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Dating someone older can have advantages. Here are a few tips on how get your parents to let you.与稍微年长的人约会在某些方面是有优势的。下面是获得父母许可的一些建议。You Will Need你需要Responsibilities责任感A family meeting家庭会议A dinner together共进晚餐Honesty诚实A group date团体约会A token gift (optional)象征性的礼物(可选)A dish to pass (optional)传菜(可选)Steps步骤STEP 1 Be responsible1.有责任感Show your parents how responsible you are by maintaining a high grade point average, keeping your room clean, and taking care of yourself.保持高分,维持房间整洁,照顾好自己,以此向父母表明你非常有责任感。STEP 2 Have a family meeting2.召开家庭会议Set up a family meeting to gauge your parents openness to the idea. Be positive and keep your temper. Blowing up and getting angry wont convince them of you maturity.召开家庭会议,了解父母对此事的看法。积极乐观,控制自己的脾气。发脾气,生气并不能说他们你已经成熟了。STEP 3 Invite the person over3.邀请恋人Invite the person over for dinner so your parents can meet them and see how responsible they are.邀请恋人来你家共进晚餐,这样你的父母就可以见一下他,看看他是否有责任感。Make sure they bring a token gift for your parents or a dish to pass.确保他们为父母带一份象征性的礼物或饭菜。STEP 4 Emphasize good qualities4.强调良好的品质Emphasize the good things about them, such as their education or job, but dont lie or try to hide anything. Theyll eventually find out anyway.强调对方的优点,例如他们的教育经历或工作,但是不要撒谎或试图隐瞒。最终他们还是会发现真相。STEP 5 Tell them theyre more mature5.告诉父母恋人更成熟Explain to your parents that older people are more mature. Instead of going to keg parties, they can take you to the theater.向父母解释,年长的人更加成熟。他们不会带你去小型聚会,而是去剧院。STEP 6 Obey parents rules6.遵守父母的规定Show your parents that the person is responsible and respectful by making sure they obey your parents rules, such as curfew and driving rules.确保遵守父母的规定,例如回家时间和驾驶规则,向父母展示,你的恋人很有责任感,很懂尊敬人,STEP 7 Suggest a group date7.建议多人一起约会Suggest a group date if your parents wont let you go out alone. Your parents are concerned about your safety, and theres safety in numbers.如果父母不允许你单独外出,建议多人一起约会。你的父母担心你的安全,多多注意安全事项。In 2000, there were approximately 18.4 million Americans between the ages of 65 to 74, according to the U.S. Census.根据美国人口普查局的数据,2000年,美国大约有1840万65岁至74岁的老年人。视频听力译文由。201407/314641

This Buddhist temple near Shanghai has an extraordinary story attached to it.这所上海附近的佛庙有一段与之相关的传奇故事。In May 2007, A Wild China camera team filmed this peculiar Swinhoes turtle in the temples fish pond. According to the monks, the turtle had been given to the temple during the Ming dynasty, over 400 years ago.2007年5月,一野性中国摄制组在这所寺庙的鱼塘里拍摄到了这只罕见的斑龟。据寺庙的和尚所说,这只龟在明朝期间被赐予寺庙,至今已有400余年历史了。It was thought to be the oldest animal on Earth. Soft-shelled turtles are considered a gourmet delicacy by many Chinese, and when it was filmed, this was one of just three Swinhoes turtles left alive in China, the rest of its kind having been rounded up and eaten.它被认为是地球上最老的动物。软壳龟被很多从中国人视为神赐的馈赠。在被记录下的时候,它已是中国仅存的三只斑龟之一。他的同胞们被当作食物剿杀殆尽。Sadly, just a few weeks after filming, this ancient creature died.悲痛人心的是在拍摄后的短短几周后,这只远古的生物与世长辞了。 /201407/311123


  ANNOUNCER: See if you can I.D. me. 看你能否鉴别出我。I‘m an American organization that was founded in the early 1900. 我是在20世纪初成立的美国组织。I have more than 1,000 members, mostly colleges and universities. 我有1000多个成员,他们大多数是学院和大学。My president is Mark Emmert, and my headquarters is in Indianapolis.我的主席是马克#8226;艾默特,我的总部在印第安纳波利斯。I‘m the NCAA, and I‘m responsible for creating and enforcing rules for college athletics.我是美国大学体育总会,我负责为大学运动员设计并执行规则。AZUZ: One set of rules the NCAA focuses on is the eligibility of student athletes, specifically their amateur status. 美国大学体育总会关注的一套规则正是学生运动员的资格,特别是他们的业余身份。Many colleges athletes get scholarships, so playing sports can offset the cost of their education. 很多大学运动员有奖学金,所以运动能抵消教育的花费。But they don‘t actually get paid to play. 但他们并不是真的通过运动来赚钱。The group started by a former college players pushing for change. 这个组织是由想推进改变的前大学运动员发起的。Last weekend, it organized an on-field demonstration.上周末,它组织了一场实地示威。 /201310/258847。

  If you find yourself feeling worn out, break free of those doldrums and give you back your pep.如果你觉得自己非常疲惫,根据下面的建议摆脱困扰,重新焕发充沛精力!You Will Need你需要Quick exercises快速锻炼10-minute walk10分钟的步行Motivational music激励性的音乐Healthy snacks健康的零食Happy friends快乐的朋友Specially designed desk lamp (optional)特别设计的台灯(可选)Steps步骤STEP 1 Get moving1.运动Get moving with some quick exercises like jumping jacks or push-ups wherever you are. Bursts of activity will increase your heart rate and blood flow to your brain for a quick pick-me-up.运动起来,快速做一些运动,比如开合跳,俯卧撑,无论在哪里都可以。运动量的增加会迅速提高心率和大脑的血液流动。STEP 2 Go for a quick walk2.快速步行Take time to head for a quick 10-minute walk in the sunshine. The sights and sounds of nature can elevate your mood and the Vitamin D from sunlight can give you a boost of energy.花点时间到阳光下步行10分钟。自然界的光线和声音可以提高你的情绪,阳光中的维生素D可以让你焕发精力。Consider purchasing specially designed desk lamps that simulate sunlight and boost mood and energy even during the grayest winter days.考虑购买特别设计的模仿阳光的台灯,即使在最灰暗的冬季也可以提高情绪和精力。STEP 3 Motivate with music3.用音乐激励自己Flip on some motivational music to get your heart rate up, your mind focused, and your enthusiasm for the day chugging.播放一些激励性的音乐,提高心率,集中注意力,重新焕发。STEP 4 Chow on a healthy snack4.吃一些健康的零食Chow down on a healthy snack like nuts, which contain protein to dilate blood vessels and help with blood flow.吃一些健康的零食,比如坚果,其中含有的蛋白质可以扩张血管,帮助血液流动。Protein also boosts mental alertness and energy, and keeps you from crashing later.蛋白质还可以提高灵敏性,增加精神,防止稍后精神崩溃。STEP 5 Help a friend5.帮助朋友Help a friend in need for that rush of good feeling chemicals called endorphins. You can feel the same high by laughing at a funny ,cartoon, or joke as well.帮助一个亟需帮助的朋友可以产生让你感觉很好的化学物质内啡肽。观看有趣的视频,卡通或笑话时大笑也可以产生同样的效果。STEP 6 Surround yourself with happy people6.置身于快乐的人周围Surround yourself with naturally happy people and hand out a few compliments to feel instantly energized the rest of the day.置身于快乐的人周围,给予别人一些赞扬,可以让你立即感到精力充沛。The Red Bull Energy Drink was founded in 1984, and the drink was an instant success when it hit Austrian markets in 1987.红牛能量饮料于1984年创立,这种饮料于1987年打入奥地利市场时立即获得成功。201411/341218

  Whats fascinating about trying to tell a history through objects is that they go on to have lives and destinies never dreamt of by those who made them-and thats certainly true of this pot.通过物品讲述历史最迷人之处就是,这些物品自身拥有的生命与命运,远远超越了当时制造人的想象。这件陶器也并不例外。这些漆金箔内衬大概是在公元十七或十九世纪贴上去的,当时古代陶器开始陆续出土,被日本学者们收集跟展览起来。That gold leaf was applied somewhere between the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries, when ancient pots were being discovered, collected and displayed by Japanese scholars. And it was probably a wealthy collector a couple of hundred years ago who had the inside of the pot lacquered with a thin layer of gold. After seven thousand years of existence, our Jomon pot then began a new life-as a mizusashi, or water jar, for that quintessentially Japanese ritual, the Tea Ceremony.这件陶器可能在几百年前,曾经辗转落入一个富有的收藏家手中,他就在这陶钵内壁贴上了一层薄薄的漆金箔内衬。经过七千多年的历史尘封,几百年前我们这绳纹钵被重新赐于了第二生命,变成一个水罐子,运用于最典型的日本文化礼仪之一的茶道。I dont think that its maker would have minded. We know there were all sorts of rituals and ceremonies involving pots in the time of the Jomon. In that society, as in virtually all others, pots quickly went beyond their functional purpose to become objects of desire and display.我并不觉得它最初的制造者会介意这点。现在我们知道在绳纹时期,已经存在了各种与陶器相关的礼仪与仪式。在那个社会里,几乎像其他社会一样,陶器很快就超越了其最初的功能性价值,变成一种人类爱好与展示的物品。In their many manifestations, pots resonate throughout human history, from the most primitive domestic meal or drink to the Last Supper; from a nomadic snack to an international banquet. If mealtimes are a microcosm of society, then pots are the very glue that binds hosts and guests, indeed the whole of society, together.在它们众多的表现方式中,纵观人类历史,从最原始农耕时代的部落饮食,到“最后的晚餐”,从游牧民族简陋的一顿饭到国际盛宴,这些锅碗瓢盆奏响一曲永恒的绝唱。假如说进餐时间是一个社会的缩影,那么这些锅碗瓢盆便是粘合主人与客人,甚至整个社会的有机结合物。This week weve traced the beginnings of farming and settlement; in the next programmes, were with the consequences: the worlds first cities.本周我们追寻了人类农耕时代与定居生活的开始。在下期节目中,我们将继续探讨随之而产生的世界第一座城市。201405/297974EU taking careful approach with sanctions Finlands foreign trade minister Alexander Stubb explains the eurozone is being cautious with imposing sanctions.People are expecting us to come out with some kind of message on how we can get come cool collected resolution to this difficult situation. And you don’t always do that we just sanctions counter sanctions. The dialogue mister may open. Finland has 1300 kilometers’ border with Russia. 10% of our trade iswith Russia. They are our biggest trade partner. If we go for meeting the economic sanctions. It’s gonna sp trouble.Finland is on the front line, I am sure you are aware that just today the US has beafed the sanctions include a bank that is run by a man Cooper’s runtenbord. Another person is on the US that is called Gennatic Shanco. What if the two individuals have Russia in Finland’s …is that a difficultposition?Well not really, because that is a ed States’ sanctions list. It would put us in the difficult situation, if it was a European Union list as such, and that would be probably a first time in history of EU put in sanctions for someone to trouble inside EU has internationality. /201403/282596

  Breakthroughs in re-entry technology我国探月返回技术取得突破性进展Joining us now in the studio is Professor Yang Yuguang from the China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation.现在让我们有请中国航天科工集团的杨于光杨教授为我们讲解。Hes also a member of the International Astronautical Federation Space Transportation Committee.杨教授同时也是国际宇航联合会的空间运输委员会的委员。China is the third nation to complete such a lunar orbiter return mission.中国是第三个完成这种试验器从月球轨道返回任务的国家。Whats the next step now in the countrys aerospace program?现在我国航空航天计划的下一步是什么?India has made great strides in its Mars mission.印度已在火星任务上取得突飞猛进的进展。Is there a timetable for China to go to Mars?我国赴火星计划何时提上日程?201411/340086Beijing has always depended on the North China Plain, a rich farmland twice the size of the UK.北京一直以来都依赖着中国的北部平原,这块肥沃土地接近英国国土面积的两倍。The fertility of this plain derives from further west, from the Loess Plateau. The mineral-rich soil of the Loess Plateau is incredibly fertile.北部平原的肥沃起源于更远的西部黄土高原,黄土高原的富矿土壤,难以置信地富饶。People have lived here for thousands of years, hollowing their homes out of the soft soil.人们已经在这儿生活了数千年,在软土中抠建而成了他们的住所。The caves might lack the glamour of Beijing, but people can survive here. Warm, secure, but best of all, well fed.窑洞也许缺乏北京一样的魅力,对这儿的人们来说却是生活的一部分。不但温暖而且安全,最好的是能够吃得饱。 注:视频如无法播放,请刷新 /201408/319558

  This is the 10th season since you arrived in European football,这是你在欧洲联赛的第十个赛季了,much have changed in your life since then,what have you changed?你生活中发生了很多变化,究竟什么变了?You know, I have more champions, I have more money,你看,我有更多冠军,我有更多钱,I have even more desire to win than I have before.我甚至有更多的赢得比赛的渴望。重点词汇:desire 渴望例句:She had remarried and desired a child with her new husband.她又结婚了,并且渴望和新任丈夫生个小孩。201406/306737


  2014年1月8日,百威啤酒携美国冬季公园市为阿富汗归来的24岁军人Lt. Chuck Nadd献上英雄礼遇。这部五分钟的影片记录了其幕后的真实故事,一分钟的电视广告版作为品牌广告之一在第四十八届超级碗投放。谨以此片向已经荣归故里多时的越南老兵和所有现役军人致敬。向英雄致敬。以下是双语文本:广告内容:Benny Cachand: Were all excited to have Lieutenant Nadd back home in Winter Park being reunited with his family after a long time of service.Benny Cachand: 我们热烈欢迎为祖国效力多时的纳德中尉回到家乡冬季公园和他的家人重聚。Jerry Newberry: I cant think of anything more important that we could do right now.Jerry Newberry: 我想不到有什么事比我们正要做的事更重要了。Shannon Cantwell: A friend of mine told me to check out the VFW web site. It said that they were looking to honor one soldier coming home from Afghanistan to represent all soldiers. I thought that Chuck would be the perfect candidate for it.Shannon Cantwell:有个朋友让我去看看美国海外退伍军人网站。上面说他们将在从阿富汗归乡的士兵中挑选一名为代表授予荣誉。我想查克是最合适的候选。Agnes Nadd: He was born in America 24 years ago. The baby of the family. He has always been patriotic - happy to be American.Agnes Nadd:他24年前生于美国。家里的宠儿。他一直很爱国——很开心成为美国人。Andrew Hicks: I knew that he always wanted to serve the country, and eventually he decided that the best way to do that was through military service.Andrew Hicks:我知道他一直想为国效力,最后他认为最好的途径是入伍。Bill Milsten: Its his energy and enthusiasm and he wanted to serve. He wanted to be bigger than just himself.Bill Milsten: 是他的精力和热情引导他入伍的。他只想变得比自己更强大。Kenneth Bradley: To do something for this type of an event where we recognize one of our homecoming soldiers is indeed an honor. Its a privilege.Kenneth Bradley:为我们回到家乡的士兵做些事当然是一种荣耀。这是他们的权利。More important than us being happy about it is America needs to understand what this represents. We asked, ;Did you know someone who served in Iraq/Afghanistan?; typically the answers going to be, ;No;, so it doesnt affect them personally. So they tend to forget - not that they dont care - America does care.相比我们喜闻乐见更重要的是美国人需要明白这代表什么。我们问道:“你知道有谁在伊拉克或阿富汗役吗?”典型的回答是:“不知道。”所以这件事对他们来说无关紧要。他们更倾向于遗忘——不是他们不关心——美国是关心的。Kenneth Bradley: We are symbolically thanking everyone, and not just these conflicts, but previous conflicts. We should never, ever forget those that served.Kenneth Bradley:我们正象征性的感谢每个人,而且并不只是这些冲突,还有之前的冲突。我们永远都不应遗忘那些为国效力的人们。Jim Pope: Every once and a while someone will come up and say, ;Thank you;, and it really means because we didnt get it when we came home.Jim Pope: 时不时会有人过来然后说:“谢谢”,这非常有意义因为在我们归家时并没有听到这些。William Gault: When I got to my little, small home town in South Carolina, there was nobody out there.William Gault: 当我回到位于小小的南卡罗莱纳州的家乡时,没有一人出来迎接。Jack Brooks: I felt like I just got out of jail. Ha, but I was disappointed about that.Jack Brooks: 那时我感觉我像刚出狱一样。哈,我为此感到非常沮丧。Dave Carroll: We didnt tell anybody we were in Vietnam, and, uh, thats fine.Dave Carroll: 我们没有告诉任何人我们在越南,然后,呃,没关系。Its for all of us. Its for my friend Andy didnt come home, but Im so happy that were a small part of this. Its a wonderful thing to do.这是为了我们所有人。为了没能回家的我的朋友,我非常开心能成为这之中小小的一员。这是件非常值得做的事。Joe Chavara: I applaud Budweiser as a sponsor for doing this. This is just a great thing to let the community know, ;Hey listen. All these people are getting out this year, and we need to really to do the right thing by them.;Joe Chavara: 我感谢百威赞助这个活动。这是个很好的契机让社区知晓:“嘿,听着。所有这些人今年就会出来了,我们真的需要通过这些人做正义的事情。”Shannon Cantwell: Its been so exciting. Everyone to pitch in, and help out, and be there, and contribute in any way that they could. So were all in on the surprise. Its gonna be pretty exciting, and Im so delighted for him that he has this, you know, this support from his home town.Shannon Cantwell: 这真的很令人激动。人人参与,帮忙,来到这里,竭尽全力奉献。所以我们惊喜的参与其中。这将会非常令人激动,而且我替他高兴,你懂的,这份来自家乡的持。Lt. Nadd: Wow.Lt. Nadd::哇。Shannon: Come here. Come here.Shannon: 过来。过来。Lt. Nadd: I missed you. Its so good to be back.Lt. Nadd: 我非常想念你。看见你安然归来真是太好了。I think its wonderful that Winter Park is willing to step up and do this for this American hero, but we want every community in America to step up and do what they can - whatever that is.我觉得冬季公园愿意走出来为美国英雄做这些事是非常棒的,但是我们希望美国的每个社区都能站出来做他们力所能及的事情——不论那是什么。Maribel Rodriguez: It doesnt have to be a parade, but even if its just a couple folks recognizing the sacrific theyve made.Maribel Rodriguez: 不是必须是一场游行,就算是几个人认可他们所做的牺牲也好。Patric Hicks: A simple thank you goes so far.Patric Hicks: 一个简单的感谢就够了。Lt. Nadd: Whats going on up there.Lt. Nadd: 这里发生了什么?Welcome home, Chuck. This is all for you.欢迎回家,查克,这都是为你准备的。Lt. Nadd: Wow.Lt. Nadd: 哇。Shannon: Are you serious? Ha ha ha, get out of here.Shannon: 你是认真的吗?哈哈哈,出来吧。Please join me in welcoming Lt. Chuck Nadd home!加入我们欢迎查克·纳德回家的队伍吧!We can never forget, as a country, the freedoms that we enjoy is because someone has given days of their life, or in some sad cases given their complete life for our freedoms.作为一个国家,我们永远不能忘记,我们享受的自由与是某些人用他们的时光换取的,或在悲伤的事件中,他们用生命换取了我们的自由。Agnes Nadd: For him to be back home...Agnes Nadd: 为了他回家……Lt. Nadd: To see something like what happened today, I think proves that America is special. I think the strength of our country comes from how well we come together as a community.Lt. Nadd: 看到类似今天发生的事情,我觉得这明了美国时特别的。我认为我们国家的力量来自我们团结成的社会有多美好。Well its a great day in America. Its a great celebration of America.这是美国的伟大的一天。这是美国的一次伟大的庆祝。Jim Wartski: I hope every town is able to do something of this nature, and set an example for how many people could be recognizing soldiers who are coming back.Jim Wartski: 我希望每个城镇能为这个打字人做些什么,并为那些成为士兵回归的人树立一个好榜样。201406/307909

  Want to know exactly what goes into your mascara? Try making your own mascara, and youll never have to wonder about the ingredients.想要确切知道自己使用的睫毛膏的成分?那就最好自己制作睫毛膏,这样就不用担心成分问题。You Will Need你需要Activated charcoal capsule活性炭胶囊Small bowl小碗1/4 tsp. of aloe vera gel1/4茶匙芦荟凝胶Mascara wand睫毛膏魔杖Steps步骤Step 1 Open the charcoal capsule1.打开活性炭胶囊Open an activated charcoal capsule into a small bowl. The black charcoal powder provides the color for the mascara.Use less charcoal powder for lighter-colored mascara.打开一个活性炭胶囊,倒入一个小碗中。黑色的活性炭粉末可以提供睫毛膏的黑色。如果想要颜色较浅的睫毛膏,可以少加一点活性炭粉末。Step 2 Add aloe vera2.加入芦荟凝胶Add 1/4 teaspoon of aloe vera gel to the charcoal capsule. Aloe vera helps condition your eyelashes and will leave your eyelashes soft.向活性炭胶囊中加入1/4茶匙芦荟凝胶。芦荟凝胶可以帮助滋润睫毛,让睫毛柔软。Step 3 Mix the ingredients3.混合原料Thoroughly mix the aloe vera with the charcoal capsule until the mixture is a thick paste.将芦荟凝胶和活性炭充分混合,直到混合物成为浓稠的膏状。Step 4 Apply mascara4.刷睫毛膏Apply the mascara to the tips of your eyelashes with a clean or new wand. Use smooth movements.用清洁的或全新的魔杖将睫毛膏涂在睫毛末端。动作柔顺。If mascara gets too close to the root of your eyelashes, you could block the glands on your eyelids that help your eyelids form tears, and your eyes might not get the lubrication they need.如果睫毛膏过于接近睫毛根部,会阻塞帮助眼睑形成泪液的腺体,眼睛或许难以获得所需要的润滑作用。Step 5 Discard mascara5.丢弃Discard the remaining mascara after use. Even natural mascara can grow bacteria and cause eye irritation or infection. Enjoy the emphasis youve given your eyes.使用后将剩余的睫毛膏丢弃。即使是天然的睫毛膏也会滋长细菌,造成眼部刺激或感染。欣赏一下绚丽的眼妆吧。The most common injuries involving cosmetics are scratches to the cornea with a mascara wand.与化妆品相关的最常见的伤害就是睫毛膏魔杖划伤角膜。视频听力译文由。201403/278228

  But it soon became clear that these big animals但他们很快发现 那些大型动物were only part of the story.只是一部分Perhaps even more important也许更重要的是might be the little ones hidden underfoot.藏在地表的小生物Its understanding these creatures that is attracting那些小生物吸引了some of the best minds in the scientific world.全世界的顶尖科学家来一探究竟You were going to show me something? -Yep, something new.你要让我看什么吗 没错 新东西Professor Ed Wilson is a world expert on biodiversity爱德·威尔逊教授是世界闻名的生物多样性专家and at a mere 83, hes still pursuing his passion - ants.83岁高龄 仍在追寻自己的至爱 蚂蚁You see theres a big nest... Let me just get one specimen.你看那里有个大巢 让我采集一个样本If you look down at your feet, you may see them.如果你看看脚下 你就会看见它们Walking by here and there, an ant, a little beetle...走来走去 一只蚂蚁 一只小甲虫Theyre what I like to call the little things that run the Earth.我喜欢称他们为统治地球的小东西Its the rich diversity of insect life here正是这里昆虫丰富的多样性that gives Gorongosa the prospect of a future.给了戈龙戈萨一个美好的未来前景These creatures form the basis of life in the park.那些生物形成了公园里生命的基础This is so much fun. These little invertebrate creatures.真是太有趣了 这些小小的无脊椎生物201408/322390

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