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玉泉区妇幼保健人民中医院泌尿科咨询内蒙古医学院附属医院人流多少钱Science and technology科学技术AIDS research艾滋病研究Cured of HIV?HIV感染者被治愈了?An American child seems to have been美国HIV感染幼童似乎真是如此IN JOURNALISM, cynics suggest, three data points are enough for a trend.愤世之士认为,在新闻界里三个数据点就足以确定一条曲线走势。As of March 4th, AIDS researchers hope two might be sufficient.然而在3月4日,艾滋病研究人员却满怀信心地认为,也许两个数据点就足够了。On that day Deborah Persaud of Johns Hopkins University announced to the Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections, in Atlanta, Georgia, that a patient under her care had been cured of HIV infection.约翰斯·霍普金斯大学的黛拉·佩尔绍德于当日在佐治亚州亚特兰大的逆转录病毒和机会感染会议上宣布,她负责的一个感染HIV的病人已被治愈。The announcement was hedged with caveats.说是治愈,其实是有一定前提。But the bottom line was clear.但最关键的信息已经很明确了。Dr Persaud thinks her patient, a two-and-a-half-year-old girl, has joined Timothy Brown, a man known to many as the Berlin patient, as a human who was once infected with HIV and now no longer is.佩尔绍德士认为,她的患者—一名两岁半的女婴和柏林病人—蒂莫西·布朗一样,虽然曾经感染了HIV,但现在已经康复了。The girl was born infected because her mother was infected but was not under treatment at the time.这名女婴的母亲是HIV病毒携带者,但她错过了治疗时间,所以该女婴一出生就感染了病毒。She was given standard anti-retroviral drugs almost immediately and for 18 months afterwards.之后女婴立即接受了抗逆转录病毒治疗,治疗持续了18个月。Doctors then lost track of her for five months and when she returned to their attention, they found the virus had vanished.随后的五个月里,医生与女婴失去联系。当她再次返回接受治疗时,医生们发现她体内的病毒已经消失了。Half a year later, despite the fact that she is no longer taking anti-AIDS medicine, there is no sign of HIV having returned.半年后,女婴体内也检测不到HIV的迹象,尽管在这期间内她已停止用抗艾滋病药物。This is a result of great potential significance.这个结果可能带来重大意义。Mr Browns cure was effected because his bone marrow was destroyed and replaced during a course of treatment for leukaemia.布朗治愈案例之所以成功,是因为他在白血病治疗中,骨髓先被损毁,然后进行了替换。That is hardly a viable approach for most people.这种途径对大多数人来说几乎不可行。But if HIV infection can be cured with drugs, as Dr Persauds observations suggest, a whole new line of investigation opens up.但如果诚如佩尔绍德士的观察所示,HIV感染者能够通过药物治疗痊愈,那么它就为艾滋病研究打开了一条全新的思路。 /201312/269085呼和浩特首大生殖专科割包皮怎么样好不好 13,000 years ago, the ice age cheetah was the pronghorns greatest enemy.在13,000年前的冰河时代,猎豹是叉角羚的天敌。And pronghorn would have needed all their amazing speed.叉角羚以其令人惊叹的速度著称。The American cheetah was larger than its African cousin. But it had the same Achilles heel.美洲豹比非洲豹的体型要大。但他们的致命弱点相同。A cheetahs high-performance muscles overheat in minutes, and unlike pronghorn, they cant switch to cruising speed.猎豹高性能的肌肉会在几分钟内变热,和叉角羚不同的是,猎豹不能长时间保持这一速度。So if the pronghorn managed to outrun the cheetah for the crucial first few hundred meters, it would probably survive.所以如果叉角羚能在开始关键的几百米内跑过猎豹,那便有可能幸存。The cheetah hasnt roamed the plains of North America for thousands of years, but pronghorn are still prime for the chase.几千年来,猎豹一直没有在北美平原游荡,而叉角羚在这场角逐中依然占据优势。Other extinct links to Africa had been found in caves steep in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri.其他的一些与非洲相关联的线索十分稀缺,但被发现于密苏里州欧扎克山脉的悬崖峭壁中。Preserved in mud were huge prints recreated here, more than 18 centimetres wide. What could have made them?这里的淤泥中保存下来一些脚印,有18多厘米宽。这是什么动物的脚印?They belonged to another ice age cat, the top cat of the plains, a lion.他们是另一种冰河时代的猫科动物,也是美洲平原猫科动物的王者——狮子。 英文文本来自普特英语,译文属.201305/240224呼和浩特那家人流做的好

内蒙古253医院治疗妇科多少钱8Fme@YA0oz!M#dZFSBT)IQ]D.7dTaNVBison calves are born in summer and can run within a few hours of their birth.野牛幼崽在夏季出生,在出生后短短几小时之内就能奔跑Uw;@D0[M07。They have no choice. The herd wont wait in its eternal quest to find new grazing. 它们别无选择6vuFO%;5vj()vdx。牛群对新草场的无尽追寻可不容等待gnW(9Y,X5!U!x9V2-W[。Smaller grazers are still found here, too. 这里也存在小型食草动物XCCY^g#y;YK[yvsIjwo。But they stay put instead of wandering the plains.但是它们宁愿原地呆着,而不是在草原上游荡,追寻食物[78GU~g%;LIA。Prairie dogs inhabit rambling subterranean towns that stretch tens of square miles.草原土拨鼠住在蔓延数十平方英里,错综复杂的地下宫殿lE@@dkYC+mW!rf9dy。These highly social creatures stay within a short dash of their door,这种社会化程度很高的小东西总呆在他们巢穴大门不远处,y to retreat from predators or by weather. 以便在捕食者或者坏天气来袭时,迅速退入巢中69N4r0~rbMY|。Its always maintenance work to do,它们对巢穴总是修修补补,but major renovations have to wait until after rain when the soil is soft. 但大型的整修还待雨后泥土松软时再动工3([VMxOtLkKc(。All this working and re-working helps the land recover这些所有的建造和修补都有助于from the impact of so many bigger feet and appetites.清除地上大型动物的留下的脚印和食物残渣+K^,RZ**kE。At summers end, male bison help to move the sun-baked soil as the rutting season starts.夏末,随着发情期的开始,雄性公牛也开始帮助翻动太阳晒过的泥土]IEGN)2%8WMRfS!;l。They roll in dust and paw the ground to try to dominate their rivals.在与对手竞争中,它们甩动地上大量泥土,The dust bath also helps to dislodge irritating insects.这样的泥土浴也有助于消除它们身上恼人的虫子@e3.n,b~R#a。A prairie dog colony is usually surrounded by short, nutritious grass,通常,草原土拨鼠的聚居地附近,短草肥美,thanks to the many teeth and toe.这要感谢那些食草动物勤快的牙齿和脚趾了4S34RyqMpVlUxVSkUG。This constant grazing stimulates fresh growth不停的食草促进新草的生长,and also keeps the field of vision clear for spotting predators.还给捕食者提供了清晰了踩点视线nOyGD6~aS%(v(LIb]v^Z。Larger neighbours are attracted to these burgeoning meadows,正如一万三千年前那样,just as they were 13,000 years ago.它们大块头的动物邻居也被欣欣向荣的田野所吸引Ni7,Wqc]2,。.w)kSx^B7MufMKQD,dV5))NEohG*P-%7.76[+201304/234625呼和浩特做人流需要多少钱 Yael: I was walking my cocker spaniel this morning, and we ran into two other dogs---a great dane almost as tall as I am, and a tiny Chihuahua! I cant believe they are all the same species! 今天早上我在遛的时候碰到了两只其他的——一只是跟我差不多高的大丹犬,还有一只小吉娃娃。简直不能相信他们属于同一物种!Don: You know, scientists are making great strides in understanding the genes that allow such a wide range of shapes, sizes and personalities in different dog breeds. 你知道的,科学家们在探索基因方面已经取得了长足进展,在研究这些不同形状,不同大小,不同性格特点的不同的种类的基因。Did you know domestic dogs were bred from wolves about 15,000 years ago? 你知道国内的是由一万五千年前的狼繁衍而来的吗?Y: Thats pretty recent in evolutionary terms, isnt it? 从进化的角度来讲,那就是近些年的事儿,不是吗?D: Very! Humans have sped up the diversification of dogs by selecting for particular physical or behavioral traits such as size, coat type, trainability, and hunting or herding ability. 太对了。人类通过选择特定的生理和行为特征,如大小、外观、是否可训练性和狩猎型或放牧的能力,已经加快了种的多样化。But dogs still show greater variety than any other domesticated animal, and for a long time this variance has largely been unexplained. 但是相比其他家养动物而言,显示出更明显的多样性,并且在很长的一段时间内,人们无法解释这种多样性。A group of genetics researchers collaborated with dog breeders and veterinarians to study the DNA from 148 different dog breeds. 一个基因研究小组与的饲养者和兽医合作研究了来自148个不同品种的DNA。With such a large sample of genes from very different kinds of dogs, they were able to identify regions in the dog DNA that are important in regulating some key traits that differ between breeds. 在来自不同的的DNA大样本的研究下,他们鉴定出DNA中的区域特征在决定的某些区别与其他的关键特征方面有着至关重要的作用。Four regions were found that may regulate life span, a breed characteristic that usually decreases with increasing body size. 有四个区域可以调节寿命,而且品种的特性会随着体型的变大而逐渐消失。Regions associated with some behavioral stereotypes like herding, pointing and boldness were also identified. 而且也确认了那些和固有品性相关的区域,像是放牧,勾缝以及大胆尝试。Y: What can they do with this information? 他们会拿这些信息做什么?D: The study could have far-reaching benefits for dogs and their owners. 这项研究对于和他们的主人都是有深远影响的。With further research, dog owners and vets could use this information to customize the care, diet and medicines to the particular needs of their breed, and to identify and perhaps prevent breed-specific diseases. 进一步研究会得出,主人和兽医可以凭此信息对有特定需求的定制保健,饮食和药物,并识别同时也可能会防治特种的疾病。201308/253152武川县妇科整形多少钱

兴安盟早孕检查多少钱 German beer德国啤酒Pure, cheap and a bit dull纯正、实惠、些许沉闷Brash Americans plan to froth up Germanys staid brewing business急性子的美国人正准备让德国古板的啤酒酿造业“冒泡”Quality, quantity but not much variety质量、数量,但没有太多的花样THE dirndl-clad waitress bringing huge mugs to Lederhosen-wearing revellers at Oktoberfest is an image that, like none other, shows how central beer is to German culture. The national brewers association declares Germany “European Champion”. It brewed 94.4m hectolitres last year, beaten only by China, America and Brazil.身穿传统连衣裙的女侍应,正为身穿皮短裤的慕尼黑啤酒节狂欢者们带来了巨型啤酒杯,而这独一无二的景象就像是在告诉大家,对于德国文化来说啤酒有多么地重要。全国酿酒商协会宣布,德国夺得了“欧冠”:去年,德国啤酒厂商共生产了94.4亿升产品,仅次于中国、美国和巴西。But the truth is that Germans are going off their ale. At unification in 1990, annual consumption averaged 148 litres per head; last year it was just 107 litres. Instead, they are turning to wine, which has a higher status. Connoisseurs think there is another reason for falling sales: that so many German beers are bland and indistinguishable. The country has many tiny breweries whose ales can only be had locally. Some, like the smoked beers of Bamberg in Franconia, are distinctive. But many of the small fry competently but predictably turn out a narrow range of flavours.然而,事实上却是德国人正逐渐抛弃自己国产的啤酒。在1990年两德统一之时,德国人均年啤酒消费量为148升;而去年该指标仅为107升。相应地,他们正把目光投向葡萄酒,而后者的地位要比前者高得多。酿酒业的行家们认为令销量下降的原因还有一个:大部分德国啤酒的口味都很平淡,让人无法区分开来。德国国内有许多微型啤酒厂商,产品仅在本地供应。一些像是弗朗克尼亚产区的班贝克烟熏啤酒,则是口味独特的代表。但大部分小型酿造商都只能胜任地生产大家所熟悉了解的,变化不多的口味。Rory Lawton, an Irish beer expert in Berlin, thinks Germanys Reinheitsgebot, or beer-purity law, is discouraging innovation. The 1516 law was intended to make it easier to tax beer, through levies on its permitted ingredients: malted barley, hops, water and, later, yeast. Centuries on, brewers began using the Reinheitsgebot as a marketing tool to promote their products as pure and authentic. If anything else is put into a brew made in Germany it cannot be called Bier, but must be labelled “alcoholic malt drink”.身处柏林的爱尔兰啤酒专家Rory Lawton认为,德国所制订的啤酒酿造《纯净法》(Reinheitsgebot)有碍于行业创新。这部于1516年实施的法案意图让啤酒税的征收变得更加简单,其方法就是针对啤酒原料来征税。该法案明确规定厂商只允许用四种成分来酿造啤酒:麦芽、啤酒花、水,以及后来加入其中的酵母。几百年之后,啤酒厂商开始用《纯净法》作为市场推广的武器,来标榜自己产品的纯正和经典。如果一款在德国境内制造的啤酒加入了另外的原料,那么它不能被称为啤酒,只能贴上一个“酒精麦芽饮料”的标签。Today, the link between quality and the purity law seems strange outside German brewing circles, since the restriction on experimenting with ingredients has meant that the country has largely missed out on the American-led “craft beer” craze. Germanys beer exports have been flat since 2007, whereas imports of more varied foreign beers have climbed. In America, consumption of the watery swill that passes for beer is falling, but the trade body for craft brewers reckons their sales rose by 17.2% in 2013. Two of Germanys small neighbours, Belgium and Denmark, are also turning out exciting new brews.如今,走出德国酿酒产业圈外,我们可以发现啤酒品质与《纯净法》的关联似乎成了件怪事。由于国内行业对原料酿造实验的限制,德国已经很大程度上错过了美国厂商带领下风靡全球的“啤酒工艺”狂热。自2007年开始,德国啤酒出口量一直在下降,然而对各种风味的外国啤酒进口量则节节攀升。2013年,“味淡如水”的啤酒销量在美国处于下跌状态,但“精心酿制”的风味啤酒厂商则取得了17.2%的销售量上涨。德国人的两位邻居,比利时和丹麦,也同样地推出了令人惊讶的新风味啤酒。Heiner Müller of Paulaner, the Munich-based maker of Germanys most popular Hefeweizen, argues that the Reinheitsgebot is needed because German consumers expect it. It need not be an obstacle to diversity: the varieties of hops, malt, yeast and other factors like temperature could produce over a billion beers, he says. But German brewers have largely stuck to a few traditional styles. For instance, it is hard to find porters and stouts, or the hoppy, high-alcohol brews now popular on Americas west coast.来自普拉纳的Heiner Müller,是一位生产德国最受欢迎的小麦啤的厂商,其公司总部位于慕尼黑。他表示,《纯净法》的必要性在于,德国消费者希望喝到纯正的啤酒,而且该法案也不会必然阻碍着多样性:各式各样的啤酒花、麦芽、酵母,以及其他一些因素如温度等,都可以酿造出成千上万种啤酒。然而,一些传统风格很大程度上阻碍了德国厂商的脚步。例如,在德国很难看得到波特啤酒、烈性啤酒,或是“啤酒花苦味啤酒”,一款目前在美国西海岸十分流行的高酒精度啤酒。Greg Koch hopes to change all this. His Stone Brewing is Americas tenth-biggest craft brewer, with sales last year of 7m. On July 19th it said it will invest m in a new brewery and restaurant in Berlin—the first brewery in Europe to be owned and run by an American craft brewer. Can Stone convince German palates to adapt to flavours like its Sublimely Self-Righteous Black IPA? Mr Koch says he did the same amount of market research he had done previously in America: “Zero.” He es Steve Jobs, Apples late boss, to the effect that customers do not know what they want until you show it to them.Greg Koch希望能改变这一切。他所拥有的Stone Brewing是美国排行第十的工艺啤酒厂商,去年的销售额达到了1亿3700万美元。该公司于7月19日表示,它将在柏林投入2500万美元以成立一家新的酿酒厂和新的餐厅,而这是首次在欧洲大陆出现了美国厂商拥有并运行一家酿酒厂。Stone公司能让德国人接受它“彰显自我的印度淡啤”吗?Koch先生说,与开发美国市场的战略相同,他在德国也不会进行任何市场调查,而对此他引用斯蒂夫乔布斯的一句话来解释:消费者们并不知道他们想要什么,直到你把产品呈现在大家眼前。If Stone succeeds, it may be no bad thing for the German brewers. They are under price pressure—beer is often cheaper than bottled water.Innovation could tempt back middle-aged, status-conscious drinkers, and get them to pay more for something new, through a link to fine dining. Many American restaurants, and ones elsewhere in Europe, have as many beers as wines on their s. For Germans to learn lessons about beer from their neighbours and the Americans will be galling. But it might be better than hoping that the Reinheitsgebot, soon to turn 500 years old, will prop up German beer sales forever.如果Stone公司在德国取得成功,那这对于德国啤酒厂商来说并不是什么坏事。目前,德国厂商正面临着价格压力—啤酒往往比瓶装水还便宜。通过与高档餐厅合作,创新或许能让啤酒厂商将那些比较在意自身形象的中年酒友争取回来,并让他们为了新产品而进行更多的消费。许多美国餐厅,以及在欧洲其他国家的餐厅,他们菜单上啤酒的种类就与红酒一样多。要让德国人低头向周边国家以及美国人学习,肯定会显得很丢人。然而,这也许比翘首期盼着那份即将达到“500岁”的《纯净法》要好,它可不会永远撑着德国啤酒业。 /201407/315759呼和浩特首大医院治疗腋臭多少钱呼和浩特第一医院官网




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