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2017年10月21日 20:00:25 | 作者:飞度快速问医生 | 来源:新华社
AZUZ: Time for the ;Shoutout.; “大声喊出来”的时间到了!Andromeda, Sombrero and Whirlpool, are all examples of what? If you think you know it, shout it out!仙女座、草帽星和漩涡都是什么的例子?如果你认为你知道,那么大声喊出来吧!Are they all supercomputers, noble gases, straits or galaxies? Youve got three seconds, go!它们都是超级电脑、惰性气体、海峡还是星系?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!These are all examples of galaxies, though the one we are most familiar with is the Milky Way. Thats your answer and thats your ;Shoutout.;它们都是星系里的,尽管我们最熟悉的是,那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。In intergalactic news, a Big Bang theory is making big waves among some scientists, but spoiler alert: they dont really know what happened around, say, 14 billion years ago.在新闻里,大爆炸理论在科学家里引起了轩然,但也捣乱的人警告说,他们并不知道一百四十亿年前发生了什么。Heres what some researchers said they found. 这是一些研究者说的他们发现了什么。Evidence of how the Universe rapidly expanded after the theoretical Big Bang. 这些据是理论上的大爆炸之后宇宙是如何迅速扩大的。They say less than a trillionth of a second after the bang, the Universe suddenly inflated, doubling in size one hundred times over. 他们说在爆炸后的兆分之一秒里,宇宙突然膨胀了,以二次方扩大了几百倍。The elements of it separating from each other like raisins in a raisin bun as dough bakes and expands in the oven. 宇宙的元素就像放在烤箱里烤的生面团里的葡萄干一样互相分离。What led to this announcement - theres a telescope at the South Pole that analyses what scientists believe isancientlight in the Universe. 什么引出了这项声明呢?在南极有一个望远镜,可以分析科学家认为是来自宇宙的古老光带。The kind that might have been around billions of years ago. 这种有可能是几十亿年前的光。Scientists say this telescope found aftershocks of the Big Bang. 科学家们说这个望远镜发现了大爆炸的余波。But theres plenty of doubt. 但却有很多质疑。 /201403/281752

特别声明该节目由可可原创该节目由可可原创,讲说词的讲解为可可编辑编写。视频出处本期视频出自B纪录片《英国史》之《女王的一生》。精视觉 精讲说Elizabeth might have been queasy about taking care of Mary,伊丽莎白或许会对干掉玛丽感到不安but Walsingham wasnt.但沃尔辛海姆不会It was his job to get his hands dirty for England,他的工作就是为英格兰做一些上不得台面的事情thats what spymasters do.王派间谍就是做这个的But he knew well enough he couldnt just do her in.但是他清楚地知道想除掉她没那么简单Elizabeth had to be free of any suspicion of complicity in murder.首先不能把伊丽莎白牵涉其中On the other hand, the Mary problem could not be allowed to drag on for another 15 years.而且 玛丽的问题不能再拖15年了Walsingham realized he would have to force a solution.沃尔辛海姆意识到他必须得想出一个办法So he engineered a trap... and it was a gem.于是他设计了一个圈套 堪称完美的全套 /201308/253981

2014年1月8日,百威啤酒携美国冬季公园市为阿富汗归来的24岁军人Lt. Chuck Nadd献上英雄礼遇。这部五分钟的影片记录了其幕后的真实故事,一分钟的电视广告版作为品牌广告之一在第四十八届超级碗投放。谨以此片向已经荣归故里多时的越南老兵和所有现役军人致敬。向英雄致敬。以下是双语文本:广告内容:Benny Cachand: Were all excited to have Lieutenant Nadd back home in Winter Park being reunited with his family after a long time of service.Benny Cachand: 我们热烈欢迎为祖国效力多时的纳德中尉回到家乡冬季公园和他的家人重聚。Jerry Newberry: I cant think of anything more important that we could do right now.Jerry Newberry: 我想不到有什么事比我们正要做的事更重要了。Shannon Cantwell: A friend of mine told me to check out the VFW web site. It said that they were looking to honor one soldier coming home from Afghanistan to represent all soldiers. I thought that Chuck would be the perfect candidate for it.Shannon Cantwell:有个朋友让我去看看美国海外退伍军人网站。上面说他们将在从阿富汗归乡的士兵中挑选一名为代表授予荣誉。我想查克是最合适的候选。Agnes Nadd: He was born in America 24 years ago. The baby of the family. He has always been patriotic - happy to be American.Agnes Nadd:他24年前生于美国。家里的宠儿。他一直很爱国——很开心成为美国人。Andrew Hicks: I knew that he always wanted to serve the country, and eventually he decided that the best way to do that was through military service.Andrew Hicks:我知道他一直想为国效力,最后他认为最好的途径是入伍。Bill Milsten: Its his energy and enthusiasm and he wanted to serve. He wanted to be bigger than just himself.Bill Milsten: 是他的精力和热情引导他入伍的。他只想变得比自己更强大。Kenneth Bradley: To do something for this type of an event where we recognize one of our homecoming soldiers is indeed an honor. Its a privilege.Kenneth Bradley:为我们回到家乡的士兵做些事当然是一种荣耀。这是他们的权利。More important than us being happy about it is America needs to understand what this represents. We asked, ;Did you know someone who served in Iraq/Afghanistan?; typically the answers going to be, ;No;, so it doesnt affect them personally. So they tend to forget - not that they dont care - America does care.相比我们喜闻乐见更重要的是美国人需要明白这代表什么。我们问道:“你知道有谁在伊拉克或阿富汗役吗?”典型的回答是:“不知道。”所以这件事对他们来说无关紧要。他们更倾向于遗忘——不是他们不关心——美国是关心的。Kenneth Bradley: We are symbolically thanking everyone, and not just these conflicts, but previous conflicts. We should never, ever forget those that served.Kenneth Bradley:我们正象征性的感谢每个人,而且并不只是这些冲突,还有之前的冲突。我们永远都不应遗忘那些为国效力的人们。Jim Pope: Every once and a while someone will come up and say, ;Thank you;, and it really means because we didnt get it when we came home.Jim Pope: 时不时会有人过来然后说:“谢谢”,这非常有意义因为在我们归家时并没有听到这些。William Gault: When I got to my little, small home town in South Carolina, there was nobody out there.William Gault: 当我回到位于小小的南卡罗莱纳州的家乡时,没有一人出来迎接。Jack Brooks: I felt like I just got out of jail. Ha, but I was disappointed about that.Jack Brooks: 那时我感觉我像刚出狱一样。哈,我为此感到非常沮丧。Dave Carroll: We didnt tell anybody we were in Vietnam, and, uh, thats fine.Dave Carroll: 我们没有告诉任何人我们在越南,然后,呃,没关系。Its for all of us. Its for my friend Andy didnt come home, but Im so happy that were a small part of this. Its a wonderful thing to do.这是为了我们所有人。为了没能回家的我的朋友,我非常开心能成为这之中小小的一员。这是件非常值得做的事。Joe Chavara: I applaud Budweiser as a sponsor for doing this. This is just a great thing to let the community know, ;Hey listen. All these people are getting out this year, and we need to really to do the right thing by them.;Joe Chavara: 我感谢百威赞助这个活动。这是个很好的契机让社区知晓:“嘿,听着。所有这些人今年就会出来了,我们真的需要通过这些人做正义的事情。”Shannon Cantwell: Its been so exciting. Everyone to pitch in, and help out, and be there, and contribute in any way that they could. So were all in on the surprise. Its gonna be pretty exciting, and Im so delighted for him that he has this, you know, this support from his home town.Shannon Cantwell: 这真的很令人激动。人人参与,帮忙,来到这里,竭尽全力奉献。所以我们惊喜的参与其中。这将会非常令人激动,而且我替他高兴,你懂的,这份来自家乡的持。Lt. Nadd: Wow.Lt. Nadd::哇。Shannon: Come here. Come here.Shannon: 过来。过来。Lt. Nadd: I missed you. Its so good to be back.Lt. Nadd: 我非常想念你。看见你安然归来真是太好了。I think its wonderful that Winter Park is willing to step up and do this for this American hero, but we want every community in America to step up and do what they can - whatever that is.我觉得冬季公园愿意走出来为美国英雄做这些事是非常棒的,但是我们希望美国的每个社区都能站出来做他们力所能及的事情——不论那是什么。Maribel Rodriguez: It doesnt have to be a parade, but even if its just a couple folks recognizing the sacrific theyve made.Maribel Rodriguez: 不是必须是一场游行,就算是几个人认可他们所做的牺牲也好。Patric Hicks: A simple thank you goes so far.Patric Hicks: 一个简单的感谢就够了。Lt. Nadd: Whats going on up there.Lt. Nadd: 这里发生了什么?Welcome home, Chuck. This is all for you.欢迎回家,查克,这都是为你准备的。Lt. Nadd: Wow.Lt. Nadd: 哇。Shannon: Are you serious? Ha ha ha, get out of here.Shannon: 你是认真的吗?哈哈哈,出来吧。Please join me in welcoming Lt. Chuck Nadd home!加入我们欢迎查克·纳德回家的队伍吧!We can never forget, as a country, the freedoms that we enjoy is because someone has given days of their life, or in some sad cases given their complete life for our freedoms.作为一个国家,我们永远不能忘记,我们享受的自由与是某些人用他们的时光换取的,或在悲伤的事件中,他们用生命换取了我们的自由。Agnes Nadd: For him to be back home...Agnes Nadd: 为了他回家……Lt. Nadd: To see something like what happened today, I think proves that America is special. I think the strength of our country comes from how well we come together as a community.Lt. Nadd: 看到类似今天发生的事情,我觉得这明了美国时特别的。我认为我们国家的力量来自我们团结成的社会有多美好。Well its a great day in America. Its a great celebration of America.这是美国的伟大的一天。这是美国的一次伟大的庆祝。Jim Wartski: I hope every town is able to do something of this nature, and set an example for how many people could be recognizing soldiers who are coming back.Jim Wartski: 我希望每个城镇能为这个打字人做些什么,并为那些成为士兵回归的人树立一个好榜样。201406/307909

Recreate the excitement and romance of your early days together with these strategies.根据下面的策略,重温初恋时的激动和浪漫。You Will Need你需要A local events guide本地活动指引New experiences新的体验Candlelight烛光A hotel bar酒店酒吧Sex性爱Chocolate巧克力Side-by-side seating (optional)并排坐(可选)A hotel room (optional)酒店房间(可选)Steps步骤STEP 1 Find a win-win activity1.寻找双赢的活动Check out the latest events guide for your town and ask your partner to note whatever sounds appealing; you do the same. With any luck, there will be enough duplication for several win-win outings.检查你所在城镇最新的活动指引,向伴侣征求意见,看他们对哪些活动感兴趣,你也一样。如果幸运的话,可能还会有一些双赢的短途远足活动。STEP 2 Get the dopamine flowing2.尝试新鲜的体验Focus on activities neither of you has tried before. New experiences flood the brain with dopamine and norepinephrine, the same chemicals that are released when youre infatuated. Studies show that sharing exciting new experiences makes couples feel more satisfied with their relationship.尝试两人以前都未经历过的活动。新的体验可以让大脑充满多巴胺和去甲肾上腺素,与热恋时释放出的化学物质相同。研究显示,分享激动人心的新体验可以让情侣对恋情更加满意。STEP 3 Eat by candlelight3.烛光晚餐Eat by candlelight. It dilates your pupils, which is what happens naturally when youre physically attracted to someone.Inducing this reaction artificially gets you to the same place – injecting a little sexual tension into the evening.共享烛光晚餐。烛光可以使瞳孔扩大,与受到某人的外表吸引时的反应相同。人工诱发这种反应也能产生同样的效果,为夜晚注入一些性感的气氛。STEP 4 Make it feel illicit4.些微不正当行为Make it feel illicit by rendezvousing at a swanky bar or local hotel.在奢华的酒吧或当地酒店约会,制造稍微有点不正当的感觉。Hotels that cater to business people often have reasonable weekend rates.专门接待商务人士的酒店周末期间一般会有合理的折扣。STEP 5 Include sex5.性爱Hotel or not, make sure the date includes sex! Orgasms cause the brain to release oxytocin, the so-called ;cuddling; chemical that makes us feel bonded.无论是否去酒店,确保你们的约会包括性爱在内!性高潮可以让大脑释放催产素,能让我们感觉关系密切的“拥抱”化学物质。STEP 6 Bring chocolate6.巧克力Whatever you do, bring chocolate, which contains phenylethylamine, a chemical the body produces when we are in love. It also contains cannabinoids, marijuana-like compounds that help you relax. Have fun!无论安排什么活动,一定要带上巧克力,其中含有苯(基) 乙胺,当我们坠入爱河时身体产生的化学物质。巧克力中还含有四氢大麻醇,帮助我们放松的类似大麻的化合物。玩得开心一点!视频听力译文由。201408/317382

Croesus was a king in whats now western Turkey.克罗伊斯曾经是今土耳其西部地区的王。His kingdom, Lydia, was among the new powers that emerged across the Middle East about three thousand years ago, so it was part of that wider political upheaval that Ive been exploring this week.他的王国吕底亚是三千年前中东地区涌现的新势力之一。因此这是我本周一直在探索更广泛的政治动荡的其中之一。But in this programme, I want to look at a different kind of new power -or more precisely, I want to look at the creation of a new type of object that would ultimately become a power in its own right: coinage.正是这些金币让吕底亚和克罗伊斯王富甲一方。它是一种新形式的物品,靠自身的价值获得力量。Weve all grown so accustomed to using little round pieces of metal to buy things, that its easy to forget that coins arrived quite late in the history of the world.我们现在都很习惯用小而圆的金属块购买物品,但很少有人知道,货币在世界舞台上出现的时间并不太长。For over two thousand years, states ran complex economies and international trading networks without a coin to hand.在超过两千年的时间里,世界各国拥有复杂的经济制度和国际贸易网络,却并没有货币。The Egyptians, for example, used a sophisticated system that measured value against standard weights of copper and gold, but as new states and new ways of organising trade emerged, coinage began to make an appearance, and fascinatingly, it happened independently in two different parts of the world at almost the same time.比如埃及,就曾使用一套以铜和金的标准重量为基准的复杂体系来衡量价值。但随着新的国家与新的贸易线路不断产生,对货币的需求产生了。奇妙的是,货币几乎是同时在两个相隔甚远的地区独立出现的。In China they began using miniature spades and knives in very much the same way that we would now use coins, and virtually simultaneously in the Mediterranean world, the Lydians started making actual coins as we would recognise them today-round shapes in precious metals.中国人发明的通货外形像小型的矛和刀,但用途与今天的货币别无二致。而在中东地区,吕底亚制造的货币我们今天仍能一眼认出—他们釆用了与如今货币相 同的圆形贵金属片。201409/325008

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