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Facing the Enemies WithinWe are not born with courage, but neither are we born with fear. Maybe some of our fears are brought on by your own experiences, by what someone has told you, by what you’ve in the papers. Some fears are valid, like walking alone in a bad part of town at two o’clock in the morning. But once you learn to avoid that situation, you won’t need to live in fear of it.Fears, even the most basic ones, can totally destroy our ambitions. Fear can destroy tunes. Fear can destroy relationships. Fear, if left unchecked, can destroy our lives. Fear is one of the many enemies lurking inside us.Let me tell you about five of the other enemies we face from within. The first enemy that you’ve got to destroy bee it destroys you is indifference. What a tragic disease this is! “Ho-hum, let it slide. I’ll just drift along.” Here’s one problem with drifting you can’t drift your way to the to of the mountain.The second enemy we face is indecision. Indecision is the thief of opporty and enterprise. It will steal your chances a better future. Take a sword to this enemy.The third enemy inside is doubt. Sure, there’s room healthy skepticism. You can’t believe everything. But you also can’t let doubt take over. Many people doubt the past, doubt the future, doubt each other, doubt the government, doubt the possibilities and doubt the opporties. Worse of all, they doubt themselves. I’m telling you, doubt will destroy your life and your chances of success. It will empty both your bank andyour heart. Doubt is an enemy. Go after it. Get rid of it.The fourth enemy within is worry. We’ve all got to worry some. Just don’t let conquer you. Instead, let it alarm you. Worry can be useful. If you step off the curb in New York City and a taxi is coming, you’ve got to worry. But you can’t let worry loose like a mad dog that drives you into a small corner. Here’s what you’ve got to do with your worries drive them into a small corner. Whatever is out to get you, you’ve got to get it. Whatever is pushing on you, you’ve got to push back.The fifth interior enemy is overcaution. It is the timid approach to life. Timidity is not a virtue; it’s an illness. If you let it go, it’ll conquer you. Timid people don’t get promoted. They don’t advance and grow and become powerful in the marketplace. You’ve got to avoid overcaution.Do battle with the enemy. Do battle with your fears. Build your courage to fight what’s holding ou back, what’s keeping you from your goals and dreams. Be courageous in your life and in your pursuit of the things you want and the person you want to become.直面内在的敌人我们的勇气并不是与生俱来的,我们的恐惧也不是也许有些恐惧来自你的亲身经历,别人告诉你的故事,或你在报纸上读到的东西有些恐惧可以理解,例如在凌晨两点独自走在城里不安全的地段但是一旦你学会避免那种情况,你就不必生活在恐惧之中恐惧,哪怕是最基本的恐惧,也可能彻底粉碎我们的抱负恐惧可能摧毁财富,也可能摧毁一段感情如果不加以控制,恐惧还可能摧毁我们的生活恐惧是潜伏于我们内心的众多敌人之一让我来告诉你我们面临的其他五个内在敌人第一个你要在它袭击你之前将其击败的敌人是冷漠打着哈欠说:“随它去吧,我就随波逐流吧”这是多么可悲的疾病啊!随波逐流的问题是:你不可能漂流到山顶去我们面临的第二个敌人是优柔寡断它是窃取机会和事业的贼,它还会偷去你实现更美好未来的机会向这个敌人出剑吧!第三个内在的敌人是怀疑当然,正常的怀疑还是有一席之地的,你不能相信一切但是你也不能让怀疑掌管一切许多人怀疑过去,怀疑未来,怀疑彼此,怀疑政府,怀疑可能性,并怀疑机会最糟糕的是,他们怀疑自己我告诉你,怀疑会毁掉你的生活和你成功的机会,它会耗尽你的存款,留给你干涸的心灵怀疑是敌人,追赶它,消灭它第四个内在的敌人是担忧我们都会有些担忧,不过千万不要让担忧征你相反,让它来警醒你担忧也许能派上用场当你在纽约走上人行道时有一辆出租车向你驶来,你就得担忧但你不能让担忧像疯一样失控,将你逼至死角你应该这样对付自己的担忧:把担忧驱至死角不管是什么来打击你,你都要打击它不管什么攻击你,你都要反击第五个内在的敌人是过分谨慎那是胆小的生活方式胆怯不是美德,而是一种疾病如果你不理会它,它就会将你征胆怯的人不会得到提拔,他们在市场中不会前进,不会成长,不会变得强大你要避免过分谨慎一定要向这引起敌人开战一定要向恐惧开战鼓起勇气抗击阻挡你的事物,与阻止你实现目标和梦想的事物作斗争要勇敢地生活,勇敢地追求你想要的事物并勇敢地成为你想成为的人 3780常用英语口语之建议忠告 -- :5: 来源: 常用英语口语之建议忠告1. Do you have any suggestions?你有什么建议吗?. Please give me your advice.请给我提些建议3. Thanks offering.谢谢你的建议. What about going fishing?去钓鱼如何?5. Then how about picnicking?那么,野餐如何?6. Feel like a game of tennis?想打场网球吗?7. Alright. I'll think about it.好吧,我会想想的8. Don't jump the gun.不要过早行动9. It's now or never.机不可失,时不再来. Don't get ahead of yourself.凡事不要操之过急 .You should be always alert to that person.你应该对那个人时刻保持警惕心. We are so grateful that you've reminded us of that thing.我们很感激你提醒我们那件事. It was Saturday! Your job has cost you too much.Maybe you ought to quit the job.昨天是周六啊!你的工作已经让你付出太多了,或许你应该辞职. Come on,man. I bet you can find a better job.拜托,伙计我打赌你能找到更好的工作的 常用英语口语英文电影和美剧中总结的条实用英文 -01-7 18:5:51 来源: 在看了一些英文电影和美剧之后,我想自己可以做这样一个工作:把影片或剧里出现的有意思的常用表达收集起来,然后放在客里一方面是好东西要大家分享,另一方面在整理的过程中无疑自己也会加深印象,可谓一举两得  我收集整理的这些表达一般在教科书中不容易见到,而却又是英美人士日常生活中最鲜活的语言,对于学英语或对英语感兴趣的朋友,我想这会很有帮助今天先列出一部分,往后会不断增加另外,大部分的表达是从电视剧中得来,而下载的剧没有英文的字幕,仅靠耳朵去听,所以可能会有疏漏之处,望朋友们见谅、指正  1、“我请客”:觉得我们常用pay这个词,如Let me pay it you这里列举三种说法:I am buying;This is on me;This is all my bill  、one-time thing:帅哥跟一美女过了一夜,回来后室友问帅哥:Do you really love her?帅哥回答: Oh, it was just a one-time thing!那么one-time thing是什么呢?我就不罗嗦喽!  3、“向前看!”:我们会说Look ward!而美语里有个更贴切的说法是Eyes front!“眼睛朝前”,是不是很生动?  、“头等大事”:你会怎么翻译呢?The most important thing吗?看这个吧“It's on the top of my list”  5、“停电”:No electricity?恩,够直白!其实提到“电”,老外更多是用power,停电就可以是Ther is a power failure或Power goes out  6、“我不是傻子!”:I am not a fool?对,语法完全正确但再看这个I am no fool比上面的只少两个字母,但是不是感觉不一样?同样的道理,我们常说I have no idea,而不常说I dont have any idea  7、short hairs:是说“短头发”吗?呵呵,它就是我们说的“小辫子”!  8、“收买某人”:有个比较正式的词叫bribe,名词时为“贿赂”的意思,动词时就有“收买”之意既然提到了“买”,那么我们能不能用上buy呢?当然,那就是buy sb off  9、She knew red was her color“她知道红色是她的颜色”?恰当的翻译是:她知道自己和红色很相配Then, what's your color?  、“看在主的份上,你就……”:两种说法,其一是 the love of God,另外 God's sake(sake的意思是缘故、关系)二者之中,后者更常用 英文 实用 总结 和美Chemist Leo BaekelandIn the opening scene of The Graduate, Benjamin (played by a young Dustin Hoffman) is awkwardly working an affluent Southern Calinia crowd at a graduation party arranged him by his parents when a family friend offers one of the century's most famous pieces of cinematic advice "I just want to say one word to you. Just one word plastics." Millions of moviegoers winced and smiled. The scene neatly captured their own late 60's ambivalence toward the ever more synthetic landscape of their times. They loved their cheap, easy-to-clean mica countertops, but envied—and longed —the authentic touch and time-lessness of marble and wood.The chord struck by that line in The Graduate under-scored how much had happened in the six decades since the summer of 19, when Leo Baekeland made the laboratory breakthrough that would change the stuff our world is made of. A Belgian-born chemist-entrepreneur, Baekeland had a knack spotting profitable opporties.He scored his first success in the 1890s with his invention of Velox, an improved photographic paper that freed photographers from having to use sunlight developing images. With Velox, they could rely on artificial light, which at the time usually meant gaslight but soon came to mean electric.It was a far more dependable and convenient way to work. In 1899 George Eastman, whose cameras and developing services would make photography a household activity, bought full rights to Velox the then astonishing sum of million. Starting around 19, Baekeland and an assistant began their search.Three years later, after filling laboratory books with page after page of failed experiments, Baekeland finally developed a material that he dubbed in his notebooks "Bakelite". The key turned out to be his "bakelizer", a heavy iron vessel that was part pressure cooker and part basement boiler.With it, he was able to control the maldehyde phenol reaction with more finesse than had anyone bee him. Initial heating of the phenol and maldehyde (in the presence of an acid or base to get the reaction going) produced a shellac-like liquid good coating surfaces like a varnish.Further heating turned the liquid into a pasty, gummier good. And when Baekeland put this stuff into the bakelizer, he was rewarded with a hard, translucent, infinitely moldable substance. In a word plastic. 663简尼特从她的打字机里抽出纸,紧张地看了看手表差不多到时间了从里面的办公室传来她的老板准备离开的声音门一开一关的声音给他做了8年的秘书,她很熟悉这些声音Double Cross Janet pulled the page from her typewriter and looked nervously at her wrist-watch.It was almost time.From the inner-office came sounds of her boss preparing to leave.The sounds of doors opening and closing.These sounds were well-known to her after eight years as his secretary.“Good-night,Janet.I‘ll see you Monday morning as usual.”He was quick and friendly.“Good-night,Mr.Mason,”she said with a weak smile.Perhaps she only imagined the look of concern in his eyes as he walked out.Janet covered her typewriter.She pulled a lipstick1)and a mirror from her purse.Her hands were cold and shaky when she began to redden her lips and run a comb through her hair.There would be no time to stop at the women’s restroom this evening to do this.She felt a terror slowly rising up inside herself.How could she ever go through with it?But she knew she must.It was too late to retreat.She reached into a drawer and pulled out a knitting basket and a ball of wool with needles sticking out.At the bottom of the basket lay three microfilms),each in a metal case.She stared at them,feeling guilty.She felt a nervous shock as the whistle blew.She stuffed the wool back into the basket.She seized her purse and took a last look a round the office.Then she walked into the hall,filled with secretaries and clerks hurrying home.Click of high-heels made the pounding of Janet’ s heart seem louder,as she moved along with the crowd.It was like every Friday.There was a noisy excitement in the air.Janet held her purse in one hand with the knitting basket hooked over her wrist.As she looked ahead down the long ramp leading to the guard’s gate,her heart sank.Beside the regular guard Scotty there was a guard she never saw bee.He was helping Scotty inspect the people moving through the gate.He looked at their passes and badges.He peered into their purses3) and lunch-pails.More carefully than Scotty,it seemed.Janet retreated to the doorway of the building.As a rule,she did not leave so early and had gotten that an extra guard was stationed at the gate at this hour.“Be calm,”she said to herself.“Be naturalEverything depends on getting through that gate.”Getting the microfilm had been easy enough with her security clearance.But getting them past the guard would be the test.She remembered how she and her husband Charles had gone over,step by step,what she was to do.They had prepared months.He had worked it all out even bee he to ld her what he wanted her to do.It was well known that Janet was still a young bride.It seemed natural,theree,to use a knitting basket to smuggle) the films out of the plant.They chose the night when her old friend Scotty,a senior guard on the ce,took his turn at the gate.She had spent the whole past month working on him.She often left the plant late and stopped at the gate to chat with him.She talked a bout his boy who was in the navy.And she spoke about the little things she was knitting.A few times,she tested him by being chatty,saying nothing about the knitting,and then passing the knitting through without inspection.The crowd at the gate got thin,and the extra guard waved to Scotty as he moved off in the opposite direction.Janet closed her eyes a second and took a deep breath.NowAs naturally as possible,she moved down the ramp.She hoped the smile on her face did not appear as stiff as it felt.She swallowed twice bee she greeted her friend,“Hello,Scooty,how are you?”She felt a rush of guilt as a smile broke across his face browned by the sun.“Good evening,Mrs.Heath.You are early tonight.”“Yes,my husband is meeting me,Scotty.”She held out her pass with her picture on it and pulled back her coat so he could see her badge pinned to her dress.Scotty nodded,“How’s the knitting?”This was it.She removed a baby‘s woolen bootee5) and held it out his inspection.“I’ve finished this one but haven’ t done much on the other.”A horn honked.“Oh,there’ s my husband,I have to run.Good-night,Scotty”She wondered if her voice sounded as shaky to him as it did to her own ears.She crushed the bootee back into the basket and squeezed past the guard house.She half ran along the sidewalk.She ced herself to remain calm and slowed down.She walked toward the green car parked at the curb.She was shaking so much that she could not turn the handle of the door.Charles reached over to open it her and she slid into the seat beside him.He looked at her.“Did you get them?”His voice was tense.He showed pressure he must have been feeling while sitting there waiting her to come through the gate.“Yes,”she nodded with a dead feeling.“Good girl,I know you could do it.”The car moved off into the traffic.“Did you have any trouble getting the stuff?”Charles was pleasant again and gave her a cigarette.“Just try to relax,”he said.“Everything is all right.”At last the car turned into a quiet street.Charles reached into the knitting basket and took the three shiny discs.He put them inside his coat pocket,then handed her the bask et.He kissed her.“See you later.”She entered her apartment like a person in a fog.She crossed to the wide window and looked out.Her husband’s green car was pulling away from the stop-light at the end of the street.She looked up and down the street then saw what she was looking .A black car moved out from the driveway beyond the apartment house and followed her husband.Behind the black car was another one.Inside the car was her boss.“Well,”she said to the empty room,“That’ s that.”But she continued standing,looking out into the street,long after the three cars had disappeared from sigh.She still felt numb6),dead.She wondered when she would begin to feel something,the pain and guilt of a wife who had betrayed her husband.She thought back over every thing that led up to that betrayal――the night less than six weeks after their marriage.She lay with her head on his arm and his hand gently stroked her hair.He confessed to her his connections and told her what he expected her to do.She remembered the horror she felt over this terrible request,the shock and disbelief.Her instinct had been to cry out,to rebel.But some inner voice had warned her to be careful.This was something bigger than just herself and her marriage,a marriage now broken into little pieces.And it had been something bigger than herself which made her tell her boss the facts.His calmness quieted her.She was able later to listen to a plan he developed together with the FBI her to go along with her husband’s plans.It was almost dark outside when she turned from the window and reached a table-lamp.She crossed the room and opened a door to the clothes-closet.She reached a clothes hanger.Suddenly she stopped.One side of the closet was empty.All his clothes were gone.She looked around the room.All his things were gone,as if there never had been such a person as Charles Heath.She was sharply hit by the whole meaning of the situation.Charles had never meant to return.She had just been his tool ――he married her his purpose.She wondered how many other tools there had been bee her.She started to laugh.Then her laughter turned into sobs,great heaving sobs.And she threw herself across the bed.As she gave in to her misery7),there was a fleeting thought:“I’ll cry tonight.Tomorrow,I‘ll call my lawyer.” 18

英语实用口语:如何地道表达“滚蛋” -- 3:1:35 来源: 1. get out (of here) 滚蛋这个应该是最家喻户晓的"滚"了吧,使用频率高,适用场合百搭eg: Didn't you hear me ? Get out of here!你听不懂人话吗? 滚!. piss off 滚远点一般指行为或言语招人讨厌,意为“走开” “滚远一点”eg: You idiot! Piss off !你个傻叉, 滚远点!3. fuck off 滚 杀伤指数☆☆☆这句话比较粗鲁,极度愤怒的时候可用不过话说回来,说fuck的时候感觉好爽啊,好有气势 ^_^eg: Fuck up! Fuck off !闭上你的臭嘴! 滚!. beat it 走开,滚开美国口语,程度中等,意为“离远一点”eg: Beat it ! I'm in a bad mood.走开! 我今心情不太好是否还记得 迈克尔 杰克逊 有一首歌,就叫"Beat it", 里面有一句歌词 "so beat it, just beat it" 这里面的beat it 就取这个意思 这首歌是一首反社会暴力的作品,告诫年轻人要远离麻烦,暴力不能解决一切问题 so beat it, just beat it~ 口语

英文自我介绍 英文自我介绍大全 --7 :31:6 来源: 英文自我介绍 英文自我介绍大全一、 英文个人自我介绍Hello, everyone, I call XX.大家好,我叫XXMy personality alacrity is bright, the love makes friend我的性格活泼开朗,爱交朋友I like to some philosophy books usually,我平常喜欢阅读一些哲理性的书籍,I love to discuss a problem with friends together,我爱和朋友们一起讨论问题,Know me to feel very happy with everyone,认识大家我感到很高兴,Hope in the day of aftertime to get along with everyone delectation.希望在今后的日子里与大家相处愉快谢谢!Thanks!二、英文应聘自我介绍范文随着职场竞争越来越大,在求职是不仅要做好中文自我介绍,英文自我介绍也是找工作中少不了的内容,那么,你知道如何作英文自我介绍吗?以下是一则英文应聘自我介绍范文,仅供各位参考Good morning !It is really my honor to have this opporty an interview,I hope i can make a good permance today. I'm confident that I can succeed.Now i will introduce myself brieflyI am 3 years old,born in shandong province .I was graduated from qingdao university. my major is electronic.and i got my bachelor degree after my graduation in the year of .I spend most of my time on study,i have passed CET6 . and i have acquired basic knowledge of my major during my school time.In July , I began work a small private company as a technical support engineer in QingDao city.Because I'm capable of more responsibilities, so I decided to change my job.And in August ,I left QingDao to BeiJing and worked a eign enterprise as a automation software test engineer.Because I want to change my working environment, I'd like to find a job which is more challenging. Morover Motorola is a global company, so I feel I can gain the most from working in this kind of company ennvironment. That is the reason why I come here to compete this position.I think I'm a good team player and I'm a person of great honesty to others. Also I am able to work under great pressure.That’s all. Thank you giving me the chance.自我介绍 (self-introduction)1.Good morning. I am glad to be here this interview.First let me introduce myself.My name is ***, 3.I come from ******,the capital of *******Province.I graduated from the ******* department of *****University in July ,00. 5 英文自我介绍 英文

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