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Adrienne: So, Hiroshi, when I go to a sushi restaurant, how do I know what to order?埃德里安娜:浩,在寿司店要点哪些寿司吃?Hiroshi: It depends on the mood Id have to say cause there is a variety of sushi that you can order. One, I usually think, theres a fatty, really big flavor sushi which is toro, its a fatty part of tuna. Even within the toro, you get o-toro, chu-toro. Theres like several different kinds. It depends on how much the fat part is being contained, so if you want to go for the big flavor, I would definitely go for toro, the fatty tuna.浩:我得说,这取决于心情,因为有很多寿司可供选择。首先,我推荐味道很棒但是脂肪也很高的金鱼的鱼腩肉。鱼腩肉还分为前腹肉、中腹肉等。有多种不同的鱼腩肉。这要取决于那部分含有多少脂肪,如果你追求味道,那我会建议金鱼含油脂最多的鱼腩肉。Adrienne: So fatter is better? For Tuna?埃德里安娜:那金鱼是油脂越多越好吗?Hiroshi: It depends. Yes, they also have just regular red maguro, which is just the red tuna, with just lean tuna part, so it doesnt contain any fat. Its also good, so it depends on youre mood. Also, actually, my dad used to tell me that like you always end with eggs because it cleanses your palette, so...浩:也要看情况。也有红金鱼,就是金鱼不含脂肪的部位。这种肉也很不错,所以吃什么要看你的心情。另外,我爸爸跟我说过,要最后再吃鸡蛋,因为会去掉所有的味道,所以……Adrienne: Eggs like chicken eggs?埃德里安娜:是鸡蛋吗?Hiroshi: Ah, yes, just regular eggs. That tamago eggs, thats kind of like scrambled eggs, but its on top of the rice.浩:对,就是普通的鸡蛋。日式煎蛋,放在寿司饭上的煎蛋。Adrienne: Oh, thats the big yellow cube.埃德里安娜:哦,是做成那种很大的黄色方形的鸡蛋。Hiroshi: The big yellow one.浩:对,那个很大的黄色煎蛋。Adrienne: I know it. OK... So, if I order sushi its going to be shellfish or fish or egg? Always?埃德里安娜:我知道那个。好……寿司会搭配贝壳、鱼类和鸡蛋吗?都是这样吗?Hiroshi: You also get some vegetables. Cucumbers, Kanpyo — thats another type of kind of marinated vegetable, and also nowadays some sushi restaurants have avocado. Thats actually reverse imported from the ed States. The traditional Japanese restaurant never had avocado as a , but since the ed States, California-style.浩:还会有蔬菜。像黄瓜、葫芦条之类的,葫芦条是一种腌菜,现在一些寿司店还会搭配鳄梨。实际上那是从美国进口的。传统的日本餐厅从来不会在菜单中加入鳄梨,不过现在美式、加州式寿司开始流行了。Adrienne: California roll. I know it.埃德里安娜:加州卷。我知道。Hiroshi: It became very popular, that some Japanese started enjoying the California style sushi, so that you can sometimes get even in Japan nowadays.浩:加州卷越来越受欢迎,一些日本人开始享受加州式的寿司,所以现在在日本也可以吃到。Adrienne: I had one time, in America, I had a Seattle roll which was cream cheese and salmon in rice and seaweed, so really different cause usually theres not cheese in sushi right?埃德里安娜:我在美国吃过一次西雅图卷,是米饭和海苔卷着奶油干酷和三文鱼,真的和寿司不同,因为通常寿司里不放奶酪,对吧?Hiroshi: : Traditionally, youd never see cheese in any sushi if you go to old-school sushi restaurant in Tokyo, probably theyre gonna laugh at you.浩:传统寿司不会放奶酪,如果你去东京那些传统的寿司店,放奶酪他们可能会笑话你的。Adrienne: Yeah, it did seem a little bit strange.埃德里安娜:对,的确有些奇怪。 译文属 /201509/398516

1.惯用口语句子:Im interested in sports.我对运动很感兴趣。Im fond of taking exercises.我喜欢锻炼身体。I take/do exercise“做锻炼”Exercises do a lot of good to health.锻炼对身体特别有好处。health [hel0]以.健康do good to“对…有好处”A little exercise wont kill you.稍微运动一下又不会要了你的命。A little exercise would be beneficial to you.稍微运动一下对你有好处。beneficial a. 有益的,有利的You look really young and energetic.你看起来既年轻又有活力。You seem to be in the pink.你看起来很健康。energetic a. 精力充沛的,积极的in the pink“非常健康”Lets do some warm-ups.咱们做点热身练习吧。warm-up“准备运动,热身练习”Practising yoga will help to ease nervous tension.练习瑜伽可以绥解精神上的紧张。yoga n. (印度的)瑜伽功(为得到身心控制及安宁的一系列体操)ease v. 减轻,缓和nervous a. 神经系统的tension n. (精神上的)紧张Jogging peps you up.慢跑会使你的体力更棒。jogging n. 慢跑pep sb. up“使某人更有活力,使某人更强壮”I gotta stretch my legs.我得舒活一下筋骨。I should exercise more.我应该多运动。stretch v. 伸直,拉长gottagot to“得,不得不”stretch ones legs(久坐后)舒展腿脚Make tennis part of your life.你要把打网球当作生活的一部分。tennis n. 网球A growing keep-fit fever is sweeping over the country.日益流行的健身热正风靡全国。sweep v. 席卷keep-fit“健身活动”fever原意为“发烧”,在这里指“广泛传开的、通常指较短暂的热情或狂热”,一般译为“…热”。 /201507/383506

Todd: Mike, were talking about diabetes. Often I hear about diabetes Type 1 and diabetes Type 2. Whats the difference?托德:迈克,我们来谈谈糖尿病。我听说有1型糖尿病和2型糖尿病。这两种有什么区别?Mike: Thats right, Todd. There are two types of diabetes. There is. Theres two types. Theres Type 1 diabetes and theres Type 2. Type 1 is usually attributed to genetics and generally Type 1, it can happen at any age but it tends to happen when people are younger, and then for some reason, they still dont know why, but the pancreas, an organ in your body, it stops producing insulin, which is a hormone, and when that happens, you instantly become diabetic, and thats Type 1 diabetes. Now, Type 2 diabetes, generally speaking, is because of diet related issues. People who tend to have poor diets, or tend to be very overweight, and again Im generalizing of course, so theres probably very healthy fit Type 2 diabetics that can still get it but generally, what I think happens with Type 2 diabetes, this is just a theory, that you put so much strain on your pancreas to produce insulin for all the sugar that youre eating that it just stops, it just runs out of insulin and slowly, slowly starts to slow down.迈克:没错,托德。糖尿病有两种类型。有两种类型的糖尿病。分别为1型糖尿病和2型糖尿病。1型糖尿病和遗传有关,通常来说,基于某些原因,1型糖尿病可能在任何年龄断发病,多发生在青年时期,不过现在医学界还不知道原因,当身体里的胰腺这个器官不再生产胰岛素这种激素,人就会患上糖尿病,这种就属于1型糖尿病。而一般而言,2型糖尿病与饮食有关。总的来说,可能饮食不良或超重都会引发2型糖尿病,可能非常健康的人也会得2型糖尿病,不过我认为从理论上说,是因为胰腺为了能产生分解摄入糖分的胰岛素而承受了太多压力,导致胰腺停止工作,无法再产生胰岛素,所以胰腺一点一点地停止工作。Todd: So basically if you have a really poor diet, and you eat a lot of sugar and you dont exercise then you increase your chances....托德:基本上来说,如果饮食不良,摄入了太多糖分,又不锻炼,那就会增加患糖尿病的机率……Mike: Definitely. Definitely. Youre increasing your chances. Im sure of that.迈克:没错,就是这个意思。这样会增加患病机率。我确定会这样。Todd: Right. So, I think these days, one of the biggest problems is probably soda. I know I drink too much soda, so being a diabetic, do you ever drink soda or sweet drinks?托德:好。我想这些天最大的问题可能是苏打汽水。我知道我喝了太多苏打汽水,你是糖尿病患者,你会喝苏打汽水或是甜饮料吗?Mike: Well, of course I do but like non-sugar sodas, like diet cokes and those kind of things, but of course I drink fruit juices, but generally I drink more water or try to drink drinks that dont have a lot of sugar added in them.迈克:我当然不会喝,不过我可以喝无糖苏打汽水,或是无糖可乐之类的饮料,我会喝果汁,不过一般我基本上是喝水和不含太多糖分的饮料。Todd: Right. Now, actually if you have diabetes 1 or diabetes 2 is the result the same?托德:好。1型糖尿病和2型糖尿病的结果一样吗?Mike: Well, actually theres one major difference and I didnt mention. Type 1 diabetes have to use insulin injections. They have to inject insulin to control the blood sugars. Type 2 diabetes often can take pills, so they dont have to inject themselves, so its a pretty major difference, I think psychologically, if you have Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes.迈克:哦,这是我刚才没提到的一个主要不同点。1型糖尿病必须要注射胰岛素。医生要为病人注射胰岛素来控制他们的血糖。2型糖尿病可以吃药治疗,病人不用注射胰岛素,这是最大的不同,我认为1型糖尿病患者和2型糖尿病患者的心理也不同。Todd: And are the complications the same?托德:那并发症一样吗?Mike: Yeah, the complications can be the same. Yeah.迈克:一样,并发症是一样的。Todd: Can you explain what can happen?托德:你能解释一下会有什么并发症吗?Mike: Well, like what happened to me. Generally what happens, the blood sugar clogs your blood vessels inside your body and eventually it leads to things like amputations. It can lead to things like loss of vision. It can lead to all kinds of other health related problems where, you know, circulation is important, so those are probably the biggest... liver disease, or sorry, kidney disease is another big one as well so people often lose their kidneys or their eyes — eyesight — or limbs.迈克:就像我身上发生的事。一般来说,血糖会阻塞你身体里的血管,最终可导致截肢。而且还会导致失明,和其他各种健康问题,循环非常重要,这可能是最严重的……肝病,抱歉,是肾病,糖尿病可能导致肾切除、失明或截肢。Todd: Thats terrible.托德:这太糟糕了。Mike: Yeah, it is. Its pretty serious.迈克:对,很糟糕。会导致非常严重的后果。Todd: So the main thing to do to try to prevent it is to have a healthy lifestyle and eat a healthy diet.托德:所以你要做的事就是尽量防止这些并发症的发生,拥有健康的生活方式,食用健康的饮食。Mike: Yeah. Absolutely. Of course for Type 1 I dont think there is much you can really do to prevent it, If you get it, you get it, but definitely for Type 2 thats a good think to do.迈克:对,没错。不过就1型糖尿病来说,如果患上1型糖尿病,我认为能阻止并发症发生的措施并不多,不过对2型糖尿病来说,这是很好的建议。 译文属 /201512/417896


  Shirley: Josh, Im really hungry now. Do you know a good restaurant we could go to?雪莉:乔什,我现在非常饿。你知道有哪家餐厅不错吗?我们可以去吃饭。Josh: Yes, theres a really great chicken restaurant near my house.乔什:我知道,我家附近有一家非常棒的鸡肉餐厅。Shirley: Chicken?雪莉:鸡肉?Josh: Yeah, they have lots of different types of chicken. They have fried chicken, baked chicken, broiled chicken, and so on.乔什:对,那家餐厅供应用多种方法烹饪的鸡肉。他们有炸鸡、焗鸡、烤鸡等。Shirley: Hmm, chicken. You know, I dont really like chicken that much. Do you know about somewhere else, somewhere that doesnt have chicken or beef?雪莉:嗯,鸡肉。不过我不太喜欢鸡肉。除了鸡肉和牛肉,你还有没有其他推荐的餐厅?Josh: Yes, theres a vegetarian restaurant near my house, too. But its in the opposite direction.乔什:有,我家附近有一家素食餐厅。不过在相反的方向。Shirley: Great. Okay, what kind of food do they have?雪莉:太好了。那家餐厅有什么美食?Josh: They have lots of salads, fresh salads. And they also have some stirfry.乔什:他们有很多沙拉,很多新鲜的沙拉。也有炒菜。Shirley: Okay, and whats the restaurant like?雪莉:好,那家餐厅怎么样?Josh: The restaurant is really nice. Its pretty small, and theres not a lot people usually.乔什:那家餐厅非常好。餐厅很小,人也不会太多。Shirley: Okay. Is it light or dark inside the restaurant?雪莉:好。餐厅里是灯光明亮还是偏暗一些?Josh: Its a little bit dark but the food is really good.乔什:有些暗,不过食物很好吃。Shirley: Okay. What about the tables? Do they have tablecloths or do they not have tablecloths?雪莉:好。那餐桌呢?上面有没有桌布?Josh: Theres no tablecloths and the tables are a little bit low.乔什:没有桌布,餐桌有些矮。Shirley: What about the price of the food? Is it expensive or is it cheap?雪莉:那餐厅的价格呢?贵还是便宜?Josh: Its very cheap.乔什:非常便宜。Shirley: Hmm, thats good.雪莉:这很好。Josh: Yeah. For example, you can buy a salad for only 5 dollars.乔什:嗯。一份沙拉只要5美元。Shirley: Wow. That is cheap.雪莉:哇哦,好便宜。Josh: It is.乔什:没错。Shirley: Okay. What about a soup?雪莉:好。那汤呢?Josh: A soup is usually 6 dollars but theyre really good.乔什:一份汤要6美元,不过那家餐厅的汤非常好喝。Shirley: Okay. Well, I have my car today, so is there parking at the restaurant?雪莉:好。我今天开车了,那家餐厅有停车场吗?Josh: Theres some parking but theres actually a lot nearby.乔什:附近有停车场。Shirley: Okay, so no problem to park my car.雪莉:好,那停车的问题就解决了。Josh: Its no problem.乔什:对,解决了。Shirley: Great. Then, lets go for vegetarian.雪莉:太好了。那我们去吃素食吧。Josh: Okay, sounds great.乔什:好,听起来好极了。 译文属 /201704/502749。

  1. Its made of exceptionally good quality pure wool, and is very soft.这件衣质量特别好,全毛的,非常柔软。还能这样说:This coat has good quality. It is made of wool and is very soft.This soft woolen coat is of good quality.应用:merchandise of quality 优质商品;people of quality 达官贵人2. Its in fashion now.现在正流行呢。还能这样说:It is very fashionable now.It comes into style now.3. Heres a gorgeous outfit.这儿有套华丽的装。还能这样说:The outfit is very splendid.There is a splendid costume.应用:gorgeous的意思是:华丽的,辉煌的,豪华的;resplendent的意思是:灿烂的,辉煌的,华丽的;splendid的意思是:极好的,壮丽的。4. You can get a discount if you buy two.如果买两件的话,就可以享受优惠。还能这样说:We can lower the price in the event that you buy two.We can give you a discount on the premise that you buy two.应用:at a discount 除了有打折,减价的意思外,还可表示不受重视的,不时兴的。例如:Concern for others seems to be at something of a discount today.如今好像不兴关心别人了。 /201501/355782

  For:正方辩词:Running business on the Internet is a good choice.网上经营是一个不错的选择。Usually, it takes a lot of money to start a business. For running business on the Internet, no big investment is involved. You also need not have an office or buildings to maintain or any kind of additional expenses. You do not have to lead a hectic life everyday. You can do whatever you want during your spare time.一般来讲,做生意是需要许多本钱的。而网赚不需要投入大量资金,也不需要办公室或是办公楼来运作整个网赚项目,省去了许多额外开销。你不必像上班族一样成天忙忙碌碌,疲惫不堪。空闲时间没有任何约束,想做什么就做什么。Against:反方辩词:Running business on the Internet is not a good choice.网上经营不是一个很好的选择。Many people say that making money online is a scam, because they just cant make money. Even if it is not a scam and it can earn money, it is not worth making money in that way. Watching computer for a long time is really bad for peoples health, especially for peoples eyes. Besides, if a person devotes himself to running business on the Internet, he will not make new friends in real life, which is harmful for the development of his interpersonal skills.很多人认为网赚根本赚不了钱,大部分的网赚项目都是骗局。即使真的能赚钱,这种赚钱方式也是不值得去尝的。长期对着电脑工作会对身体有很大的影响,尤其是眼睛。此外,如果终日在虚拟的网络世界里工作,在现实生活中就交不到朋友,这对一个人交际能力的发展是没有帮助的。 /201502/3585131.惯用口语句子:A computer virus is a computer program that can copy itself and infect a computer without permission or knowledge of the user.电脑病毒就是一个电脑程序,它能自我复制并在未经用户允许或者在用户毫不知情的情况下感染其计算机。virus n. 病毒program n. 程序infect v. 感染,使受影响permission n. 允许,许可knowledge n. 知道,了解,知识An E-mail virus travels as an attachment, and usually automatically mails itself to all the people in the victims E-mail address book.电子邮件病毒以附件形式传播,通常会自动群发给被感染用户邮箱通讯薄里的所有人。A virus must be attached to the E-mail to infect an executable program.病毒只能附在电子邮件上以感柒可执行性程序。attachment n. 附件automatically ad. 自动地victim n. 受害者attach v. 附加,附上executable a. 可执行的,实行的address book“通讯录”A Trojan horse is simply a computer program.木马病毒只是个计算机程序。This kind of program claims to do one thing ( it may claim to be a game ) , but instead does damage when you run it.这种程序宣称是用于某种用途(可能说自己是个游戏),但当你运行它的时候就会造成破坏。claim v. 宣称,声称damage n. amp; v. 损害,伤害Trojan horse“特洛伊木马”(亦指“木马病毒”)do damage“造成破坏”A worm is a small piece of software that uses computer networks and security holes to replicate itself.蠕虫病毒是一种小软件,它利用计算机网络和安全漏涓来进行自我复制。worm n. 虫,蠕虫software n. 软件network n. 网络security n. 安全,安全性replicate v. 复制How does a virus infect a computer?病毒是如何感染电脑的?Once attached to the host program, the viruses then look for other programs to ;infect;. In this way. the virus can sp quickly throughout a hard disk or an entire organization when it infects a LAN or a multi-user system.病毒程序一旦附加到一个主程序上,就开始寻找其他可以进行“感染”的程序。这样,病毒就能很快布满整个硬盘,如果病毒感染了一个局城网或者一个多用户系统,那么它就会在整个组织内进行扩散。host n. 主人,宿主hard disk“硬盘”LAN是local area network的缩写,指“局部区域网络”,简称“局域网”。The mode of attack varies.攻击的方式是各种各样的。So-called ;benign; viruses might simply display a message. Malignant viruses are designed to damage the system. The attack is to wipe out data. to delete flies. or to format the hard disk.所谓的“良性”病毒可能只是简单地显示一条消息。恶性病毒是被设计出来破坏系统的。常见的攻击方式是消除数据、删除文件或者格式化硬盘。mode n. 模式 vary v. 变化,呈多样化so-called a. 所谓的 benign a. 良性的malignant a. 恶意的,恶性的 delete v. 删除format v. 格式化wipe out“删除,清除”Viruses can have a devastating effect, disrupting productivity and doing billions of dollars in damages.病毒可以造成毁灭性的后果,还可以破坏生产力并造成数十亿美元的损失。devastating a. 毁灭性的,破坏性的effect n. 结果,效果,影响disrupt v. 破坏,扰乱,使中断productivity n. 生产力billion n. 十亿The virus made my computer crash and I lost three hours work.病毒使我的电脑死机了,我三个小时的工作白做了。crash n. amp; v. (电脑)死机three hours workthree hours of work.这两种说法都可以。There are four main types of viruses: shell, intrusive, operating system and source code.有四种类型的病毒程序:外壳型、入侵型、搡作系统型和源码型。shell n.壳intrusive a. 侵入的source n. 来源,根源code n. 代码,编码So far the Internet has become the main channel through which the computer viruses sp.迄今为止,因特网已成为电脑病毒传播的主要渠道。Viruses also sp through downloads on the Internet.病毒也通过网络下栽进行传播。channel n. 渠道,通道sp v. 传播(过去式、过去分词均为sp)download n. amp; v. 下载so far“迄今为止,到目前为止”Please tell me how to protect our computer against viruses.请告诉我怎样才能使我们的电脑免受病毒的攻击。To help avoid viruses. you should keep your computer current with the latest updates and anti-virus tools, stay informed about recent threats. and follow a few basic rules when you surf the Internet. download files and open attachments.为了有助于避免染上病毒,你应该将你的计算机随时更新,并装备最新的杀毒工具,你要知晓最近的病毒威胁,还有在上网冲浪、下栽文件和打开附件的时候要遵循一些基本规则。avoid v. 避开,避免current a. 现时的,当前的update n. amp; v. 更新tool n. 工具stay v. 保持informed a. 知晓的,消息灵通的threat n. 威胁,恐吓surf v. 冲浪protect sb./sth. against...表示“保护某人或某物免受(…)侵害”anti-virus意思是“防病毒的”,其中“anti”是表示否定的前缀。You may try Kaspersky anti-virus software.你可以试试卡巴斯基杀毒软件。How to remove this type of virus?怎么杀/清除这种病毒?What anti-virus software have you tried?你试过什么杀毒软件?remove v. 清除,去除 /201506/379009

  unit 2接站见面dialogue英语情景对话A:Good morning, Mr.zhang.A:早上好,张先生。B:Good morning.B:早上好。A:How are you? How nice to see you again.How is everthing going?A:你好吗?很高兴能再次见到你。过得怎么样?B;Very well, What about you?B:非常好,你怎么样?A:Not bad, thanks, Our company has sent me to pick you up here.A:还可以,谢谢。我们公司派我来这儿接你。B:That is so nice of you.B:你们真是太好了。 /201503/365447unit 30要还物品dialogue英语情景对话A:Hi, Bob. Can I have the book back I lent to you last month?A:鲍勃。我上个月借给你的书能还给我吗?B:Oh! I forgot all about it. Of course you can have it back, John. lm sorry about the delay.B:哦,我忘记了。当然可以还给你了,约翰。很不好意思耽误了这么久。A:Well, it doesnt matter. I almost forgot it too if it is not for Peter who asked me about it this moming.A:哦,没关系。要不是彼得今天早上问起我,我也差不多都忘了。 /201504/369726

  大家千万不要误会,我对传统的事物并不反感,可我同时又很喜欢推陈出新。就拿我们的社区组织来说吧,每年都是同样的人,组织同样的活动,只有老邻居搬走,却没人设法把新邻居吸引进来。这种局面用我们今天要学的习惯用语来形容恰如其分,叫:new blood.New Blood, 这个习惯用语指的是带来生机和活力的新生力量。大家注意听下面这个例子,看看一家公司管理层的人员变化给公司到来了什么样的影响。例句-1:When our manager passed away, his daughter took over the company. Many employees were afraid of some of the changes she might make. Yet its because of her ideas and energy that weve been able to adjust to todays economy. Frankly, shes exactly the kind of new blood we needed to become profitable again.这个人说:老板去世后,公司由他的女儿接管。很多雇员都对她所做出的一些调整感到担心,但是正因为她提出的一些意见和她所带来的能量,我们才得以采取措施,适应了今天的经济。坦白讲,她恰恰是让公司转亏为盈所需要的新生力量。很多人都认为,阻碍变革最大的障碍来自老一代。英语里有句话叫, you cant teach an old dog new tricks. 老学不会新把戏,意思是说老顽固很难接受新鲜事物。******如今,很多美国人都为这个国家的前途感到担心。下面这位人士认为,美国未来的前途走向,在很大程度上要看第44位总统奥巴马的表现。让我们一起听听他是怎么说的。例句-2:President Obama came to Washington promising to take the U.S. in a different direction. His enthusiasm for addressing the problems of health care, energy and the economy represent bold thinking. He may be the new blood that will move our nation forward in these difficult times.他说:奥巴马总统来到华盛顿,保要带领美国改变方向。他对解决医疗保健、能源和经济问题的热情代表着大胆的构想。他可能将成为带领我们在困境中前进的新生力量。这位人士的话是否会兑现,只有时间能做出回答。你也许会问,new blood这个习惯用语是什么出现的呢?我的研究显示,这种说法最早出现于1853年,指的是输血时用的“新的、新鲜的”血液供给。大家可能在阅读中遇到过fresh blood的说法,fresh blood可以跟new blood通用。因此我可以说,我们社区组织需要一些fresh blood, 也可以说奥巴马总统也许恰恰是面对挑战的美国所需要的fresh blood. /201506/380072

  讲解文本:play it by ear 见机行事,随机应变Lets play it by ear when we get there.到了那儿,我们再见机行事。We should have a plan for tomorrow, or we will have to play it by ear.我们应该准备一个计划,不然只能走一步算一步了。疯狂练习吧! 喜欢yuyu老师就加微信hahahchicai /201612/482604。

  Mari: Hey, Mike, so we live in the countryside, and we go to school up on a mountain. Could you see yourself living here?马里:嗨,迈克,我们现在在乡村生活,去学校的话要翻过一座山。你怎么看在这里的生活?Mike: Well, I do really like living in the country, but I dont think I could stay here for a long period of time, even though I do like staying here for the period that we are here now.迈克:我非常喜欢乡村生活,不过我想我不会在这里生活太长时间,不过我很喜欢我们在这里生活的这段时间。Mari: Where do you want to live?马里:你想在哪里生活?Mike: Well, Ive never lived in a big city, so I think that I would like to try to live in a big city.迈克:我从没在大城市生活过,所以我想尝试一下大城市的生活。Mari: Like which one?马里:比如哪座城市?Mike: Possibly one like New York or London. I think, Ive always seen it on TV and Ive always wanted to try to live there but Ive never, so I think that would probably be really interesting.迈克:纽约或伦敦这样的大城市。我经常在电视上看到这样的大城市,我一直想尝试一下大城市的生活,我没有在大城市生活过,所以我想那会非常有趣的。Mari: What attracts you to those cities?马里:这些城市有什么吸引你的地方?Mike: I guess just the diversity that you might find or just the fact that so much stuff is going on in the city. I might like to see how that lifestyle is.迈克:我想是那种多样性,还有城市里发生的各种各样的事情。我想看看那种生活方式是什么样子的。Mari: Sounds cool.马里:听起来很酷。Mike: What about you?迈克:你呢?Mari: I couldnt see myself living here in the long-term. I grew up in two really big cities so... and Ive moved around a lot and... so in the future, I think I just want to stay in one place.马里:我想我以后不会生活在这里。我在两个大城市长大,我经常搬家,所以以后我想定居在一个地方。Mike: What types of cities?迈克:哪种城市呢?Mari: I guess a big city in Japan. My parents live here, so I feel like Im more inclined to live here. My brother lives in the States and so if we both lived in the ed States, I think my parents would feel a little bit lonely so I feel more inclined to live in Japan.马里:我想应该是日本的大城市。我父母生活在日本,所以我倾向于在日本生活。我哥哥住在美国,如果我们都住在美国,那我父母会感到孤独的,所以我倾向于在日本生活。Mike: Which city in Japan would you like?迈克:你想住在日本的哪座城市?Mari: My parents live near Osaka. I grew up in Tokyo. Im thinking maybe like Kobe. I think that... I like Kobe a lot because its like an international port city, or originally it was. We have the ocean, the water, and the mountain and it just seems like a very cosmopolitan city to me in Japan.马里:我父母住在大阪附近。我在东京长大。我想我会在神户生活。我非常喜欢神户,因为神户是国际港口城市。神户有大海、有高山,对我来说那里是日本的国际大都市。译文属 /201603/430623

  Julia: OK, so weve talked about freelancing your skills and living and working abroad. Have you ever done that? Have you ever lived and worked in a...朱莉娅:好,我们讨论了用自己的技能从事自由职业,在国外生活和工作。你有这样做过吗?你有没有生活和工作在……Todd: Like digitally, just like a kind of nomad?托德:你是指那种流浪生活吗?Julia: Yeah.朱莉娅:对。Todd: Yeah, I did. I did it for a year. I was actually a nomad. I lived in five different countries and I did all my work online. I mainly was just doing web stuff but it was an interesting experience. I mean I had never, I thought it would be the perfect life and when I told people what I was going to do, everybody said thats amazing. You know, I mean basically I said that I was gonna just travel the world and I would just work from whatever city I was in. I would choose my own itinerary and my own destination and I would work when I wanted to and, yeah, I did it for ten months.托德:我做过。我做了大概一年的时间。当时我就像流浪一样。我在五个国家生活过,当时我所有的工作都在网上完成。我基本都是做网络工作,那是一段很有意思的经历。我从来……我以前认为那会是完美的生活,当我和别人说我要做这件事时,所有人都说那很不可思议。我说我要去环游世界,在我去到的每个城市工作。我自己安排行程、选择目的地,在我想工作的时候工作,我这样度过了10个月的时间。Julia: And then why did you quit?朱莉娅:那你为什么结束这种生活?Todd: Well, I think you referenced it earlier. It actually became incredibly lonely. I was surprised how lonely I became. I would meet people but you would always meet people as a tourist and you didnt have family and you didnt have your social network. You didnt have people that you would see every day at work.托德:我想你之前提到过。这种生活非常孤单。我对我竟然如此孤独感到惊讶。我是会遇到不同的人,虽然作为游客会遇到不同的人,可是身边没有家人陪伴,没有社交生活。没有每天在上班时都会遇到的同事。Julia: No workmates?朱莉娅:没有同事?Todd: Right. You got no workmates, no-one to go out and have a drink with and after a while you really crave like social interaction and not always being the stranger, not always being the new person, like people that know your name and yeah, so after a while I gave it up. I remember the big thing that changed is one day I was in my hotel room, actually it was a little apartment, and I realised I had nowhere to go, I had no-one to see and I can go anywhere in the world. I had complete freedom. I could go to the airport and buy a ticket to Paris and go to Paris that day or I can go to Buenos Aires or Sydney. I could have gone anywhere in the world. There was nothing to stop me. No schedule, no appointments, no-one to report to and it was actually kind of frightening. Like it was almost paralyzing.托德:对。没有同事,没有可以一起外出喝酒的同伴,一段时间以后,就会开始渴望社交互动,而不想再当陌生人、或是刚认识的人,就像那些你知道名字的人,所以在一段时间以后我就放弃了。我记得改变最大的事情是,有一天,我在酒店房间里,其实那是一间小公寓,我突然意识到我没有地方可去,我没有可以见面的朋友,可是我可以去世界上任何地方,我有完全的自由。我可以去机场买张机票飞巴黎,也可以飞去布宜诺斯艾利斯或是悉尼。我可以去世界上任何地方。没有什么能阻拦我。没有行程安排,没有约会,不用向谁报告,这其实有些可怕。这令人窒息。Julia: Its like standing on the edge of an abyss looking down.朱莉娅:就好像站在万丈深渊边缘向下看一样。Todd: It was. It was like, you know, I realized I wanted normalcy again. I wanted to have a schedule. I wanted to, you know, have the norm that I had before so I went back to teaching at university and now in my university job I have a lot of time to travel in between but just living around the world going from place to place, yeah, it wasnt so great.托德:没错。我意识到我想回归正常状态。我想有行程计划。我希望回归以前的正常状态,所以我回到大学教书,现在我是大学老师,在寒暑假期间我有很多时间可以去旅游,不过只是去世界各地旅游而已,不是那么精。Julia: Well, I think its great that you had the chance to explore this option. Im sure everyone would benefit maybe from trying it and then working out what it is they really value because Im sure we all think now freedom, absolute freedom, isnt that like the ultimate goal but then when you have it, you realize well actually no, some of those constraints that I had were quite good.朱莉娅:我认为有机会尝试各种选择非常棒。我确定所有人都会从尝试中获益,然后确定它们的真正价值,我肯定现在我们都明白,自由、那种绝对的自由并不是最终目标,当你真正拥有绝对自由时,你会发现曾经的那种约束其实还不错。Todd: Right.托德:对。Julia: They gave me a sense of being or they give structure to my life or meaning to my life.朱莉娅:那给我一种感觉,那构造了我的生活,让我的生活充满意义。Todd: Totally, totally and actually now that Ive done it, I would do it again. I would know how to do it right. I would do it different than I did it before so, yeah, I learned. Im not saying its not worth it, Im just saying its not all its cracked up to be.托德:因为我已经做过了,我可能会再做一次。我知道如何正确地去做。我会用和以前不同的方法,所以我从中学到了东西。我并不是说那不值得,只不过没有被吹捧得那么好。Julia: No, and I guess ten months is a long time maybe thats the only thing, enough of a...朱莉娅:对,我认为10个月是一段很长的时间,也许那是唯一的事情,足够……Todd: Exactly.托德:没错。Julia: But it sounds cool though. I can see the attraction definitely.朱莉娅:不过听起来确实很酷。我完全可以看出它的魅力之处。 译文属 /201612/485254

  Todd: So, back to the hospital, so you were there all day, what do you do? Do you watch TV? I mean, do you play cards?托德:我们接着说医院的事情,你住院的时候一天都干些什么?看电视还是玩牌?Barbara: Well, at first I was in too much pain to do anything, and, well, after awhile friends came to see me. They brought me books. I a lot of books. I had my portable CD player and listened to music and I guess the most important part of the hospital routine is when they bring the food around — the meal times, but I couldnt eat.芭芭拉:一开始我非常疼,什么都做不了,过了一段时间以后,有朋友来医院看我。他们给我带了书。所以我在住院期间看了很多书。我还用便携式CD机听音乐,我认为最重要的医院常规事情就是开饭时间,不过我不能吃东西。Todd: Oh, no.托德:哦,不。Barbara: So I could just watch from the sidelines as the other people in my room, were, you know, getting y for meals, and they would get out their chopsticks and they would be discussing what was on todays and, yeah, they really got into it, and I was left out, you know.芭芭拉:所以病房里的其他人准备吃饭的时候,我只能在旁边看着,他们会把筷子拿出来,讨论当天的菜单,他们聊的很开心,而我却被忽略了。Todd: Thats terrible.托德:那太糟糕了。Barbara: Not able to eat anything. And there were three old ladies in the same room as me, and they commented on the food that was served up and they often said things like, ;Oh, you know, I could cook better than this at home; and ;Oh, I dont think this is very good; but… so all of the talk of food just made me salivate, made my stomach constrict, and I was like dreaming about food all the time.芭芭拉:我什么都不能吃。我的病房里还有三位老妇人,他们在评价当天的饭菜时,经常会说:你知道,我做的比这个好吃,或者是:我觉得这不好吃,这些对食物的讨论让我流口水,让我的胃不断收紧,当时我一直梦想着美食。Todd: So when you got out and you could actually eat food outside of the hospital for the first time, whats the first thing you had?托德:你出院以后吃的第一餐是什么?Barbara: Soba.芭芭拉:荞麦面。Todd: Soba.托德:荞麦面。Barbara: Japanese soba noodles.芭芭拉:日式荞麦面。Todd: Well, soba is pretty good.托德:嗯,荞麦面非常好吃。Barbara: Yeah. Yeah. And in a sense I lost my interest in I guess junk food and high calorie food.芭芭拉:对,没错。从某种意义上说,我对垃圾食品和高热量食物失去了兴趣。Todd: I guess theres a lesson to be learned.托德:我想是因为你学到了教训。Barbara: Definitely.芭芭拉:完全正确。 译文属 /201508/394900

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