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宜昌市做双眼皮修复手术费用武汉韩辰整形美容医院飘眉手术怎么样黄石市中心医院玻尿酸多少钱 本文选自Prison Break 《越狱,Michael 装作有糖尿病,故意接近Tancredi医生,在监狱医务室两人第一次见面,相互寒暄,介绍自己Dr . Tancredi: Tattoo looks fresh. Hold that. I guess being a diabetic you don't mind needles.Michael: I'm Michael by the way.Dr . Tancredi: Scofield. I your report.Michael: And you are...?Dr . Tancredi: Dr. Tancredi will do.Michael: Tancredi like the governor. You are not related, are you? Hmmmm. Wouldn't think you'd find the daughter of frontier justice Frank working in a prison, as a doctor no less.Dr . Tancredi: I believe in being part of the solution, not the problem.Michael: Hmmmm. Be the change you want to see in the world. What?Dr . Tancredi: Nothing. That was just my senior e.Michael: That was you? This whole time I was thinking it was Ghandi.Dr . Tancredi: Very funny. Sit tight. Put direct pressure on that. I'll be back in a sec.重点讲解:1. tattoo 刺青,纹身例如:He had a tattoo on the back of his hand. 他手背上刺有花纹. believe in 相信,信任,信仰例如:Do you believe in the hereafter? 你相信来世吗?3. I'll be back in a sec. 我一会儿就回来Sec是second的缩写,这是一个比较常用的句子,表示马上回来In a second 并不是真的就指一秒钟,而是指一小会儿,相当于in a moment汉语译文:Dr . Tancredi: 纹身看上去挺新鲜的,住看来糖尿病患者还真是不怕针啊Michael: 我叫MichaelDr . Tancredi: 姓Scofield我看了你的档案Michael: 那你是……?Dr . Tancredi: Tancredi 医生Michael: Tancredi 跟州长一个姓?你们不是亲戚吧?嗯没想到州长的女儿会在监狱工作,还是个医生呢Dr . Tancredi: 我愿意做解决问题的途径之一,而不是问题本身Michael: 嗯,欲变世界,先变其身什么?Dr . Tancredi: 没什么碰巧是我四年级时的座右铭Michael: 原来是你说的啊?我一直以为是甘地说的呢Dr . Tancredi: 你可真逗坐好了,手压着别松,我马上就回来 3198校园英语口语 6You seem excitedI'm too excited!What happened?I passed the exam.No wonder!You look nervous.Yes, I am.What's wrong with you?Mr.Li asked me to his office.Did you do well in the exam?No, I was unlucky this time.No wonder you are nervous.You look very happy.I've got how I did in the exam.You did a good job in the exam, didn't you?I got ninetyCongratulations! No wonder you are so excited.Thank you. How about you?I failed the exam.How unlucky you are!Yes, you are always the lucky one!You seem excitedI'm too excited!What happened?I passed the exam.No wonder!You look nervous.Yes, I am.What's wrong with you?Mr.Li asked me to his office.Did you do well in the exam?No, I was unlucky this time.No wonder you are nervous.You look very happy.I've got how I did in the exam.You did a good job in the exam, didn't you?I got ninetyCongratulations! No wonder you are so excited.Thank you. How about you?I failed the exam.How unlucky you are!Yes, you are always the lucky one!You seem excitedI'm too excited!What happened?I passed the exam.No wonder!You look nervous.Yes, I am.What's wrong with you?Mr.Li asked me to his office.Did you do well in the exam?No, I was unlucky this time.No wonder you are nervous.You look very happy.I've got how I did in the exam.You did a good job in the exam, didn't you?I got ninetyCongratulations! No wonder you are so excited.Thank you. How about you?I failed the exam.How unlucky you are!Yes, you are always the lucky one! 191孝感市丰胸多少钱

武汉开眼角多少钱18武汉韩辰医院打瘦腿针多少钱 New York City Metropolitan Museum of Art, one of the world most visited museums, is in talks with city officials about charging a fixed admission fee out-of-town visitors, rather than urging a donation.近日,全球参观人数最多的物馆之一纽约市大都会艺术物馆正同纽约市政府官员商讨对外来游客收取固定的门票费用,而非呼吁他们捐款The museum, the largest in the US, leased rent-free by the city in 1878 on condition that the museum be free to the public.1878年,纽约市免去这家全美最大物馆的租金,条件是物馆对公众免费开放Since 1971, it has charged visitors what it calls a ;suggested; fee, currently , though many visitors opt to pay less.1971年以来,大都会艺术物馆会向游客收取所谓的“建议”费用目前这笔费用为5美元,不过很多游客选择付更少的钱Ann Bailis, a museum spokeswoman, said the latest talks were only ;preliminary.; It was unclear how much the admission fee would be if it came to pass.物馆发言人安·贝利斯称,最近进行的磋商只是“初步的”若确定收取门票费用,具体定价尚不清楚The museum receives more than 6 million visitors a year, more than two thirds of whom hail from outside the city.大都会艺术物馆每年接待游客逾600万人次,其中超过3的游客是外来游客It has struggled to close a budget deficit, which amounted to more than million last year, according to its most recent annual report.物馆最近的年度报告显示,物馆正努力弥补去年总计超过800万美元的预算赤字 5373武汉韩辰整形医院丰胸手术好不好

汉川市人民医院祛除腋臭多少钱5.Cancer5.癌症A dog highly sensitive nose can tell it a lot about the people it meets. Medical studies show that dogs can detect at least some kinds of cancer in humans.高度灵敏的鼻子能够分辨出许多和人类有关的东西药物研究显示能侦测到几种人类的癌症Properly trained dogs can detect lung cancer and breast cancer simply by sniffing a person breath. Dogs have been documented being able to sniff a skin lesion and tell whether it a skin cancer melanoma. The dogs are detecting changes in the skin chemistry where the lesions occur. With patients suffering lung and breast cancers, the dogs smell biochemical markers in their breath. Scientists explain that cancer cells give off different waste products than do other cells, and to a dog keen nose, those products have a noticeable smell. At their annual meeting, members of the American Urological Association heard the results of a study that found that trained dogs are 98 percent accurate at detecting prostate cancer by smelling urine samples. Dogs also are being used to detect ovarian cancer by smelling ;volatile organic compounds;. Does this mean that the next time you go a physical, your doctor is likely to have you screened by a dog? Probably not. But since early detection can be so crucial in surviving cancer, scientists continue to study dogs ability to sniff out cancer. How does this gift work? How extensive is it? Can it be duplicated with medical instruments? Research in this area is ongoing.受过适当训练的仅仅通过嗅一个人的呼吸就可以检测出他是否患有肺癌和乳腺癌已经有文件记录能够通过嗅皮肤的损伤来判断是否存在癌变的黑色素瘤可以侦测到损伤处皮肤中化学物质的变化患肺癌和乳腺癌的病人,可以闻得到他们呼吸中的生化标志物科学家解释称癌细胞会释放与其他细胞不同的污染物质,而对灵敏的鼻子来说,这些物质有明显的气味年的年度会议上,美国泌尿外科学会的成员了解到一项研究结果,经训练的对尿液样本的检测准确率为98%也会通过嗅“挥发性有机化合物”,以检测卵巢癌这是不是意味着下次你去体检的时候,你的医生极有可能让来对你做检查?也许不会由于早期侦测对癌症存活十分重要,科学家们会继续研究嗅出癌症的能力这个天赋是如何工作的?它的范围有多广?是否能够被复制到医疗器械中?医学上对这个领域的研究仍然在进行中.Seizures.癫痫Many people with epilepsy and other conditions rely on seizure-response dogs. Trained as service dogs, these dogs can alert parents when a child has a seizure. They might use a call button or special phone to call help. They can guard a person having a seizure, protecting the person from injury and even removing objects that might cause harm. They might roll the person into a position in which he or she can breathe.许多患有癫痫或是其他疾病的人们都很依赖防癫痫犬防癫痫犬属于务犬的一种,可以在小孩癫痫发作时通知其父母它们能通过通话钮或是特殊的电话装置来进行呼救;也可以监护患有癫痫的病人,移除可能给病人造成伤害的物体,保护他们不受伤害,甚至还可以将病人调整成侧躺姿势,保持呼吸畅通Some dogs take dealing with seizures a big step further, by sensing when a seizure is about to occur and warning the person, as much as or minutes bee the seizure. Estimates are that to per cent of trained dogs can sense when a seizure is about to happen. Sometimes, a dog becomes able to detect an oncoming seizure after having lived with a person as a seizure-response dog several months. Scientists arent sure what the dogs sense. One theory is that a person about to have a seizure has changes in blood or other body chemistry that a dog highly sensitive nose can smell. A dog might sense a sudden spike in temperature that precedes a stroke. Another theory is that a dog detail-oriented vision can detect small changes in the person movements, changes that humans – even the person about to have the seizure – does not notice. However it works, the dog warning can alert the person in time to get to a safe place, take medication andor let others know that he or she might soon need help.有些防癫痫犬能做的更好,它们能在主人发病前至分钟对其做出警告据估计,经过训练后有%至%的可以觉察突发癫痫在与主人生活几个月后,防癫痫犬能预警主人癫痫发作科学家们还不能确定这些是通过什么预测到险情的有人推测是病人即将发病时体内的血液或是其他的化学物质发生了某种改变,而灵敏的鼻子可以感觉到细微的变化比如可能在主人中风前感知到了主人体表温度的骤然上升来推断出险情另一种推测是对视线中的细节较为敏感,可以感知病人发作前行为的微小变化,而这些变化病人自己都注意不到不过,的警告确实奏效了,它们总是能保护主人及时到达安全的地点,提醒他们用药物或是告知他人,患者需要救助3.Human Fear3.人类的恐惧;Dont let the dog know youre afraid,; most of us were warned as children. The idea was that if the dog knew we were afraid, it would take advantage of our fear by becoming more aggressive.“千万不要让感觉到你的恐惧”——很多人小时候都被这样告知过意思是说如果感觉到了你的恐惧,它会利用你的恐惧心理,变得更加好斗But is it true that dogs can sense fear? The answer is yes, if you dont get too literal. As far as anyone knows, dogs dont have eerie supernatural powers. There a scientific explanation most of the amazing things dogs can sense. Often, that explanation has to do with the dog nose, its No. 1 way of understanding the world. Dogs have many more scent receptors in their noses than humans do, and their receptors are sensitive to more smells. Some estimates are that dogs sense of smell is millions of times keener than ours. So, a dog may not your mind and think fear, but it can smell what happens in your body when youre afraid. Humans sweat when were stressed. And if were frightened, our bodies release adrenaline. Our blood starts pumping faster, and we emit pheromones, or chemical molecules that float through the air. Dogs can smell all these fear-triggered human responses. Dogs eyes are a secondary sense them. Because they dont depend upon their eyes their primary understanding of the world, they pay more attention to individual details than humans do, rather than processing an entire scene. That means that they detect small signals — facial expressions, tensing, varied gait — that tell them we are afraid. If youre afraid, a dog will know through smells and visual hints. Whether that means the dog will become aggressive depends upon the dog and the situation.但是真的能感知到我们的恐惧吗?如果你不过分追究字面意思的话,便是肯定的我们都知道,没有超能力人们对于的灵敏感知能力给出了科学的解释:一般来说,这与的鼻子有关,鼻子是感知世界的首要方式和人类相比,的鼻子里有很多嗅觉感受器,这些感受器对许多气味都很敏感据估计,的嗅觉能力比人类灵敏几百万倍所以说,不会读心术也不会体会到你的恐惧,但是它能够通过鼻子觉察到你体内的物质变化人在紧张时会出汗;恐慌时,体内会释放肾上腺素,我们的心脏加速跳动时会释放出费洛蒙激素或是化学微粒,它们会漂浮在空中可嗅到所有人体因恐惧而生的物质的眼睛是第二感知来源因为它们不将眼睛作为基本的感知世界手段,所以相比于人类,它们更关注个体细节而不是全局状况这意味着它们能够察觉到面部表情,肌肉紧缩,步态变化等能够暗示我们恐惧心理的细节如果你害怕了,会通过气味与视觉感知到这是否意味着会变得有侵略性则要看其类型和所处环境了.Human Sadness.人类的悲伤Anyone who had a canine best friend knows that dogs are attuned to human emotions. If youre sad, your dog will put its head on your knee or snuggle up. It might whine and give you a friendly lick.爱人士都知道汪星人和人类心灵相通、感情相系当你伤心的时候,会过来依偎在你身旁或者把头放在你膝盖上,给予你最温暖的陪伴;亦或是伤心地哀鸣、友好地舔着你,似乎在舔舐你受伤的心灵Dogs also seem to sense emotions in people they dont know. Take a dog into a nursing home or children hospital, and it will find those who need cheering up. Is there a biological explanation dogs ability to human emotions, or is the empathy a natural result of how closely dogs and humans live these days? The answer is a combination of the two. The relatively new field of canine neuroscience investigates the workings of a dog brain. In February , the results of a study by a team of Hungarian researchers were published in the journal Current Biology and reported in popular news media. Using fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging), the scientists found that dogs brains have a small part dedicated to detecting emotions in the voices of humans and other dogs. Humans have a similar brain part that enables them to sense emotions from human sounds, regardless of words. Their findings led the scientists to believe that dogs can tell by the sound of a voice when a person is sad. (There a fascinating side story about how the scientists got dogs to enter a scanner and stay still.) Is there more to the story than detecting the sounds of voices? Probably so. In , a Harvard scientists said that his research showed that over the centuries of living closely with and depending upon humans, dogs have adapted genetically, developing a keen ability to human emotions and intentions. Whatever the explanation, there nothing like a sympathetic pooch to lift the spirits.们似乎还能感受到连人们自己都没意识到的情感比如,把一只带进养老院或是儿童医院,它会发现那些需要安慰的人们汪星人能够读懂人类的情感,是生物学原因,还是因为和人类长期亲密地生活在一起所产生的自然共情结果呢?是两者兼具犬科动物神经科学的较新领域调查了脑的运作方式年月,《当代生物学杂志报道了匈牙利的一个研究小组的研究成果,各大知名媒体也报道了这则消息科学家们利用功能性磁共振成像技术,发现的大脑里有一小部分系统专门负责从人类和其他的声音中感知情感人类大脑里也有一小部分类似的神经,尽管没有话语的沟通,但其单凭人们的声音便可感知到情感根据这个发现,科学家们深信,是通过辨别人类的声音来判断他们是否伤心难过(另外,想知道科学家们是如何把只放进扫描仪,并让它们保持不动的吗?有一则有趣的花絮新闻专门报道了此事,在此就不赘述了)汪星人除了通过人类声音来感知人类情感,还有其他原因让它们如此灵性年,一位哈佛大学的科学家发现,和人类在几个世纪的亲密接触中,已经对人类有依赖性它们的基因潜移默化地发生了改变并开始适应人类,与此同时,它们也发展出了一种能读懂人类情感和意图的强大能力不管是什么原因让汪星人有这样的能力,当你伤心痛苦的时候,没有什么比一只更能帮你疗伤啦1.Baby on the Way1.宝宝即将出生Can a dog sense when a woman is about to go into labor?女性即将分娩时,是否能够觉察到呢?Without a doubt, dogs can tell when a woman is pregnant, partly because they can smell changes in the woman body as her hormones shift. Later in pregnancy, a dog will sense changes in the way a woman moves, as well as changes in her emotions. If a dog is around when the woman water breaks, it will be able to smell the amniotic fluid. If a dog is present when a woman is in labor, it will surely be aware of whatever she doing and saying. Those are all fairly obvious. But will a dog know when labor is about to start, bee it actually does? Many women say their dog could tell. Visit the comments section on websites expectant moms, and youll see plenty of testimonials about how Buster got protective or anxious hours bee his mistress went into labor. The answer may simply be that because dogs live so closely with their humans, a dog can sense emotional changes when a woman labor is about to start. Also, dogs, with their keen attention to visual clues, may sense subtle physical movements that the woman may not be aware of. Some people suspect that the anecdotes have more to do with a woman recalling what happened shortly bee she went into labor, much as we recall where we were or what was happening when we learned dramatic news. But who knows? Some dogs can tell when a person with diabetes is about to have a serious drop in blood sugar, or when a person is about to have a seizure. Is it far-fetched to think there might be some small physical change in a woman hours bee labor beings, something that humans cant detect but dogs can?毫无疑问,汪星人之所以能够判断一个女人是否怀,有一部分原因是由于它们能够嗅出女性体内随着荷尔蒙分泌所发生的变化汪星人也能够感觉到怀后女性行为和情绪上的变化如果有在场,它不仅能够嗅出女性羊膜破裂时流出来的羊水味道,而且也一定能够料到女性分娩时会说什么做什么以上那些都是相当明显的事实但是,当真正分娩到来之前,们是否也能感觉到呢?许多女性都称,她们的能预料到宝宝即将出生看看准妈妈们在网站上的,你就会发现有许多留言都是关于她们分娩前,家里的那只小家伙是怎么对女主人关切保护,又是怎么焦虑地度过那几个小时的有这样的能力,其原因可能是它们长期与主人生活在一起,当女主人即将分娩时,它们能够感受到她们的情绪变化;不仅如此,利用其强大的视觉能力,也能够察觉到女主人肢体行动上的细微变化,而这些变化也许连她们自己都没意识到但有人质疑道,发生这样的趣闻轶事,大多是一个女人在其分娩前那段时间的遐思罢了,这非常像我们回想那些激动人心的消息时,总会想到那时候我们在哪里,发生了什么但又有谁知道这些趣闻轶事不是真的呢?一些确实能够预料到糖尿病患者血糖骤降,或者癫痫患者突发癫痫那么,能够通过女性身体微变化而觉察其即将分娩(人类很难做到)的理论难道只是牵强附会?审校:哎呀 编辑:JK 来源:前十网 53 Sales person: May I be of any assistance?Shirley: I want to have a look at the microwave ovens.Sales person: You can have a broad choice here. Are you interested in a particular brand?Shirley: Not really. What are these toys over there?Sales person: Maam, these are complimentary with each purchase. How about that one below the toys? This is the best seller. They are of the latest model that can be found in town.Shirley: I dont like its color. A bit too bright. Do you have a grey one?Sales person: Yes, we do. What a great taste you have! But we only have one left in stock.Shirley: Really? How so?Sales person: You know a good product will always sell! Would you mind waiting a while, well get it right away.Shirley: Okay.(The salesperson brings a beautiful grey microwave oven.)Sales person: Here it is. It very elegant, I think you will like it.Shirley: How about its quality?Sales person: Its durability will be a big surprise to you.Shirley: What about the price?Sales person: 500 yuan. And if you buy it today, there will be a % discount you.售货员:有什么能为您效劳的?雪莉:我想看一下微波炉售货员:这里有很多的(微波炉)供您选择您有喜欢的品牌吗?雪莉:没有那边的玩具是什么?售货员:女士,那是赠品对了,您看玩具下面的那款微波炉怎么样?那款很畅销他们是现在市面上能找到的最新款式雪莉:我不喜欢它的颜色有点太亮了(这款)你们有灰色的吗?售货员:是的,我们有您真有品位!但是我们只有一件,还放在仓库里雪莉:真的?为什么?售货员:好东西总是卖得快啊麻烦您能稍等一下吗?我现在马上去给您取来雪莉:好的(售货员拿来一款漂亮的灰色微波炉)售货员:就是这个了很漂亮,我想您会喜欢的雪莉:它的质量怎么样?售货员:它的耐用性会使您吃惊的雪莉:价格怎么样呢?售货员:500元如果是今天买的话,可以给您八五折 1898大冶市人民医院激光除皱手术多少钱孝昌县人民医院打溶脂针多少钱



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