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I#39;m on a deserted island, there#39;s a boat on horizon.我身处荒岛 海平线处有艘船只I gonna get ashore and light my signal fire.我要赶紧上岸 点燃我的求救烟火Get this rope up the beach.It#39;s a race against time.把这根绳子拖上岸这是一场与时间的竞赛Look, there you go, on the horizon.See it? It#39;s a mast.快看 看海平线那儿 看见了么 那是船的桅杆Okay, let#39;s get on the hill, get the signal fire lit.好吧 我们上山 点火发求救信号Every second here is valuable to the survivor.Go on, get lit. Here we go, okay.此时每一秒对于幸存者来说都是宝贵的 继续打火 好了 点着了The flip-flops are beginning to kick in now, a bit of the black smoke.拖鞋也被点燃了 冒出一些黑烟On a calm day, the human voice can be heard over 10 miles away over water,but not today.风平浪静的天气里 人的声音在水上 能传到10英里以外 但今天运气不好The problem is the wind#39;s blowing this way,很不巧 风在朝反方向吹and that#39;s gonna mean my sound#39;s not gonna carry far,definitely not far enough for them.这就意味着我的呼救声传不了那么远 至少无法让船上的人听见And I guess for the survivor to experience disappointment like that,我想 这实在是太打击人了seeing what you hope is gonna be rescue,to see that disappear,that must be so hard.看见获救的希望近在咫尺 又眼睁睁的看它消失 这种经历太纠结了And then it just becomes this battle to keep your hope and your spirits high.然后 就只剩下你自己在希望与绝望的边缘上挣扎And that#39;s why they say the real battle for survival is actually in your mind and in your heart.这就是为什么人们说 生死考验 实际上考验人的意志与心志 Article/201606/451913This animal provides physical evidence that the jaws of the animals from the north and the animals from the south were different这些动物提供了自然据,北半球动物的颚骨与南半球动物是不一样的at this time and it provides probably the only clue that we have for this in South America.这一次提供的或许是我们在南美洲找到的唯一线索This is a unique specimen. It#39;s fantastic.这是唯一的标本。太奇妙了。As the super-continent split, the jaw showed that mammals in the southern continent正如颚骨显示的结果,随着超大陆的分裂,南方大陆的哺乳动物were evolving separately from those in the Northern Hemisphere.与北半球的哺乳动物开始分道扬镳This was evidence that vicariance was beginning in the mid-Jurassic, at least for mammals,这就是地理分隔开始于中侏罗世的据,至少哺乳类是如此but was there proof of vicariance in the dinosaurs?那么是否也有关于恐龙地理分隔的据呢To find out they needed fossils from different times in the mid-Jurassic.为此,他们必须找到中侏罗世各个时期的化石We need dinosaurs from just before the break up of the continent我们需要大陆分裂前的恐龙化石and just after the break up of the continent and that is what we have here.和大陆分裂后的恐龙化石,我们在这儿找的就是这些So they carefully dug out the fossils于是他们小心地挖出化石and encased them in plaster to protect them on the long journey back to the lab.用石膏包住它们,以免在运回实验室的长途中受到损坏Only then could the analysis begin.之后,他们才开始分析研究。 Article/201706/514368FLASH知性英语:She Will Be Coming Round The Mountain本作品来自英语帮帮网(www.english88.com),版权归英语帮帮网所有. /200703/11581Yeah! Show your love! Lev and Sophia!耶耶!为列弗和索菲亚鼓掌!Come on over here and have a seat.来,过来坐这边。Wow, congratulations. That was out of sight! One more time for Lev and Sophia!祝贺,祝贺。太棒了!请再为他们的精表演鼓掌!How long have you been dancing? I#39;ve been dancing for three years.你们跳了多久了?我跳了三年了。And I#39;ve been dancing for five.我跳了五年了。And both of us were dancing for two years. Yeah, together. Together for two years? Yeah. Yeah.我们在一起跳舞有两年了。在一起跳了两年了?是的,是的。So how did the two of you meet?你们是怎么认识的?We have both our own versions.我们可能说的不一样。Okay, well, let me hear yours first, Sophia, cause that#39;ll probably be the truth.好吧,索菲亚,让我先听听你的,因为你讲的有可能是真话。Yeah, it will. That#39;s what I guessed. Really? Yeah, yeah, guys blow it up a little bit.哈哈,肯定是,我也是这么想的。真的吗?因为男孩可能会夸大一些。You#39;re a guy, too. I know. That#39;s why I know what I#39;m talking about, yeah.你也是男孩。我知道,所以我才这么讲的。Okay, Sophia. So tell me how you met.索菲亚,你说说你们是怎么认识的。Okay, I saw Lev dancing with another partner.有一次我看见列弗正在和其他舞伴跳舞。Lev was dancing with another girl. Yeah, and I was dancing with another partner. Okay.列弗正在和其他女孩跳舞。我当时也在和其他舞伴跳舞。Another boy. Yeah. Yeah, another partner. Another boy.另一个男孩。另一个舞伴。另一个男孩Yeah. Okay. Go ahead and say it. Another boy. Yeah.是的,是的。你继续说。其他男孩,是的。And then both of our partners left, and we were left without partners.之后我们的舞伴都走了,然后就剩我们两个没有舞伴了。And something with the grown-ups said ;no way;, and they decided that we#39;re gonna be partners.然后大人说“不可能”,然后他们就让我们做了彼此的舞伴。And that#39;s how you met. Yeah. Now, Lev. Yep?这就是你们相识的过程。是的。该你了列弗。恩?You#39;re two years older. You#39;re a guy.你比她大两岁。你是个男孩。You#39;ve got that beautiful blonde hair. You pull it back.你有帅气的金色头发。你向后缕头发。What#39;s your version of how you met?你的版本是什么?It#39;s basically the same until the end.大体是一样的,但结局不一样。So me and our girl broke up.我和我之前的舞伴“分手”了。And then she and her boy broke up.她和她的舞伴“分手”了。And then Sophia was like, Mom, I want to try with Lev.然后索菲亚就说,妈妈,我想和列弗试试。Oh! She was pushing up on you.啊!她正在向你施加压力。But he was a good partner. He was the boy of the studio that some people said. Proof.但他是个好舞伴。有人说,列弗是排练厅跳得最好的。的确如此吧。No, but I didn#39;t ask #39;cause I thought I couldn#39;t, but whatever.但是我没问,因为我认为这不可能,不管怎么样吧。Are you just shy or something? No. No, I#39;m not. No, I#39;m not. No, I#39;m not.你是害羞还是怎么样?我才不是,不是。I also have a theory that she might like me.我想她可能是喜欢我。I#39;ll tell you the real theory. You like me!我告诉你是怎么回事。其实是你喜欢我!So can I tell you what I think happened? What?我能说一下我的看法吗?什么看法?You broke up with that girl that you was dancing with #39;cause you saw her.你和你之前的舞伴“分手”是因为看见了她。Yeah. Yay, that#39;s a good proof. That#39;s a good proof. Yes, I know, Sophia. I got this.哈哈,对,说的好,说的好。索菲亚,你知道吗。Lev, take that look off your face #39;cause that#39;s just what happened.列弗,不要显露出这样的表情,这就是事实的真相。And, bang, here we are on Little Big Shots. Good, good, good, good!看现在,我们正在“小小达人秀”的现场。对对对对对! Article/201706/513030

10 Best Places to Visit in Australia.澳大利亚十大必去圣地Located between the Pacific and Indian Oceans, Australia is the world’s largest island and its smallest continent.澳大利亚位于太平洋和印度洋之间,它是世界上最大的岛屿,同时也是最小的大洲。There#39;s room to move in the Land Down Under, and with so many sights to discover and enjoy,澳大利亚地广人稀,景观美不胜收,there’s a great incentive to go on a walkabout adventure.来一次徒步旅行再适合不过了。Whether exploring the traditional lifestyle of the nation#39;s aboriginal people, relaxing on a sun-kissed beach不管你是探寻土著居民的传统生活,享受阳光沙滩,or reveling the night away in a city hot spot, Australia has something special to offer every visitor.还是享受城市夜生活的丰富多,澳大利亚会都会为每位游客提供不一样的感受。An overview of the best places to visit in Australia.下面是澳大利亚的十大必去圣地。Ten: Adelaide.第十名阿德莱德。The capital of South Australia, Adelaide is Australia’s fifth largest city, with a population of over 1.2 million.作为南澳大利亚州首府,阿德莱德是第五大城市,人口超过1200万。More than three quarters of South Australians live in the Adelaide metropolitan area.超四分之三南澳居民生活在阿德莱德城市地区。The city is located on a plain between the rolling Adelaide Hills and the Gulf Saint Vincent该城处于阿德莱得山区和圣文森特湾之间的平原上,and is bordered by many of Australia#39;s famous wine regions.且靠近许多著名的葡萄种植区。Historically known as the City of Churches,在历史上,他有“教会城”的美誉,much of the architecture in the inner city is retained from the colonial era.许多市中心建筑还是当年殖民时期的风貌。Nine: Darwin.第九名达尔文。Hugging the coastline of Northern Territory,达尔文环抱北领地海岸线,Darwin has long been the most international of the country’s major cities.一直以来,它都是主要国际化城市之一。Its close proximity to other countries in the Indian Ocean has made the city a transportation hub since its earliest days.由于紧邻印度洋上的其它国家,达尔文从很早开始就成为了交通枢纽。Devastated during World War II, Darwin is a resilient town with a spirit that can#39;t be defeated.虽然在二战中受到重创,但达尔文永不言败的精神一直都在。Today, the city of around 75,000 people is a popular holiday destination.如今,拥有7.5万人的达尔文已成为了节日度假胜地。Eight: Hobart.第八名霍巴特。Hobart is the capital city of the Australian island of Tasmania, as well as Australia#39;s second oldest city after Sydney.霍巴特是塔斯马尼亚州的首府,同样也是悉尼之后的另一所古老城市。With a population of about 250,000, Hobart is small and intimate compared to larger mainland Australian cities,该城约25万居民,相比于其它大陆城市,霍巴特面积相对较小,之间的联系也更加紧密,reflecting the small size of the state.这更反映了塔斯马尼亚州面积较小。There are many fine examples of Georgian and Victorian architecture in Hobart,在这里,你能领略到许多格鲁吉亚风格和维多利亚式建筑such as Salamanca Place, which has a terrace of warehouses dating back to the whaling days of the 1830s.比如撒拉曼卡广场,广场上的仓库平台可以追溯到19世纪30年代的捕鲸时代。It has a mild temperate oceanic climate, with four distinct seasons.海洋性气候也让霍巴特四季分明。Seven: Brisbane.第七名:布里斯班。Brisbane is the capital of the state of Queensland.布里斯班是昆士兰州首府。It has a population of about 2 million people, making it the third-largest city in Australia, after Sydney and Melbourne.总人口大约200万人,它也是悉尼和墨尔本之后的第三大城市。Brisbane#39;s year-round warm climate,布里斯班一年四季气候温和,spectacular scenery and pleasant locals have been the drawcards for many domestic and international visitors,迷人的自然景观和热情好客的当地人一直吸引着中内外游客。making Brisbane the fastest-growing city in Australia.布里斯班也是澳大利亚发展速度最快的城市。Six: Perth.第六名佩斯。Located on Australia#39;s southwestern coastline,佩斯坐落于澳大利亚西南部海岸线上,Perth is the country#39;s fourth-largest city and the capital of Western Australia.它是西澳大利亚州首府,同时也是澳大利亚第四大城市。Isolated from other major cities in Australia, Perth has developed its own unique character.因在地理位置上远离其它大城市,佩斯形成了自己的风格。Although the area has been inhabited for thousands of years,尽管人类在这片土地上已存在了数千年之久,there#39;s a youthful atmosphere and a fun-loving attitude in this city of nearly two million people.但在这座近200万人口的城市中,你可以感受到它的青春活力,体会到人们的幽默风趣。Five: Melbourne.第五名墨尔本。The capital of the state of Victoria, Melbourne is Australia’s second most populated city.墨尔本是维多利亚州首府,也是澳大利亚人口第二大城市。Located near the southeastern tip of Australia on the large natural bay of Port Phillip,其地理位置靠近澳大利亚大陆东南端,位于菲利普港湾旁,Melbourne is considered the nation#39;s cultural capital as well as an important port.墨尔本被认为是全国文化之都,也是重要的港口城市。A well-planned city known for its shopping, fine restaurants and sports venues,规划完善的墨尔本以购物、酒店以及体育场馆而著名,Melbourne is the ideal destination for travelers who appreciate the good life.对于向往美好生活的游客来说,墨尔本一定是你的理想选择。 Article/201707/516161

For Edward#39;s attempt to pound the nations of Britain Into a united super-state因为爱德华曾试图把不列颠各小国 统一成联合王国Ended up just reinforcing their acute sense of difference.结果却让各族间的隔阂更加深重The hammer that Edward had taken to the scots had rebounded fatally against his dream of a reborn Britannia.爱德华对苏格兰人所采取的强硬手腕 反而使自己构建大不列颠联合王国的美梦遭受重创For the cost of all those endless marches and mile upon mile of castle walls was political as well as financial.无尽战争的巨大消耗 连绵不绝的围城高墙 使政治和经济的发展双双受阻It meant parliament was more, not less,necessary to government of England.这说明议会对于英格兰政府而言 不是无关紧要的 而是至关重要的It was parliament which had to agree on how to foot the bills.And how big those bills ought to be.议会决定了经费的使用方向 以及经费的大小额度Edward II of course completely failed to bring any attention to this new reality.显然爱德华二世完全 无视了这一新的现实情况Falling back on rule by favourites,Edward made himself an alien in his own land.以个人喜好来统治国家 爱德华终把自己变成了孤家寡人The nobility failed to remove him,but his wife succeeded.贵族们没能让他下台 但他的妻子做到了Legend has it that he was killed in Berkeley castle From a hot iron thrust up his rectum.传说他在伯克利城堡被杀 被一根烧红的铁条插入直肠Edward#39;s murder was proof that the king could be removed,even physically disposed of, if he betrayed the community.爱德华之死说明如果国王背叛人民 不光会下台 甚至还会丧命But England would get a new king More the heir to Edward the first than the second.但英格兰终究会有新的国王 更多地继承了爱德华一世的衣钵 而非爱德华二世Edward III knew he couldn#39;t achieve anything simply by acts of brutal, imperial will.但爱德华三世知道他再也不能 用残暴的帝国幻想来统治国家He#39;d learned something from the long wars of Plantagenet Britain,他从金雀花王朝长期的战争中学到了一些东西And what he#39;d learned was that his power depended not just on force,but on consent他知道他的权力 不仅仅取决于武装力量 还需要各种认同On the consent of his barons and his churchmen,On the consent of parliament,On the consent of the English community of the realm.理事会和教会的认同 议会的认同 以及英国上下各界的认同Not for the first and not for the last time,It would take the rest of Britain to teach England just how to be a nation.这不是第一次 也不会是最后一次 在与不列颠其他民族的战与和中 英格兰才能真正明白国家二字的含义 /201611/476682

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A 7-year-old boy#39;s parents left him in the woods as a punishment. And now, they can#39;t find him. 一名七岁男孩的父母为了惩罚孩子将其留在深林,现在他们找不到孩子了。Yamato Tanooka and his family went to a mountain range in northern Japan on Saturday. His parents told police they left him in the woods to punish him for throwing rocks at cars and people.周六,田野冈大和与家人来到日本北部的山脉。他的父母告诉警方,他们将孩子留在森林以惩罚他向汽车和行人扔石头。Tanooka#39;s parents originally told police their son went missing while picking wild vegetables with the family. Later, they admitted they made the boy get out of the car at the bottom of the mountain, according to NHK World. 田野冈大和的父母起初告诉警方,他们的儿子是在与家人一起摘野菜时走失的。据NHK国际台报道,随后他们承认在山脚下是他们让男孩下车的。More than 100 people have been searching for the boy since Saturday afternoon and have had no luck finding him. 自周六下午以来,已有100多人一直在寻找这个男孩,但没有找到。It#39;s well documented that bears live in the area. In 2010, two people were mauled to death by bears on the island where the boy went missing, The Telegraph reported. 有据可查熊生活在该地区。电讯报报道,2010年在男孩失踪的岛上两人被熊重创致死。And in 2013, a man was attacked by a bear on a different mountain range on the island. He defended himself using pruning shears. 2013年,一人在岛上的不同山脉被熊袭击。他用修枝剪保护自己。译文属。 Article/201606/447062

It might be weird to do in public, but if you#39;ve got an iPhone, make sure to wish it happy birthday. Its official launch date was a mere decade ago.在公共场合做这事可能很奇怪,但如果你有一部iPhone,一定要祝它生日快乐。十年前它正式发布。It#39;s hard to imagine now, but at the time, many people thought releasing the iPhone was a risky move.现在很难想象,但在当时许多人认为发布iPhone是一个冒险的举动。The first iPhone didn#39;t have nearly as many features as today#39;s. There was no App Store, GPS or Siri. 第一款iPhone没有今天那么多功能,没有应用程序商店,GPS或Siri。It didn#39;t have 4G, and you couldn#39;t copy or paste text. You got one camera, and all it did was take still images.它没有4G,也不能复制或粘贴文本。你获得一个相机,它可以拍摄静止图像Now, the iPhone is the most popular thing Apple makes and brings in most of the company#39;s revenue.现在,iPhone是苹果最受欢迎的产品,并带来了公司的大部分收入。And every time we blink, our iPhones seem to grow. New leaks of the presumed iPhone 8 suggest the phone is only going to get bigger — literally — from the 7#39;s 4.7-inch display to a 5.8-inch display.我们每次眨眼,iPhone似乎都在成长。据透露,iPhone 8的显示屏只是变大,从7的4.7英寸增大到5.8英寸。译文属。 Article/201707/515958

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