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Yeah. These are your boards.And they will sell.I can promise you that.You saw our demo at Homebrew.是的 这是你的主机板,你一定能卖出去,我保这点。你不是看了我们在Homebrew的展示吗!You know what its capable of with the right components,which, by the way, all of which you sell.你知道加上一些设备 这东西就能有多强悍,而且 这些设备 你这里都有卖So, demo it to the consumer.And market the components separately.给客户展示一下,而且设备可以单独卖钱。You show them your keyboards, and your monitors.你展示一下你店里的键盘 荧幕Youll move more inventory that way,and youll make a hell of a lot more cash.客户会在店里买这些配件 你赚的更多,你会赚到很多很多的现金美钞You got me.All right, Steve.Ill try to sell them.But if I dont, Im not making another order.Okay. Thats fine.But I think that you might be really interested in our second model.其实你赚到了,好吧 史蒂夫,我会试试出售,如果卖不出去 我就不会再下单了,好 没问题,但是你肯定会对我们的第二代机型有兴趣。Whats the second model?What are you talking about?All-in-one.二代机型是什么?你说什么?一体成型机Can I help you?Yeah, Im Rod Holt.The technician. We talked on the phone.有什么事?我是罗德 霍尔特,工程技师 我们电话里谈过。Of course. Its Rod.Glad you could stop by.Welcome to Apple Computer.当然 你是罗德,谢谢你过来一趟,欢迎来到Apple电脑公司。All right.Show me this revolutionary piece of shit.The Apple ll.好吧。带我看看所谓的革命性的;东东;。Apple II 电脑 /201404/289330

The iMac fused striking design with the ability to connect to the internet easily.iMac结合了震撼人心的设计与便捷的上网功能Steve was super-proud of the design史蒂夫对其极其自豪and also the idea that he called it the iMac and the ;i; for internet.iMac的首字母i代表了网络The ;i; was a stroke of deft branding,随后 i成为了苹果品牌的标志transforming the new impersonal internet into something more intimate.它将陌生的网络技术变得平易近人The iMac was a huge success and propelled Apple back into profit.iMac取得了巨大成功 苹果东山再起 重新开始盈利In four and a half months, iMac has become the number one selling computer in America.四个半月之后 iMac就占据了美国计算机销售排行榜的首位The iMac was no better a product than the computer it replaced跟之前的电脑比起来 iMac的性能并不十分突出but it was packaged and marketed in a way that became classic Steve Jobs.但它整体的包装和营销成为了制胜关键 这正是典型的乔布斯手笔It was the sort of packaging that attracted people正是这种商业包装打动了顾客的心whod previously had no interest in computers.吸引了原本无意购入电脑的消费者A third of sales were to those whod never bought one before.三分之一的销售额都来自于首次购买电脑的顾客Whod have thought you could have an emotional bond with your computer?谁想得到自己能和家里的电脑产生深厚的感情呢?Apple wanted to change peoples relationship with computers.苹果想要改变人们与电脑的关系Steve wanted it to be fashionable but it was Jonathan who was saying,史蒂夫想把这款电脑做得新潮漂亮 但Jonathan把它提高到了另一个层面;We have to make this something that people will love.;他说 我们得让人们爱上它The word ;love; started becoming part of Apples motif.这个“爱”逐渐成为了苹果公司的宗旨之一And now there was a new partnership at the heart of Apple.Jonathan也成为了苹果新的核心力量Jonathan Ive and Jobs had a very, very, very special relationshipJonathan Ive和乔布斯的关系十分特殊and it was united by this almost Zen-like meditative intensity, which they both have.他们之间的关系几乎是形而上的了Ives approach to design would be the new foundation on which Apples future would be built.Ive的设计理念奠定了苹果未来发展的基石 /201308/252698

The shallows are only a tiny part of the marine world.浅水区仅占海洋世界的一小部90% of it is open water.其中九成都是大海Its currents carry life for thousands of miles.海流带着生物走过数千公里The masters of this nomadic existence are jellyfish.水母正是这种流浪生活的大师A life spent drifting in the empty ocean could be a lonely one...漂流在空荡海洋的生活很寂寞but not for this jellyfish.但这种水母例外Aurelia.这是海月水母Swarms like this are not accidental.它们聚集成群并非意外These individuals all hatched together水温和水流都恰好时when the temperature and currents were just right.这些水母会一起孵化Their timing has ensured that they can make the most这个时机能确保它们 得以饱餐一顿,赶上浮游生物of feeding on a late-summer plankton bloom.在夏季最后一次大量出现201310/259492

If it wasnt a slower metabolism那么如果不是低新陈代谢率causing obesity, then what was it?导致了肥胖 那究竟是什么呢Could it be that obese people were simply greedy是不是肥胖的人只是因为太馋嘴and only had themselves to blame?而只能归咎于自身原因呢While scientists were busy searching for the causes of obesity,在科学家忙着寻找肥胖成因的时候people who were overweight体重超重的人们still needed to find ways of shedding the pounds.仍需寻找方法甩掉身上的重量The search was on for a magic bullet,人们在寻找一种灵丹妙药a short cut that would allow让人们想吃多少吃多少people to eat as much as they liked while still losing weight.同时还能减轻体重We now know that the best way to lose weight,我们现在知道减轻体重的最佳方式other than a healthy diet, is to exercise.除了控制饮食外 就是健身了But back in the 60s even但在60年代this apparently obvious idea was so novel这个显而易见的观点那时都如此的新颖that it was deemed worthy of a scientific experiment被认为是有必要实施的一项科学实验that drew the attention of an early Horizon.吸引了早期地平线栏目的注意But only some were deemed worthy of study.但被认为仅是部分有研究价值At this gymnasium in London, an experiment is being在伦敦这个健身房里conducted in exercising正在进行一项实验business executives whove had heart attacks.参加者是一些得过心脏病的企业经理Business executives have been之所以选择企业经理chosen because the success of the experiment是因为要想实验取得成功requires intelligent co-operation需要理解力强的聪明人来配合as well as the motivation and resources同时他们也有足够的积极性和财力to continue with the treatment for a number of years.可将这种理疗持续几年201306/244990

If you play the film with the dubbed English and then in the original Cantonese you see that theyre essentially different films.如果你看过该电影的英语和粤语配音版,你会发现它们截然不同。So, for example, one of the characters goes up to Mr Wu, the translator and in the English dubbed version he says:Look, here, now whats the point of this?比如一个角色走向翻译吴先生,英语配音版的台词是:你什么意思?The translator goes:In the Cantonese version he says:So in the English version hes not Chinese but in the subtitled Cantonese version,he says, Yes Im Chinese but Ive chosen to go with the Japanese,the powerful.So theres a world of difference.翻译说道:粤语版的台词是:英语配音版中他不是中国人,但粤语版中他说,没错我是中国人,但我选择投靠日本人,他们更加强大。区别十分巨大。Were actually consuming different films depending on the nature of the decisions they make in translating.基于翻译台词语义的本质不尽相同,我们实际上是在观看截然不同的电影。Westerners have thought that theyre slapstick but the Chinese audience are watching highly politically charged films with quite recent history animosities and resentments coursing through them.西方人认为他们不过是跳梁小丑,但中国观众看到的却是反映近代史、充满战争、压迫和反抗的政治电影。Now, you listen to me, and Ill only say it once.We are not sick men.What he gave was so real and so raw because he lived it every day of his life.都听好了,我只说一遍,我们不是病夫。他所展示的一切都十分真实、不做作,因为那就是他每天生活的一部分。Bruce did not get along well with the director of the first two films. Lo Wei.布鲁斯与前两部电影的导演刘伟相处得并不愉快Lo Wei thought that he could put his thumb on Bruce as one of his simple actors.刘伟认为他可以把布鲁斯当做他的一名普通演员并随意指使Well, he was old school and wouldnt listen to any ideas Bruce had.The bottom line is Bruce still didnt feel the freedom that he wanted.他是个守旧派,听不进去布鲁斯的任何意见。布鲁斯到底还是没有感受到他想要的自由。201312/268840

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