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Today in History: Tuesday, November 13, 2012历史上的今天:2012年11月13日,星期二On Nov. 13, 2001, Afghanistan#39;s ruling Taliban abandoned the capital Kabul without a fight, allowing U.S.-backed northern alliance fighters to take over the city.201年11月13日,阿富汗统治者塔利班和平放弃首都喀布尔,允许美国持的北方联盟战士接管这座城市。1856 Supreme Court Justice Louis D. Brandeis was born in Louisville, Ky.1856年,最高法院法官路易斯·布兰代斯在肯塔基州路易斯维尔市出生。1927 The Holland Tunnel linking New York City and New Jersey beneath the Hudson River opened to the public.1927年,哈德逊河底下连接纽约和新泽西的荷兰隧道向公众开放。1956 The Supreme Court struck down laws calling for racial segregation on public buses.1956年,最高法院否决在公共巴士上实行种族隔离的法律。1974 Karen Silkwood, a technician and union activist at the Kerr-McGee Cimarron plutonium plant near Crescent, Okla., was killed in a car crash.1974年,在俄克拉荷马州附近的科尔-麦吉西钚,技术员和工会活动家凯伦丝克伍在车祸中丧生。1982 The Vietnam Veterans Memorial was dedicated in Washington, D.C.1982年,越战退伍军人纪念碑在华盛顿特区落成。1997 The Disney musical ;The Lion King; opened on Broadway.1997年,迪斯尼音乐剧《狮子王》在百老汇上映。1998 President Bill Clinton agreed to pay Paula Jones 0,000 to settle a sexual harassment lawsuit.1998年,比尔·克林顿总统同意付850000美元来处理葆拉·琼斯的性骚扰诉讼。2002 Saddam Hussein#39;s government agreed to the return of international weapons inspectors to Iraq.2002年,萨达姆·侯赛因政府同意国际武器核查人员重回伊拉克。2003 Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore was thrown off the bench by a judicial ethics panel after refusing to remove a granite Ten Commandments monument from the state courthouse.2003年,因拒绝从州立法院移走花岗岩十诫纪念碑,阿拉巴马州首席法官罗伊·尔被司法伦理委员会开除法官席。2009 Attorney General Eric Holder announced plans to try professed 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four others in civilian court in New York City. (The Obama administration later backed off the plan.)2009年,司法部长埃里克·霍尔德宣布计划在纽约民事法庭公开表明9/11主谋哈立德·谢赫·穆罕默德以及其他四人。(奥巴马政府后来放弃了这个计划。) /201211/208996

When photographer Crystal Kells#39; son was born five years ago, she realised that parenting was not only about love, but raising someone with respect towards who they are. That#39;s why she lets her son, Cian, wear whatever he wants - including dresses.当摄影师克里斯娜·凯尔斯的儿子五年前出生的时候,她意识到抚养孩子不仅要有爱,而且还应该怀着尊敬的心态将他们抚养成最真实的自己。因此她放任自己的儿子奇安穿他想穿的任何衣--包括裙子。;I want my son to grow up knowing he has a voice,; Kells wrote in a recent blog post featuring pictures of her son. ;Grow up knowing he can do and be anything he wants to be in this world. Grow up having the confidence to express himself. Grow up being able to love himself. So, I made sure I did (and still do) these things for my son.;;我想让儿子在成长的过程中知道他自己是有发言权的,;凯尔斯在最近的客上写道,并附上了一张她儿子的照片。;希望他在成长的过程中知道他能在这个世界上做任何他想做的事、成为任何他想成为的人;在成长的过程中让他有自信表达自己、能够爱自己。所以,我过去一直在确保并将一直确保为儿子做这些事情。;In her post, Kells explained that Cian loves both things that are considered stereotypically for girls and for boys. He loves wearing a cape and playing superheroes, he loves playing cars and cutting his hair short. But he also loves to wear clothes typically made for girls, and that#39;s OK with her. Kells wrote that her son is a boy and he knows he#39;s a boy, but this shouldn#39;t impact the clothes he wears.凯尔斯在她的帖子中解释道:奇安既喜欢女孩专享的东西,又喜欢男孩儿专享的东西。他喜欢披着披风,扮演超级英雄的角色;他喜欢玩汽车、剪短发。但他也喜欢穿那些女孩子穿的衣,而凯尔斯觉得这没有什么大不了。凯尔斯写道,他的儿子是个男生,他也清楚自己是个男生,但这不该影响他穿什么衣。;We are teaching him that girls have a vagina and boys have a penis,; she wrote. ;He doesn#39;t use his penis to be able to wear a dress, nor does he use his penis to operate the dolls and cars he plays with. His gender does not dictate what he should wear or what he should play with because he does not use his gender to operate or use it. My husband and I are raising him without gender stereotypes.; Her and her husband shy away from teaching Cian that certain things are for girls while others are for boys. ;What difference does it actually make?; she asked.;我们正在教他男孩子和女孩子的生殖器官不一样,;她写道。;他并不需要使用自己的生殖器官才能穿裙子、玩洋娃娃和汽车。他的性别并不能要求他应该穿什么或应该玩什么,因为他并不是使用他的生殖器官来玩或使用的。我的丈夫和我在抚养儿子方面,并没有性别成见。;她和她的丈夫并没有告诉奇安有些事情是只有女孩子才能做的,而有些事情是只有男孩子才能做的。;这究竟能有多大的区别呢?;她问道。Kells made a point of noting that Cian is not transgender - at least, not yet. ;Some days he says he wants to be a girl and we simply tell him, #39;When you#39;re an adult, you can certainly make the decision to change to that if you wish#39;. He#39;s 5. He also wants to be a Mermaid and Ironman.;凯尔斯明确指出奇安并不是变性者--至少目前还不是。;如果有天他说他想变成女生,那我们只会告诉他,#39;当你成年了以后,如果你还是这么想,那你就可以自己做决定。#39;他现在5岁,他也想成为美人鱼和钢铁侠。;译文属 /201706/513639

Beer lovers may soon be feeling the blues in Germany. The world#39;s largest beer festival, Oktoberfest, has drawn to a close after some 6.4 million visitors downed an estimated 6.9 million liter mugs of Bavarian brew in the city of Munich. It was also estimated that visitors ate a total of 116 oxen.爱喝啤酒的朋友们可能很快便会在德国慕尼黑啤酒节上喝个痛快。慕尼黑啤酒节是世界上最盛大的啤酒节,今年的慕尼黑啤酒节在吸引来640万游客并喝光约690万升巴伐利亚啤酒后已经接近尾声。据估计,游客们在啤酒节上共吃光116头牛。The 179th annual festival ended with a traditional gun salute. Organizers said they were satisfied with this year#39;s event, which opened Sept. 22 and ended Sunday, although visitor numbers were lower than last year. Festival director Dieter Reiter says that#39;s because the festival grounds were reduced to accommodate an agricultural fair which takes place every four years.第179届慕尼黑啤酒节以传统方式-鸣响炮宣告结束。今年的啤酒节于9月22日开始并于上周日结束,尽管游客数量低于去年,但主办方表示他们对今年的啤酒节很满意。啤酒节董事Dieter Reiter 说今年游客数量比去年低是因为之前该场地被用于开展每四年一次的农业展览会。In 2011, the Oktoberfest drew some 6.9 million visitors, who downed well over 7 million liters. The beer festival draws visitors from across the world, many of whom join the party in traditional Bavarian dress.2011年,慕尼黑啤酒节共吸引来690万游客,消耗啤酒超过700万升。前来参加啤酒节的游客来自世界各地,其中许多身穿巴伐利亚传统饰。 Article/201210/203164

TEXT:Daniel Boone: woodsman, hunter, freedom fighter, explorer...dreamer. Okay, men, keep clearing. Cut it through, we#39;re coming through here. Boone and his 30 men slash through the Cumberland Gap...on a mission to tap the riches. Cut it through, we#39;re coming through here. Before us lay the finest body of land in the world, with which little exertion we can call our own. One day thousands will desire this land, and we will be rich. But Boone#39;s journey into the western wilderness is also a journey into the American Soul. The frontier is a crucible, where America will define itself and forge its true character. The King of England has outlawed any Western expansion, illegal settlers rounded up and punished. Boone#39;s aly fought the British back East. Now he#39;s defying them again. Daniel Boone was that first great action hero for America. America wanted to see itself that way, I think. They wanted to see themselves as fiercely independent, very capable and...and willing to go places most human beings wouldn#39;t have gone. Come on, men, this way. Boone and his men take no supplies. Come on, come on! Survival conjured from the land. Bear grease: insect repellent Wasp larvae: Food. Come on, come on! Boone records in his journal. We are exposed daily to peril and death amongst savages and wild beasts. But nature satisfies all we need. Few experience the happiness we feel here in the howling wilderness. But for the Shawnee, this is not wilderness. It is home. And they will defend it...at all costs. Good work, John, good work. These areas that seemed like wilderness to the American weren#39;t wilderness to these American-Indian people. That was just their lands. Daniel Boone and the Shawnee have history. Only the year before, they kidnapped his eldest son, James...And tortured him to death.译文:丹尼尔·布恩,一名樵夫、猎手、自由捍卫者、探险家、梦想家。兄弟们,加油开路。砍掉树丛我们从中间穿过去。布恩与30名同伴披荆斩棘穿越坎伯兰岬口探寻财富。全部砍倒,我们从中间穿过。摆在我们面前的是世上最富饶的土地,只要穿越这里,我们就能成为那些土地的主人。终有一天这里将成为世人的梦幻之都,而我们必会富甲一方。布恩探索西部蛮荒的旅程也是美国精神的锻造之旅,前方将面临严峻的考验,但正是在这里美国人将找到自己的定位,锻造其民族精神。英国国王禁止了向西部的扩张,非法移居者被逮捕并处罚。布恩在东部时就和英国人有过交锋,现在他再一次公开反抗。理查德·麦克·马克威茨[军事专家 前海豹突击队队员]:“丹尼尔·布恩是美国史上第一位伟大的实践家,我认为这是美国人对自己的定位。他们想要成为一个独立自主,自力更生更加勇于探索的民族。加油,兄弟们,这边。布恩和他的同伴们没带任何给养。加油,跟上。人们从这片土地上汲取生存之道,用熊的油脂来防虫,以黄蜂幼虫为食。加油。布恩在他的日志中写道,我们每天都要面临被野兽或蛮族攻击的生命危险,但大自然同时给予了我们必需品,我们在这荒僻的旷野所感受到的快乐是常人难以体会的。但对肖尼族人而言,这并非荒原,而是家园。他们会誓死保卫家园,不惜一切代价。好样的,约翰。罗伯特·沃里尔[伊利诺伊大学]:“对美国人而言,这是一片完全陌生的蛮荒之地,而对这些印第安人而言却非如此。这里是他们的地盘。”丹尼尔·布恩和肖尼族曾有过节,仅在一年前他们绑架了他的大儿子詹姆斯并残忍地将其折磨致死。《美国简史》系本纪录片历史背景背景知识:美国西进拓荒者丹尼尔·布恩(2)[接上期内容]布恩的名声主要来自他对肯塔基的探索和殖民。1787年,他第一次来到肯塔基东部。不过,更广为人知的是他从1769年到1771年的探险。当时他与一小队人一起,沿着维尔德尼斯(wilderness)来到一个天堂般的地方。当这小队人返回时,他没有随行,而是在这片荒野中一直逗留到1771年3月。后来在归家途中,他与兄弟被当地印第安人洗劫一空,但这并未影响两人对这个名叫“肯塔克”的地方的浓厚兴趣。丹尼尔极为热爱这片“黑暗血腥的土地”,1773年,他带领四十名殖民者卷土重来,但被印第安人驱赶回去。第二年,他重返此地,并把印第安人的麻烦告知了约翰·莫里·多莫尔总督的调查员。1775年3月,正当理查德·亨德森法官缔结斯卡莫尔·绍尔斯条约,准备将大片肯塔基土地出售给自己的特兰西瓦尼亚公司时,布恩已经踏上了维尔德尼斯大道。抵达目的地之后,他立刻开始修建恩斯布罗,这是当时仅有的几个殖民点之一。图:丹尼尔·布恩此后四年,作为国民军上校,布恩忙于保卫各个定居点。他的领导才能帮助拯救了肯塔基硕果仅存的几个定居点,恩斯布罗、罗加斯(圣阿萨菲斯)和哈洛斯堡。那段激动人心的岁月里,他经历了伏击(如1778年的布鲁林克斯之战),被俘(布恩曾为肖尼人所俘,后来逃脱),营救和绝望的保卫战。尽管得到弗吉尼亚议会高度尊敬并得以加入其中,但布恩并不是一个好商人,他失去了自己在肯塔基的土地。1799年9月,他前往密斯里州,投奔自己的一个儿子,并最终定居于费姆奥萨奇山谷,在那里继续狩猎、漫游,直到辞世。二十五年后,他和妻子的遗体被运回肯塔基埋葬。约翰·费尔森在《肯塔克的探索、发现及殖民》一书中的一篇附录《丹尼尔·布恩上校的冒险》帮助丹尼尔·布恩建立了不朽之名。此书在英格兰、欧洲和北美被广为传阅,布恩因此成为美洲拓荒者的榜样。不过,即便没有被塑造成史诗人物,肯塔基地方的居民们依然敬爱他,将他视为这个边陲之地的大英雄。

塞巴斯蒂安·斯伦出于减少交通事故并挽救生命的目的,参与了谷歌无人驾驶汽车的研发制造。令人称奇的视频展示了在DARPA举办的无人驾驶汽车大赛中胜出者在没有驾驶员的情况下穿梭与繁忙的城市交通中,来自TED2011的试驾镜头也展现了这部车究竟能够开多快。 Article/201205/182285

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