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Video tells how to lose weight fast right before a wedding or special trip to the beach.这段视频教给我们怎样在婚礼或沙滩旅行之前快速瘦身。Step 1: Meet Adrian Bryant1.会见Adrian BryantHi, my name is Adrian Bryant and I#39;m going to be your weight loss coach for today. And today I’m going to tell you five things you must do to lose weight fast. And the five things that I’m going to tell you should help you to lose twenty pounds in three to four weeks. OK let#39;s get right into it.大家好,我的名字是Adrian Bryant,我是你今天的减肥教练。今天我会告诉你要快速减肥必须做的五件事。我告诉你的这五件事可以帮助你在三到四周的时间里减掉20磅。现在让我们来看一下:Step 2: Eating regime:2.饮食制度The first thing you need to do is eat 3 to 4 meals a day, 3 hours apart. And the second thing you are going to do is, before you eat each of your four meals you’re going to eat two raw vegetables and you’re going to drink one serving of any kind of whey protein mixed with water. And the third thing you’re going to do is, after you have eaten your raw vegetables and drank your whey protein, depending on how hungry you are, based on a hunger scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being not hungry and 10 being real hungry, you are going to eat a meal of up to 300 more calories of anything you want except for high sugary stuff like candy, chocolate, ice cream and fast food.首先要做的是,每天进餐三到四次,每次间隔三小时。第二点要做的是,每餐之前食用两份生蔬菜,并饮用一份水混合的任何种类的乳液蛋白。第三点是,食用了生蔬菜,饮用了乳液蛋白后,取决于饥饿程度,无论食用什么,热量最多不要超过300卡路里。但是不要食用糖果,巧克力,冰激凌和快餐等含糖量很高的食品。饥饿程度从1到10,1代表不饿,10代表非常饿。Step 3: Calorie watch:3.关注能量:So for example, if your hunger level is only between 1 and 3, eat only up to 150 calories. If your hunger level is between 4 and 7 eat up to 200 calories. And if your hunger level is up to between 8 and 10 eat all the way up to 300 calories.例如,如果你的饥饿水平介于1和3之间,摄入150卡的热量就可以了。如果你的饥饿水平介于4和7之间,摄入200卡的热量。如果在8和10之间,摄入300卡的热量。Step 4: The rules:4.规则:OK, lets go over the first three things to lose weight fast real quick. 1. You are going to eat four meals a day, 3 or 4 hours apart. 2. Before you eat each of those four meals you are going to eat two raw vegetables plus drink a serving of whey protein before you eat the meal. And then, number 3, depending on how hungry you are after eating the raw vegetables and drinking the protein you’re going to eat a meal of up to 300 calories.好,让我们来回顾一下快速瘦身要做的最初的三件事:1.每天进餐四次,每次间隔三小时。2.每餐之前使用两份生蔬菜,并饮用一份任何种类的水混合的乳液蛋白。3.食用了生蔬菜,饮用了乳液蛋白后,取决于饥饿程度,摄入不超过300卡路里的热量。OK, the other two things you’re going to do to lose 20 pounds real fast is you’re going to drink at least seventy ounces of ice cold water every day, plus you need to take a fat burner that has green tea in it, every day, once in the morning and again in the evening.快速减掉20磅需要做的另外两件事是,每天至少饮用70盎司冰水,还要每天饮用一种含有绿茶的脂肪燃烧饮料,早晚各一次。And the last thing you need to do to lose twenty pounds real fast is you need to workout first thing in the morning for twenty to forty minutes at a moderate to high intensity level to burn more fat during the day.快速减掉20磅需要做的另外一件事是早上起来进行20分钟至40分钟的锻炼,从温和逐渐增加强度,以燃烧更多脂肪。Step 5: Drop 20lbs in 3 weeks5.三周内减掉20磅OK, those are the five simple things you need to do every day for three or four weeks to lose twenty pounds fast.以上就是为了在三至四周内轻松减掉20磅,你每天需要做的事情。Thanks for watching Lose Weight Fast - How To Lose 20 Pounds In 3 Weeks感谢收看“三周内怎样减掉20磅”视频节目。 Article/201209/201234

Step 1: When to air kissDon't use it on friends and people you actually like; you can kiss and hug them the traditional way. Where air kissing comes in useful is when dealing with people for whom you have no real affection, but who still need greeting anyway.Step 2: The greetingMake it clear you are going for an air kiss by loudly exclaiming the person's name beforehand - as if you are thrilled to see them and want everyone to know it. If you can't remember, or don't know their name, then crying out "Darling" or "Honey" will do just as well.Step 3: Lean inTurn your head 45 degrees and lean in towards them, cheek thrust forwards. They will do the same, making you cheek to cheek. Some air kissers actually gently touch cheeks, but this is a bad idea. It can lead to stubble burn, or worse- you might blend foundations, creating potentially awful make-up colour-schemes.Step 4: The kissPurse your lips together and kiss the air just to the side of their face. Then switch sides and repeat. Always go for at least two kisses. One is lazy and makes you look like an amateur. If you really want to show you are a high roller, go for three or four. They will think it's a habit you picked up in LA and be suitably impressed.Step 5: SoundA discreet kiss sound is cute and may actually get the recipient thinking you like them. But for maximum effect go for a loud "MWAH". This lets anyone nearby know you are air kissing, just in case they weren't sure.Step 6: HandsYou can embellish the kiss by grasping each other's hands at chest height. This looks friendly, but actually acts as a barrier, enabling you to fend them off if they get too close.Step 7: RetaliationIf you really want to annoy an air kisser, plant a big smacker right on the cheek. This blatant disregard for the rules will send them into a tailspin, so you can make your excuses and leave. Article/201002/96253




  This man is about to shake America#39;s confidence in its banks to its very core.这个人即将从根本上动摇美国人对体系的信心He#39;s put his money in his local bank.他在一间本地存了钱The Bank of ed States,a bank that has only hours left to exist.合众国,几小时后这家将面临倒闭的命运But a newspaper article questions his bank#39;s stability.他从报上读到了一则质疑该稳定性的消息This is the moment that begins a chain reaction that will shake the whole country#39;s economy...正是从这一刻起,一石激起千层浪,整个国家的经济体系变得岌岌可危...yet we don#39;t even know the man#39;s name.But his story was recorded by ;The New York Times.;我们并不清楚这人姓甚名谁,只知道《纽约时报》刊载了他的故事A small merchant in the Bronx went to a branch of the Bank of ed States and asked bank officials to dispose of his stock in the institution.一名布朗克斯区的小商贩来到合众国的一家行,要求职员把他的股票抛售掉Good day, sir, how may I help you?您好 先生 有什么可以为您效劳的Yes, I#39;d like to withdraw my shares from the bank.好的 我想卖掉我在这家的股份I beg your pardon, sir?再说一遍好吗 先生Bank regulations are virtually nonexistent at the time.的规章制度此时已是一纸空文Bad real-estate investments mean the bank has only kept itself afloat by cooking the books.由于房地产投资失败,这家只能靠做假帐来勉强维持Good day, sir, how may I be of assistance?您好先生,需要我帮忙吗 I#39;d like to sell my shares.我要卖掉我的股份Well, the stock is a good investment, sir.I would advise against the sale.先生 这投资很不错,我建议您不要卖I want my money.我要拿回我的钱The last thing the bank needs is to hand out all its cash.这家最怕的就是客户大规模提现We almost witnessed that fairly recently and I#39;ve seen what can go on, and I#39;ve seen travesty.最近我们面临的又一次金融危机,历史惊人地相似悲剧重演了He departed and apparently sp a false report,that the bank had refused to sell his stock.显然,他走后散布了一个谣言,说这家拒绝兑现他的股份By mid-afternoon,a considerable crowd had gathered outside the bank,estimated at between 20,000 and 25,000 persons.中午时分,一大批人聚集在外面,人数估计有两万到两万五This is the day worry turns to panic.就在这一天,担忧化为了恐慌Would the banks go the same way as the stock market?会走上股市的老路吗Hysteria sps like wildfire.歇斯底里的情绪像野火一样蔓延着 million are withdrawn from this branch alone.仅这一家行就被提走了两百万美元Even though all the anxious depositors who asked for their money before closing time were given it...the crowd became restless.即便在关门前,所有情绪激动的提款人都顺利领到了钱,他们还是焦躁不安A squad of police were sent in to control them.一小队警察出面控制局势 /201301/219030I know exactly how to get rid of guys like you... Let me get to work!我很清楚怎样除掉像你这样的人……让我大干一场吧! /201705/511813

  UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Is this legit? Salmonella is a type of virus.这合理吗?沙门氏菌是一种病毒。This one is not true.这是假的。Salmonella are bacteria that can cause food poisoning and other health problems.沙门氏菌是能导致食物中毒和其他健康问题的细菌。AZUZ: Back in June, 41 people in 20 U.S. states got sick because of a salmonella outbreak.回到6月的时候,美国20个州的41个人因为沙门氏菌的爆发生病。Officials with the FDA, the Food and Drug Administration, traced this outbreak to a peanut butter plant in New Mexico.美国食品药物的官员发现这次的爆发和新墨西哥州的花生酱工厂有关。On Monday, regulators shut it down.周一的时候,管理者把它关掉了。Back in 2011, new food safety laws gave the FDA the power to shut facilities down.回到2011年时,新的食品安全法赋予了美国食品药物关闭工厂的权利。This is the first time it#39;s done it.这是它第一次行使这个权利。And an FDA report found the conditions at the plant might have led to the products there being contaminated with salmonella.一份食品药物的报告发现产品被沙门氏菌污染可能是因为工厂的环境。A spokeswoman for the company that owns this plant says it#39;s working with officials to get the proper health and safety procedures in place.据这家工厂公司的发言人称,公司正与官员共同努力让这个过程变得合适的健康与安全。 /201212/211712China#39;s Ding Junhui took on wildcard Jin Long in the first round. Jin is from Jinzhou, Liaoning Province, and he took full advantage of Ding#39;s below-par effort.The 30-year-old grew in confidence as the match went on. He scored a break of 66, but failed on this red. Ding Junhui took the chance and made a snooker and he narrowed the gap to 29-67.Ding pressed-on and arranged another snooker, but made a mistake on a black ball and conceded the first frame to Jin. The favored Ding had an uphill climb in round one.The second frame saw Jin take the lead with a break of 63 points. The story became nearly the same as the first frame. Ding started to come back, but was not able to save it. Jin took the second frame 76-65. And he cruised from there. Jin seized a surprise 5-1 victory. Ding is out of the running in Haikou .2012斯诺克海口公开赛进入到正赛,首轮就爆出大冷门,被寄予厚望的丁俊晖在中国德比中1:5败给金龙,爆出本届赛事头号冷门。金龙也打破7年魔咒,首次在正式大赛上战胜丁俊晖,而且还是在国际排名赛正赛。 Article/201203/173216






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