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Now hold on your pants.惊喜还在后头呢This is the most expensive gift.价格最逆天的礼物闪亮登场了This is 1.85 million dollars.这件大礼价值一百八十五万大刀It is forevermark Ultimate Diamond Collection.它是永恒印记的钻石系列Take a look at this.睁大眼看看This is a... I guess its a whole bunch of diamonds.这就是 一大堆钻石啊They say diamonds are forever人们常说钻石很久远which is how long its gonna take to pay off your credit card.同时也意味着卡债还到很久远If youre looking for something slightly more affordable.如果你在寻觅价格稍微亲民一点的This only cost 1.5 million dollars.这价值一百五十万刀This is a 201-inch outdoor television.这是201寸的户外大电视Tts called the His and Hers Ultimate Outdoor Entainment System.名叫男女户外终极影音系统I would buy it, Im gonna wait for the Hers and Hers.我是会买的 不过要等厂家出个女女版的But Im gonna buy this.这电视我买定了I hope it helps with your shopping.希望以上介绍能对你们购物有所帮助Uh...you know, it probably didnt.额 应该是帮不到的啦So,hey, remember when it comes to buying gifts,有一点请大家一定要记住了its not about the money that you spent ,its the thought that you put into it.买礼物价格不是最重要的 关键是用心But,hey,Portia if youre watching,portia如果你在看节目的话 请听着I like the diamonds, those are nice.我超爱钻石的 钻石美呆了Its fun to give gifts,its fun to get gifts.送礼乐趣十足 收礼也是嗨翻天And I thought what better way to start the Christmas season than...我在想还有什么比送礼为圣诞节开场更好呢becuase I like you aly.我可喜欢你们了I can tell, I aly like you我点我清楚 你们真是深得我心Hold on. Hold on.淡定 淡定I didnt get you the diamonds, dont think youre getting the diamonds.我又不是要送你们钻石 想都甭想But I do want all of you to come back for 12 days of Giveways.不过我诚邀大家在12日礼物大派送的时候再次来到现场注:EllenShow中英字幕来源于:艾伦秀字幕组 /201311/266449Our sense of smell can have a large impact on how we think and feel.我们的嗅觉对我们的思维和感觉能够产生很大影响。But did you know that mood can affect how we smell?但你知道吗,心情也是能够影响嗅觉的。According to a study by researchers at the University of Wisconsin Madison, feeling anxious can make typically neutral smells seem repugnant.根据威斯康星麦迪逊大学研究人员的一份报告显示,焦虑的心情能够让典型的中性气味变得刺鼻。The study involved a dozen volunteers who rated a panel of neutral smells.该项研究邀请了12名志愿者并让他们辨别一组中性气味。Then, while inside an MRI machine, subjects were made to feel anxious with disturbing images of car crashes and grisly war scenes.然后通过向他们播放撞车和可怕的战争场景图像来使他们产生焦虑的情绪,并用核磁共振仪进行观察。They were then asked to rank the panels of neutral smells once again.接着,志愿者们被要求再次对这组中性气味进行辨别。But now, after having been made anxious by the images, they described some of the smells as negative.但是由于之前看到的影片产生了焦虑感,他们这次则表示闻到的气体是刺鼻的。MRI revealed that during induced anxiety, the smell related circuits of the brain became intertwined with the brains emotional circuitry.核磁共振结果显示,由于心情焦虑,大脑中跟嗅觉有关的回路跟情绪相关的回路产生了交织。Normally, those circuits dont interact much, but when the subjects were anxious, the circuits morphed into something like a unified network, essentially rewiring the brain.正常情况下,这些回路并不会发生太多的互动,但是当人体变得焦虑时,这两种回路就会变成一个看似交织在一起的网络,本质上来说就是对大脑的回路进行了重组。And somehow, that rewiring affected how the subjects interacted with theworld through smell.而且,不知何故,这种改变影响了志愿者通过嗅觉与外界进行联系的方式。So why does this matter?为什么知道这一点会很重要呢?First, because it helps explain how anxiety can feed on itself.首先,它可以有助于解释焦虑是如何变强的。In sofar as being anxious makes things smell generally worse, those worse smells may in turn cause greater anxiety, creating an anxiety feedback loop.如果说一定程度的焦虑会让人感觉闻到的东西很刺鼻,那么越刺鼻的气味则会反过来引发更强烈的焦虑感,由此便产生了一种焦虑的恶性循环。On the bright side, understanding how emotion and smell can intert wine may also lead to ways to use smell as a way to combat anxiety and other mental disorders an intriguing possibility that maybe borne out with more research.好的一面是,如果理解了情绪跟气味是如何互动的原理,我们可以利用气味来战胜焦虑和其他的心理疾病,但是这种有趣的可能性还需要投入更多的研究来加以实。 201404/292306

The real Jane Austen一个真实的简奥斯汀As vital as her stories生气勃勃,人如其著She still fascinates 200 years after the publication of ;Pride and Prejudice;《傲慢与偏见》问世两百年后,她依然神秘撩人The Real Jane Austen: A Life in Small Things. By Paula Byrne.《真实的简奥斯汀:细微之物,足见平生》 宝拉伯恩著“A LIFE of usefulness, literature, and religion, was not by any means a life of event,” wrote Henry Austen of his spinster sister Jane. This image of the sequestered author persisted for years. But contemporary scholars have reappraised “dear Aunt Jane” as an independent and worldly-wise woman who wielded a sardonic pen. She continues to fascinate, 200 years after the publication of “Pride and Prejudice”. This is the charm of a new biography from Paula Byrne, a British author, who breathes yet more life into Austen and her works by considering the objects that populated her days.“她的一生虽裨益他人,与文学与宗教为伴,却并无白云苍,大起大伏。”简的哥哥亨利曾这样写道。多年以来,简的形象一直是终生未嫁,隐僻幽居。然而,当代学者开始重新审视这名“亲爱的奥斯汀姑姑”,把她看作一个深谙尘世智慧的独立女性,舞动着手中的讥讽之笔。《傲慢与偏见》问世两百年后,她依然神秘撩人——这份魅力同样延续到英国作家宝拉伯恩为奥斯汀所著的传记之中。在宝拉笔下,那个时代的流行物件,是通向奥斯汀生平及著作神秘之门的钥匙,展示出一个更加生气勃勃的简。Each chapter is organised around a single thing. Some are Austens possessions, such as a topaz cross she received from her brother. Others are simply from the period, such as a barouche (an upmarket carriage), which helps to illustrate how well-travelled she was and how transport indicates status in her novels. In “Northanger Abbey” Catherine Morland finds a trip in Henry Tilneys curricle erotic, whereas she is nonplussed by John Thorpes gig. Broadly chronological, this thematic approach offers a revealing picture of Austen and a lively social history.这本传记的每一章都围绕着一个单独的物件展开。有些是奥斯汀的私人收藏,例如她从哥哥那儿得到的一个托帕石十字架。其余的则是那个时代的流行品,例如四轮马车(一驾上等马车),足现她游历之广以及在她的作品中,交通工具对于身份的烘托。在《诺桑觉寺》里,凯瑟琳.莫兰觉得享利.蒂尔尼的二轮马车新奇诱人,面对约翰.索普的马车时却不知所措。这种主题式的记传方式,按时序徐徐展开一幅奥斯汀生平及其活跃的社会活动的长卷。Austens formative years are the most interesting. Three vellum notebooks contain her “Juvenilia”—the stories and poems she wrote as a teenager. Her “greatest gifts are here in embryo”, writes Ms Byrne, clearly relishing Austens satire and lack of restraint. The young author lampooned famous figures and offered parodies of sentimental novels. But she reserved her choicest words of wit for her sister Cassandra. When they were not living together they corresponded frequently, and Austen often tried out different voices—“gossipy, jokey, affectionate”—to make her laugh.奥斯汀写作的成型期最耐人寻味。有三本羊皮纸笔记记录了她的“少女之作”——她在青少年时期写的故事与诗歌。宝拉很享受此时奥斯汀式的讥讽语调和无拘无束,她写道,她“无与伦比的天赋在此酝酿成型”。此时年轻的奥斯汀嘲讽当时鼎鼎有名的人物,戏仿那些多愁善感的小说。但是她最具智慧锋芒的字字珠玑却是散落在与其姊卡桑德拉的信件中。两人不住在一处时便频繁通信,而奥斯汀常常尝试不同的腔调——漫谈式的,玩笑式的,或是浪漫式的——来逗她发笑。During this time the movements of family followed the flows of inheritance; a vexatious matter that drives Austens narratives. Old maids and mothers were often housed by rich cousins; a child might be made heir to childless relatives. An East Indian shawl introduces Aunt Phila—who at 21 sailed to Bengal in order to find a husband—and her daughter, Eliza. A romantic figure, and presumably illegitimate, Eliza first married a man who fell under the guillotine in the French Revolution, and later married Austens brother Henry. This coquettish cousin is fictionalised as Mary Crawford in “Mansfield Park”. Austen also drew on Henrys militia experience for her depiction of flirtatious redcoats in “Pride and Prejudice”. Her midshipman brothers helped inform references to the navy.在这段时期,因为继承的缘故,她不得不经常搬迁—这类烦心事反倒丰富了她的叙述内容。老姑娘和母亲总是寄居在有钱的侄子家中;孩子会成为膝下无子的亲戚的继承人。一条来自东印度的披肩引出了费拉阿姨—她在二十一岁时乘船到孟加拉寻找结婚对象——和她的女儿伊莱莎的故事。伊莱莎是个天性浪漫的私生女,她的先夫死于法国大革命的断头台上;后来她嫁给了奥斯汀的哥哥亨利。这个轻佻娇纵的嫂子后来成了她在《曼斯菲尔德庄园》里玛丽.克劳福德的原型。亨利本人的军旅生涯也为她在《傲慢与偏见》中浮夸的“红制”军人形象提供了素材。而她作做海军的兄弟们则提供了海军生活的第一手材料。The books liveliest passages are about city life and romance. Austen frequently visited London and lived in Bath for years. She was probably not a beauty—only one authenticated portrait exists (although Ms Byrne makes a strong case for another with uncertain provenance). But her wit and intelligence lured many a suitor. None of them stuck, but many are recalled with mirth in her letters. Austen was no prude. Her novels feature illicit liaisons and she gives Mary Crawford a sexually loaded naval joke about “Rears and Vices”. But she had high standards and a mortal fear of childbirth. She was all too aware of the way women either died during labour or “grew old by confinements and nursing”.这本传记最轻快活泼的篇章描述了城市生活和浪漫故事。奥斯汀频繁造访伦敦并在巴斯寓居多年。她可能算不得一个美人—她的画像中只有一幅真迹存世(尽管宝拉坚信另一幅来历不明的画像也是真迹),但是她的机锋和智慧却吸引了许多追求者。无人获其芳心,成就美眷;然而在她的信件中,关于他们的回忆大多充满欢乐。奥斯汀并非严肃拘谨之人,她的小说写到过男女私通;玛丽.克劳福德就曾开过一个下流的海军玩笑“臀部与罪恶”。不过她的确道德自律,且畏惧生产。她十分明白:有些女性会死于生产,或是在不断怀和持续哺乳中年华逝去。Ms Byrne has an obvious affection for her subject. This book may offer few revelations, but it paints a fresh and vivid picture of an inimitable woman.显而易见,宝拉对其传记对象—简奥斯汀—充满喜爱之情。这本书可能并无多少“惊人内幕”,但它无疑描绘出了这名独一无二的女性—血肉丰满,栩栩如生。 /201406/304652

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