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Hey, real nice boulder!嘿,好个大石头!A boost of self-esteem for a teenage giant十几岁的巨人获得自尊提升的方式 /201612/482603

Germany#39;s justice ministry has drawn up a change in the law which would require mothers in certain paternity cases to reveal who they had slept with.德国司法部最近更改了法律中的一项规定,要求母亲在某些特定的亲子关系鉴定中,透露和她们发生过性关系的男性的姓名。The measure would apply when men who had supported a child, believing that they were the father, sought financial redress in court.这项政策适用于那些相信自己是孩子的父亲并养育了孩子的男性在法庭上寻求经济赔偿。They could thus more easily claim maintenance back from the actual biological father.由此,这些男性能够更容易地从孩子的生父处获得孩子的赡养费。Women would only have the right to remain silent with ;serious reasons;.而女性由于某些“严肃的原因”,只有保持沉默的权利。Justice Minister Heiko Maas said : ;We need to offer more legal protection for #39;false#39; fathers to seek financial compensation;.司法部部长海科·默兹声称,“我们需要为乌龙父亲提供更多的法律保护,帮助他们获得经济方面的赔偿。”The precise wording of the new paragraph states that the mother would be obliged to provide information to the man on ;who has lain with her during the conception period.;这新篇章中精确的用语显示了母亲们将不得不提供在她们的受期和她们发生过性关系的男性的个人信息。Men in this situation were aly able to try to claim back money paid for a child that was not theirs.在这种情况下,乌龙父亲们可以正当地要求拿回为不是自己的孩子所付的赡养费。The draft change follows a ruling by Germany#39;s highest court in March 2015 that there was no legal basis to force mothers of so-called ;cuckoo children;, in German slang, to name the biological father.发生变化的草案遵循了2015年3月德国最高法院通过的规定,该规定表示让“野孩子”(德国俚语)的母亲说出孩子生父的姓名,并不是对她们存在法律上的偏见。The draft changes, which will require parliamentary approval, also limit the ;false; father#39;s financial claim to two years#39; worth of maintenance costs. Previously this was open-ended.草案的这项变化仍需要议会的批准,同时它也将“乌龙父亲”对孩子赡养费的申诉期限制在两年之内。而在此前,此申诉期是无限期的。 /201609/465150

A Chinese working as a subway janitor in the US wowed social media users after he reportedly made a clean 5,000 in 2015 by working more than 17 hours a day.最近,一位在美国担当地铁看门人的中国人在社交媒体上火了!据报道,他每天工作超过17个小时,在2015年一共赚了27.5万美元(约合188.8万人民币)。A typical janitor earns ,180 a year in the US.美国一个地铁看门人一般年收入为26180美元。Zhang Liangzhao made the quarter-million largely in overtime pay at his job with the San Francisco-based Bay Area Rapid Transit Bart (BART) system.这位名叫张良朝的地铁看门人之所以能赚到超过25万,主要是因为旧金山湾区捷运管理系统的加班费给的多。This is the third time Zhang has made a six-figure salary.这已经是张良朝第三次赚到6位数的年收入了。According to BART spokesperson Alicia Trost, Zhang#39;s base salary is ,945 a year. The majority of his salary came from overtime pay and benefits.据旧金山湾区捷运管理系统的发言人艾丽西娅·特罗斯特表示,张良朝的基本收入为每年57945美元。他的工资大部分来自于加班和福利。Zhang worked over 4,000 hours in 2015, while the average BART employee puts in about 2,000 hours a year, according to Trost.据特罗斯特称,张良朝2015年工作了4000多个小时,而湾区捷运管理系统的员工平均一年只工作2000个小时。Zhang isn#39;t the only BART janitor to take advantage of overtime pay. A total of 11 janitors raked in over 8,000 in 2015. Zhang earned 6,000 and 5,000 respectively in 2013 and 2014.但是张良朝并不是唯一一个狂赚加班费的地铁看门人。2015年共有11名地铁看门人的工资超过了14.8万美元。张良朝在2013年和2014年分别赚了18.6万美元和22.5万美元。Social media users were shocked at Zhang#39;s salary, with many praising his work ethic.社交媒体用户都对张良朝的收入感到惊讶,很多人对他的职业精神大加赞赏。;How could he work 17 hours a day. Isn#39;t it illegal to work over 80 hours a week in the US?; Sina Weibo user ;Xiaokui; commented.微用户“Xiaokui”说道:“他怎么能每天工作17个小时呢?在美国每周工作超过80个小时不是违法的吗?” /201702/494151

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