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佛山市第三人民医院治疗阳痿多少钱佛山泌尿系统在线咨询佛山治疗龟头炎哪家医院最好 US scout leaders covered up generations of sexual abuse inflicted on its young members, victims#39; lawyers say, as thousands of pages of so-called ;perversion files; were published online.记录美国男童子军儿童性虐案件的上万页“变态文档”近日在网上曝光。受害人的律师称,美国童子军负责人在长达几十年的时间里掩盖了这些儿童性虐案件。Unveiling details from the 14,500 pages of documents, including handwritten notes, the lawyers said on Thursday Boy Scouts of America (BSA) still had not done enough to root out pedophiles using the youth movement to prey on minors.这些文档有1.45万页,其中还包括一些手写的记录。律师上周四在揭露这些文档的细节时说,恋童癖者利用这项青年运动来对未成年人实施性虐,但美国男童子军负责人在根除这种行径方面做得仍然不够。In response, the US scouting body#39;s head apologised to victims, and admitted that its response had in some cases been ;plainly insufficient, inappropriate or wrong;.美国男童子军机构对受害者表示道歉,承认对某些性虐案件的应对“明显不足,做法不当,甚至是错误的”。The previously confidential files, officially called the ;Boy Scouts Ineligible Volunteer Files;, reveal details of alleged abuses by more than 1200 scout leaders and other adults between 1965 and 1985.之前的一些名为《童子军不合格志愿者档案》的机密文档揭露了在1965年至1985年间,超过1200名童子军负责人和其他成年人性虐男童的细节。They were released in response to an order by the Oregon Supreme Court.俄勒冈州最高法庭裁定公开这些文档。;What these files represent is ... the pain and the anguish of thousands; of scouts, said lawyer Paul Mones, while presenting details of the files at a press conference in the northwestern US state.律师保罗-莫尼斯在俄勒冈州举行的一次记者招待会上公布了文档细节,他说:“这些文档代表着数千名童子军的痛苦和心酸。”The lawyers highlighted a 2010 court case, in which an assistant scoutmaster in a Mormon Church-sponsored troop sexually molested a boy in the 1980s.律师着重强调了2010年的一起案件。上世纪80年代,一名童子军副团长虐待了一名男童,案件发生在门教赞助的童子军团队中。The abuser involved had previously confessed to molesting 17 other boys in the troop, but was allowed to return to scouting within a few months and then found a new victim.这名副团长先前曾承认虐待了该团队中另外17名男童,但在几个月内就被允许返岗,之后他又对一名男童进行性虐。Responding to the release, Boy Scouts of America national leader Wayne Perry reiterated an apology to the victims.针对这次文档公开,美国童子军全国负责人韦恩-佩里再次对受害者道歉。In a statement on its website, the organisation also said it has improved its procedures to ensure safety, including now requiring background checks and training programs of its leaders.在发表在官网上的声明中,美国童子军机构还表示,已经改进了规程来确保安全,比如目前要求对负责人进行背景考核和开展培训计划。Although the US scouting organisation, which counts nearly four million adult and youth members, has long sought to keep the files out of public view, it could face a damning wave of lawsuits and bad publicity.尽管美国童子军机构一直试图掩盖这些丑闻,但它将面临大量诉讼,也会声名狼藉。美国童子军目前有近400万名成年和青年成员。The organisation, founded in 1910, is best-known for promoting outdoor activities and community service for boys aged seven to 21.美国童子军机构成立于1910年,因推进7至21岁男生的户外运动和社区务而著称。 /201210/205166The group–360buy–that runs Jingdong Mall, China#39;s second-largest online retailer by transaction value, is preparing to ramp up acquisitions, adding to speculation about its plans to raise at least bn via a US listing. 京东商城集团(360buy)准备加大收购力度,此举强化了外界对于该集团谋求上市的预期。此前人们曾猜测,京东计划赴美上市,筹资至少10亿美元。以交易额计,京东是中国第二大网上零售商。 ;We will do a lot of acquisitions in the second half of 2012,; Richard Liu, 360buy#39;s founder and chief executive, told the Financial Times in his first interview with foreign media. ;The Chinese ecommerce sector has aly entered its shakeout phase, and that phase will be over by the end of next year. We will take advantage of it.; 京东创始人兼首席执行官刘强东(Richard Liu)向英国《金融时报》表示:;2012年下半年我们会进行大量的收购。中国电子商务行业已进入洗牌阶段,这一阶段将在明年年底结束。我们会抓住这个机会。;这是刘强东首次接受外国媒体采访。 The moves are likely to intensify competition with Alibaba, which dominates China#39;s ecommerce market but is in the middle of a restructuring. 京东此举可能会加剧它与阿里巴巴(Alibaba)之间的竞争,后者目前是中国电商行业的;龙头老大;。不过,阿里巴巴正在经历重组。 When 360buy, which has hired Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan and UBS to advise on the plans, briefed analysts about its business late last month, it triggered rumours that it could go public in the US as early as September. 京东已聘请美银美林(Bank of America Merrill Lynch)、高盛(Goldman Sachs)、根大通(JPMorgan)和瑞银(UBS)为其收购计划提供咨询。上月底,京东曾向分析师介绍其业务状况,这引发了外界的猜测,认为它可能最早会在9月份赴美上市。 Mr Liu denied that the company was in a hurry to list. ;We have enough cash until 2015,; he said. 刘强东否认京东正急于上市。他说:;我们的现金足够用到2015年。; As of the end of 2011, 360buy had nearly bn in cash, according to analysts it has briefed. 曾听取京东介绍业务状况的分析师指出,截至2011年底,该公司拥有将近10亿美元现金。 Jingdong Mall recorded transaction volume last year of Rmb30bn (.7bn), more than three times the size of Amazon China and up 200 per cent from 2010, according to iResearch, a Beijing-based internet industry analyst. 总部位于北京的互联网行业研究机构艾瑞咨询(iResearch)的数据显示,去年京东的交易额为300亿元人民币(合47亿美元),是亚马逊中国(Amazon China)的三倍有余;若纵向相比,京东去年的交易额较2010年增长200%。 While Taobao and TMall, the consumer ecommerce sites of Alibaba, are China#39;s largest online retail sites, they do not hold inventory themselves but merely provide platforms for others to trade on an important difference from Jingdong#39;s business model. 相比之下,阿里巴巴旗下的消费者电子商务网站——淘宝(Taobao)和天猫(TMall)——虽是中国最大的在线零售网站,但它们自身并不拥有库存,只是为他人提供交易平台。这是它们与京东在业务模式上的一个重要不同之处。 However, Jingdong has also started a similar platform business. After failing to attract luxury brands to its mall, it has begun allowing them to do their own trading on its site, giving them more control over their brands and prices. Mr Liu said the company would expand this business so that it would account for half its revenues, from less than 20 per cent currently. 不过,京东也已推出一种类似的平台业务。由于未能吸引到奢侈品品牌入驻京东商城,该公司开始允许它们在其网站上自行开展交易,给予它们对自身品牌及价格以更大的控制权。刘强东说,京东将扩大这一业务,会将其在总收入中所占的比重由目前的不到20%提高至50%。 Net revenue at 360buy has soared from Rmb2.9bn in 2009 to Rmb21bn last year. The company forecasts that the figure will more than double this year and rise almost tenfold to Rmb208bn by 2015. 去年,京东的净收入从2009年的29亿元人民币猛增至210亿元人民币。该公司预计,今年的净收入将增长一倍以上,2015年的净收入将增至2080亿元人民币,近乎为2009年的10倍。 But net losses more than doubled to over Rmb1bn last year, and 360buy does not expect to turn a profit until 2015. Its gross profit margin rose to 5.5 per cent from under 5 per cent in 2010, and is projected to increase to about 8 per cent this year and to more than 13 per cent by 2015. 不过,京东去年的净亏损增长了逾一倍,达到10亿元人民币以上;而且该公司预计,在2015年之前不会实现盈利。京东的毛利率从2010年的不足5%升至去年的5.5%,今年预计将达到8%左右,到2015年时则有望超过13%。 The company is pouring Rmb10bn into a nationwide logistics and delivery service during the next three years. While that plan, and a similar push by Alibaba, began as an attempt to deal with capacity bottlenecks and service quality shortcomings in the express delivery sector, 360buy now expects logistics to become an important driver of revenue. 京东将在今后三年投入100亿元人民币,提升在全国范围内的物流及配送务。尽管这一计划(阿里巴巴也推出了类似举措)最初是为了应对快递行业的运能瓶颈及务质量缺陷,但京东现在希望,物流能成为公司收入增长的重要推动力之一。 ;By 2015, I expect the external order volume to exceed internal orders handled by our delivery service,; Mr Liu said. 刘强东谈到,;预计到2015年时,我们配送务处理的外部订单数量将超过内部订单。; The company has been handling orders from other domestic ecommerce companies on a test basis since February and will officially open to outside orders in August. It is negotiating with Dell to handle deliveries in China for the US computer company. 2月份以来,京东就一直在尝试处理来自国内其他电商企业的订单。它将于8月份正式开始承接外部订单。眼下,京东正与美国电脑公司戴尔(Dell)展开协商,打算为后者处理在中国市场上的配送。 ;We could become profitable tomorrow, but there is no value in that itself. We have to invest now,; said Mr Liu. 刘强东说:;我们明天就能实现盈利,但这本身没有任何意义。我们现在必须投资。; /201206/187037佛山名仕男科割包皮

三水区妇幼保健院男科电话The Floating City has been living up to its nickname after high tides and heavy rain flooded the streets of Venice.在经历了涨潮高峰和暴雨侵袭后,意大利著名旅游城市不负“水中之城”的别名。Seventy per cent of central Venice was under water yesterday after rainfall and seas whipped up by strong winds brought the Italian city#39;s high tide mark to its sixth-highest level since records began in 1872.经过昨天的降雨和被狂风掀起的海水涨潮后,市中心七成地方都浸没在水下。这是意大利自1872以来第六高的涨潮记录。But tourists refused to let the weather dampen their spirits and many donned wellington boots and swimming costumes to make the most of the city#39;s historic waterlogged squares.但旅游者拒绝让天气影响他们的兴致,许多人穿上惠灵顿长筒橡胶靴和泳衣,充分利用城中具有历史意义的圣马可广场。暴雨后广场积水严重。One group soaked up their surroundings as they sat submerged up to their waists at a café in St Mark’s Square while another daring couple decided to go for a quick swim.一群人坐在圣马克广场的一家咖啡馆里,他们完全是泡在水里,水漫到腰部;而另一对大胆的夫妇决定快快游个泳。But the flooding caused misery for other visitors to the city who had to wade through the water with plastic bags on their legs, carrying their suitcases on their shoulders.但洪水也对城市里的其他游客造成了痛苦,他们把塑料袋绑在腿上,行李扛在肩上,趟水而过。Makeshift wooden walkways were erected in St Mark#39;s square and alongside the famous Rialto bridge to help people navigate their way around the city.人们在圣马克广场以及沿着著名的里亚尔托桥建造了临时的木制走道,帮助人们在城市里穿行。Italian news reports said the same weather system causing chaos in Venice was wreaking havoc elsewhere in north and central Italy, with some 200 people evacuated from their homes in hard-hit Tuscany.意大利新闻报道说,让城一团混乱的气象系统同样在意大利北部和中部肆虐,在受灾严重的托斯卡纳区,已有大约200人撤离家园。Flooding is common in Venice at this time of year. Moveable barriers that would protect Venice from high tides have been in the works for years but will not be operational before 2014.每年的这个时候,人对洪水的如期而至已经不觉得稀奇。可以保护免受上涨潮水侵袭的可移动屏障已施工多年,但是要等到2014年才能运行。Research carried out by the Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego earlier this year revealed that the city is sinking at a rate of 2mm a year.加州大学圣地亚哥分校的斯克里普斯海洋研究院今年早些时候做的一项调查透露,这座城市正在以每年2毫米的速度下沉。Scientists said the city was tilting to the east and heading out to the Adriatic Sea, as it was hit by more floods than ever before.科学家说,由于城市遭受了更多的洪水侵袭,这座城市正朝着亚得里亚海的方向向东倾斜。Earlier studies suggest it was submerging at just 0.04mm per year. The patches of land in Venice#39;s 117 island lagoon are also sinking.早期的研究表明它每年下沉0.04毫米。的117个岛中湖土地也在下沉。Northern sections are dropping between 2 to 3mm per year, while the southern lagoon is subsiding by 3 to 4mm over the same period.北部地区每年下降2至3毫米,而南部湖区在同一时期下沉3至4毫米。 /201211/208999佛山名仕医院看泌尿科一般要哪些方面呢 佛山医院泌尿科好

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