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云南省中医医院激光去烫伤的疤多少钱云南省第二人民医院口腔科灵歌天后当选PETA最差穿着名人PETA thinks Aretha Franklin is no queen of soul when it comes to wearing fur. Franklin was crowned this year's worst-dressed celebrity by the animal rights organization. Her crime: wearing "yet another vulgar fur" at the Grammy Awards."... you looked as if you were going to perform `I Am the Walrus' by the Beatles," People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals said Wednesday of Franklin's appearance. "You might be a queen, but you don't know jack about compassion.""How 'bout some R-E-S-P-E-C-T for animals?" PETA added.The other offenders are Marilyn Manson, Eva Longoria ("in her trashy furs, she looks like the streetwalker of Wisteria Lane"), Lindsay Lohan, Kate Moss and Kylie Minogue.PETA called Minogue as cold-blooded as her python purse. As for Lohan, the group remarked: "`I Know Who Killed Me' isn't just the title of Lindsay Lohan's latest bomb, it's the cry of the animals snuffed outs."Christina Ricci, Martha Stewart and Alicia Keys have said they've given up wearing fur since being singled out by PETA in previous years.PETA asked people to vote on the Web site Fur Is Dead.The group said it took Britney Spears out the running because they didn't want to kick her while she's 在“善待动物组织”看来,如果说到穿皮草,阿莉莎#8226;富兰克林可不是什么灵歌天后。日前,富兰克林被该动物保护组织评为年度“最差穿着名人”。她的“罪状”是:在格莱美颁奖仪式上“又穿了件俗气的皮草”。本周三,善待动物组织对富兰克林的装扮做出了这样的评价:“……看上去好像要去表演披头士乐队的《我是海象》。你可能是个什么歌后,但你根本不知道什么是同情。”“能不能给动物们一些尊重呢?”其他几位“冒犯”了动物的女星包括玛里琳#8226;曼森、伊娃#8226;朗格莉亚(点评:她穿着那俗气的皮草,看上去就像是紫藤巷的)、林塞#8226;洛翰、凯特#8226;丝和凯莉#8226;米洛。“善待动物组织”批评米洛与她的蛇皮提包一样“冷血”(蛇是冷血动物);洛翰得到的评价是:“‘我知道谁杀了我’不仅是她的最新败作,也是被杀害动物的哭泣。”克里斯蒂娜#8226;里奇、玛莎#8226;斯图尔特和艾丽西娅#8226;凯斯说,自从前几年她们被PETA点名后,就再也没穿过皮草。善待动物组织号召人们登陆Fur Is Dead网站对年度最差穿着名人进行投票。该组织未将“小甜甜”布兰妮列入名单,因为他们不想在她处于人生低谷的时候打击她。 /200803/30498昆明市韩辰医院激光除皱手术多少钱 Heard on a public transportation vehicle in Orlando.奥兰多公车上的声明。;When you exit the bus, please be sure to lower your head and watch your step.;“当您下车的时候,请务必低头并小心脚下。”;If you miss your step and hit your head, please lower your voice and watch your language. Thank you.;“如果您踩空了并撞到您的头了的时候,请您降低音量并注意您的用语。谢谢。” /201303/230114昆明韩辰整形医院去眼袋好不好

云南中医学院第二附属医院纹眉多少钱德宏大理治疗粉刺多少钱 Can't decide where to go on your next vacation? Stanley Plog may have the answer.Dr. Plog has spent 40 years researching travel preferences and decisions, from which coach seats are most comfortable on airplanes to how resorts and European capitals can best pitch to tourists. He's developed a questionnaire that pegs people into six different profiles, identifying their 'travel personality.' Now, Dr. Plog and Bahir Browsh, a former Trans World Airlines executive and Travel Channel president, have turned Dr. Plog's research into a Web site, www.BestTripChoices.com, where users can get travel suggestions free.When we vacation, we all have different desires. Some people like to relax on the beach; others climb mountains. Some people love crowds. Many are most comfortable driving to someplace close to home, and often the same place as last year and the year before. Others jump on airplanes to see new, unfamiliar places, far from the masses.I tried the BestTripChoices site out on my family and found that it zeroed in on personalities quite well, figuring out that most of us wanted history and culture in our trips, we like to sample new places, and we use mixed modes of transportation for our travel. And somehow it also knew that I like to buy native specialties when I travel.Knowing exactly what kind of vacation most fits your travel personality is the key to having a satisfying experience, Dr. Plog says. And it's not always obvious. Sometimes we feel that we need to seek out rough-edge adventures when really we'd be happier lying by a pool with a cocktail. What's more, some couples have different travel personalities, so trips may not be compatible for both.'People choose the wrong vacation all the time, and they come back really disappointed,' he says.The BestTripChoices site's questionnaire identifies you in one of six personality profiles, from a 'venturer,' who likes to find undiscovered gems and explore unique cultures, to an 'authentic,' who prefers everything familiar and predictable and likes going where there are lots of people -- it must be a good place, after all, if there are crowds.Each extreme represents only 3% to 4% of the population -- most of us are in-between to varying degrees. On the 'venturer' side of the scale, 'mid-venturers' like some physical activity on trips and travel with intellectual curiosity for history. 'Centric-venturers' like exotic places, but they want good hotels and restaurants, too. On the authentics side, 'mid-authentics' are particularly social people who love golf and mellow vacations in the sun. 'Centric-authentics' would rather drive to destinations than fly, and are comfortable on cruises.Based on Dr. Plog's database of travel surveys on what destinations were most satisfying to what type of people, the site suggests places to go that fit your travel personality. It's a scientific version of the service of a very good travel agent -- someone who would get to know clients, figure out what they like and suggest appropriate trips. (And many travel agents aly use software that helps them target trips for clients.) But with so many people now booking their own trips, some study of your inclinations and preferences can help avoid unsatisfactory vacations.'The whole idea is to narrow down and select the place that is best for you,' Dr. Plog says.Dr. Plog's work has been used by the travel industry for decades, and the science behind his study has been peer reviewed and published in academic journals. 'Plog is a pioneer,' says Paul Biederman, an assistant professor at New York University and author of a travel industry textbook. 'He's now applying advanced technology to what he has been doing all along.'Dr. Biederman says the theory behind identifying travel personalities is solid. 'I think it works, especially for people who are avid travelers looking for new places to visit,' he said.To develop a profile, Dr. Plog's quiz presents 15 statements and asks people to agree or disagree with each on a seven-point scale. Some seem obviously related to travel, such as 'I prefer to go to undiscovered places before big hotels and restaurants are built.' Others are more obscure, such as 'Chance has little to do with success in my life.'The trick is that only seven or eight of the questions drive the results -- the rest are thrown in for cover, Dr. Plog says. He won't disclose which questions are the true revealers of personality, except to say they are not the obvious travel questions. How much you , for example, and how much TV you watch are indicators of the trips you'll prefer, Dr. Plog says.The site pegged me as a centric venturer. According to the profile, I newspapers a lot (you think?) and am selective in my television viewing. I could be happy on a Greek cruise or a tour of California ghost towns or even a New York shopping trip. I'm the one who likes new places but not too raw -- I want a good hotel, too.To my surprise, my wife came out 'mid-venturer' -- more adventurous in her travel desires than I am. That didn't seem quite right -- camping was never her thing when we were younger. But then I remembered that she's always the one pushing adventures like kayaking trips and river rafting when we go places.My daughters fell in my same 'centric venturer' category, and that fit, too, although my college-student daughter thought that it underestimated her desire for adventure in the destinations suggested. Montreal and Quebec were among her recommendations, while she says Argentina, India, Turkey and Spain are tops on her wish list right now.Indeed, while the site seemed prescient at targeting our personalities, it was less clear at suggesting destinations. The recommendations overlap considerably across categories since many places fit multiple personalities.Hawaii, for example, can be great for adventurers who like surfing or hiking, and just as much fun for authentics who want to souvenir shop with the hordes in Waikiki. Likewise, Alaska can be a place of great adventure, and yet authentics can enjoy gorgeous scenery from a train or relax on a cruise ship. Massachusetts ranked high as a destination for five of the six different personality groups.Dr. Plog has 160 destinations ranked on the Web site, but ultimately wants to get to 1,200. The rankings are based on surveys of travelers who have been to those places. Researchers identify a person's travel personality then ask where they've been and what they liked. Right now, it's populated mostly with information on destinations in North America and Europe, and lacking in Asia and other regions.The real value is in pegging what you really want out of a vacation. Where you go is just the fun part. /200803/29705云南鼻唇沟填充

石林县人民医院打瘦腿针多少钱 Grooming and personal hygiene have been around for ages. It#39;s hard to imagine a time when people weren#39;t concerned with taking care of their appearance and their bodies. Perhaps these practices started when Adam first took a bath and combed his hair before going on a date with Eve. Or maybe they began when Eve put on some herbal makeup to make herself more beautiful. No matter where they started, grooming and personal hygiene have become an important part of everyone#39;s daily routine.仪容整洁和个人卫生的讲究已经行之有年了。很难想象一个人们不在乎打理外表和身体清洁的时代。或许这些卫生习惯始于亚当第一次洗澡梳头去赴夏娃的约;也可能始于夏娃第一次搽上青草制的化妆品使自己更美丽。无论是从何时开始的,仪容整洁与个人卫生已经成为每个人生活例行事务中重要的一部份。You might think that all modern societies would have the same grooming and personal hygiene practices. After all, doesn#39;t everybody take baths? Most people do recognize the need for hygiene, which is the basis for cleanliness and health-and a good way to keep one#39;s friends. Grooming practices include all the little things people do to make themselves look their best, such as combing their hair and putting on makeup. However, while most modern people agree that these things are important, people in different cultures take care of themselves in different ways.你可能以为所有现代社会中的仪容整洁与卫生习惯都是一样的。毕竟,不是每一个人天天都要洗澡的吗?大部份人的确肯定卫生的必要性,它是清洁与健康的基础,也是维持友谊的好办法。仪容整洁的工作涵盖了所有可以使人看起来体面的琐碎小事,像是梳头和化妆。虽然大多数的现代人都同意这些事很重要,但不同文化背景的人打理自己的方法也不一样。There used to be an old joke in America that people should take a bath once a week, whether they need one or not. In fact, though, Americans generally take a bath-or more commonly, a shower-every day. But in contrast to some cultures, most Americans get their shower in the morning, so they can start the day fresh. And instead of going to a beauty parlor for a shampoo, many Americans prefer to wash and style their own hair. So if Americans have a ;bad hair day,; they have no one to blame but themselves. But most people in America do head for the beauty parlor or barber shop occasionally for a haircut, a perm or just some friendly conversation.以前在美国有一个老笑话,说不管人们需不需要,他们至少每个礼拜该洗一次澡。不过事实上,美国人每天会洗一次澡,或者更普遍的作法是每天淋浴一次。但是不同于某些文化习惯的是,美国人在清晨淋浴,以使他们展开清新的一天。而且美国人不上美容院去洗头,他们宁可自己洗头和整理发型。所以美国人如果有一天头发很丑,除了怪自己之外就没什么好抱怨的了。然而大部份的美国人偶尔会到美容院或理发厅去,剪头发、烫头发,或是去跟人聊聊天。Americans are known for having very sensitive noses. In America, ;B.O.; (body odor) is socially unacceptable. For that reason, Americans consider the use of deodorant or anti-perspirant a must. Ladies often add a touch of perfume for an extra fresh scent. Men may splash on after-shave lotion or manly-smelling cologne. Another cultural no-no in America is bad breath. Americans don#39;t like to smell what other people ate for lunch-especially onions or garlic. Their solution? Mouthwash, breath mints and even brushing their teeth after meals.美国人的鼻子是出了名的灵。在美国,体臭在社交上是不被接受的。因此,美国人会认为使用除臭剂或止汗剂是必须的。女士们通常会再抹点香水以增加清香;男士则拍一些刮胡水或是男性古龙水在脸上。在美国文化里的另一项禁忌是口臭。美国人不喜欢闻别人午餐后留在口中的味道——尤其是洋葱或大蒜。他们怎么解决这问题呢?漱口、吃薄荷糖、甚至饭后刷牙。Some of the cultural variations in grooming practices result from physical differences between races. Whereas many Asian men have little facial hair, Westerners have a lot. As a result, most American men spend some time each day shaving or grooming their facial hair. Beards and mustaches are common sights in America, although their popularity changes from generation to generation. Most American men who wear facial hair try to keep it nicely trimmed. American women, on the other hand, generally prefer not to be hairy at all. Many of them regularly shave their legs and armpits.有些仪容整洁方面的文化差异是源自于种族间生理条件的不同。亚洲男性面部的胡髭长得并不多,但西方人却长得多,因此美国的男性每天得花些时间去刮除或整理他们的脸毛。在美国,男人在下巴部份或嘴唇上方留胡子是很普通的,不过不同时代胡子受欢迎的样式不相同。在美国大部份留胡子的男性都会试着将胡子修剪整齐,但另一方面,美国女性通常不喜欢毛茸茸的,很多人会定期地刮除腿部和腋下的毛。Americans put great value on both grooming and personal hygiene. For some people, taking care of themselves has become almost a religion. As the old saying goes, ;Cleanliness is next to godliness.; Whether or not being clean and well-groomed brings one closer to God, it certainly brings one closer to others. Americans look down on people who don#39;t take care of themselves, or who ;let themselves go.; To Americans, even if we don#39;t have much to work with, we have to make the best of what we#39;ve got.美国人非常看重仪容整洁与个人卫生。对某些人而言,打理自己几乎成了一种信仰,如一句古老的谚语说:清洁是仅次于圣洁第二重要的事。不管整齐清洁是不是能使人更接近上帝,但它的确能拉近与人的距离。美国人轻视那些不在乎打理自己或让自己随随便便就好的人。对美国人而言,就算我们没有非常好的先天条件,但至少该尽力将已有的好好发挥。 /201305/242062昆明韩城整形美容医院激光祛痘手术多少钱昆明去眼角多少钱



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