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When a movement includes in its discourse language around gender equality,当一个运动在其议题中包含性别平等时it increases dramatically the chances it will adopt nonviolence, and thus, the likelihood it will succeed.它采取非暴力的几率戏剧性增长,如此一来,它成功的可能性也相应增长The research squared up with my own documentation of political organizing in Israel and Palestine.这项研究和我自己对巴以政治组织的记录结论不谋而合Ive noticed that movements which welcome women into leadership positions,我注意到那些欢迎女性进入领导层的运动such as the one I documented in a village called Budrus, were much more likely to achieve their goals.比如我在一个叫做Budrus的村子记录的一个例子,就非常容易实现他们的目标This village was under a real threat of being wiped off the map when Israel started building the separation barrier.当以色列开始修建隔离墙的时候,这个村子面临这被从地图上抹去的切实危险The proposed route would require the destruction of this communitys olive groves, their cemeteries原定的(隔离墙)路线会摧毁这个社区的橄榄园、他们的墓地and would ultimately close the village from all sides.还会将这个村子从各个方向上完全隔离开来Through inspired local leadership, they launched a nonviolent resistance campaign to stop that from happening.通过富有灵感的当地领导,他们发起了一项旨在组织毁灭发生的抵抗运动The odds were massively stacked against them. But they had a secret weapon:形势对他们很不利。但他们有一件秘密武器:a 15-year-old girl who courageously jumped in front of a bulldozer一个15岁的女孩,她曾勇敢地跳到一辆推土机前which was about to uproot an olive tree, stopping it.阻止了它去推倒一颗橄榄树In that moment, the community of Budrus realized what was possible在那一刻,Budrus的居民们意识到是有可能的if they welcomed and encouraged women to participate in public life.如果他们欢迎并鼓励女人参与到公共生活中去And so it was that the women of Budrus went to the front lines day after day,也正是Budrus的女人们日复一日地到前线using their creativity and acumen to overcome multiple obstacles they faced in a 10-month unarmed struggle.发挥她们的创造性和敏锐性,以克她们在为期10个月的非武装斗争中面临的众多障碍And as you can probably tell at this point, they win at the end.正如你可以想见的那样,她们最终赢了。201704/506053第33课This place is like a zoo. 这个地方真热闹。33.熙攘与冷清 crowed和uncrowed 拥挤与冷清 119. This place is like a zoo. 这个地方真热闹。 zoo,动物园 120. This is a real hot spot. 这个地区真繁华。 This place is a hot spot.热点 121. This place is like a tomb.这个地区真冷清。 tomb,坟墓 122. He lives in the middle of nowhere. 他离群索居。 相关专题:洋话连篇视频教学 /200601/2940「美国习惯用语」第十七讲 (下载)To keep one's shirt on To lose one's shirt 我们穿的各种装在美国的日常用语当中占有很大的地位。鞋子、袜子、手套等名称都是一些习惯用语的组成部份。今天我们要讲两个由衬衣,也就是 shirt 这个字组成的俗语。首先,我们要讲的是:To keep one‘s shirt on。To keep one's shirt on用中文来说,那就是:“穿着你的衬衣。”“穿着你的衬衣”听起来是个好主意,可是,它到底是什么意思呢?有的时候,这是劝告别人要有耐心,不要太紧张了。例如,一个妻子对她的丈夫讲: 例句-1: "Keep your shirt on, Harry; we have plenty of time to catch the train." 她说:“哈里,你别太紧张了,我们还有好多时间,足够我们赶到火车站去的。” 可是to Keep one's shirt on 在更多的场合下,是指要保持冷静,在对情况有足够了解以前不要发火。比如说,有一天,我们曾在以前的课文中提到的那位丈夫晚了三个小时回家吃晚饭。一到家,他就看到他的太太火冒三丈,马上就要大发雷霆。于是,他马上就对太太说: 例句-2: "Honey, keep your shirt on, please! I'm sorry, but the boss made me work late at the office." 他说:“亲爱的,请你千万别发火。我很抱歉。可是,我的老板给了我好多活,我不得不在办公室加班嘛。” 下面我们要解释的一个和shirt这个字有关的习惯用语是:To lose one's shirt。Lose这个字的意思当然就是丢掉,或失去什么东西。一个人要是丢了他的衬衫,他回到家里恐怕那要比那个晚了三小时才回家吃晚饭的丈夫碰到的麻烦要多得多。可是,to lose one's shirt 实际上并不是真的指丢了衬衫。它的确切意思是某个人失去了他所有的一切。我们来举个例子吧: 例句-3: "Did you hear what happened to Joe? He's lost his shirt, the poor guy -- invested all his money in a fancy restaurant and it just went out of business." 这句话翻成中文就是说:“你有没有听到关于乔的事?这回,他可真是丢掉了一切,真可怜。他把所有的钱都投资在一家豪华的餐馆里。而这家餐馆不久前倒闭了。” 下面是另一个说明to lose one's shirt 在日常生活中是怎么用的例子: 例句-4: "Be careful of salesmen who call on the phone and offer to sell you land on the beach down in Florida. You can lose your shirt because the chances are the land is under water at high tide." 这句话的意思是:“对那些通过电话来鼓动你买弗罗里达州靠海滨的土地的推销员,你得十分小心。你要不小心就有可能会损失一切,因为这些地很可能就是那些在涨潮的时候会被水淹没的地。” 上面我们讲了两个由shirt 这个字组成的俗语。但是,尽管这两个俗语都是由shirt 这个字组成的,可是它们的意思却完全不同。第一个To keep your shirt on是指不要紧张,或者是不要在不了解清楚情况的时候就发火。我们今天讲的另外一个俗语是:To lose one's shirt,这是指是失去一切的意思。美国英语中还有不少由shirt这个字有关的习惯用语。我们以后再讲. /200601/2972My fellow Americans, We are the nation that built the Golden Gate Bridge in four years and the Hoover Dam in five. Now, it takes as much as a decade just to plan a major permit or a major infrastructure or anything even remotely major in our country. And thats ridiculous and its going to change. This week, I laid out a bold and exciting new vision for the infrastructure in America that will make our country faster, safer and wealthier. Frankly, it will make our country greater. For too long, America has spent trillions and trillions of dollars building up other countries while our own country decayed and our own people suffered. Our highways and railways and airports and seaports have all been neglected and its holding our economy back. But now, our economy is starting to roar and its time to rebuild our great nation. And we have to think big and think big again. My new vision for American infrastructure will generate trillion in infrastructure investment. Were going to give states and localities more power to decide what projects get built and how theyre funded. And were going to get government out of the way by massively cutting the federal approval time for infrastructure projects of a major nature so that America can build again. We will also revolutionize air travel in America. At a time when every passenger has GPS technology in their pockets, our air traffic controllers rely on technology so outdated – its no longer manufactured. Our controllers do a great job with the technology they have, but all the flight delays and inefficiencies still cost our economy billion every single year. Were proposing to move our air traffic control system to a new self-financing, non-profit organization. It wont need any taxpayer money and the FAA will still be in charge of safety. Many other countries have done this and the results have been absolutely incredible. Next, were going to revitalize the 12,000 miles of inland waterways, the lifeblood of the American heartland. Our agriculture, steel and energy producers all depend on these critical cadres and a single towboat can hold the same load as 1,000 18-wheelers. Were going to fix our 50-year-old system of locks and dams so American producers can get their products to market quickly, reliably and efficiently. In the coming weeks and months, I will outline additional projects to rebuild American infrastructure, all of which can be achieved through my vision for a new partnership between Washington, states and the private sector. With the talent, skill and drive of the American people, there is no doubt to the beautiful future we can create together. All it takes is a bold and daring vision and the will to make it real. America is going to build again under budget and ahead of schedule. Thank you, God bless you and God bless America.201706/514646VOA流行美语 111: to go off on someone/What's the deal李华刚下课,走出课堂就碰上Larry。李华在和Larry 谈话中会学到两个常用语:to go off on someone 和what's the deal.(School building lobby SFX)LH: Hey, Larry. 你刚下课啊?对了,我刚好要问你,今天你有没有见到Dave?LL: Dave? No, I haven't seen him anywhere since professor Jones went off on him yesterday morning.LH: Jones教授对Dave怎么啦?你说他went off on Dave? 那是什么意思呢?LL: To go off on someone means to suddenly get very angry at someone. "To go off " can mean "to explode"- for instance, something like a bomb or a gun can go off.LH: 噢,to go off on someone就是突然对某人大发脾气,就好像炸弹爆炸,开火那样。那Jones教授为什么突然对Dave大发脾气呢?LL: Dave asked Professor Jones if he could turn in a paper a few days late, and Professor Jones just went off on him.LH: Dave 怎么经常要求晚几天交报告呐?唉,也难怪Jones教授要go off on him对他发脾气了。Larry,你再给我举几个go off on someone的例子吧!LL: Hmm, let me think. I remember when I was in Beijing I tried to pay a taxi driver, and he went off on me for several minutes. I had no idea why he was so angry. It turned out, what I gave him was a counterfeit note.LH: 你给出租车司机假钞票,那他当然要对你大发脾气咯!LL: Li Hua, have you ever gone off on someone here in the U.S.?LH: 我啊,我英文还不是很好,轻易不敢和人吵架。我只有对我过去那个同屋发了好几次脾气,因为她实在太脏,而且还想偷偷搬出去,就是为了想赖掉一个月的房租呢!LL: She tried to cheat you out of a month's rent? If my roommate did that, I wouldn't just go off on him, I'd take him to court!******LL: So anyway, what's the deal with Professor Jones lately? He always seems to be in a bad mood.LH: What's the deal? 你在说什么啊?deal不是交易的意思吗?你是问我,Jones教授在和什么人作交易?LL: No, no, Li Hua. When I ask "what's the deal", I mean "what is the situation?" I was asking why he is in a bad mood.LH: 噢,我知道了,what's the deal就是我们中文里常说的“怎么回事”。你刚才是问我,Jones教授心情不好到底是怎么回事。我听说,他对今年没能升上正教授的职位好像挺失望的。LL: Really? What's the deal with that? He's been in this department for years!LH: 就是啊! Jones教授在我们系上教书也有好多年了,不给他提升,究竟是怎么回事,谁也不知道。LL: That seems to be unfair. Well, Li Hua, what's the deal tomorrow night? Is everyone still planning to go together to that concert?LH: 明天晚上是这样,我和另外三个同学会去听演唱会,可是我的车出问题了,现在还在修车厂呢。Larry,我们能搭你的车去吗?LL: Well, here's the deal: I've got class until six thirty tomorrow, and the concert is at eight. It's probably best if you meet me here at school, since I might not have enough time to pick you all up.LH: 哼,你明天6点半才下课,而演唱会8点就开始。对,要你去接我们恐怕是来不及。那就照你说的吧,我们到学校来等你!噢,对了, Ed明天不想去,他和Jill刚分手,不想和Jill见面。LL: Really? What's the deal with those two? I thought they were really happy together, but I heard that Jill went off on Ed the other night.LH: 他们俩到底是怎么回事?谁知道!大家都以为他们在一起很高兴。Jill 那天晚上对Ed大发脾气是因为Ed没跟她商量就决定明年到国外去念书。LL: Oh well. That's too bad. Anyway, the deal tomorrow is you and your friends will meet me here at school, and we'll all leave together. OK?LH: 没问题,那就明天晚上在校园见了!今天李华学到两个常用语。一个是:to go off on someone, 意思是突然对某人大发脾气。另一个常用语是: the deal with something, 这是指情况如何,怎么回事。 /200602/3331

082 the seasons Words Spring summer autumn/fall winter hot warm cold mild freezing temperature rain snow winter sports water sports outdoor indoor summer holiday weather windy cool boiling changeable constant fair Phrase Enjoy summer weather Do winter sports Prefer to be outdoors Wear winter clothes Have freezing weather Take a summer holiday Beginner A: what do you do in summer? B: I love going out into the countryside for walks or bike ride. I love being out in the fresh summer air. How about you? A: I don’t often go for walks, but I either play sports outside-you know, tennis or badminton-or just sit in the sunshine and a good book. B; what do you do in winter? A; well, I play sports indoors quite often. If I’m feeling lazy, I just watch a film at home. I prefer summer to winter. B; I think most people do. I like wearing nice, colorful clothes in summer-you know, a nice dress or skirt. It’s too cold for those kinds of clothes in winter. A; yes. I like wearing shorts in summer. My legs would freeze! B: do you think we’ll have a nice summer this year? A; thanks to global warming, it could be hotter than ever! Intermediate A: what are the seasons like in your city? B: summers is hot and usually lasts a long time. Winters are short, but cold, wet, and windy. I love the summers in my city, but I hate the wintertime. A: does it ever rain in summer? B: we usually get a big thunderstorm every two weeks, but apart from that, summers are dry. Thunderstorms make the air fresh again, so most people don’t mind then. A: what are spring and autumn like? B; I like spring because flowers bloom and trees grow leaves again. In spring, the weather is very changeable-sometimes cold, sometimes warm. It’s usually windy with some rain. Autumn is usually sunny and dry, but it’s gradually gets colder as winter arrives. What are the seasons like in you city? A; well, I live in the southern hemisphere, so our summertime is your wintertime, and vice versa. We get some rain in every season, but most is in winter. In winter, it sometimes gets cold, but our winters are usually quite mild. Summers are warm, but not hot. Spring and autumn are both very short-sometimes just a few weeks each. The weather is very changeable then-just like spring in your city. B; do you usually go on a summer holiday? A; no, I don’t. I go on a winter holiday instead. I go somewhere warm. B: I usually go on holiday during the spring or the autumn. I try to go somewhere where the weather is more reliable than in my city. /200705/13762

4.Commencement Address by Hilary Clinton at New York University希拉里在纽约大学毕业典礼的演讲As Secretary of State, I am well aware of the challenges that we face. You, as new graduates, and your generation will be up against those challenges: climate change and hunger, extreme poverty and extreme ideologies, new diseases and nuclear proliferation. But I am absolutely convinced that you and we are up to the task. There is no problem we face here in America or around the world that will not yield to human effort, to cooperation, to positive interdependence that makes clear humanity is going on, our challenges are ones that summon the best of us, and we will make the world better tomorrow than it is today.作为国务卿,我十分清楚我们面临的各项挑战。作为新的毕业生,你们和你们这一代人将面对这样的挑战:气候变化和饥饿、赤贫和极端主义的意识形态、新的疾病和核扩散。但我深信,你们和我们能够胜任这样的任务。我们在美国和整个世界所面临的各种问题,都能够通过人们的努力、合作和积极的相互依赖得到解决,而这种相互依赖表明,人类社会正在继续前进。挑战将激发我们最好的一面,我们将把明天的世界变得比今天更加美好。Now, I know that it is fashionable in commencement speeches to be idealistic, and that may sound so, but at the root of my conviction is a strong sense of reality. Because you see, I don’t think we have a choice. We can sit on the sidelines, we can wring our hands, we can retreat into cynicism, and we know what the results will be: We will cede the field to those whose ideologies are absolutely anathema to people of conscience and faith all over the world.我知道,在毕业典礼上作理想化的演说是当前的时尚,我的讲话听起来也许很理想化,但我的信念深处有一种强烈的现实感。因为你们知道,我认为我们别无选择。我们可以袖手旁观,我们可以束手无策,我们可以采取悲观怀疑的态度,但我们知道这样做会产生什么样的结果:我们会把阵地拱手让给那些其意识形态为世界上所有有良知和信仰者所不齿的人。201703/496209

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