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周润发在北京过度难忘的57岁生日,他以约8000万台币为HUGO BOSS担任年度代言人,生日当天献上处女走秀。The German fashion brand Hugo Boss is celebrating its 30th year in Asia with a sensational showcase of its latest collection. Over 1500 guests and celebrities flocked to the event, including renowned actor Chow Yun-Fat. Stanley Lee has more from the China Agricultural Exhibition center in Beijing.Models, fashion bloggers and other big names are gracing the cameras, with British actress Tilda Swinton being chief among them.Actress Tilda Swinton said, ;Well I love Beijing, I was here a couple of years ago. It’s a very treasured place for me, full of treasures;They are all here for the release of the Boss Black Fall/Winter collection. But for those who couldn’t make it personally, Hugo Boss made other provisions.The night before this show, Hugo Boss opened its flagship store at the China World Hotel offering its customers 3-D glasses like these for this fashion show, which will be broadcasted live over the Internet. This event was also publicized through social media like Sina Weibo. So what sort of show like behind all this promotion?The show kicked off with Boss black’s signature style for women, offering a fresh take on classic designs to commemorate its 30th year in China. And the company believes it’s only the beginning.Claus-Dietrich Lahrs, Chairman amp; Ceo, said, ;We are working with those very important events like tonight...I believe the Chinese growing story will continue...here, also in Hong Kong Macau and Taiwan.;The Men’s wear focused on the idea of modern luxury, offering timeless yet distinct designs. The designers are flaunting a new mode of elegance based on urban design.The show reached its climax with renowned actor Chow Yun-Fat’s stroll down the catwalk. A pleasant surprise for the audience as the host revealed that Chow is celebrating his birthday on the scene.Actor Chow Yun-Fat said, ;I’m so excited to have done a 3D cat walk today, and I could hardly recognize myself in these clothes today. ;China is currently the brand’s third largest market, and Hugo Boss predicts that it could climb to be the largest in 5-10 years. And it will likely be the BOSS black label that steals the show. Article/201205/182818Get off that couch and begin the more productive life you should be living with VideoJug#39;s help.你应该马上离开沙发,开始一个效率更高的生活。Step 1: You#39;re Not Lazy1.你并不懒惰The word ;lazy; is a condemnation. It#39;s shameful. It#39;s not you.“懒惰”一词表达的是谴责的含义,是一种耻辱,而你并不应该担此耻辱。Step 2: Illness2.病态If your energy level is low for months on end, get checked out by a doctor. It could be depression or illness. Make sure you#39;re ok before moving on to step 3.如果你的能量水平连续几个月都不佳,你就应该去看医生了。很有可能是压抑或者疾病。在进入步骤3之前,确保自己是健康的。Step 3: Plan3.计划Write down what you want to get done - in order of importance - and put it on a daily schedule.写下你计划要做的事情——按照重要性排序——然后把它们加入到每天的日程表中。Step 4: Find Your Groove4.找到你的最佳状态Experiment with your life. Try working at different times of day and in different locations. Maybe you need background music to keep you focused or a snack or nap at a specific time.先拿自己试验,试着在每天不同时段和不同地点工作,或许就能找到让自己进入最佳状态的方法,也许是背景音乐,也许是一袋零食,或者是特殊时间点上打盹片刻。Step 5: Set That Alarm5.设置提醒Studies show people who get up early and show up on time are happier and more productive. And eat a good breakfast. Healthful eating increases energy. So does exercise.实验表明早起的人们更快乐也更有效率。早餐要吃好,健康的饮食能让你精力充沛,锻炼也有同样的效果。Thanks for watching How To Stop Being Lazy.谢谢收看本期“战胜懒惰”节目。 Article/201208/196747

How to Behave with Class on Your Birthday on HowcastFeeling too old to get wild and crazy on your birthday? Make this year’s event memorable in a good way by practicing proper etiquette on your special day.在你的生日聚会上对狂野的做法感到过时了?在那个有特殊意义的日子里练习下合适的礼仪,让你的生日聚会更有纪念意义。Step 1: Keep a positive attitudeKeep a positive attitude. Keep laughing and having a good time. Only one day a year is all about you.第一步:要有积极的态度要有积极的态度。要一直笑并开心地玩。一年中只有这一天主角都是你。Step 2: Shrug off disappointmentsShrug off disappointments. If one of your friends doesn’t show or your dinner isn’t just the way you want it, forget about it. Enjoy the things that are going right.第二步:不要失望如果有个朋友没有出现,或是生日聚会举办的方式不是你想要的那种,忘了那些吧。享受那些进行顺利的事。Step 3: Keep things simpleKeep things simple. Don’t invite too many people to dinner and avoid picking an extravagant venue that your guests might not be able to afford. Your birthday guests will probably pitch in and pay for your part of the bill and you do not want to put anyone in an awkward position.第三步:一切从简一切从简。不要邀请太多的人来参加生日聚会,不要选择那些朋友们承受不起的奢侈的聚会场所。来参加聚会的人很可能一起行动并付你应该花钱的那部分。你不想将朋友置于尴尬的境地。Tip:If you have a larger number of friends who want celebrate with you, plan a trip to the bar after an intimate dinner with your closest circle of friends.小贴士:如果有很多朋友想和你一起庆祝,在和你最亲密的朋友聚完后可以去酒吧聚会。Step 4: Never ask for giftsNever ask for gifts. If your friends want to bring you a gift, they will. Don’t make them feel obligated to do so or they may not show up at all.第四步:从来不要要礼物从来不要要礼物。如果朋友们想给你带礼物,他们一定会的。不要让他们感觉必须给你带礼物,否则他们可能根本不会来参加聚会。Tip:Gift giving is not mandatory at an adult’s birthday.小贴士:在成人的生日聚会上送礼物不是必须的。Step 5: Thank your guestsThank all your birthday well wishers, even the ones who sent you a quick e-mail. They still remembered you on your special day! Formal thank-you cards are not necessary, but are a nice touch for anyone who went out of their way to make your day extra-special. Just remember to act the way you’d want your friends to behave if they were in your shoes, and you’re sure to have all the class you need.第五步:感谢你的客人感谢所有祝福你生日的人,包括那些给你发电子邮件的人。他们仍然记得你的生日。不用寄正式的感谢卡,但要提及令你的生日变得特别的那些人。你想要朋友如何对待你,你就要如何对待他们,要换位思考,那样你肯定会有你需要的朋友。 Article/201012/120833

特别声明:该节目由可可原创。视频来源:选自B记录篇《英国史》之《女王的诞生》。精视觉:精解说:The art of rhetoric, the art of public speech.修辞的艺术,公开演讲的艺术。This was Elizabeth#39;s first而这却成为了伊丽莎白最先掌握的,and would remain her strongest political weapon.也是她最有力的政治利器。But there was something Elizabeth brought to the management of sovereignty that was entirely her own;不过伊丽莎白在政权统治上也独具自己的风格。something, for that matter,而且,东西which none of the princely conduct manuals spelled out,那是男性帝王之术所从未教导过的:that statecraft was also stagecraft.治国之道,亦为表演之道。短语诠释:1. for that matter:就此而言,就那件事而论,关于那一点典型例句:He doesn#39; t trust his partner. For that matter I can#39; t blame him for not lending money to him. 他不相信他的伙伴,对此,我不能责备他不借钱给他的伙伴。 Your mother would never allow you to stay overnight, and for that matter, neither would I. 你母亲决不会允许你在外过夜,就这一点来说,我也不会允许。2. spell out:详细说明典型例句:Will you please spell out your request ? 请把你的要求详尽地说出来好吗? He had to spell out the plan in detail to persuade the investors. 为了说投资人,他不得不把整个计划细细说明清楚。 3. public speech:公开演讲典型例句:I don#39;t feel capable of making a public speech. 我觉得没能力进行公开的演说。 He couldn#39;t make a public speech to save his life. 他不愿意进行公开演说去挽救他的生命。 4. political weapons:政治武器 /201211/210978为什么说“That statecraft was also stagecraft.(治国之道,亦为表演之道。)”?您的见解请寄小编邮箱:leinadancingroom@qq.com回复可看见:【视频欣赏】How To Wear a Long, Skinny Scarf on Howcast(视频受网速和浏览器影响,如果暂时没看到,请亲们耐心等待或换个浏览器(最好换成IE)试试哦!)【听力文本】Scarves are a great way to update or even completely change your look. Use these style-savvy ideas for instant chic.You Will NeedLong, skinny scarf Pin Elastic band T-shirt (optional) Blazer (optional) Step 1: Drape(系在脖子上,与T恤或宽松的运动衫搭配)Stretch the scarf out to full length in front of you. Place the middle of the scarf on the front of your neck, bring the ends around to the back, crossing them at the nape, and then bring them to the front again. Adjust the fit around your neck.Wear your scarf with a T-shirt or underneath a blazer.Step 2: Pull through(折叠起来,从一边穿到另一边)Fold the scarf in half and place the middle at the nape of your neck. Then bring both sides around to the front. Take the side with the two ends and weave it through the folded opening on the other side, pulling the ends through.Step 3: Belt it(系成腰带)Pull the scarf through the belt loops of jeans or pants, tying it in a knot and leaving the ends hanging down your side or in front for a chic belt.Step 4: Wear as jewelry(当首饰来戴)Wear a long scarf as jewelry. Wind a jeweled scarf around your neck and tie in a knot or secure it with a pretty pin. Or wrap it around your wrist and tuck in the ends to make a unique bracelet.Step 5: Wear in your hair(用作头绳)Tie your hair into a ponytail, secured with an elastic band. Wind the scarf around the elastic several times, and then let the ends hang down with your hair or weave it through your ponytail.A kaffiyeh is an an Arab headdress consisting of a square of cloth folded to form a triangle and fastened with a cord. Article/201005/103445中国将设新的清洁能源标准 Article/201302/224795

北京时间3月8日上午,第82届奥斯卡颁奖典礼在美国洛杉矶柯达剧院圆满落幕。全球影迷的悬念破解,詹姆斯·卡梅隆的《阿凡达》败给其前妻凯瑟琳·比奇洛的写实反战电影《拆弹部队》。《拆弹部队》共拿下包括最佳影片、最佳导演、最佳原创剧本在内的6项大奖。而以特效震撼全球的《阿凡达》却在重要奖项上节节败退,最终只收获了三个技术类奖项,没能冲破科幻剧情片难获奥斯卡青睐的“宿命”。 "The Hurt Locker" beats Avatar with 6 major Oscars honorsThe Iraq war movie "The Hurt Locker," has taken the Oscars by storm winning six of the major film honors, including best movie and best director for Kathryn Bigelow. She becomes the first woman to win Hollywood's top filmmaker prize. The low budget movie beat off competition from the highest-ever grossing Avatar. Mark Boal, Writer of The Hurt Locker, said, "To be standing here, this was really, truly, honestly never part of anything we even imagined in our wildest dreams. So thank you so much." The film also brings Bigelow Hollywood's top prize. She's the first woman in the 82-year history of the Oscar to win it. Kathryn Bigelow, Best Director, said, "I'd just like to dedicate this to the women and men in the military who risk their lives on a daily basis in Iraq and Afghanistan and around the world, and may they come home safe. Thank you." First-time winners took all four acting prizes: Sandra Bullock as best actress for "The Blind Slide", Jeff Bridges as best actor for "Crazy Heart", Mo'Nique as supporting actress for "Precious", and Austria's Christoph Waltz as supporting actor for "Inglourious Basterds". Article/201003/98142演讲简介:罗伯邓巴尔不断收集一万二千年前的气候数据,在远古海床、珊瑚石和冰层内寻找线索。他的工作对于我们为调整现在的气候而设定基准线——也对追踪日益严重的海洋酸化十分重要。 Article/201209/201466Louis was victorious in war and lucky in love.路易战功卓著 爱情道路也一帆风顺And it made him grow over confident.这让他变得愈发自负In a grand personal gesture,他自以为是地he agreed to a peace deal with Austria.与奥地利缔结了和约One that handed back most of the territory将手下的将军刚为他掠来的his generals had just won for him.大片领土又归还了奥地利His ministers thought it was a terrible idea,他的朝臣们认为这很不明智and told him so.并如实地向他进谏The Peace is not a very good peace for France,和约对法国毫无益处because France gets absolutely nothing for it,因为法国不但因参战而欠下累累巨债except enormous debts from its participation in the war.而且几乎从中未获得丝毫好处The French public, having dispensed millions of livres,这场战争花掉了好几百万里弗and lost countless men dead,还牺牲了无数人的生命could not understand why their king民众难以理解为何他们的国王was giving up his conquests.要将胜利的果实拱手让人As a result, schoolchildren and fishwives因此 据说那时的学童和泼妇were said to be running around in Paris会在巴黎城中一边四处奔走with a line, ;You#39;re as stupid as the Peace.;一边叫骂着 ;你就像那和约一样蠢;Just as Louis#39;s popularity began to wane,正当民众对路易的喜爱之情开始减退his love affair with Madame Pompadour他与蓬帕杜夫人的婚外情was also drawing to a close.也逐渐告一段落His solution was a private harem为派遣内心的寂寞in the town of Versailles,他开始在凡尔赛镇金屋藏娇known as the Deer Park.这就是著名的鹿苑When Louis XV and Madame de Pompadour当路易十五和蓬帕杜夫人的ceased to have a sexual relationship,性关系不再延续后Louis XV didn#39;t really want路易十五也并不情愿to replace her with another mistress,让另一位情妇代替她的位置they got on too well for that,他们之间的感情很深 没有人能替代and from now on,因此从那以后his sexual appetite was catered for国王性生活的满足都是依靠by a series of young women一位接一位从巴黎who were brought out from Paris.被带到鹿苑的年轻女子Teenage nymphets, uneducated,她们大多是少女 没接受过教育often they had no idea who their powerful lover was.通常都不知道这位有权势的情人是谁 Article/201205/182036

H(svAlYfPf!1z3oN)|SCD-g@@fToday in History: Tuesday, October 02, 2012历史上的今天:2012年10月2日,周二hs*zS;Jg%QPiOn Oct. 2, 1869 Political and spiritual leader Mohandas K. Gandhi was born in Porbandar, India.1869年10月2日,政治和精神领袖莫汉达斯·甘地在印度Porbandar出生cj.vLF([,iUOCY。q_pM|*)s@MbsJS1967, Thurgood Marshall was sworn in as an associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, becoming the first African-American to serve on the high court.1967年,瑟古德·马歇尔宣誓就任美国最高法院助理法官,成为第一位担任最高法院的非裔美国人oxVzDUmW^Peh(W;z^yA5。ME,9]#O2zErnUjnVweJ1890 Comedian Groucho Marx was born in New York.1890年,喜剧演员Groucho Marx在纽约出生H0EqpqT609Sn。PlrARgk;]Ovj!X4D1919 President Woodrow Wilson suffered a stroke that left him partially paralyzed.1919年,伍德罗·威尔逊总统中风,这使得他部分瘫痪eVBhkDC(9ao6tY31。z9Id6Z(s.WsnZHelzK(1944 Nazi troops crushed the two-month-old Warsaw Uprising, during which 250,000 people were killed.1944年,纳粹军队粉碎了为期两个月的华沙起义,期间造成250,000人死亡[]E#7Q8D*o@o*r^3。,~)vm(jpsHo+jo(;1950 The comic strip ;Peanuts; by Charles M. Schulz was first published.1950年,由查尔斯舒尔茨制作的漫画《花生》首次出版mKWAEc-l]Ouv4。a#cEui65ZSR-B[-m!1958 The former French colony of Guinea in West Africa proclaimed its independence.1958年,几内亚前法国殖民地在西非宣布独立yITTcKQT!k。bVwMzp~^+X~1959 ;The Twilight Zone; debuted on CBS.1959年,《阴阳魔界》首次亮相CBSpSuH2*tTj0,Xt~I7*[。og;H1AYU,yJ0)PP1985 Actor Rock Hudson died at age 59 after a battle with AIDS.1985年,演员罗克赫德森抗战艾滋病后,于59岁逝世)!saS#OXP)3i2Z9m~H。fhz]Ys,N9eRkM1990 The Senate voted 90-9 to confirm Supreme Court nominee David H. Souter.1990年,参议院以90 - 9的投票确认最高法院候选人David h . Souter[|jO]()WzKU;8O。qp9*GIYVKZ2000 The International Space Station got its first residents as an American astronaut and two Russian cosmonauts arrived aboard a Russian Soyuz capsule for a four-month stay.2000年,国际空间站有了第一批居民,一名美国宇航员和两名俄罗斯宇航员抵达俄罗斯联盟号太空舱进行为期四月的居留g,Afu!T6-(aZ。Ek-8q1V62oG|2002 A man was shot and killed in a grocery store parking lot in Wheaton, Md., the first victim in a series of sniper attacks in the Washington, D.C. area that left 10 dead.2002年,在马里兰州惠顿一货店停车场里,一名男子被射杀身亡,这是在造成十人死亡的华盛顿系列狙击袭击中的第一个遇难者WMqZ~[LuNL~e。|HX.qCIJ;D!Z2006 A man took a group of girls hostage in an Amish schoolhouse in Nickel Mines, Pa., killing five and wounding five others before committing suicide.2006年,在Pa镍矿孟诺教派的校舍,一男子挟持一群女孩作为人质,在男子自杀前造成5人死亡以及5人受伤cm+u9xhx8P!bd3。r3uZ|sV!Cs5R5SVPL CTG^a],ZsoyC#h9MIwn3*)8^7ZZb,AJ~kxj^jY[I /201210/202652Baking soda小苏打Funny thing, before I knew baking soda was actually used for baking…I thought it was solely a cleaning product. I was legitimately appalled when I saw someone pour the very baking soda my mother used for tile cleaning into a cake recipe.搞笑的是,在我知道小苏打实际上是用来烘焙之前,我认为小苏打仅仅是一种清洁产品。所以当我看到有人将我妈妈用来清理瓷砖的小苏打倒入蛋糕配料中的时候,我真的被吓到了。So, yes, baking soda has a bounty of uses. The first is indeed to bring out the shine of tiles. Simply take two gallons of water and half a cup of baking soda. From there, scrub the tiles with the solution. Easy cleaning.所以呢,实际上小苏打有许多用途。第一种用途就是让瓷砖闪闪发亮。只需要将2加仑的水和半杯小苏打混合在一起。然后,用小苏打水擦拭瓷砖。瓷砖就被很容易地擦洗干净了。Another use for baking soda is for unclogging sinks and drains. Pour some baking soda into the drain after removing the cover. Then take some regular vinegar. The fizzing will work down into the drain to help break up whatever is clogging it.小苏打的另一个用途就是清理堵塞的水槽和排水管。将排水管的盖子打开,然后将一些小苏打倒入排水管中。然后拿一些普通的醋倒进去。然后你就会听见;嘶嘶;的声音,然后沿着排水管一路向下,这样就能打破那些堵塞排水管的任何东西。Other uses for baking soda include:小苏打的其他用途还有:1.Exfoliation. Mix 3 parts baking soda and 1 part water then rub in a gentle circular motion across the skin. Wash off and be wowed.1.表皮脱落。将3份小苏打和一份水混合在一起,然后在皮肤上面轻轻画圆圈擦。清洗一下就会很吃惊地发现,表面的死皮脱落了。2.Relieve skin irritation. Adding baking soda to bathwater will soften the skin and ease irritations, like insect bites, burns, and more. This also comes in handy for when your baby has diaper rash.2.缓解皮肤疼痛。将小苏打加入洗澡水中,就能让皮肤光滑,缓解皮肤疼痛,比如蜜蜂叮咬,烧伤等。而且当你的宝宝得了尿布疹的时候,这种方法也很方便。3.Deodorizer. This is probably the most famous use for baking soda. Simply sprinkle around the house and let it sit before vacuuming or sweeping up to get rid of lingering odors. You can even put an entire box in the refrigerator for several months to absorb odors that would otherwise affect the flavors of the stored food. This also works in trash cans, cutting boards, litter boxes, toilet bowls, and anything else that gets rank.3.除臭剂。这可能是小苏打最出名的用途了。只需要将小苏打洒在房间周围,待一会儿,然后再用吸尘器或者扫把清除那些弥漫的气味。你还可以在冰箱中放入一整盒小苏打几个月,来吸收那些或许会影响储存的食物的异味。这也适用于垃圾桶,砧板,垃圾箱,马桶和任何产生异味的东西。译文属 /201707/516406

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