Kong’s International Finance Center, will pay ,700, the maximum allowed under campaign finance rules, to hear him speak.根据安排,将0人参加在香港国际金融中心(International Finance Center)举办的早餐会,每人将付2700美元,这是竞选活动财务规则规定的捐款上限。Mr Bush was the early favourite to win the GOP nomination but his campaign has struggled to gain momentum as he faces 16 rivals, including Donald Trump, the property magnate who has surged to lead the field.杰布布什在竞选活动早期本来最有希望赢得共和党总统候选人提名,但由于6名竞争对手,他的竞选活动难以壮大声势。他的对手包括唐纳德礠朗Donald Trump),这位地产大亨的持率已快速攀升至领先位置。He continues to dominate in fundraising. By late June he and his outside supporters had drawn 4m in donations.杰布布什仍在筹款方面保持领先。截月末,他和他的外部持者总共吸引.14亿美元捐款。While Mr Bush comfortably leads the other Republicans and Hillary Clinton, frontrunner for the Democratic nomination, in fundraising, the fact that there are 22 contenders coupled with looser campaign finance rules means 2016 will easily surpass the .6bn spending record in the last election.尽管杰布布什在筹款方面遥遥领先于其他共和党参选人、以及目前在民主党候选人提名角逐中处于领先的希拉里克林Hillary Clinton),但多达22人参加竞选的事实和更为宽松的竞选财务规则意味着016年竞选活动的出将轻松超过上次大选创下的纪录,即26亿美元。Mrs Clinton yesterday unveiled proposals to reform campaign finance, echoing a popular line from her stump speeches about the need to reduce the influence of big money.昨日希拉里公布了改革竞选财务规则的提案,这呼应了她在巡回演说中有关减少巨额资金影响的一句受欢迎的话。“We must end the flood of secret, money that is distorting our elections, corrupting our political system, and drowning out the voices of too many everyday Americans,she said.她说:“我们必须结束秘密的、无法解释来源的金钱的涌入,这正在扭曲我们的选举、腐化我们的政治体系、并且淹没了太多普通美国人的声音。”Mrs Clinton advocated overturning a Supreme Court ruling that allowed outside groups to provide unlimited funding for candidates, passing legislation to force more disclosure of donations, and pushing the SEC to require companies to reveal all contributions. She also wants to create a small donor matching system to force candidates to listen to voters.希拉里倡议推翻美国最高法Supreme Court)有关允许外部团体为候选人提供无限资金的裁决,通过强制公开更详细捐款信息的法案,并推动美国交SEC)出台要求企业公开所有捐款的规定。她还希望设立小额捐款者匹配系统,以迫使候选人听取选民的声音。But Mrs Clinton also faces criticism for talking about reform while raising money from rich donors and relying on Super-Pacs, the political action committees that can raise unlimited sums following a 2012 Supreme Court ruling.然而,在这方面希拉里也招致批评。批评者称,在高谈改革的同时,希拉里也在从富裕的捐赠者手中筹集资金,并依赖“超级政治行动委员会super-Pac)筹集竞选资金。“超级政治行动委员会”,是依012年美国最高法院一项裁决可以筹集无限资金的政治行动委员会。On the Hong Kong call, Mr Bush will speak for 10 minutes before taking questions, according to Michael DeSombre, global president of Republicans Overseas, event organiser. During the 2012 election, Mr DeSombre, a partner at the law firm of Sullivan amp; Cromwell, helped raise more than m in Asia for Mitt Romney, who lost to Barack Obama.“海外共和党人Republicans Overseas)是杰布布什此次活动的组织方,该组织全球总裁迈克尔德松布Michael DeSombre)透露,在香港的视频电话中,杰布布什会先发表10分钟的讲话,再回答提问。德松布尔是苏利文克伦威尔律师事务所(Sullivan amp; Cromwell)合伙人,当年在亚洲帮助米特圠姆尼(Mitt Romney)筹集00万美元,后者在竞选中输给了巴拉克攠巴Barack Obama)。“That caught people’s attention and helped them realise there’s an opportunity to raise good money here,said Mr DeSombre, who said his group is focusing on the 8.7m Americans overseas.德松布尔表示:“这引起了人们的注意,使他们认识到,在这里也有机会筹集很多资金。”他还表示,“海外共和党人”正把注意力放在870万境外美国人身上。“If they were a state, they would be the 13th biggest by population, but historically they have not had a voice because many do not vote.”“如果把他们算成一个州的话,那将是人口居美国第13位的州。然而,由于他们中的许多人并不投票,历史上他们并未发出自己的声音。”Mr Bush is by no means the only 2016 contender hoping to raise money from Americans overseas, but he is expected to have a big advantage in Asia because of the networks created by his father and brother, who served as president.在角016年总统选举的参选者中,杰布布什绝不会是唯一一位希望从境外美国人身上筹款的候选人。不过,考虑到曾任总统的父亲和兄长建立起的人脉关系,预计他在亚洲会拥有巨大优势。One supporter said the Hong Kong event was just the first of many that he would hold in Asia. He said few other Republican candidates had the ability to raise as much money in Asia because “Bush just has stature in the region一名持者表示,在香港举办的活动只是他将在亚洲举办的诸多活动中的第一场。他说,“布什在该地区有知名度”,其他共和党候选人没有谁有能力在亚洲筹集这么多资金。Allie Brandenburger, a spokesperson, said Mr Bush “welcomes the support he has received from American expatriates all over the globe发言人阿利布兰登布格Allie Brandenburger)表示,杰布布什“对全球各地美国侨民给予他的持表示欢迎”。Mr DeSombre said the US business community in greater China was keen to have its voice heard on issues from foreign policy to the tax demands on expatriates. While many Republicans have called on the US to take a tougher stance on China, some there are less keen to rock the boat. “The question is: how do we engage in a positive way while still being strong?said Mr DeSombre.德松布尔表示,在从外交政策到对海外侨民的税收要求等问题上,大中华区的美国商界人士希望发出自己的声音。虽然许多共和党人曾呼吁美国对中国采取更强硬立场,在大中华区的一部分人却不那么急于破坏现状。德松布尔表示:“问题在于:我们如何在仍然强大的时候,以积极方式处理这一关系。”来 /201509/398216。

The worlds largest ship, which is the size of four football pitches and can carry 900 million tins of beans, arrived into Britain today for the first time.四个足球场那么大,可携带9亿罐豆类罐头:世界最大船只今天抵达英囀?The Hong-Kong registered CSCL Globe, whichis longer than The Shard is tall, left Shanghai on its maiden voyage onDecember 8 carrying 19,100 containers.这艘在香港注册的“中海环球2号离开上海进行处女航,携带9100个集装箱。Stacked end to end, the containers would befive times the height of Mount Everest.如果这些集装箱叠放在一起,其高度是珠穆朗玛峰的5倍。Nearly 4,000 of them - with a total of57,000 tons of cargo including food, drink, clothing, electrical goods andfurniture - are being unloaded at Felixstowe in Suffolk.其中000个集装箱将下载在费力克斯托港。这艘船上的货物总重57000吨,包括食品,饮料,衣,电器产品和家具。The massive cargo ship, built by Hyundai Heavy Industries in South Korea,weighs 184,000 tons and is 1,312ftlong - compared to The Shards 1,014ftheight.这艘巨型的货船由韩国现代重工集团建造,重达184000吨,1312英尺长,而英国碎片大厦只014英尺高。It is 400 metres long and 59 metres wide and can carry 19,100 standard 20ftcontainers, around 1,000 more than the previous record.00米,9米,能携91000英尺集装箱,比之前的纪录保持者多000个。The ship set sail on its 11,067 mile maiden voyage from the Chinese port of Yantian last month. It stopped off at Port Kelang in Malaysiato load more cargo before passing through the Suez canal.上个月,这艘船从盐田港开始了11067英里的处女远航,沿途在马来西亚巴生港装载了更多集装箱,最后通过苏伊士运河。With a multi-national crew of just 31 onboard, the ship arrived into the Suffolk port at about 1pm today, escorted by four tugs which helped to toe and nudge the ship into position across twoberths.船上1名来自多国的船员,这艘船于今天下午抵达费力克斯托港。有四艘拖船来帮助它进港停泊。Dock workers using seven ship-to-shore cranes almost immediately began unloading the 3,978 containers carrying goodsfor Britain.码头工人利用起重机将其中3978个集装箱从船上卸下来。The cargo destined for UK shops included109 containers full of soft furnishings and sofas, 62 containing white goods such as fridges and washing machines, 104 packed with footwear, 16 loaded with bags and 15 with childrens toys.这些目的地为英国的货物包括了109个集装箱的室内装饰品和沙发,62个集装箱的冰箱和洗衣机,104个集装箱的鞋6个集装箱的包包,以及15个集装箱的儿童玩具。Another 3,909 containers are due to be loaded on to the ship, operated by the China Shipping Container Line, to replace those being taken off.然后还有另外3909个集装箱将被装上船以替代这些被卸载的集装箱。这艘船由中国海运公司营运。The ship is the first of five giant vessels of the same size which are being built for China Shipping Container Line.总共艘,这是建成的第一艘,都归中国海运公司。来 /201501/353033。

The ed Nations refugee agency says the world needs to better focus on responding to the hundreds of thousands of people making ;risky; sea journeys in search of asylum or migration.联合国难民署说,国际社会必须更有效地解决数十万人为寻求庇护或移民而冒险渡海的问题。UNHCR chief Antonio Guterres is hosting a conference Wednesday and Thursday in Geneva to discuss rescues at sea, ways to encourage safer forms of migration and addressing the underlying causes of why people are fleeing their countries to begin with.联合国难民署高级专员古特雷斯星期三和星期四在日内瓦主持一次会议,讨论海上救助问题以及如何鼓励采取较安全的移民途径,并设法解决导致人们逃离家园的根本原因。The agency says at least 348,000 people have tried to make sea crossings so far this year, a likely record, with 4,272 reported deaths.联合国难民署说,今年至少4千人试图渡海,据报很可能272人死亡。The most dangerous routes have been across the Mediterranean Sea where more than 3,400 people have died in 2014. The area has seen a surge of activity with 207,000 people trying to make the trip, which the U.N. says is more than triple the previous high from 2011.最危险的路线是地中海,2014年有3400多人死在途中。地中海上的难民人数不断增多,今0千人曾冒险渡海。联合国说,这个数目011年增加了两倍以上。来 /201412/350385。