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徐州/人民医院看支原体多少钱'徐州/包茎切除费用Our world. warm, comfortable, familiar.我们的世界,温暖、舒适,熟悉But when we look up, we wonder:但当我们仰望天空,我们想知道Do we occupy a special place in the cosmos?我们是居住在宇宙中一个独特的地方Or are we merely a celestial footnote或仅仅是太空的小小一隅?Is the universe welcoming or hostile?宇宙是友善的还是充满敌意?We could stand here forever, wondering我们是一直站在这里猜想Or we could leave home on the ultimate adventure还是离开故园来一次终极探险To discover wonders去发现奇观Confront horrors直面恐怖Beautiful new worlds美丽的新世界Malevolent dark forces邪恶的黑暗势力The Beginning of time.时间的起点The moment of creation.创世的时刻Would we have the courage to see it through?我们是否有坚持到底的勇气Or would we run for home?或是逃回家?Theres only one way to find out想找到只有一个方法Our journey through time and space begins with a single step.我们开始一步步时空之旅At the edge of space, only 60 miles up...离地面60英里(100公里)高度,就是太空边缘......just an hours drive from home仅仅一个小时车程Down there, life continues.地面上,生活在继续The traffic is awful, stocks go on trading车水马龙,商业繁忙...and Star Trek is still showing《星际迷航》还在播出When we return home, if we return home...当我们回到家,如果我们还能回家...will it be the same?一切还会如初吗?Will we be the same?我们还是原来的我们吗?We have to leave all this behind我们必须抛掉这一切To dip out toes into the vast dark ocean步入前方广阔的黑暗海洋On to the Moon.前往月球201505/375566徐州/医学院附属三院男科专家挂号 It can be difficult to feel hopeful during a worldwide economic meltdown. Give these mood-lifters a try.全世界经济低迷期间,很难让人感到有希望。尝试一下这些让你改善情绪的方法。You Will Need你需要A gratitude journal感恩日记A volunteer job志愿者工作Low-cost fun低成本活动Home improvements家居装饰A savings plan储蓄计划Counseling咨询Steps步骤STEP 1 Take heart that the recession will soon be over, if history is any indicator. The average length of the 10 recessions since World War II is only 10.4 months.1.振作起来,历史表明,经济萧条很快就会结束。第二次世界大战以来的十次经济萧条的平均时长为10.4个月。STEP 2 Count your blessings. One study found people who keep a gratitude journal – a diary of what theyre thankful for – are happier than those who dont.2.记录自己的幸福。一项调查发现,经常记感恩日记的人——记录值得自己感激的事情——比其他人更加幸福。Keep your situation in perspective. Look around and youll probably find someone worse off than you.正确对待自己的处境。看一下周围,你可能会发现比你处境更加糟糕的人。STEP 3 Become a volunteer. The fastest way to feel better about your situation is to help someone else. Thats not just a platitude: Its been proven in studies. Plus, if youre out of work, volunteerism can lead to a paying job.成为一名志愿者。对自己的处境感觉更好的最佳方法就是帮助他人。这不是老生常谈,已有研究表明这一点。此外,如果你失业了,志愿者工作说不定能帮助你找到一份有偿工作。STEP 4 If youre beating yourself up over losing money in the stock market or buying a home you couldnt afford, take comfort in knowing that youre not alone.4.如果你在股市中亏钱,或者无力负担住房贷款,安慰自己,你并不是独自一人。STEP 5 If youve been lucky enough to hang on to your home, but are depressed over how much its value has decreased, learn some do-it-yourself home improvements that will increase its worth.5.如果你足够幸运地保住了自己的房屋,但是因房产价值下降而抑郁,自己做一些家居装饰,使它增值。The remodeling projects that add the most value to a home include a kitchen upgrade, new siding, bathroom remodeling, and adding a bathroom.能够使房屋最大限度升值的改造包括厨房升级,新的折叠板,浴室改造和增加浴室。STEP 6 Find low cost ways to replace the treats youve had to give up. You dont have to be less social just because you have less money.6.寻找低成本的活动来取代你不得不放弃的活动。钱变少了并不意味着你的社交活动减少。STEP 7 If your depression stems from financial problems, make a commitment to get out of debt and then start a savings plan, even if its just taken out of your weekly paycheck. Youll feel better day-to-day with the security of a nest egg.7.如果你的抑郁心情来自金钱问题,下定决心摆脱债务,然后开始储蓄计划,即使每周的票中仅仅拿出10美元。因为有了一小笔钱,你也会更加有安全感。STEP 8 If youre seriously depressed – youre having trouble eating, sleeping, or concentrating – ask a health-care provider about mental-health counseling.8.如果你严重抑郁——吃不下,睡不着,难以集中精力——向医疗保健机构咨询心理健康问题。Since World War II, the longest recessions have lasted 16 months, from late 1973 to early 1975, and from mid 1981 to late 1982.自第二次世界大战以来,持续时间最长的经济危机为16个月,从1973年末至1975年初,另外一次从1981年中期到1982年末。视频听力译文由。201503/364562栏目简介:《趣味科普英语视频》有着浓厚的趣味性,能够增加英语学习爱好者对英语科普知识的兴趣,从而更加开心快乐地学习英语知识,建立起英语学习的基础,为以后学习更多的英语知识奠基,快来边看视频边涨姿势吧!201509/401304徐州/三院做包皮会留疤痕吗

徐州/阳痿治疗要多少钱栏目简介:《造物小百科How it’s made》介绍了许多东西的制作或者说发明方法,非常实用。其中的英语视频发音地道,内容浅显易懂,过程形象生动,是提高英语听力水平,积累英语知识和一些简单生活常识的好素材。201509/392039徐州/市三院男科医生 This is the search for one I call the Grand Design:The key to the cosmos.这趟探索之旅要探索所谓的;大设计; 也就是宇宙之钥The good news is,I think we found it.Almost.好消息是 我们好像已经找到了 也许吧Getting here has been quite a journey.这趟旅程相当艰辛It began one night 350 years ago.一切源于350年前的某一晚In the small English town of Cambridge.The year was 1665.地点在英国的剑桥小镇 时间是1665年Death stroke the land as England fell under the plagues,dark spell.当时死神在人间肆虐 英格兰受到黑死病的邪恶诅咒A student called Isaac Newton,fled out.To escape the threat.一个名叫牛顿的学生 逃离剑桥想躲避威胁We fortunately got away,because Newton was a radical thinker.幸好他逃了出来 因为牛顿是很前卫的思想家who dare to see the universe in a completely new way.勇于用全新的观点来观察宇宙Newton took the first steps in the search for the Grand Design牛顿踏出探索大设计的第一步by looking for the mysterious laws that govern nature.试图找出配自然的神秘定律He asked,;Why the things move?; ;Why do they stop?;他提出一些疑问 万物为何会移动或停止and most famously: ;Why do they fall to earth?;最著名的疑问是 万物为何会掉落地面201601/420380徐州/治疗男性泌尿外科

徐州/治附睾炎Im not necessarily saying that the national school我的意思并不是说国家学校午餐计划lunch program isnt currently doing this.I am目前并没有在做这样的事情,我是在confident in saying that there is room to improve满怀信心地说,对这个计划而言the national school lunch program.And I know that仍有改进的空间,并且我知道there is a need for educating the public on current让公众了解目前的营养政策nutrition policy.So lets look at how this program也是必要的,那么,我们来看一下这个计划was started.The national school lunch act in 1946是如何发起的 1946年国家学校午餐法案created the modern school lunch program.建立了现代学校午餐计划The national school lunch program is a federally国家学校午餐计划是一项由联邦政府assisted meal program operating in over 101 thousand资助的膳食计划,在超过十万一千所public and non-profit private schools. In it公立学校和非营利型私立学校开展 provided nutritionally balanced low cost or free lunches年,每个在校日,它为超过三千一百万儿童to more than 31 million children each school day.提供营养均衡的免费或廉价午餐Since the program began more than 219 billion lunches自计划开始实施,共提供了超过两千一百九十亿have been served.Federal, state, and local authorities份午餐,联邦,州,和地方政府all play a role in administering and operating the在这个计划的管理运营中齐抓共管program. The program works by allowing the schools that这个计划得以实施,是通过向参与这个午餐take part in the lunch program to get cash subsidies计划的学校提供现金补助来实现的,除此and donated commodities from the US department美国农业部还为这些学校提供的每一餐of agriculture for each meal they serve. In return向它们提供捐赠商品,作为回报they must serve lunches that meet federal requirements这些学校必须提供满足联邦要求的午餐and they must offer free or reduced price lunches to并且,还要向符合条件的孩子提供免费的eligible children.Children are eligible to free meals或者降价的午餐,如果孩子的家庭收入达到if their family has an income at or below 130 percent贫困线的130%或更低,这个孩子就享有of the poverty line.Children are eligible for reduced获得免费午餐的资格,如果一个孩子的家庭price meals where they can be charged no more than收入在贫困线的130%到185%之间,这个孩子40 cents if their family has an income of between 130 and 185 percent就可以获得降价的午餐,每一餐饭of the poverty level.Children whose families have an不超过40美分,当一个孩子的income above 185 percent of the poverty level pay家庭收入超过了贫困线的185%the full price which is set by the local school他就只能吃全价的午餐了,这是当地学校的authorities. But their meal service operation must规定,但这些学校的餐饮务运营必须是run as a non-profit program.The USDA provides support非营利性质的,美国农业部向那些参与to schools participating in the National school lunch国家学校午餐计划的学校提供资助program by giving cash reimbursement for each对他们提供的每一份午餐进行meal served..72 for free lunches, .32 for reduced现金偿付,免费午餐偿付2.72美元,降价price lunches and 26 cents for paid lunches.Schools午餐偿付2.32美元,全价午餐26美分also receive 20 cents of USDA foods for each meal这些学校提供的每份餐也可以得到美国农业部served.Schools can also get bonus USDA foods as20美分的食品,它们还可以得到农业部食品they are available from surplus agriculture stocks.奖励,因为农产品库存是有盈余的USDA has worked with schools to help promote美国农业部与学校合作致力于促进connections with local small farmers who may be able当地小农间的联系,这些农民也许能够to provide fresh produce.USDA may also assist提供新鲜农产品,美国农业部同样也帮助schools with training for all school service staff and学校来训练所有学校的餐饮从业人员with nutrition education for the children through team以及通过营养专家团队的方式对儿童进行营养nutrition.The national school lunch program cost 9.8教育 年,国家学校午餐计划billion dollars in .So who are the stakeholders,耗资98亿美元,那么,谁是利益相关者呢?meaning who does the national school lunch program也就是说,这个计划对谁产生了affect.Well, first and most importantly is the影响呢?那么,首先,也是最为重要的是nutrition of our children and their health.Another我们的孩子的营养和他们的健康,另一个consideration is the cost to parents.Is an increase in考虑则是父母的花费,花费的增加对于cost worth an increase in the nutrition of the meals?饮食营养的增加而言是值得的吗?201504/368120 将干细胞称作身体内的修补工具, 并且主张利用实验室]产制的干细胞系列进行研究. 他的团队发展出 培育多功能干细胞系列的方法, 建构了可以加速药物研发的测试平台, 可能带动未来个人化制义与治疗的发展, 不仅仅是针对特定的疾病, 而且还能针对特定的个人201509/396600徐州/市第四人民医院看泌尿科怎么样徐州/三医院治疗膀胱炎多少钱




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